Friday, September 4, 2009

What Palinbots read ........ on Sarah's site

Palinbots are fond of posting links to blogs, to support their 'beliefs' ... when those links stay on Sarah's OFFICIAL page, therefore, we can be assured that they reflect Sarah's 'policies' ... does this include websites that refer to the young Obama girls as 'hoes' and 'little black girls grinding their hips into someone in the White House" ... ??? What a dirty politician Sarah is ...

This post, by Yaakov Ben David:
This was very good...

leads to a website that praises Sarah. Among its comments, you will find this:

If Sarah Palin had been elected, there never would have been any little black girls grinding their hips into someone in the White House in Rome nor someone in the White House drooling over a 16 year old Brazilian child's bottom.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, the Lockerbie terrorist would never have been freed from Scotland for murdering hundreds of Americans in exchange for Rockefeller oil contracts.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, none of her children would have been dressed as ghetto ho's and accompanied by half dressed adult males in Rome.

If Sarah Palin had been elected, there would not have been any need for a mother in law to monitor her children in the White House as she accomplishes something called being a mother.

Since Sarah's OFFICIAL site is heavily moderated, insofar as comment against her agenda are quickly deleted (and the poster is often banned) the fact that this particular post, with disgusting and racist content is permitted to stay indicates that it is within the realm of acceptable comments.

To be fair, one poster commented that this was unacceptable... which should have alerted the Moderator to the content of this link. Yet, it remained on the OFFICIAL site of someone who believes herself to be Presidential material.

If Sarah can't keep on top of a FB page, imagine for an instant having this incompetent person in charge of the country.


  1. That comment is disgusting! Thanks for finding this stuff and showing the sort of stuff Sarah Palin's official Facebook page is prepared to condone. Do the moderators think this kind of thing makes her look good?

  2. Let's revise that particular comment:

    If Sarah Palin had been elected, there would only have been one 17 year old daughter lap dancing in the White House and one 18 boyfriend to impregnate her.

    If Sarah Palin had been elected,the Lockerbie terrorist would still have been freed from a Scottish jail because the United States has no power over the sovereign nation of Great Britain.

    If Sarah Palin had been elected, none of her children would have been dressed as ghetto ho's and been with half dressed men. Instead her children would not have been dressed at all and would have been with fully undressed men in bed getting pregnant.

    If Sarah Palin had been elected,there would have been no need for a mother in law in the White House because she simply lets her children run wild without any supervision

  3. One of Sarah's supporters posted this as a fantasy to getting pick to go to dinner with Sarah. Try not puke while reading this.
    about re: If you could have dinner with Sarah

    Oh, gosh.
    I'm at the airport.
    First I would be tongue-tied. She'd ask me why I was tongue-tied but I'd just smile and say, "I'm just really happy to see you." Then she'd give me a big hug and lead me to the car after going through baggage claim. She'd ask me to call her Sarah, but I will say I can't because it's my parents rules that I can't call an elder by their first name. She'll settle for Mrs. Sarah instead.
    We'd have dinner at her house of course. She'd make moose chili after me telling her I've never had moose before. Piper will want to show off her room. Bristol would be nurseing Tripp but talking with me too. Willow would be kind of shy but soon I'd make her laugh, which will make Todd holler, "What's going on in there?"
    We'd have dinner-I'd say blessing. Then afterwards I'd make my grandmother's chocolate pie, which the whole family will devour except Trig, because he played with it more than eat.
    Then I would go outside and lay down, looking at the stars. Gov. Palin would lay beside me and we would talk girl stuff. I would have a hotel reservation, but Gov. Palin would insist that I would stay with her.
    I'd accept.

    September 6, 2009 9:49 AM

    Wow...they have taken crazy to a whole new level.

  4. It's important to don your special hate-retardant rain jacket before reading or speaking with a palinbot.

    In particular, keep watch for the hate they spew and the ugly words they choose to use, which they will then project onto you, even though it is all in writing and you never said anything of the sort.

    They are truly mentally ill.

  5. That little sarah fantasy sounds like it was written by someone who has been seriously abused by her own family members, in foster care system, etc.. Addressing her as "mrs. sarah" leads me to think that Jane has Southern roots...or has a mom like the one in Stephen King's "Carrie".

    I can't stand to read stuff directly from palinbots sites; I just don't have the stomach for their ignorance. I do appreciate the brave souls that can do it!!

  6. "If Sarah had been elected..."? The other day I saw an angry Palinbot ranting about Obama being in "Sarah's house" e.g., the White House. These people seem to have forgotten that McCain was the one running for president, not Sarah. I guess they were convinced God would remove the old guy so that Sarah could take her rightful place as leader of the new Christian Nation. I still haven't figured out how they rationalize God "letting" Sarah lose.

  7. I thank God often they didn't get elected. If so nothing much would have changed, except JM did want to raise tax cuts for the rich and make it permanent. Of course increase military and missiles spending. Because it's not like we have the power to wipe out any nation already. She already made us a laughing stock for having her on the ticket last year. If this nation is ever dumb enough to vote her into the WH my family is moving to France.

    I can understand $P still praising JM even though she was seething mad at him, because of the dirt he has on her, but what's strange is he still says he loves and has admiration for her family. Makes you think what does she have on him? The thing is he has a lot more money and power than she does, so why won't he put her in jail where she belongs? He brought her out, he owes it to the world to put that nasty witch away.