Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OMG!!!! This is terrible !!! (Ignorance, that is)

When Palinbots get their email, from their circle of misinformed Obama haters, it doesn't ever occur to them to check things out. This willingness to be ignorant and REMAIN ignorant, then SHOW OFF this ignorance, is nothing new.

Neither is this worn-out urban myth, reposted today on Palin's OFFICIAL site.

Jerome P. Lank Subject: HB 1388 Passed

Your government just spent $20,000,000 of your money to move members/supporters of Hamas, a terrorist organization, to the United States ; housing, food, the whole enchilada. HB 1388 PASSEDWhether you are an Obama fan, or not, EVERYONE IN THE U. S. needs to know....

A 2 second search on Google or would easily debunk this, but .... why would a Palinbot take the risk of finding out that he is being fed lies? Why would a Palinbot take a chance on 'thinking' about something???

So much easier, to jump on the bandwagon and be against whatever 'someone' tells you, isn't it? Let's ee, what response did this 'non-issue' get.

Irene Plemel (says) Everyday a new outrage from this administration.

Frost (replies) Quietly, every day, one step closer... Call your Senators (again).

AHHH yesssssss.... By all means! Call your Senators! Let them KNOW how stupid you are! That way, they won't BOTHER doing the right thing, because they know you are TOO DUMB TO READ for yourself!

Your Senators will KNOW you are so gullible, that they can feed you whatever BS they want to, and you will fall for it!!!

Reading is so HARD for Palinbots .... so much easier to just 'believe' isn't it?

This typical 'misinformed leading the gullible' post would be funny, if it wasn't such a common event on Sarah's OFFICIAL site, where misinformation, misquotes, fantasy horror scenarios are the norm.

Palinbots are happy to get their 'information' from other Palinbots. Here is yet another example of how a Palinbot goes about finding out the 'facts' and 'educating' themselves:

Leslie Trusler (asks)
.OMG..I just watched the Obama Deception on You Tube (almost 2 hrs long)...Being new to the political scene, sombody please give me a brown paper bag. This is scary stuff and was totaly unaware of how deep this goes. Somebody, please, tell me that this is just propoganda

So, an 'astute' Palinbot responds:

James Frost (responds) That's exactly what it is, Leslie, It's called "indoctrination".

Unfortunately for Palinbot-Frost, someone actually has seen the above mentionned youtube video, and explains to him:

Kimberly Marie Trimble (corrects Palinbot Frost)

I beg to differ, Mr. Frost. I personally have done a lot of research on these people, i.e. The Bilderberg Group. Many many places to do research. Start with Wikipedia.

Poor Dumb Palinbot-Frost is busted! He is forced to admit, he has no idea what Leslie was talking about ... but how could he miss a chance to spout his own 'propaganda' to 'indocrinate' a newbie??

James Frost (admits)
No Kimberly, I was referring to BO's being on TV everyday; I have no idea what Leslie is referring to. If it's the cfr and the tc, then my counterpoint is this: when you have Gates, Buffett, Soros and other deep pockets behind these leftists, these two groups don't matter much.

.......... and not to spoil his image, he name-drops a few handy 'leftists' boogie-men .. S'okay, James, you never had a chance to appear 'informed' anyway ... stay stupid!


  1. I blame you for my newest obsession, reading the comments on Sarah's Facebook page. ;)

    On Tuesday one of her supporters posted this gem:

    "Okay bare with me on this: movie circa 1980's. Theme evil. Premise: a grown up Damien eyes the presidency in order to trigger the apocalypse. Truth or movie? Damien:The Omen III, The Final Conflict. (disclaimer, I am just a soccer mom, not a conspiracy theorist)"

  2. You know what would be fun? To post a bunch of asinine garbage on her FB page and see how many buy into it.

    We could get really, really creative on this.

  3. There was a guy on there a couple of days ago ranting and raving about the moral decline in America. One of the issues that he was so riled up about was teen pregnancy. lol

  4. Anonymous 2:55

    That is a good idea; I wonder though, how we could DELIBERATELY be MORE assinine than the Palinbots are without any effort required on their part.

  5. This blog is wonderful! Hard to believe the Palinites are this dumb and still be allowed to vote.

    The comments are quite amusing. Am bookmarking this blog. Good work.