Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is a conspiracy site.

Sarah has been silent on her OFFICIAL FB site for a week now and the fans are getting restless. Actually, they are going stark- raving mad! Mad, as in crazy. Crazy as in lunatics.

Sarah should just rename her site 'Bedlam' and be done with it. It is what it is.

Some might say it's redundant to point out that Sarah's fans are over the top crazy now, since ... well ... what other types of people would support an incompetent to run for President. You would be correct of course. Sane, informed adultls see Palin for what she is, no matter if they are Republicans or Democrats. Where do these people come from.

Last week, Sarah OFFICIALLY endorsed Glen Beck on her FB page notes; he then went on to fill 5 hours of airtime with the most ridiculous conspiracy about the CZARS in Obama's administration... this was scary for the Palinbots, not because what Beck was saying was informative, but because the Palinbots know nothing of Government, or how it works. This was news to them, they thought they had a SCOOP into something nefarious! OMG we must stop him!

Astute-Palinbots ask:

Why isn't the MSN covering this? They are afraid! Beck is the only one who tells it like it is

YESSS this is PROOF! Only Beck has the courage to tell the truth! Right?

No, Numbnuts. Everybody already knew about the CZARS ... and everybody but you guys know that Beck is a known psycho.

McCain, prepare for your Chappaquidick; your former running-mate is inciting the ignorant masses. Within that mass, a Palin-loving Tim McVeigh is preparing to act on the fear that Sarah set in motion, through Beck.

THIS WEEK, Sarah's Palinbot are advocating, on her OFFICIAL site, to keep kids out of school on Sept 8th.

They have a 'good' reason for this .... the President is going to speak to the kids on the value of Education!
OMG it's the beginning of Obama's PLAN to take over the country!

He'll have them wearing brown shirts soon!

I do NOT WANT a President to encourage kids to be EDUCATED!! OMG HOW DARE HE!

He is DANGEROUS and the Palinbots must protect the children!

As one Palinbot said: 'He is a predater' ... I kid you not, one of them said that! I swear!

So ... Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page is accusing the President of being Hitler, Pol Pot and the devil all in one... There is a joke around the Internet chatrooms: Comparing someone to Hitler only proves you know nothing about Hitler. Palinbots though, have quotes and everything to 'prove' their case. (YAWN .. Hitler quotes are passee! But ... we are talking about Palinbots, and they are not that bright) Each source-site posted on Sarah's OFFICIAL site is nuttier than the one before.

The interesting thing is Palinbots can't actually identify anything that Obama has done to be compared to Hitler (YAWN) .. unless you count the many conspiracy sites linked in the comments. They buy it all hook, line and sinker! It doesn't take much to 'prove' anything to a Palinbot ... they don't/can't read their own 'sources'. Never mind though, if a Palinbot posts a link (any link) and tells the others:

It says THIS .. (insert latest nonsense here)

then the Palinbots believe it; they are off and running ... and it becomes fact! No need to mention it again, but I will ... Palinbot-Betty had not actually read the 'source' she is quoting..... YAWN.

They learned this from Sarah; a fact is whatever you want it to be and Sarah, who uses her OFFICIAL site to ignite their fears and .... hmmmm... get donations, has a lot of facts!

So ... keep your kids home from school on the 8th, Palinbots ... after all, they might learn to READ (unlike you) and they might become EDUCATED ... and then your kids would figure out how pathetically inept you are....


... except that it isn't ...

IT ISN"T??? Palinbot-Betty can prove it! She has a site that SAYS so .. just look it up! ( I did ... it's one of a thousand sites, aimed at people like Palinbot-Betty, who will believe anything if it suits their fear.)

Sarah must be very proud of her OFFICIAL FB page. It reflects her ignorance so well. It illustrates just how intelligent her supporters are.

Who in their right mind can possibly still take Sarah Palin seriously, once we've seen the type of people she attracts???

Sarah blew it . She tried to imitate Obama, and reach out to the people .......but her supporters aren't 'bloggers in pyjamas in their Mom's basement' as she once said of Obama's supporters. Obama's bloggers were smart. They were informed. They didn't go out on mindless tangents over mindless issues.

Sarah's supporters are the losers who can't read, can't think, can't write and can't understand the basic procedures in Government.

Just like Sarah, actually.


  1. Great blog! Someone at linked you and I came over to read. I will be bookmarking this site. Love your commentary!

  2. Awesome. Well said.

    I read this from one of her crazy fans last week:
    "Palin will abolish Islam and outlaw communism. She will wipe out every other religion on the earth except good old fashioned Christianity. She will be the best President in history."

    I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. Seems that they think that if Palin somehow became President, it would also mean that she was ruler of the world and would be able to wipe out all other religions. Geez, do you think they understand the role of the President?

    I'm guessing that she will need to start a world war bigger than all past world wars combined if she wants to take over every country and get rid of their religion. Idiots....all of them.

  3. Great post! When I got up this morning I turned on the TV and they were doing a story about President Obama giving the speech to students. Parents were being interviewed and they said they would be keeping their kids home that day. It was also reported that some school districts were not even going to show it.

    Honestly, I feel like I woke up in the middle of a dream (maybe I should say a nightmare). I never thought of SP having a vendetta against the president because he won (see Geoffrey Dunn story on HuffPo), but the more I think about it and what she has done in her life prior to this it really seems to fit.

    Thank you!

  4. Education is their boogie man ... remember when bush called people 'the educational elite' with that sneer of his?

    People like Palin and Beck realize that their base HAS to be ignorant in order to believe what Palin and Beck tell them.

    Imagine, convincing people that the POTUS is a danger to children, if he encourages them to stay in school and set high goals for themselves.

    Only truly ignorant people would fall for that.