Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OMG!!!! This is terrible !!! (Ignorance, that is)

When Palinbots get their email, from their circle of misinformed Obama haters, it doesn't ever occur to them to check things out. This willingness to be ignorant and REMAIN ignorant, then SHOW OFF this ignorance, is nothing new.

Neither is this worn-out urban myth, reposted today on Palin's OFFICIAL site.

Jerome P. Lank Subject: HB 1388 Passed

Your government just spent $20,000,000 of your money to move members/supporters of Hamas, a terrorist organization, to the United States ; housing, food, the whole enchilada. HB 1388 PASSEDWhether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U. S. needs to know....

A 2 second search on Google or would easily debunk this, but .... why would a Palinbot take the risk of finding out that he is being fed lies? Why would a Palinbot take a chance on 'thinking' about something???

So much easier, to jump on the bandwagon and be against whatever 'someone' tells you, isn't it? Let's ee, what response did this 'non-issue' get.

Irene Plemel (says) Everyday a new outrage from this administration.

Frost (replies) Quietly, every day, one step closer... Call your Senators (again).

AHHH yesssssss.... By all means! Call your Senators! Let them KNOW how stupid you are! That way, they won't BOTHER doing the right thing, because they know you are TOO DUMB TO READ for yourself!

Your Senators will KNOW you are so gullible, that they can feed you whatever BS they want to, and you will fall for it!!!

Reading is so HARD for Palinbots .... so much easier to just 'believe' isn't it?

This typical 'misinformed leading the gullible' post would be funny, if it wasn't such a common event on Sarah's OFFICIAL site, where misinformation, misquotes, fantasy horror scenarios are the norm.

Palinbots are happy to get their 'information' from other Palinbots. Here is yet another example of how a Palinbot goes about finding out the 'facts' and 'educating' themselves:

Leslie Trusler (asks)
.OMG..I just watched the Obama Deception on You Tube (almost 2 hrs long)...Being new to the political scene, sombody please give me a brown paper bag. This is scary stuff and was totaly unaware of how deep this goes. Somebody, please, tell me that this is just propoganda

So, an 'astute' Palinbot responds:

James Frost (responds) That's exactly what it is, Leslie, It's called "indoctrination".

Unfortunately for Palinbot-Frost, someone actually has seen the above mentionned youtube video, and explains to him:

Kimberly Marie Trimble (corrects Palinbot Frost)

I beg to differ, Mr. Frost. I personally have done a lot of research on these people, i.e. The Bilderberg Group. Many many places to do research. Start with Wikipedia.

Poor Dumb Palinbot-Frost is busted! He is forced to admit, he has no idea what Leslie was talking about ... but how could he miss a chance to spout his own 'propaganda' to 'indocrinate' a newbie??

James Frost (admits)
No Kimberly, I was referring to BO's being on TV everyday; I have no idea what Leslie is referring to. If it's the cfr and the tc, then my counterpoint is this: when you have Gates, Buffett, Soros and other deep pockets behind these leftists, these two groups don't matter much.

.......... and not to spoil his image, he name-drops a few handy 'leftists' boogie-men .. S'okay, James, you never had a chance to appear 'informed' anyway ... stay stupid!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Palinbots making up stuff .. kinda like Sarah does!

Palinbots never miss a chance to reveal how little they know about .. well .. anything. Whether it's ignoring the obvious until Sarah says it or confusing basic common knowledge that most of know already, you can trust a Palinbot to say something stupid.

Sarah had another OpEd today .. so the Palinbots are all excited, as if what Sarah said was full of original ideas ... it's 'new ideas' to Palinbots since they deliberately ignore anything that anyone but beck or sarah say ..

Now, guess what the 'talking points' are ???

Martha Johnson Do you think Obama will mention Tort Reform, buying insurance across state lines, small businesses being able to come together to negotiate lower prices, and protection for people with pre-existing conditions!! Do you think he will mention any of this???

Yep, that's the talking point .. Poor Martha though, nobody has the guts or the knowledge to tell her that .. hmmm Martha, Obama HAS talked about tort reform .. IN JUNE .. and he ALWAYS talks about pre-existing conditions , and small=business .. hmmm THAT is the point of Insurance reforms ....

So now, poor dumb Martha will think A-HA! Obama mentionned these because of Sarah!

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to say 'I'm too dumb to read', Palinbot style!

Here is a typical Palinbot post:

Is the president going to talk to the children about his health care bill and political agenda? Omg! Thats cruel!! Usally the president just talks to kids about doing well i school or reads them a story like president bush and his wife, i dont get it...?? What can the children do with that info they havent even taken the constitution test yet?? Why cant he just tell them the importanc e of education or just take pictures like a normal president... I mean really trying to form a junior obama cult is absolutely absurd!! the next thing u know he will be starting illegal wars!!! IMPEACH HIM!! Lets not waiit for him to start breaking constitutional laws .....get him now ! I SAY OFF WITH HIS HEAD!

Poor, dumb, illiterate Palinbot! It's hard to believe anyone could be this uninformed, isn't it?

It's hard to believe, anyone could actually have an opinion on something, anything, on a topic they are so ignorant of, isn't it?

Friday, September 4, 2009

What Palinbots read ........ on Sarah's site

Palinbots are fond of posting links to blogs, to support their 'beliefs' ... when those links stay on Sarah's OFFICIAL page, therefore, we can be assured that they reflect Sarah's 'policies' ... does this include websites that refer to the young Obama girls as 'hoes' and 'little black girls grinding their hips into someone in the White House" ... ??? What a dirty politician Sarah is ...

This post, by Yaakov Ben David:
This was very good...

leads to a website that praises Sarah. Among its comments, you will find this:

If Sarah Palin had been elected, there never would have been any little black girls grinding their hips into someone in the White House in Rome nor someone in the White House drooling over a 16 year old Brazilian child's bottom.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, the Lockerbie terrorist would never have been freed from Scotland for murdering hundreds of Americans in exchange for Rockefeller oil contracts.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, none of her children would have been dressed as ghetto ho's and accompanied by half dressed adult males in Rome.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, there would not have been any need for a mother in law to monitor her children in the White House as she accomplishes something called being a mother.

Since Sarah's OFFICIAL site is heavily moderated, insofar as comment against her agenda are quickly deleted (and the poster is often banned) the fact that this particular post, with disgusting and racist content is permitted to stay indicates that it is within the realm of acceptable comments.

To be fair, one poster commented that this was unacceptable... which should have alerted the Moderator to the content of this link. Yet, it remained on the OFFICIAL site of someone who believes herself to be Presidential material.

If Sarah can't keep on top of a FB page, imagine for an instant having this incompetent person in charge of the country.

Miscellaneous Mindless Palinbot Posts


John Brewer (says) Have you ever noticed that the people in favor of abortion are already born?

NOTE: That's deep, John. Really deep. Have you ever noticed that the people who are fans of Sarah Palin are pretty stupid?

CudaCountry(says) I have not received my book, I sent an e-mail but have not gotten a reply. I have just decided since I got my others autographed in person I would just forget about it. Yes I love her that much :) I only bought nine so far, that should last awhile.

Note: This 'cuda' is such a bookworm, he doesn't know that you can read the SAME book more than once, you don't HAVE to have a different book each time!


Carol Kender (says) Sarah, I just bought your book and am really enjoying reading it. I mentioned to a friend that I thought you were a really good writer. She dismissed my comment by saying "she had a ghost writer." I find that hard to believe, especially since you were a journalist. Please tell me she was wrong.

Note: Who says Palinbots are not 'informed' ... Carol, honey, it's COMMON KNOWLEDGE .. if you don't know that, then what DO you know? Certainly not enough to VOTE!


Judy Kay Allen (says)Another day ~ another appeal to our girl from Wasilla: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not follow through with your plan to campaign for John McCain. In the insightful words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake. Big. Huge." To do so will destroy your credibility, have your enemies carping: "I told you so," and leave your fans devastated.

Note: FREUDIAN, isn't it, that Judy quotes a fictional prostitute when trying to convince Sarah NOT to do something??? Subconsciously, does Judy know what Sarah really is??

Chelle Finch (says)I have been a supporter of yours from day one, but if you campaign for McAmnesty and Rick (pretty hair) Perry, you are no longer going to be supported by alot of Tea Party people and that includes me!

Note: Chelle, Chelle ... just send your $$$ and STFU


Thomas Nutt (said) CPAC must not be allowed to pick our 2012 candidate for president. They want Mitt and we should do everything we can to make sure that does not happen.

NOTE: Thomas, use your considerable influence on Sarah and convince her to go to CPAC! Of course, by influence, I mean, WRITE A CHECK


Billy Falling (says) Really talking up Sarah to my pastor hosts in New Jersey while here for four days. They are politically active and serve as president of the local ministerial association. I want to recruit pastors to Sarah's list of supporters. Try it with your pastor.

Note: While you're at it Billy, ask your pastor how he feels about the Witch Exorcism done on Sarah in her church??? Wonder how he'll like that!


Andrew Chalfant (says) One Million people contribute $1,000 over the next 18 months lets Sarah CHOOSE the best route with or without the GOP. I suspect with this much capital ($1Trillion) the GOP would be forced to listen. The Tea party and the GOP would merge with Sarah. The elitists and foriegn interest would have much less control than th...ey currently have. Americans can retake the Representative American Government peacefully. God Bless us all in this!

Note: so is Andrew filthy rich or seriously nuts? I can't decide.


Sal Mauceli (says) I am so discusted with FOX. 1/4/2010 Sunday night on HannityThe one guy I though I could count on, let Sarah down. Tonight he has one of those focus groups. AANNNNNDDDDDDDD....He asked who in this room would vote for her? 6 people raised their hands out of a room of about 60 people. That's 10% WOW! Then Luntz asked why...? "airhead" "stupid" "quiter" "bad mother" "uses her children to campain" "sexualy provocative" "she quit for the money". on and on and on!Fox keeps putting Sarah on the chopping block! I AM SICK OF IT! THIS IS NOT A LIVE BROADCAST THEY COULD HAVE EDITED THE INSULTS. NAME ANOTHER POLITICAL FIGURE WHO IS HELD UP TO THIS TYPE OF RELENTLESS SCRUTANNY?I AM ASKING EVERYONE PLEASE BOMBARD THE HANNITY SHOW WITH EMAILS - TWEETS - CALLS

Note: Oh poor Sal! Now you can't even count on FOX to lie and mislead and edit ??


Alicia Marks (says) Calling all Christian Patriots! We are having a special day of fasting and prayer over the abortion language in the forthcoming Health Care Bill on January 9th. Please join us!

NOTE: Great, judging from the pics I saw of Sarah's Christian Patriots, you guys could lose a few pounds! Pray SILENTLY, please!


Richard Barnes(says) I'd buy a lock of your hair for $500, Sarah. The next time you get your hair cut, save the clippings, and put them up for sale at e-bay.

Note: Ok .. if that didn't make you nauseous you are tougher than I am!


Christy Stonier (says) I received your book as a Christmas present from my husband. I am not an avid reader but have been completely in gulfed! Amazing! Your are the light to us at the end of a very dark tunnel! THANK YOU!

Note: Sounds painful, Christy, try putting ice on that! Nothing worse than a non-reader being 'in gulfed' by a rogue book!


Jean White (says) It is a sad day for America that the minority is ursurping the Majority. I can hardly wait until 2010 & 2012 when the house cleaning will begin. Thank You for being there

Note: Hmm Jean?? Ever hear of 'elections' ?? That is when the one with the MAJORITY of votes wins. THEN the winners get to make the rules for everyone. Do you know what 'majority' or 'minority' mean?.


SO, this Palinbot has it all figured out! It's so obvious!

Lew Cabos (says) Despite the vast majority of the American people in opposition there can only be one explaination for the behavior of the Obama Administration and the Democrat Majority in Congress: they have entered in to a suicide pact.

Note: There you have it; a suicide pact. The Obama Admistration has devised an elaborate 'suicide pact'


Lisa Vaughn (says) Sarah why can't we call a special election and remove the president at present? It seems as though we the people have one voice and that's you, standing up for americans

Note:Humm Lisa, because of the Constitution maybe??? Ever read it??


Greg Pressley (says) hopefully the next president of the great United States of America. history repeats itself, we went from carter to reagan lets go from obama to palin

Note: OR ...... Greg, history could repeat itself, and Palin would run and lose, and President Obama would win!



OH DEAR!!!!!! Somebody is about to be deleted!


Russell Fowler (says)If CO2 are good for the plants and trees. then they will grow and they need water. So the extra water will be in the trees and plants. I can live with that.

Note: Michelle Bachmann? Is that you?


Ron Belcher (says) Sarah, I donated $100.00 to the PAC and was to receive a autographed copy of Going Rogue. I'm sure you have many of thousands to send out, But hoping to get it for Christmas. Any help would be great.

Note: You know, you have to feel sorry (a bit) for these poor suckers who sent Sarah $100.00 months ago for an autographed book and now have to go beg on the FB site for information; there have been several this past week. Meanwhile, the people who got a FREE one from Newsmax are done reading it, and have wrapped it up to put under somebody else's tree!

Meanwhile, Sarah is in Hawaii!.


Lori Weisman(says) It is great to know that a person actually knows what the meaning of Hannukah means. I have always thought that every good Christian would be a good Jew. You proved it to be true. Thank you and have a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Note: OK, Lori. Here's the thing. Christians, are Christians BECAUSE they believe in Jesus as the Messiah. SO, see, they CAN'T be 'good Christians if they don't believe in Jesus AND they can't be 'good Jews' if they DO believe in Christ as the Messiah... got it?


Don Tieck (says) SARAH'S NEXT ALASKA HUNTING TRIP: INVITED GUESTSMartha Stewart, Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan, Keith Olbermann, David Schuster,David Frum, David Brooks. Ah what the heck, how 'bout the whole dang MSM.One suggestion, wear bright colors, since Sarah will be Going Rogue!

Note: well .. that one speaks for itself, I think. If you've ever said something against Sarah, you're in the crosshairs!


Glenda Kitchel(says) Why are the Democrats ignoring what the People really want? Why are they doing what they want? I know I will do my best to vote these idiotts out of office!

Note: PSSST GLENDA??? That is what the ELECTION was about, they ARE listening to the people ... YOU are in the minority! Get used to it, you're backing a loser, Glenda!.


Roxanne Clement (says) Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. It was a pleasure to see you in Arkansas. My husband and I love your book and have bought several copies to give as Christmas presents this year. You are like a breath of fresh air to America right now.

Note: I only add this one here because it covers the main Palinbot talking points about the book

1-pleasure to meet Sarah
2-bought several books for Xmas presents for misc other fools they know
3-the old standby breath of fresh air description


Pat Riccio(says) For those wondering about their books from Sarahpac there is a note posted on sarahpac...books will be shipped thru th 18th!

Note: Some Palinbots sent SarahPac a $100 donation to her grifter fund and received a 'free' book. However, a month after the book has been released, they haven't received them ... c'mon Palinbots! Once Sarah has your $$$$ ........ nuff said!


Dixie Bruggeman (says)Hey Sarah! saw this on a blog - "Palin is part Hepburn, part Loren, part Moore and Thatcher, Condy Rice and a little Annie Oakley" to which I add, Joan of Arc, too.

Note: Poor Dixie-Bot ... so EAGER to prove she's never read a book, much less a BIOGRAPHY ... all this 'sound bite wisdom' must hurt her little brain!

Bryan Mulgrew (says) "Beam me up Scotty!" - so funny they way you take care of William...I could not stop laughing...I thought he would start crying he wanted out of there when the tables were turned on him. Good Job!

Note: Poor Bryan .. he really thinks that Shatner was put in his place?? I guess he missed the picture of Shatner graciously signing HIS book for the Heaths BEFORE the show, while they just stood there. Sarah missed the joke, she was supposed to imitate a 'reading' (authors do that) but she didn't even OPEN the book, just read off a TELEPROMPTER! Then walked off, avoiding questions as usual!

Alicia Fix Luke (says) Show Gov Sarah Palin some love & donate! I did This account/money is directly under Sarah's control. Not party money, that vanishes

Note:That's right, Alicia! It's for Sarah ... she needs to build herself a CEE-MENT POND up there in Wasilla if she and Jeb and Jethro and EllyMae can live it up like the real Hillbillies! She needs to go Hawaii for a break where she can 'think' about her 'policy Notes' on FB! She needs to meet up with at least ONE politician there, too, so SarahPac can PAY for it all!
Give her your hard-earned money! Please!


Marsha Holmgren Widell (says) You are just what we need right now in America. The thought occurred to me the other day that God is preparing you like he did Queen Esther, not for the King, but to take on the liberal left that is trying to destroy everything our forefathers fought so hard for. Even trying to change the Constitution. (Health Care ...being mandatory and all)! I pray for your strength every day as you forge onward to live out your destiny and be used by God to fullfill his plan for your life. May God Bless you and your beautiful family!

Note: Oh Yea! Queen Esther was a great protector of the US Constitution. She is famous for fighting 'liberals' and of course, we all remember her sitting at the table with the 'forefathers' in Early America!These Palinbots are dangerously backward looking! They want everyone back to Biblical Times! At least the Taliban only wants to go back 2000yrs in time!

Kerry Donnelly said "It is a blast watching commie pinko Canadian heads explode over the notion that the SarahCuda will be in Hamiliton speaking.

It just goes to show judging by these comments that Canadians, contrary to their own self-image, are a backward, intolerant, badly educated, and non-productive ward of the Queen's own State."

NOTE: I am so glad Mr Donnelly took the time to post on this in a">Canadian newspaper addressing Sarah's Streetwalking in Canadahad he not, many people wouldn't understand the 'depth' of ignorance that a typical Palin supporter proudly displays.

This is the level of 'intellect' to be found amongst those who support Palin ..Seriously! ... Dedicated to Palinbots!!!


Daren Cimillo says: Stop buying USA Today the newspaper, because their reporter Brian Winter called Sen.R. Okla. James Inhofe a self-described"skunk" at the picnic. So if Sarah Palin thinks the same way as the Sen. R. Then Brian Winter thinks Sarah Palin is a skunk. This article is on page 13a in today's edition dec.14,2009. Brian winter ...should be ashamed of himself. Climate-gate is a scandel and Brian should stop calling other people names.

Note: Daren ... just another illiterate Palinbot ... he's calling for a boycott of USA Today, because he doesn't know what 'self-described' means .... Seriously, can they BE any dumber?
Apparently Daren doesn't read very much, he doesn't understand what quotation marks mean either!!

Ruth Ray (says) That saying “unintended consequences “ has bothered me from the start --- finally took the time to think about it…..hummmmm maybe if we take the time to think before we act maybe we will have less “unintended consequences “ By George I think I just might have something there. Wonder if those in Washington DC will ever... learn it ?

NOTE: HMMM Ruth, not to be picky, but when President Obama was 'thinking' about what to do in Afghanistan, considering the 'unintended consequences' of actions, weren't you ranting something about 'dithering' ??


Billy Falling (says) Sarah should be crowned as AMERICA'S VOICE FOR WE THE PEOPLE since she speaks such common sense and traditional values for us. What do you think?

Note: Well, Billy, since you asked, I think you are an idiot. Why would you want to 'crown' Sarah? She couldn't even win a Beauty Queen Crown. I learned about Sarah's common sense reading about her Wild Ride.

Marion Thorpe (says)"Plain English" and "Palin English" one in the same

Note: and in which of those 'English' do IN and AND mean the same thing?....................................................

Ginger Westbrook (says) to a 'troll' who said Sarah was uneducated:

I feel sorry for idiots that waste their time in places where they are not wanted, bashing people because they are pathetic losers.

Note: I dunno, Ginger, bashing people because they are pathetic losers seem like a pretty good way to waste time to me! You do realize, Ginger that you just referred to the Palinbots as pathetic losers, don't you??? It's a grammar thing, sweetie!


Lisa Vaughn (says)Sarah has more class in her little finger than her opponents have in their entire bodies.

Note: Really? I guess Lisa missed that picture of Sarah in the high purple hooker bo................................................

Adam Sawyer (says) yeah Sarah your hecka smart and stuff..I cant wait for you to come to Reno..its snowing here..but well be waiting regardless

Note: I'm curious. Judging by Adam's grammar and spelling, how would he know if someone isn't "smart and stuff"........................................

Sandy Noden Hurst (says) Only 2200 Nobama fans, but 1,090,000 Palin fans! What does that tell you? Even though BO is screwing up so bad, we need to still focus on the positive, Palin, so the war he starts using the escape prisoners and new Palestinian citizens to uproar the Black Panthers and start a civil, racial war!!!

Note: I am just gonna file this under the 'HUH?' category, because ....... well, just because.

...................................Mike Arnold (says) After some very deep and soul searching I have made my decision...Sarah it is in 2012! Why not...when you compare her to the chigago thug we have now it's a no brainer! Run Sarah run!

Note: So, Mike, which is it then??? Some very deep soul searching, or a no brainer??? It's one or the other, Mike! Choose ONE!


Angela Belleau-Stuart (says)Headed to Minneapolis tonight. Hope we get to meet Sarah. I loved Going Rouge!! Who also wants to move to Alaska now after reading it? :-)

Note: I felt sorry for this dum-dum and pm'd her, so she changed her post ... clueless to the whole thing! Though it WOULD have been funny for her to ask Sarah to sign 'Going Rouge' !


Stephanie Wilson (says) ifsarah doesnt run for president, then i think she would make a very very good speaker of the house. Either way you have my vote sarah.

: In other words, Stephanie, you have no clue about how Government works, do you? AhHA .. the perfect Palinbot!


Jo Ann Compton (says) Sarah, a person who I know is using the word "rogue" to discredit you. Please publish what you believe to be the meaning of the word so I can set him straight. Thank you.

Note: Yeah!, words don't have 'meanings' in Sarahspeak, only what she 'believes' they mean!


.Pete Whally (says)We need Sarah to take on the Taliban and al-queda. She will bring a"good christian heritage and history continuance" to the war on terror. With Godon her side, back by real traditional Americans, she will be able to eradicatethe socialist commies and Islams out of our world for true Christian Americans.Gitmo for all the socialist commies and Islams.

Note: Aww yes, Xtian Taliban is so much more tolerant and peace loving!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is a conspiracy site.

Sarah has been silent on her OFFICIAL FB site for a week now and the fans are getting restless. Actually, they are going stark- raving mad! Mad, as in crazy. Crazy as in lunatics.

Sarah should just rename her site 'Bedlam' and be done with it. It is what it is.

Some might say it's redundant to point out that Sarah's fans are over the top crazy now, since ... well ... what other types of people would support an incompetent to run for President. You would be correct of course. Sane, informed adultls see Palin for what she is, no matter if they are Republicans or Democrats. Where do these people come from.

Last week, Sarah OFFICIALLY endorsed Glen Beck on her FB page notes; he then went on to fill 5 hours of airtime with the most ridiculous conspiracy about the CZARS in Obama's administration... this was scary for the Palinbots, not because what Beck was saying was informative, but because the Palinbots know nothing of Government, or how it works. This was news to them, they thought they had a SCOOP into something nefarious! OMG we must stop him!

Astute-Palinbots ask:

Why isn't the MSN covering this? They are afraid! Beck is the only one who tells it like it is

YESSS this is PROOF! Only Beck has the courage to tell the truth! Right?

No, Numbnuts. Everybody already knew about the CZARS ... and everybody but you guys know that Beck is a known psycho.

McCain, prepare for your Chappaquidick; your former running-mate is inciting the ignorant masses. Within that mass, a Palin-loving Tim McVeigh is preparing to act on the fear that Sarah set in motion, through Beck.

THIS WEEK, Sarah's Palinbot are advocating, on her OFFICIAL site, to keep kids out of school on Sept 8th.

They have a 'good' reason for this .... the President is going to speak to the kids on the value of Education!
OMG it's the beginning of Obama's PLAN to take over the country!

He'll have them wearing brown shirts soon!

I do NOT WANT a President to encourage kids to be EDUCATED!! OMG HOW DARE HE!

He is DANGEROUS and the Palinbots must protect the children!

As one Palinbot said: 'He is a predater' ... I kid you not, one of them said that! I swear!

So ... Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is accusing the President of being Hitler, Pol Pot and the devil all in one... There is a joke around the Internet chatrooms: Comparing someone to Hitler only proves you know nothing about Hitler. Palinbots though, have quotes and everything to 'prove' their case. (YAWN .. Hitler quotes are passee! But ... we are talking about Palinbots, and they are not that bright) Each source-site posted on Sarah's OFFICIAL site is nuttier than the one before.

The interesting thing is Palinbots can't actually identify anything that Obama has done to be compared to Hitler (YAWN) .. unless you count the many conspiracy sites linked in the comments. They buy it all hook, line and sinker! It doesn't take much to 'prove' anything to a Palinbot ... they don't/can't read their own 'sources'. Never mind though, if a Palinbot posts a link (any link) and tells the others:

It says THIS .. (insert latest nonsense here)

then the Palinbots believe it; they are off and running ... and it becomes fact! No need to mention it again, but I will ... Palinbot-Betty had not actually read the 'source' she is quoting..... YAWN.

They learned this from Sarah; a fact is whatever you want it to be and Sarah, who uses her OFFICIAL site to ignite their fears and .... hmmmm... get donations, has a lot of facts!

So ... keep your kids home from school on the 8th, Palinbots ... after all, they might learn to READ (unlike you) and they might become EDUCATED ... and then your kids would figure out how pathetically inept you are....


... except that it isn't ...

IT ISN"T??? Palinbot-Betty can prove it! She has a site that SAYS so .. just look it up! ( I did ... it's one of a thousand sites, aimed at people like Palinbot-Betty, who will believe anything if it suits their fear.)

Sarah must be very proud of her OFFICIAL FB page. It reflects her ignorance so well. It illustrates just how intelligent her supporters are.

Who in their right mind can possibly still take Sarah Palin seriously, once we've seen the type of people she attracts???

Sarah blew it . She tried to imitate Obama, and reach out to the people .......but her supporters aren't 'bloggers in pyjamas in their Mom's basement' as she once said of Obama's supporters. Obama's bloggers were smart. They were informed. They didn't go out on mindless tangents over mindless issues.

Sarah's supporters are the losers who can't read, can't think, can't write and can't understand the basic procedures in Government.

Just like Sarah, actually.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sarah's Amazing Decision Making Process!

A blogger by the name of mazaza on HuffPost put up this Flow-Chart recapping Sarah's thought process on the 'day Trick/Trigg was born' .. very funny.

Levi, you are SUCH a tease!

Looks like Levi is back in the headlines with a story about to appear in Vanity Fair. HuffPost has given us a peek with this quote:

Sarah told me she had a great idea: we would keep it a secret--nobody would know that Bristol was pregnant. She told me that once Bristol had the baby she and Todd would adopt him. That way, she said, Bristol and I didn't have to worry about anything. Sarah kept mentioning this plan. She was nagging--she wouldn't give up. She would say, "So, are you gonna let me adopt him?" We both kept telling her we were definitely not going to let her adopt the baby. I think Sarah wanted to make Bristol look good, and she didn't want people to know that her 17-year-old daughter was going to have a kid.

Predictably, this has brought back the nagging question: Who is Tripp's mother? Or, is it Trick ... I am sorry, I find it hard to keep Trick/Trip/Track/Trap and Trig staight ...

Conspiracies aside though, the events surrounding the birth of Sarah's 'fifth child' have always left me wondering: How responsible is this woman??

I don't know who that baby's mother is, but I do know this. Sarah's story needs to be examined closely to see if it can bear close scrutiny.

Assuming Sarah's story is true ... then these are legitimate questions and observations on who Sarah Palin is.

Did she lie to the airline about how far along her pregnancy was when she left for Dallas?

Sarah says her water had broken, before she left Dallas; which is the beginning of labour. Leaving aside the risk to her baby ....If we are to believe her stoy, then these facts are irrefutable:

1- Sarah misled the airline, in order to bypass airline rules/policy
2- Sarah put her high-rish child at risk
3- Sarah put all other passengers at risk too, since her condition migh have caused the planes to be diverted somewhere between Dallas and Seattle OR Seattle and Anchorage
4- Sarah did not mind the fact that the other passengers might have been inconvenienced by her actions. A diversion would have caused some passengers to be late for meetings/w­eddings/fu­nerals etc ..... but Sarah chose HER needs over the needs of other passengers ..

HOWEVER .. if Sarah was NOT going back to Alaska to give birth, but rather going back to Alaska to be there for the birth ... none of those matter... (wink)

EITHER WAY .. Sarah was reckless, selfish and unethical in this whole birth story. There are legitimate reasons to question her judgement to be sure.

DID SARAH reveal the Amazing Adventure of Trick's Birth thinking it would make her appear tough and fearless? If so, it backfired on her, because it does no such thing. If her story is true ... she put her child's life in danger. That is important to remember.

You decide!

Palin's FB site tries to keep it classy!!!

Last week, I noted a change of tone on Palin''s FaceBook page. It happened on Tuesday, when Palin endorsed Glen Beck on her site, encouraging her fans to watch his show all week. Beck's show turned out to be the exposition of a Conspiracy Theory for Dummies, and of course the Palinbots bought it hook line and sinker.

I say 'of course' they bought it simply because Palin's followers have no idea how Government works, which is precisely what Palin and Beck count on. So, the change in tone of the Palinbots was no surprise. I noticed it immediately and commented on several occasions on HuffPost (linked to my Facebook Page) that what Beck was doing WITH PALIN'S ENDORSEMENT, was inciting violence ... and I firmly believe that.

Intelligent people are laughing at him, but that's not his target audience.

Sarah Palin asked her Palinbots on her official Facebook page to watch his show; that is an endorsement, plain and simple. Somewhere in the ranks of Palinbots, is a Tim McVeigh just waiting for a 'sign' .... Beck's shows this week couldn't be taken seriously by anyone with 'social intelligence' ..

When some psychopath resorts to violence, nobody will be surprised that his/her fury was fanned by Palin/Beck.

So, I got a chuckle when I logged on to FB (and my blog) last night to find a message from a fellow Palinbot watcher; apparently, the vast and well organized community organizers (chuckle) who are working hard to propel Sarah into the WH had caught a few of my comments on this site, my blog or some Huffington Post threads where I have been very active!

Well! I say! It’s gratifying that the voice of the one small blogger is getting through to Palinbots; however, the role of inciting was not the only disturbing detai in Palin FB official site; it was just one of the more obvious ones. (hehe, those of you who read Palin's note will recognize the irony of this comment ... )

A few ago, I wrote this note about the Sarah's FB site: ( )

Through her site, Sarah promotes her official PAC and asks for donations. She also promotes hate, fear and misinformation ... she lets it fester; her leadership qualities don't include having the integrity to object to the chaotic mess her site has become. In fact, by allowing it to grow and feed on itself, the site has become a refuge for every conspiracy nut on the Internet. It speaks for her.

Here is a post by one of her supporters, on her OFFICIAL facebook page, where she solicits donations for her SarahPAC .. (I have ****d the name of the poster, but have a full C&P of the post)

The link I was referring to, was a blatant propaganda video that portrayed President Obama as a diabolical figure, who was out to control the world while getting rid of undesirable citizens. Of course, being Palinbots, the image was the usual Hitler/Nazi stuff. Don't these people have any education at all? Do they know nothing about Hitler? To compare Obama to Hitler, is like comparing .... well, it's like comparing Palin to Einstein.

So, it seems that some 'rules' have been enacted by a Palinbot Moderator, which makes it very clear that someone there has been paying attention to my comments.

Mod Chantal reminded everyone, as I had been pointing out, that Sarah's OFFICIAL website reflects on her. Her notes, are her words, we are told. Here is a copy of the 'rules' I was sent by an anonymous reader.

Chantel Claus THIS IS SARAH'S OFFICIAL PAGE. Anything you say on here directly

reflects Gov. Palin. It can and will be used against her (by any who dislike or

try to discredit her). So, here is a reminder of what can post can and will be

deleted and bans from... commenting.

1. Any discussions on President Obama's citizenship/birth certificate.
2. Bashing the deceased
3. Conspiracy Theories
4. Posting on the wall in regards of being banned/posts being deleted
5. Spam/Overpost
6. Profanity
7. Verbally attacking people on this board (supporters, non supporters, Sarah

Palin & her family)
8. THE RUMOR of Sarah Palin speaking in Asia. It IS JUST THAT A RUMOR. Check THE

SOURCES-Meg Stapleton, Sarahpac, Sarah Palin, and Palin's lawyers ARE THE ONLY


Freedom of speech applies in government. NOT PRIVATE SECTOR. The moderators have



That's right Chantal .... what is said on Palin's site, both by Sarah AND her Palinbots, reflects on her. I am SO glad it does too, because as you know, it's a steady source of amusement. It's also an eye-opening view into the mentality of the people who support Palin.

Chantal should remember this. Also. (wink) The quality of a candidate can be judged by the types of people who support that candidate. Palin's official site indicates that her supporters are, like her, undereducated, functionally illiterate and eager to embrace any conspiracy idea that is fed to them.

Don't believe me, go look at the comments section on Palin's FB page. See for yourself.