Monday, February 22, 2010

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Gryphen, once again, you have a great post. Palingates, Bree Palin(and the former PalinDeceptions) have the best database of photos, information and documents of ANY website.

It's interesting that you posted this TODAY: yesterday, I was thinking about all of this while doing some yardwork; it's like you have ESP (or I do) about the role of the MSN in this.

What I was thinking about, was this: The value of the Internet is that so much information is available to anyone. Flip side of that, is the downside of the Internet. While you and the othe two excellent blogs I have mentionned have spent thousands of hours on this story, it is likely that a career reporter, backed by the resources of " expense accounts and the support a national publication or television network" however, Gryphen, that ALSO means that they will get all the glory AND all the 'monetary reward' for breaking this story.

Personally, I don't CARE which one of you (palingagtes/bree/IM) breaks the story and benefits from all the work/time invested.

Of course, I don't know what kind of collaboration arrangement you 3 sites have, it's none of my business. BUT: I hope that you are all 3 protecting yourselves from the possibility that there is 'someone out there' keeping an eye on you, taking credit for your efforts.

SO, rather than 'hope' for MSN help/interest/resources, can I suggest that you actively seek out such a partner? With an agreement for sharing the inevitable 'profits' that will follow this story?

Protecting the actual website, is one thing. Protecting yourselves and your hard word is something else.

I hope you have (all 3) taken steps to do that.

AND GOOD LUCK! I am one of many who will be proud to say

I hope we ALL have a part in the book/movie, all of us bloggers-in-pyjamas who stuck by the Wild Ride Story!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Bristol, (updated with response by Andrea Freidman)

Since you seem to think that you have the 'right' to lecture people about what is and is not appropriate, I thought I might take a few minutes to respond.

First of all, some advice, Bristol. Do not make the same mistake as most of your Mom's fans which is: form opinions before checking out facts and informing yourself.

BEFORE you go off on a rant, or allow your name to be signed to one, make sure you know what 'you' are offended about! If you are going to object to a TV show, shouldn't you at least have a clue about it? Fact is, Bristol, that Family Guy didn't mock your brother in any way. If you'd watched the show, you would know that. (Your Mom? Well that's another issue; hey, everybody with half a brain laughs at her!)

The character, Ellen is on a date, a 'normal' activity for a teen. She is assertive, demanding and self-centered; a normal attitude for a modern teen-aged girl. She isn't a slobbering idiot who can't pick up a fork, she is quite poised. How is that mocking?

There are 4 facts we know about the character.

1- She is a teen aged girl .
2- She has DS.
3- Her Mom is an ex-Governor of Alaska
4- Her Dad is an Accountant.

So ... Think about this:

1- Trigg is a baby boy.
2- He has DS.
3- His Mom is an ex-Governor of Alaska (open to debate, but for the sake of argument, I'll play along here)
4- His Dad is .... Well, what IS his Dad exactly? A fisherman? A oil worker? An ex Shadow-Governor? He isn't an Accountant, is he?

SO .... Of the 4 'facts' about Ellen (the character) there are TWO facts in common, the Mom and the DS.

... Let's go on to you:

1- You are a teen aged girl
2- You do not have DS.
3- Your Mom is an ex-Governor
4- Your Dad is not an Accountant, right?

SO, of the 4 'facts' about Ellen (the character) there are TWO facts in common, the Mom and the teen aged girl!

Maybe the show was about YOU, Bristol!

Maybe the girl, was YOU and not your 'brother' !

A very interesting question then comes up. Since the first 3 facts can apply in some way to either you or Trigg, one can't help but wonder: WHAT WAS THE POINT OF FACT #4: MAKING ELLEN's FATHER AN ACCOUNTANT?

It does become the 'factor' doesn't it, if looking for reasons WHY you and your Mom and She-Who-Writes-the-Notes immediately assumed that Ellen represented Trigg, when 2 of the first 3 facts apply equally to you and Trigg. Therefore, it's logical to assume that the 4th 'qualifier' (the Accountant Dad) is the one that IDENTIFIED Trigg.

I'm just saying ......... Since 2 or the 4 traits are common to both you and Trigg, WHY ARE YOU SO QUICK TO ASSUME AN INSULT TO TRIGG???

Is Trigg's father an 'accountant'???

Did the show just throw that out in order to 'eliminate' the Palin kids OR is there a reason for that 'fact' being dangled out there?

Is HIS DAD an 'accountant' ?? It's a reasonable question to ask!


****That was quite insulting to the actress who played Ellen; Andrea Freidman is a successful professional with an impressive resume. She ALSO has DS. Look her up. I saw her recently on an old Law & Order SVU and she is quite talented.

In my view, I would say that she is a role model. A great example of what a DS child can accomplish when growing up in a family with support, encouragement and dedicated care to the special needs of a child with DS.

So Bristol, who do you think you are, to judge this young woman's work? Her 'experience' is a whole lot more reliable than yours is insofar as the 'challenges' she and others with DS face on a daily basis.

Who do you think you are, suggesting that Andrea is somehow 'wrong' to portray a teen girl out on a date, simply because that girl has DS? YOU Bristol are the one doing the 'gut kicking' ......... Insinuating that somehow, it's wrong to portray this very normal teen activity.

BTW ... Bristol ... That SVU episode I mentioned earlier? Andrea played a young girl who had a baby 'by accident' ......

Do you object to TV shows that have unwed teen mothers too? Do you feel 'targeted' then too?

Bristol, who are you to lecture others on kindness .... YOU are presently trying to keep your son's father from his life! Is that considerate to your son? Whatever your issues with your son's father, you need to rise above that, and do what is best for that little boy and THAT is doing whatever you can to NURTURE a relationship, not PREVENT one.

Stop whining about attacks! We see through it when your Mom does it, and we see through it when you do it. You make up 'attacks' then flatter yourselves that you have 'thick skins'. The 'poor me!' act might work with the sycophants you allow on FB but ... well the rest of us can read!

Stop whining about Trigg! There is only one person to blame for the attention he gets and that is your Mom who uses him as a prop and a shield. The lack of respect shown to that baby during the recent book tour was sickening, so please, save us from your outrage at imagined slights!

Yours sincerely,

Archivist. :)

P.S. I just read on Immoral minority that you are in the process of trying to pretty much destroy Levi. Bristol, he is your son's father; you can't hurt Levi without also hurting your son. Look at the effect your Mom's selfish decisions have had on you and your siblings ..... is that what you want for your son?

Great PR work ... Shame on you, Bristol. Money doesn't buy class.

Remember ..... KARMA!

***************************** UPDATE

Andrea Freidman has responded to Bristol's mindless rant in an email to the New York Times by saying that Sarah Palin doesn't have a sense of humor!

So now, Little Bristol
..... You are in a pickle, aren't you? After all, in your paranoid world, any challenge to a Palin, is an ATTACK! BUT ..... how can you respond to this ATTACK! when it comes from someone who actually KNOWS what she's talking about? You can't really tell Andrea that she has 'no idea' of the 'challenges' she faces, can you? Are you going to get into a FB fight with a woman with DS now??? Or, will you pull out the usual Palin Hypocrisy tactic, and make an exception when it comes to someone you can't possibly stand up to?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SarahScamPAC: The Scam that is SarahPAC and the amateurs who get paid to make it worse!


Monday, February 1, 2010 must have been a hard day at SarahPAC Central.

SarahScamPAC is exposed.

SarahSalad writers are outted!

And now, President Obama is getting all the headlines with his bold (and scary) budget.


What to do? What to do? Good thing SarahPAC has her own personal PR and Political Consulting Firms to call on to keep her in the headlines!

- I know! I know! Let's write a SarahNOTE!

So the busy little marmots sharpen their claws & pencils, and have a peek at the Budget!

- Jeeezasss! Sarah, look at all these ZEROS!

- We don't know SHIT about this stuff! It's full of freaking NUMBERS! And these things called 'Entitlements'. WTF are those??

- Holy SHIT, this has to be projected for a whole YEAR?

- Some of this crap has to be planned for TEN EFFING YEARS! That's even farther off than 'Sarah! Sarah! 2012' !!! Who does that!

- Damn! Those lib-tards!. No fair! Damn Educated Elistist lib-tards!

- We can't do this! Can we just say he wants to kill the troops with Defense Cuts?

- OK. Don't panic. Let's USE ONE OF THE KIDS!

- Yeah! Good idea!

- Which one? The retard?

- You betcha, even the lib-tards love the Trig-Trick!

........... and so it goes! An outrage is born!. A diversion is created!

Tuesday morning, at SarahScamPAC Central:

- It worked! It worked! HuffPost picked up the SarahNOTE! Sam Stein is writing about it! WHEW! Mission Accomplished.

Yes! the SarahSalad Note got mentionned on

Yes! there were 1000s of comments!

OOPS! Most of them pointing out exactly what SarahScamPAC was trying to deflect!

Good Grief! You'd think SarahPAC was paying High School girls and Bloggers in Pyjamas to do her PR and Political Consulting wouldn't you?

How did this Goat Rodeo of a PR fiasco happen?

A recent story in the The Wall Street Journal has given Sarah's Note-writer a handy little shiny object for the Palinbots to focus on; lucky break! This week, the last thing SarahCentral wants is Palinbots, hungry for news about Sarah, to be going out into the real world and reading about the SarahScamPAC !

So, lucky for them, an old story about Rahm Emmanuel surfaced! Nothing Palinbots like more than find a word they 'understand' to get outraged! OUTRAGED! about.

Not a diversion, some might say? Hmmm well, the 'Timeline for Slow Readers' (or is that Non Readers?) goes like this:

TUESDAY, January 26, 2010: Story by Peter Wallsten appears in the WSJ that reports

The friction was laid bare in August when Mr. Emanuel showed up at a weekly strategy session featuring liberal groups and White House aides. Some attendees said they were planning to air ads attacking conservative Democrats who were balking at Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul.

"F—ing retarded," Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items.

WEDNESDAY, January 27, 2010 Rahm Emmanuel, according to Politico

....called Tim Shriver Wednesday to apologize and the apology was accepted," the official said.

Shriver is the Chairman and CEO of the Special Olympics, which has launched a campaign against what it calls "the R word."

January 30-31 2010: Disclosure Statements are released by SarahPAC detailing the financial INs & OUTs of the $2.1 Million Piggy-bank-with-Lipstick that SarahGrifter 'controls'. As most of us know, the smart folks at Palingates had a busy weekend following every disbursement and tracking down the 'owners' of several firms providing 'Political Consultancy' services to SarahPAC.

WHAT? The founders of conservatives4palin registered a company (within days of Bristol's! Coincidence!) that collected ***** from SarahPAC?

WHAT? That private jet, was ALSO paid for by SarahPAC? The All-American girl, on her cross-county tour meeting thousands of first-time reader, didn't REALLY ride that SarahPAC-PAID-FOR bus all over real America? We knew that of course, but it's always nice to have official documentation, isn't it?

WHAT? The shrink-wrap for that SarahBUS was paid for by SarahPAC?

WHAT? SarahPAC bought over $60,000 worth of SarahSalad books to 'give' to donors? Oh yea, I remember that! A $100.00+ donation to SarahPAC got you an autographed copy of the book! Bought by SarahPAC for SarahPAC as gifts to donors.

WHAT? SarahPAC bought an automatic signing machine?

NOW THAT is too hilarious, and as Bobbie Wilkins, an astute FB friend posted

I think that is pretty funny...Why would you want a book written by someone else that a machine signed?? No logic there....

Indeed; but ... as we all know, logic and Palinbots are like ... like ... well, like "palinbots" and "real people". Never the twain shall meet!

I could go on and on, but you get the drift of this grift, don't you. Read more at Palingates.

So, Monday, in an attempt to find some SHINY OBJECTS for Sarah's Palinbots to focus on, the old story about Rahm's comment -- which had NOTHING TO DO WITH TRIG --- was incorporated into a SarahSalad Note for her Facebook page.

I am just having a laugh, watching SarahEgo set up her 'friends' (sound familiar, Alaskans?) in jobs and positions that they are CLEARLY not qualified to do.

A Scam is a Scam is a Scam. Ask Maddoff and his friends! (wink!)

They could be pyramids.

Some are more like trees.

But, SarahScamPAC is more like a CIRCLE SCAM (ahem, you know what I mean?)

SarahGrifter pays bloggers to write those Facebook notes....

.....paid by her SarahScamPAC donations......

.....Donations from gullible people who send her their hard earned money...

Hard earned money used to pay grifter expenses like a private jet and designer dressed bus on her book tour........

For a book tour that sold books to put money in her pocket........

...... when buying her OWN books with SarahScamPAC donations.