Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for Sarah to get "FREYed" on Oprah?

Since Sarah's book has come out, so have the endless debunking of even the most minute details. It's become a joke: if anyone took the time to write a book about Sarah's book, it would twice as long, with many cross-references, footnotes and of course, an INDEX!

Whether it's the lawyer FOR the people on the EXXON case who says Sarah's version is 'complete fabrication' to Donald Craig Mitchell
an Alaska attorney who disputes her 'facts' or the myriad of minute details, the ONLY common thread in Sarah's book is that it's a pack of lies, miquotes, half-truths, misrepresentations or just plain ridiculous. Trooper Wooten spoke out last week because he's 'had enough' of her lies. The AP newservices fired off 11 'unfactual facts' from the book before it even hit the bookstores. Politicians who worked with her in Alaska dispute her claims of "accomplishments". Not just ONE or TWO either, but pretty much anyone who's had anything to do with Sarah, is now coming out and claiming her book is fiction.

I think it's time that Oprah had Sarah BACK on her show, and FREYed her, in the same way she outted James Frey a few years ago about HIS fabricated autobiography!

Let's write to Oprah and beg her to set this record straight!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Palinbot reviews Sarah's 'fantastic' book!!

Sheri Nemes (writes) Just finished reading "Going Rogue". Fantastic book. Easy to read. Who of us can not relate to the injustices that take place in our own lives as they did in Sarah's, maybe not on the same scale as hers but still injustices we have to deal with. Thank you Sarah for standing firm on your values and sticking your neck o...ut to expose people and situations that want to mask sincere and heart felt living. May God put a hedge of protection around you and may He be a lamp unto your feet.

This is mindless on so many levels!

First, the book is 'fantasic' because it's 'easy to read' ??? All those books that make you think, or explain complex issues .. well PFFFTTT to those! Give Sheri a nice little tome that effortlessly goes from page 1 to 400 about Sarah's soap opera version of 'life'

Secondly .. WHOAAAAAAAaaa here! What 'injustices' has Sarah dealt with that compare with reporters being held in foreign countries, or people who are imprisonned for trying to bring freedom to the countries? Or the thousands of women who risk their lives everyday by going to school?? INJUSTICES suffered by Sarah???

........ Who amongst us can not relate to the injustices that take place in our own lives as they did in Sarah's,........ Indeed. Who amongst us, in our 'just like Sarah lives', has NOT had the experience of running for VP on an idiot platform, shown the world how cluless we are, quit as Governor of Alaska or received a multi million dollar book deal for writing an 'easy to read' book? We can ALL relate to those injustices! Well, many REAL WRITERS probably can!

Sarah 'exposed' people ??? Really??? Gee from from I am reading, Sarah is the one being 'exposed' as a liar and a fabricator!

.......... and of course, all serious 'book reviews' should end with a prayer to god.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Getting Crowded Under Sarah's Bus!!

It had to happen. Yet another target in Sarah's book, this time, it's Alaska attorney Donald Craig Mitchell who's gone on record with his version of 'Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met'

I'm thinking that will be the title of the next 'bestseller': Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met


I tend to believe Mr Mitchell’s account of his ‘role’ in Sarah’s Amazing Adventure. We’ve been hearing it for a week now: different names/different details/same bottom line. Sarah lied. Again. (It’s getting crowded under Sarah’s bus.)

Sarah’s version? Not so much.

Most people do not lie about things they know can easily be verified, or about people who will have access to the lies and/or the forum to dispute those lies.

The amazing — to me, anyway– thing about Sarah’s lies, is the total lack of self-consciousness about doing it. Since the book’s release, it’s been one high-profile person after another coming out and calling her a liar. These people aren’t disputing ‘details’ either; they are disputing whole stories! From the campaign staffers, to the people she worked with in Alaska to just plain assorted bystanders who’ve crossed paths with her. Her book has become a parallel universe, where Sarah lives one one side of some weird continuum and the players in her story inhabit another. In fact, she rolls along, oblivious to them all, going on interviews where she knows she won’t be asked to clarify the record. And … she’s right. No challenges, no confrontations.

It really IS amazing; not only that she lies, but that she is confident that somehow, none of this can touch her. Why is that? Seriously … how did she get to this ‘place’ where reality doesn’t seem to enter into her view of herself?

There are no boundaries in her world, are there? When no amount of confrontation with the ‘facts’ deters her from sticking to her story, the possibilities must seem endless in the rarified sphere she lives in.

I don’t want to get into the story about Trig, other than to say that when I first heard it, I thought it couldn’t possibly be true; nobody in their right mind would even think of trying to get away with such a hoax; but now, I can almost see that Sarah Palin WOULD have the simple yet outrageous gall to think “it would all work out, what’s the big deal? I do it all the time! Nobody will challenge me, and if they do, so what?”

I have this image of Sarah in my mind: she is like Pig Pen (from Charlie Brown) walking around in a cloud of dust… oblivious to those around him or to the dust. It’s just who he is. He’s that dirty, dusty kid. So much so that the few times that Pig Pen did ‘clean himself up’ … nobody recognized him because his dust cloud defines and identifies him.

But, Sarah is a real person not a cartoon character and it’s not so funny or harmless. Apparently, she walks around in a cloud of lies. Sarah’s book has defined her as a liar, and worse, a liar who is oblivious of her own lies. It’s just ‘who she is’.

To those brave or angry or honest or wronged who are banding together “under the bus”, I wish you all good luck ‘cleaning her up’ … but something tell me that she won’t notice.

See here for more on who/what is Sarah Palin.

Monday, November 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Mysterious Lump is NOT Cancer

Blogs have been buzzing about a weird 'lump' on Sarah's face.

A source close to the Beauty Queen has confirmed that cancer has been ruled out.

"We now know that there is no possibility of brain cancer" the spokesman said. "Doctors have closely examined Gov. Palin's head, and found nothing there."

That's Not A Breath of Fresh Air: That is your vacant skull

Comments to follow; just watch .. it speaks for itself!

Sarah's Latest Scam: Sarah's OFFICIAL site starts an exclusive 'club' for God and Constitution and a New Way of Life

One of the facts of life that Palinbots do NOT understand, is that if Sarah's OFFICIAL site is going to be heavily censored, and comment she doesn't like are DELETED .. then logically, we can surmise that the posts that DO REMAIN are 'approved by Sarah'. (Irony thy name is SarahPAC)

With that in mind, I feel justified in reporting that Sarah's OFFICIAL site is now being used to scam people .. it was just a matter of time, as we all knew. Sarah's site recently reached ONE MILLION 'fans' ( like we believe THAT!! ) So, who can resist a spot on the net where ONE MILLION of the dumbest, most gullible people gather????

Not Sarah, apparently! ( and before some of you claim Sarah has nothing to do with this, I remind you that her OFFICIAL site is the most censored page possible. Comments are deleted whenever they are against Sarah or her 'policies' ... Accounts are blocked or banned ... ) This post has been appearing for days now .. and this particular thread has been on there for more than 15 hous .. So we know it has Sarah's approval.

Also, again, look at how amateurish it is!!! All about 'money' and nothing about 'ideas' other than GOD AND CONSTITUTION! It's for REAL AMERICANS!

The following is taken directly from Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Keep it classy Sarah!

America Again Project post in bold
responses in italics
my comments in normal! (because I am the only normal one on here!)

TheAmerica AgainProject A call to action from AmericaAgain!

Fellow Americans,

The AmericaAgain! website went live on Friday (11-20-09) and is currently in its testing phase. You are encouraged to visit the site in order to get a glimpse of what is to come. Beginning Tuesday (11-24-09), we will be accepting member applications online.

(MEMBERS .. lol)

Mark Robbins Checked out the site. Didn't see any mention of Hannity at all in a quick review. Just another site trying to scam $29? I say give it to SarahPAC and keep the momentum going here!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheAmerica AgainProject Mark,

We are not scamming $29.00. What we propose to do cannot happen for free. We can keep protesting and voting in different corruptible politicians until the cows come home but it will not make a long term difference. If you actually read what we are going to do, you'll find that it has the clear potential to correct the problems we are facing. So if it only cost $29.00 for people to band together, organize, defeat our enemies and restore the Constitution for generations to come then that is quite the bargain. What is the price we are currently paying for tyranny?

Additionally, I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website....

We are not asking people to sign up, sit back and see the world changed; this will take numbers and participation.

Together we can legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. This is the only three pronged tactical offensive plan that I have seen. It's time to stop playing defense only, and let the offense take the field.

I urge you to read our Declaration, and FAQ's. I think you'll want to know how we are going to do it after you read this. I think you'll see that this is the answer.

Defeat the ENNEMY! End TYRANNY!

TheAmerica AgainProject Furthermore, if this works, you would have risked $29.00 whereas the few of us who founded this movement will most likely be marked men. We risk our lives so that posterity may enjoy the blessings of liberty provided by our ancestry. As you might assume by now, the insinuation that AmericaAgain! is no more than an opportunistic organization is quite offensive. I hope that you will read more with less cynical eyes so that you may understand that our intentions are sincere and our plan is sound.
54 minutes ago · Report

OFFENSIVE? Ya think????

AND .. the few who 'founded this movement' will 'most likely be marked men' ????

OMG THE DRAMA OF IT ALL! .......Not since Washington crossed the Delaware have so few put SO MUCH at risk!


TheAmerica AgainProject and yes we do have a lot to say. Much of it could be said here, some cannot. But nothing can be done here. The time for just words has passed; it is time for action. Granted we always mean that peacefull and legally.

The time for words has PASSED!!!! It's time for a CLUB! Only MEMBERS can be allowed to hear what you have to say??? What is it that can't be said 'here' ????

Rachel Adamson I have to agree with Mark that posting your information here to attempt to draw traffic onto your own site and get your own donations is a bit tacky, and it's gotten other groups temporarily blocked from posting on Sarah's wall (for "spamming/advertising").

TheAmerica AgainProject We are just regular Americans with a vision who started this. We've dropped everything else we do and put everything we have into this. This just seems the best place to get the word out about what we're doing. I didn't ask anyone for money here. I am asking that people visit the website to read about what we're doing. It is far to much information to post here. I don't mind answering questions in facebook, but I can't possibly post the content and intricacies of this plan on facebook.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Also, we don't take donations....

Yes, it DOES seem like the place .... where ELSE will you find the most gullible people online??? It's worth a shot!

TheAmerica AgainProject I was also hoping to get Sara's attention. I think this would be something she'd support.

Teresa Fultoni like the america again project....will check them out....we do need to band together, that is how obama won in the first place, they were able to mobilize and the conservatives were left arguing about who was more conservative....

TheAmerica AgainProject This will be a new way of life for us, for citizens. We will have a permanent tool for effective participation in our government and enforcement of the constitution.

....... a 'new way of life for us, for citizens' .. well actually, it's for MEMBERS, right? Is this a kinda RAPTURE WEBSITE THING?

Rachel Adamson TheAmerica AgainProject said, "Also, we don't take donations."

Yet on your website, plain and clear I see: "...or if you prefer to just make a donation, send your PayPal to".

So which is it?

TheAmerica AgainProject Rachel, we do not take donations. We originally intended to but changed our minds so that no one would try to influence us other than our members. Which page on the website did you see that and I'll remove it. Thanks
We are membership based only.
5 minutes ago · Report

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it??

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it?? Well, technically, it's not a 'donation' because you will be 'members' so it's more like a 'club'; an exclusive club for citizens who are gullible enough to send $29.00 apparently.

Ohhhhh ....... they are going to "legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. "

........ and when they are done doing THAT ... "...I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website.... """ You THINK??? You "WILL BE POSTING" ???

What???????? IS Sarah adding a covered swimming pool to her new compound in Alaska????


............ we thought we knew you!


Roy Propsner Dear Sarah fans, on the main Facebook page, Sarah Palin, on the lower left side is a Report Page link. I suggest all Sarah Palin fans use that link to voice their concern and opinion.
12 minutes ago · Report

TheAmerica AgainProject Is this not an idea new to everyone on this page? I too am a Palin fan. I don't seek to hijack her page in any way shape or form. But she's asking for ideas, and I think we have the best ideas that have been offered.
5 minutes ago · Report

WRONG .. this page is about promoting Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! ... nothing to do with IDEAS!

AmericaAgainProject And if I must be reported to facebook for spreading ideas and promulgating liberty then so be it.
4 minutes ago · Report

Ah yes .. SO BE IT! How Palinesque of you, to embrace VICTIMHOOD for the cause! LMAO

Roy Propsner Hijacking of Just Fans forum and preventing Sarah Palin fans from expressing their thoughts and opinions is no way to build a following or to solicit trust in what you are doing.

Will keep checking and .... see how long this lasts! I suspect it will be taken down soon, now that it's been blogged and 'noted' about (on my FB which is watched by Palinbots!

UPDATE 2 (still up??? )

Roy Propsner I do not believe Sarah is aware / responsible for this hijacking, Just Fans link. Just as when any email or web site is hacked or infected, I do not blame the owner of the site or necessarily the sender of the email that contains infection.
2 minutes ago · Report

THAT'S RIGHT .. Roy ... keep defending Sarah's integrity!!! Nice little Palinbot!

Rachel Adamson Posting the same thing on every comment on the wall isn't a great idea either, Roy. People were getting reported/blocked last week for that. Posting the same thing multiple times is considered "spamming" by facebook and most other sites/forums. Two different people I know on here are on a two week "time-out" for repeatedly posting the exact same... Read More thing both on her wall and in the comments of other wall posts - one about Sarah's twitter account and the other was a series of comments with contact info for key Senators. Just a heads-up... might slow down on the repeat postings! ;)
2 minutes ago · Report

I kinda LIKE Rachel, actually. She was the ONLY ONE who protested the other day when a Palinbot posted about PSALM 109:8 ... I only include her here for balance. Kudos to her for that!

Geralyn Lorrig SteppeRoy, I don't believe TheAmerica AgainProject has the power to take over Sarah's page. Every night, they take down the share box (though it's usually back up by now). He has a right to post his site - I've seen a lot of people post things for us to look at and get involved in. I think it's a good idea!

That's RIGHT Geralyn! Every other cockamamie conspiracy site is promoted on Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Why not the MEMBERS ONLY CLUB?


TheAmerica AgainProject Thanks Geralyn. I by no means would even want to take over Sarah's page. And there's no way on earth I could steal her thunder even if I wanted. She's a great Patriot and I respect her immensely.
about a minute ago · Report

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;

Geralyn Lorrig Steppe It's been down for longer before - you know it's been attacked many times. But I don't believe that TheAmerica AgainProject is responsible for this. It doesn't seem that this is what they are all about. Why can't you give them the benefit of the doubt? If anything, I feel that it might be Providence that their posting was the last one before it was taken down.
3 minutes ago · Report

Vonnie Watson Sarah! Stay the way you are!! They wouldn't be so hard on you if you were'nt some of a threat to them!! We love you.

Hey Vonnie: PAY ATTENTION .. most of us are laughing YOU PALINBOTS .. we aren't scared of Sarah.. she is hilariously inept .. Read any foreign papers lately,

UPDATE 3............ Again Roy? Gee thanks for the plug!

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;
11 minutes ago · Report

Rachel Adamson Roy, stop posting the same thing on every post on the wall. Stop posting the same thing multiple times in this thread. What you're doing is called "spamming" according to facebook, and if people report you, you could be blocked from posting here.

OH C'MON Rachel .. I need the plug and what better place to plug my blog than on Sarah's OFFICIAL site? I might get ONE MILLION hits!!!


TheAmerica AgainProject Who's blog is that anyway Roy? I don't think I'd worry about what they think of my opinion, you're opinion, or anyone's opinion for that matter. The fact of the matter is that we are free to have our opinions and they are free to disagree if they like.
7 minutes ago · Report

That's right, Project Marked MAN !!! (ROFLMAO) ... we are.

((Only difference is: While everyone is free to form an opinion, nobody is free to form FACTS!! ))


TheAmerica AgainProject Ok, I have only one post in here. I may have posted a day or two ago, but how is that taking over Sarah's page?

Also, the logo with the name "AmericaAgain!" coupled with a website link and information about when we will begin accepting memberships is also a clear indication that we are not affiliated with Sarah Palin. If we were affiliated with Sarah, wouldn't she have posted our information on the Sarah Palin wall rather than AmericaAgain! posting on the Just Fan's wall?

I apologize for any confusion, it was not intended. AmericaAgain is not affiliated with Sarah Palin. We are certainly a fan of hers and have posted our infomtion/ideas here for exchange.

There ya have it, folks! Project Marked Man (lmao) confirms it. He is NOT affiliated with Sarah, he is just in it for the $29.00 !

Here I thought he was done .. but no, Project Marked Man (LMAO) has one more comment to make!

Roy Propsner Robert Oliver, there is a skunk in the cabbage patch. That is my ojective opinion. Interesting that the page went down, silent just as America Again made the post. Interesting also that Sarah's and out enemies are using this to dis Sarah
reference: enemies of Sarah and enemies of America; Read More; How they, the blog, quickly capitalized on the occassion says the enemy is monitoring us very closely. May be the skunk is the Sarah Facebook page moderator or webmaster. Maybe the skunk is a hacker. Maybe the skunk is others. But, there is a skunk.

OH WELL ............. and so it goes !!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palinbots to the Slaughter! 'Survivors' talk about the book signing experience yesterday!

Any doubt as to how truly infatuated, to the point of losing ALL perspective with reality Palinbots are ??? Below is a thread from Sarah's site, (edited only for formatting) between Palinbot Lydia Balorda and a few people who defend Sarah against the 'brutal' experience Lydia and her family went through at Sarah's book signing.

A few comments:
1- She stood in line OUTSIDE with 3 children, for 12.5 HOURS then inside for 1 1/2 hrs and didn't get her book signed.
2- She thinks they were held there so that there would be a big crowd when the bus arrive.
3- Drama queen much, Lydia? The organizers gave them 'false hope' and 'forced' them 'stand outside on the cold, wind and sometimes rain.' Lydia claims they were 'strategically' put in front of the podium!

4- Notice how EVERYONE jumps to the organizers' defense, and places all the blame on Barnes and Noble???? No wonder they love Sarah, they agree that nothing is her fault!

5- If I was a reporter, I would have gone around them to ask them: "Did you get your flu shot and if not, why?" ... I bet you most of them would reply 'Because the lines were too long' ... What do you think?

Lydia Balorda I am sorry to say, but we are greatly disappointed with our experience yesterday in Grand Rapids. We were waiting outside the Mall for 12.5 h. and inside 1.5 h. to be told at the end: "she will not sign your books"... The organizers new all along that that's what's going to happen, but gave us false hope, and forced us... to stand outside on the cold, wind and sometimes rain. (there were pregnant women with us, and parents with small children) They strategically put us in front of the podium where she was going to address (we thought us, but she was addressing the media with the prepared speech). Very disappointing!

Read Moreabout an hour ago · View Feedback (10)Hide Feedback (10) · ReportSharon Butler Sullivan likes this.

Bill Gibbs Did you complain to Borders--what was their reason---were you part of the 1000??
about an hour ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, I was in line for a total of 11 hours and was fairly close up front to get our books signed. we were about number 200 in line.
about an hour ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, if there was an issue, it was with Barns & Noble, not with Sarah. B& N set it up and organized it.
about an hour ago · Report

Lydia Balorda We didn't camp outside all night long because we have 3 small boys, so we were not among the first 1000 to get the wristbands, but we were there from 7 a.m. (some in our group from 6 am). They told us we do have a chance.. so we waited the whole time... The official reason to be outside in the line was that in the case of fire, mall officials don't want us inside... but in the end we figured out that the reason was to have more people outside when she comes out of the bus. It was so brutal!
58 minutes ago · Report

Doris Henderson I am sorry Lydia. I am sure that is Borders fault and not Sarah's. They probably wanted you to hang around and buy something else. Goodness knows, I don't know how she can keep up this pace signing thousands of books anyway. Her hand must be hurting. I know it is disappointing.
56 minutes ago · Report

Lydia Balorda Well we couldn't go inside and buy anything, or we would "lose our spot". Of course, they new that it didn't matter, because we didn't have a chance. They didn't show any sign of human kindness and acted like machines. They needed more people outside, who cares at what price!
46 minutes ago · Report

Izzy Felix Sorry Lydia that happened. But it was the store mismanagement of the event NOT Sarah. I fill for you. I will be in Fairfax, Va...dec 5. Just to have a glimpse of her. I ordered the autographed copy thru SarahPac. She can only sign around 1000 copies in 3 hrs allocated. I know many people will be disappointed. That is why she having these pep talks outside before she signs the least so many can see her and hear her live.
37 minutes ago · Report

Lydia Balorda Thank you for kind words!
31 minutes ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, I am so sorry, I did see the people outside, but I only thought they were waiting for Sarah to either come in our come out. Lydia, trust me, Barnes and Noble was in charge of setting things up, it was their people who was in control of the wrist bands and the lines, they knew all along Sarah would only get through about 1,000

I don't know who is in charge of organizing the crowd, but I doubt it was Barnes and Noble that set up a podium for Sarah to speak her 'truth' from ... I am guessing that the people who were there were bussed in and paid to mix in line with Lydia though!

These would be good questions for someone to ask, if anyone goes to a book signing for a look-see! Chat with the people in line, ask where they parked, day off work, ask the 'machines' who they work for etc .... just saying!

UPDATE: Another disenchanted Palinbot reports:

Lu Paletta Part I: No Sarah Palin wristband yesterday. Got a bookplate w/fake signature; was told it was as good as a band. Part of overflows that was next in line; group had real camaraderie in cold/rain for >15 hours. Folks from all over with 1 goal, see someone who speaks for us. The bus arrived, a crowd of 500 outside, 100...0s inside. A roaring welcome, Gov Palin & Trig, a few remarks, few pictures and on to Barnes&Nobles.
about a minute ago · Report

Lu Paletta Part II: 30 mins after being let in, told leave or be escorted out. Showed bookplates; told they had no value. B&N blamed cutoff on Palins who had to go to Ft Wayne. It is 3 hours away, a next day signing; she couldn’t stay for fans who waited in rain/cold all day? B&N ticked me off; returned all books. Governor: You have the people’s ear; you are scaring Washington. But, please acknowledge people that wait for hours to see you. We are reaching out to you and need you to reach back.

...... of course, Palinbot Palin Pal rushes to Sarah's defense!

Palin Pal Awe Lu. Thats terrible. I hope the moderators of this page see your post, so Sarah can fix this. If you want Sarahs book still you can buy it much cheaper at I think with shipping it is like under 10 dollars. Lu, Sarah seems like such a nice person, I dont think it would be her calling the cutoff. Im not buying from B&N either now. Thanks for letting us know.

AND another one:

Julie Beightler Doll Went to the book signing in Noblesville, IN. Waited three hours in the cold to get a wristband to reserve my spot at the book signing tonight. We were told she would sign book for the first 1000 people. Not so. The event ended promptly at 9:00pm, though there were still at least 150 people left. Wasted my day, wasted money on a babysitter, and wasted my money on this book.

Anybody having fun yet?

Then there is poor Jordan ..

Jordan Harris I just spent 9 hours of my day, $40 of my hard earned money on two of your books, and took the whole day off work to watch you jump on a bus and throw a half-heated wave to the crowd you were avoiding.
I have never felt so disrespected. How can you claim that you are different? You aren't. You are just as selfish as ev...eryone else in Washington. It breaks my heart. I thought you might be the answer to the turmoil this country is under but you aren't. You just slapped hundreds of Hoosiers in the face. The hard working type of people that you claim to represent.
You say in your book that you chose to sleep well over eating well. At the end of the day I know that you don't care that you wasted the whole day of some 20 year old college student who lives on their own. I understand that all that matters is that I spent my money on two of your books. I'm sure your eating well. You certainly have no reason to be sleeping well.

-Jordan Harris

You know I am getting the feeling that buying a book is a NEW EXPERIENCE for many of Sarah's fans!

And ........ ANOTHER pissed off Palinbot! Poor, poor Nancy! She is disillusioned! She is hurt and disappointed: she thought you were different than all the rest and that you were genuine !!

Nancy Sharpe-AllenSarah I gave up my whole day to get a book signed and meet you just to get disappointed along with about 300 other people to be turned away . i waited in line for over 4 hours wed morning at Borders in noblesville , it was cold , rainy and i shirked my responsibilities of work, my family, my housework, and many other duties I had that day to meet... I got my wristband which I thought got me in , I bought my books. I was so excited. Then came back that evening for another 4 hours of standing in the cold rain, to get right up to the door next to go in and got handded a sticker and told you were not going to to be signing my book or meet me? Wow and then they told us you were going to come out and maybe shake our hands and get on platform right in front of us and address the crowd but you came out the other side and signed a few books on the other side, that were people further back in the line than me and wisked on the bus . I barely even got a glimpse of you. I just feel like my time or the time of the 300 people left didn't matter to you. You could have stayed another hour, or at least addressed us with an apology. Now today every aspect of my life is behind because I gave up my day yesterday for a chance to meet you, I am achy and sore and now sick from standing out in the cold all day. I am very hurt and disappointed in you I thought you were different than all the rest and that you were genuine. You should make sure that in your future signings they do not hand out more wristbands than you have time to sign and if you hand them out you should stay and sign them. ---

Angry Palinbots shouting QUITTER at Sarah!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah: The Archetypal Tragic Hero

UPDATE: The article by Dan Fagan, along with all comments has been deleted from The Alaska Standard. Thanks to, a copy of his OpEp titled "Sarah Palin: A Dark Soul(to which my following post responds) can be seen here.


I just read Dan Fagan's comment about Sarah's book, Sarah Palin: A Dark Soul. It explores another aspect of Sarah's book, one that I have been thinking about for a while: her character. (That OpEd has now been deleted from The Alaska Standard website, along with all comments.)

Most of the book 'reviews' have been of the fact-checking kind, which is important. Dan Fagan reviews another aspect, maybe even more important than Sarah's strange relationship to facts. Sarah is as mature as the 'pretty girl' in High School who gets away with meaness, because she can. Most of these girls move past this but Sarah hasn't. Or, as Mr Fagan puts it:

Palin comes across as the rotten on the inside, faultfinding, petty teenage girl we all hated in high school. If you’ve seen the movie “Heathers” or “Mean Girls” you know what I am talking about.

The character of Sarah Palin, is revealed by how she says what she says, rather than what she says what she says.

Dan is right to focus on this, because Sarah's book is glaringly High School. The name calling is pathetically immature... 'the perky one' ... 'the falafel lady' ... insulting comments about people's physical appearance (such at Steve Schmidt's 'rotundness') ... I don't need to go on and on .. it's shallow and mindlessly simple. Anyone who has 'crossed Sarah' is a target for her 'words of wrath'.

When she is too self-centered to figure out that the President of France wouldn't call her to flirt with her, she says she thought he was 'drunk' .... her ego doesn't allow that the President of France wouldn't call her at all, drunk or sober: He's not that into you, Sarah!

In Sarah's mind, everyone is pining for her attention and should be enabling her success. If they aren't ... then they are just jealous persecutors.
The 'book' is a litany of pettiness. Sarah considers herself 'tough' because she says things that most of us learned were inappropriate amongst adults by the time we were out of High School.

Sarah's fatal flaw is her ego: how fitting that writing a book about herself and those who 'victimized' her, is likely to be the instrument that brings her down. Her need to keep talking about herself, (her book and the tour) is causing people to really 'look' at Sarah, and what we see is ....... an aging airhead, a mean-spirited one at that!

In fact, while she tries to paint a tragic picture of herself, as a victim of those who wish to see her fall ... the reality is that Sarah is archetypal 'hero' who is the master of his/her own destruction.

She should have educated herself with books instead of mirrors, she might have learned that the 'tragic hero' is not bought down by his/her enemies but by the flaws of his/her character.

When Rogues Whine: Sarah's Manipulations and PC speech.

Sarah is going to attack 'Political Correctness' now. Good for her, and good for the rest of us. Now we will be able to say real up front stuff like:

Sarah is a mother, and she should be home taking care of her retarded baby.

There, I said it.. I went all roguish, and used the 'r' word in relation to Trapp. Or is that Tripe? Oh I can't keep 'track' of all those 'trippy' names anymore. Never mind. You all know which one I mean; the 'tricky' prop-y one.

So, on Hannity, Sarah is talking about 'profiling' as if she's just discovered that it's done. Or .. as if it's not being done, and should be. It's an easy target, the kind Sarah likes. The Fort Hood killer, a Muslim, should have been identified sooner, BUT the political correctness of it all prevented it, and now Real Americans are dead. How can anyone argue with that? She is aiming at something else, of course, but her intro is the Fort Hood attack.

Who knows what she means .. the woman isn't speaking to rational people, so why should she be rational? I am proud that I don't 'get' what she says most of the time. I am ususally left with a feeling of HUH? when I listen to her.

By introducing her objections to 'PC Speech' Sarah is sending the message that she is saying what everyone else WANTS to say, but doesn't have the 'mavericky-ness' to say. Not true Sarah. Some of us restrain our speech because we have personal boundaries such as respecting truth, facts, self-dignity and the dignity of OTHERS.

By now, those of us who pay attention, recognize her tactics. This is part of Sarah's MO .. she does or says something considered 'inapropriate' then pats herself on the back because it's 'roguish' .. in that way, she gives herself importance when she says something outrageous; this is also how she gives her followers permission to be 'roguish' .. OF COURSE that doesn't apply when she is on the receiving end, such as in the Newsweek photo! THEN she wants the lines of 'sexism' to be observed ...

She is a master manipulator.

Let's think back now to what Levi said: Sarah called her baby 'the retarded one' ... she denies it of course. Why does she bother denying it, when she is ALSO proudly claiming that it's time PC speech stopped? Another Sarah contradiction!

Is Harper Collins ashamed of Palin's "book"? : Eisenstatdt says it can't go into the Library of Congress!


Martin said at 2:00: A book needs an INDEX to get into the Library of Congress .. is this TRUE? Can this be why Sarah's book has NO INDEX?? HC doesn't want it in there??

HC is treating her book as if it was just a pamphlet, not a serious book?

......... is this video real? I can't decide!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Enabler: A Xtian Taliban and her Followers.

Why is Sarah Palin dangerous? Really dangerous? Her Palinbots would have you think it's because she can WIN AN ELECTION ... which only confirms how idiotic they are.

No, she isn't going to win an election. She isn't even going RUN for office, it's too much work. Why run when she gets more attention by hiring a ghostwriter and publishing a mindlessly stupid book. A book so full of inacuracies that a whole cottage industry is now arising just to keep track of the lies! Most of us who actually watched the campaign, and have paid attention to current events for more than 6 months, don't need to do a whole lot of research to spot the lies. They are glaringly obvious.

The reason Sarah is dangerous, is because she willfully incites hate and anger; in her speeches, in her fear-mongering (death panels) in her racist/divisive comments (real America vs other America) and in her misleading rhetoric. Unfortunately, it's becoming increasingly obvious that no matter what lies/nonsense Sarah spouts, her followers will lap it up and swallow it whole. They don't have the intellectual curiosity to verify anything she says: Sarah counts on that.

Tonight, in a segment called "The Right's Reckless Rhetoric" Rachel Maddow and her guest, Frank Schaeffer, explained the rise and danger of the very type of people who rally behind Sarah, and her surrogate (also endorsed on her OFFICIAL SITE) Glen Beck and other people on FOX.

Links to the website selling this stuff, AND comments regarding Psalm 109:8 appear often on Sarah's site. And remain there.

This blog is my small attempt to document the idiocy of her Palinbots. I spend way too much time reading her support sites, but I focus on her OFFICIAL site, because I feel that I want a record of what goes on in Sarah's sanctionned space. These last few weeks, I have noticed that the rabid frenzy has been rising to a higher pitch.

I suspect that the reason her FB site has closed down at night for the past few weeks is because too many of these crazies are posting this stuff. Palin is ok with inciting, of course, we saw her do it on the campaign trail last summer; it's just that if this stuff is on her OFFICIAL site, she is responsible and she knows it. Sarah's site has always been highly censored insofar as no opposition to Sarah's statements, or those of her followers were tolerated. This means her OFFICIAL site has alert Moderators, but a lot of violent talk was allowed to remain posted. Racist sites (one about the Obama girls and sexual references) were rarely deleted, and few members objected. I often objected (under another name) by pointing out that this type of talk reflected on Sarah, and I was often berated for that, called a Muslim lover or a troll, then bounced or banned from the page.

I know this is a rather dull post, but I wanted to go on record with this, as well as urge anyone who did not see the Maddow segment to watch it now. (Click the link above) and pass it around to anyone who might not have seen it.

At the end of the segment, Schaeffer say it's gone beyond funny now; it's serious, and it's high time that Obama supporters speak out agains this.

In my small way, on my little blog that nobody reads, I just did that.

Thanks for reading, thanks for taking 5 minutes to watch the segment.

Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!: Sarah's Newsweek cover

Sarah was featured in a Runner's World story a while back, complete with pictures of her stretching, warming up, tying her shoes by (presumably) Lake Lucille, AK. She looks great in the warm-up pants, for a woman who's had 5 kids .. ahem, ... ok.

In the Newsweek cover pic, she is adopting the traditional cheerleader/beauty contestant pose, hand on hip, slightly bended knee. come hither look; being Sarah, there is of course a flag involved. That flag is there to give a message, isn't it? It's a prop to her patriotism. The Blackberry, is another prop ... it's there to tell the viewer that Sarah is connected, busy, always ready to share or receive information.... a pair of moccasins peek out from a shelf behind her to remind us of her love of Alaska: an Army hanging complete the 'set' of who Sarah is, what Sarah does and what Sarah loves. Fair enough. She chooses the props, we get the message.

Imagine the surprise of anyone who lives on this planet, when Sarah complains (whines, really) about Newsweek using that pic on their cover! SEXIST, she cries!

From her OFFICIAL Facebook page, Sarah says:

"When it comes to Sarah Palin, this 'news' magazine has relished focusing on the irrelevant rather than the relevant," she wrote. "The Runner's World magazine one-page profile for which this photo was taken was all about health and fitness - a subject to which I am devoted and which is critically important to this nation. The out-of-context Newsweek approach is sexist and oh-so-expected by now. If anyone can learn anything from it: it shows why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, gender, or color of skin. The media will do anything to draw attention - even if out of context."

Sexist? Come on ... first, she POSED for this picture, posing like an aging cheerleader who is too self-centered to know she is way past the High School look.

So, she would have us believe that the photo of her in 'shorts', is there only to send a picture of health and fitness? Ahhhh .. Sarah, you really do think we are all blinded by your self-exagerated beauty, don't you?

AND .. when did Sarah start referring to herself in the 3rd person??? Is she now 'royalty'??

But ... Sarah is all about her sex appeal, so why is it a surprise that a 'sexy' picture of her is a cover?

Can you imagine Hillary Clinton 'winking' to the audience and her opponents in a Primary Debate? Red Naughty Monkeys heels? There still ARE standards of professionalism, both for men and women .... people who want to be taken seriously, understand this. Did the campaign spend over 100K dressins/grooming Sarah because the image doesn't matter? Of course not: we ALL understand that it does.

As far as I'm concerned, Sarah can wear whatever she likes, and pose however she likes, but she can't COMPLAIN when people see her for what she is. If Newsweek chooses to use a picture of Sarah that conveys the 'sexual' Sarah, in large part it's because that is a big part of what Sarah projects.

I don't remember who said this, but it's true: If she looked like Golda Meir, nobody would pay attention to the dimwit, she knows that, we all know that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Karma, Koffee and the 400 Page Whine: A Year after Sarah tells Hillary to work harder and stop whining!

I haven't read Sarah's book but since I don't live on Mars, I can't help but hear a lot about it. The tone, it is said, is whiny. Sarah blames everyone for everything... she especially has it in for Katie Couric and the Media.

However, it is reported that she does speak well of Hillary in her book; she now realizes how horrible the Media can be 'on women' and has a greater understanding of what Hillary went through.

Nothing makes my teeth grind as when Sarah, in ANY way, compares herself to Hillary as if they are equals. For one thing, I don't think Hillary Clinton HAS that many equals, and Sarah is definitely NOT among the few that are. In the same way that Sarah elevated herself to Hillary's level with her 'cracked ceiling' comment last August, this passage in her book claims a new-found sisterhood with Hillary; it appears to me to be nothing more than an attempt to jump onto Hillary's coat tails.. hoping to get intelligent by osmosis, maybe?

Hillary CLinton, as Sec of State, was on Meet the Press yesterday, and that dipstick Gregory asked her about Sarah's interest in meeting up for a coffee sometime ... yea right Sarah, because you are in her league, after all, what with a vagina and all! A unique bond huh?

Last year though, Sarah was giving Hillary (who never EVER got a break from the Media) advice about how to deal with the Media! Stop whining and work harder, she said!

Remember this interview??

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ridiculous Sites: #1 in a series of Unlimited Dumb Sites:: Ms Calabaza's: Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

A Palinbot Watcher, such as me, could spend 24/4 hunting for dumb sites and never be done! Found this while surfing the 'dumb' sites .... this is one of the videos that routinely makes the rounds on Palinbot sites, so I took the opportunity to respond, even though I know it will probably be deleted .. since blogger has this cool feature that cross-posts, it's now here too!

Ms Calabaza's: Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Self-Diagnosis: Masochist AKA Another Palinbot Encounter.

So .... I popped in the Palin Patriots room at Facebook asKaren Ono again ... this time I struck up a 'conversation' with Claudia Darrow .... different name, same mindless talking point. I am beginning to wonder: AM I A MASOCHIST??

(My posts as Karen Ono (italics) and the Palinbots are in blockquotes)

Added comments for this blog, in bold.

Claudia Darrow: Because of Obamacare provisions and comments by the Prez, I think he hated his Grandma. He threw her under the bus during Rev. Wright controversy and now he wants to pull the plug on everyone's grandma. Pluse he lies about what he is doing. Did anyone ever see her during the campaign?

Answer: Self-righteous people do. People who are judgemental, who know best what and how people feel.

Chris Freetobe: Never thought of that Claudia but it could very well be!! He doesn't seem tight with any of those relatives from what I can see?? None. Except his immediate family.


Karen Ono:Claudia ... apparently you weren't paying attention during the campaign? Obama's grandmother was gravely ill for many months; Obama went to Hawaii to see her.
She died a day or two before the election.
What is your point?


Crusaders ForAmerica:It has always bothered me how BO has not talked about his family as his inspiration. Apparently he has said how much he admired his father (in his books) that was a bigamist and deserted him


Claudia Darrow:Obama certainly is quick to deny care to seniors. I loved my Grandparents; I would never do such a thing. Remember he said that she should have been denied a hip replacement? And he lets his aunt live in public housing. No, I don't think he loved her by the way he acts.


Karen Ono: Obama spoke about his mother's fight with cancer many times.. that is his 'inspiration' for fighting for health care, the fact that while his Mom was dying, she had to deal with Insurance companies refusing treatment or making it difficult. He also spoke about his grandparents a lot, who raised him for some years while he was young.
I guess you just didn't want to hear it.

Crusaders ForAmerica: He is a deplorable pig that has never had to work for and pay for anything this country has afforded him!


Crusaders ForAmerica: Karen, what is sad is when you will get it is when it is too late. I have no time for people with your mind set. BO is a traitor to this country.
What he is doing will cause you distress or your families, ultimately. How sad for you that you can't see that.


Claudia Darrow: Karen. he's a politician. He would use anyone apparently to get votes. What he has done says how he feels about his grandma. I would never want to pull the plug on seniors because I loved my grandma. And, he talked about his Aunt in one of his books...and there she is, living illegally in this country, and living in public housing and on public assistance in South Boston. Yeah, he believes in being your brother's keeper...for everyone else.

LOGIC ALERT: Obama 'lies' because he is a Politician. Sarah, is honest because she says she is!

Jean Gilles:Karen, Obama has lied so much during the campaign and since he took office I don't think anyone believes what he says anymore. If he said the sky is blue, I would have to look for myself. If you recall he campaigned differently in every state he visited and many contradicted others.


Karen Ono: Claudia .. more nonsense. WHEN has Obama 'denied' care for Seniors? When? Just because you 'hear' it from someone else, doesn't make it true. So, where
exactly is he 'quick to deny care for seniors' ??

And ... his aunt lived there for years, if he had 'moved' her, you would be putting him down for that.

Claudia Darrow: If he loved his mother so much, why does he seem to only consider himself as non white? Remember during Rev. Wright, how he through his Grandma under the bus, implying that she was a bigot like Wright...who was there to defend himself. His Grandma wasn't. I would never do such a thing. He has real issues.


Karen Ono: As for his grandmother's hip replacement ... he did not say that ... more 'misquotes' and 'misrepresentations' ... do you get ALL your information from anti-Obama sites? Don't you EVER try to find out what someone ACTUALLY said? Too hard isn't it? Much better to believe what someone said he said.
The full discussion is available, but I won't bother giving you the link ... it's obvious that you prefer to 'beleive' what suits you bias, rather than seek the truth.
(* text of what Obama actually said at bottom of post.)

Crusaders ForAmerica: Whoever you really are Karen you troll, you are a coward. You are what BO is all about. Hypnotizes the sheep. How pathetic. The post office will be open tomorrow so you can get your check!


Claudia Darrow: Karen, I have posted more links to the bill that show that he is pulling the plug on seniors. I am not going to repeat them now because you haven't kept up. He is a bully that wants to cut billions from seniors to fund the so called uninsured...and even pay for their abortions while he denies seniors vital medical treatment. In fact I just posted a link tonight. Go look for it and read up.


You can rest assured that her link to support her argument won't be ... hmmm .. the actual bill???

Crusaders ForAmerica: I think "Karen" is actually Nancy the piglosi undercover. Who else love this train wreck like she does?


Claudia Darrow::Karen, I heard what he said about his Grandma's hip replacement. I would never say that about my Grandma or any other elder. The man has a problem and it shows. Imagine his elderly aunt, who he made money off of by mentioning her in his book, living in public housing on the dole, on my dime, in Mass. The man is pushing a bill that targets seniors for rationing, and his Health Advisor has admitted the goal. Now Karen, you are scaring me. People who want to hurt elders are evil .

OF COURSE YOU WOULD NEVER DO THAT>>> BUT YOU FERVENTLY WANT TO BELIEVE THAT OBAMA DID! Don't you all just LOVE people who are so sure what THEY would do, in a situation they have never been in ... yet ... judge others for imaginary actions??

Crusaders ForAmerica: Claudia, unfortunately your words are wasted on Karen. They come in and make their remarks, and (being the cowards they are) take off. How pathetic they are.


Karen Ono: Claudia .. everyone 'has issues' ... what I respect about Obama, is that he has spent time examining himself, and his willingness to 'think' about things. He has led an amazing life, and he has learned a lot from it. I can see that you don't understand that. You believe that 'you know' how others 'should' feel about things, and that 'your feelings' are the only correct ones. THat is your issue, your lack of introspection makes you unable to understand it in others.

As Peggy Noonan said:: (about Palin, but it applies to you too, apparently) "She wasn't thoughtful enough to know she wasn't thoughtful enough." ...

So I can see, really I can, why Palin appeals to people like her; people who actually think Palin is smart, because .. well she might be smarter than they are.

Crusaders ForAmerica:Karen, you are so brain washed. He has had time to think? At who's cost and who's peril? His amazing life? His parents both deserted him to be left with Communist white grand parents. He was obviously, very confused. He developed a hatred for this country and should have never been put in the position that he is in, if it was not for people like you.


Karen Ono: OK Claudia ... I made a mistake .. you don't want to know, you want to 'believe' what you believe, and you aren't interested (or are incapable) of informed debate. So .. go ahead, scare yourself silly with Palin myths; I prefer to educate myself, reach my conclusions on what people actually say rather than what someone tells me they said.

So ... I won't waste my time having an 'adult' conversation with you, my mistake.

Karen Ono:Crusaders, on the other hand .. you are an idiot. If thinking is something 'bad' to you, it's no wonder you support Palin. Sounds like you never made it past Jr High. No time to even pretend to talk to you as an adult..


At this point .. I was banned. Only surprise is that I lasted this long. If anyone wants to go to .... (and doesn't mind getting banned) go tell Claudia that she is mildly famous!

SO .. then Claudia sends me a PM ... blocked me of course, so that I can't reply, of course, because ... hmmmm I AM A COWARD????

Claudia Darrow::November 11 at 9:01pm
I just blocked you without reading your drivel...Are you such a moron that you can't take a hint?

Makes you wonder: WHY are Palinbots so afraid???

*Text of Obama's actual statement.
>""So now she’s in the hospital, and the doctor says, Look...maybe you have three months, maybe you have six months, maybe you have nine months to live. Because of the weakness of your heart, if you have an operation on your hip there are certain risks that--you know, your heart can’t take it. On the other hand, if you just sit there with your hip like this, you’re just going to waste away and your quality of life will be terrible.

"And she elected to get the hip replacement and was fine for about two weeks after the hip replacement, and then suddenly...things fell apart.

I don’t know how much that hip replacement cost. I would have paid out of pocket for that hip replacement just because she’s my grandmother. Whether...society making those decisions to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill is a sustainable model, is a very difficult question."

Yet it is sitting there at the heart of health-care reform, as Obama anticipates "a conversation that is guided by doctors, scientists, ethicists" followed by a "democratic conversation" among all Americans.

"It is very difficult," he says, "to imagine the country making those decisions just through the normal political channels." An independent group can give guidance without being determinative, but politicians will ultimately have to find some answers.

A Palinbot DELETES her posts, when facts collide.

Palinbots latch onto whatever nonsense they run across, as long as it's 'bad' toward Obama. Never let facts get in the way, and NEVER check it out, in case it turns out to be false. That is their MO.

I dropped by a FB site, "PalinPatriots" earlier, and ran across this post by Christine Pierson ... so I just had to 'try' to set her straight. I know, hopeless! (I post under the name Karen Ono (italics) and responses are blockquoted. )

Christine Pierson: I just heard through the grapevine that BO will be calling the annual Christmas tree a holiday tree. He is really anti-Christian.

Dianne Simons: ofcourse he is a muslim

Karen Ono:Another email conspiracy --- like the one about the coin Sarah talked about --- debunked.
Non-Religious themes at the White House started with Laura Bush.

Harlan Mary:I am surprised he didn't call it the Allah Tree...He's a piece of dog squeeze

Karen Ono: Christine .. I am curious ... why would you want to believe what you 'heard' instead of informing yourself to see if it's true?

I never understand people who resist 'facts' in favour of believing what confirms their bias.

That is a serious question.

Karen Celinski:I don't really trust Snopes. They are very soft on Obama.
And Sarah trusting that thing about the coins does bother me. But many ppl bought it, so it just goes to show she's not perfect.....

Karen Ono: Karen ... anyone who 'reads' knew that coin story was old. Sarah should have known this, she is supposed to be informed... I understand that 'some people' would believe whatever they 'hear' but I expect someone who calls herself a leader to check her facts..

And if you don't trust Snopes then that information is widely available .. point is that ... Christine's post is false, Laura Bush actually is the one who removed 'religion' from the WH tree, it was widely reported every year.

As for being 'soft' on Obama ... that makes no sense ... they document their answers very well. You just don't 'like' that much of what you want to believe is debunked.

Karen Celinski:uuhhh. I read Snopes all the time. And they are soft on Obama. I stand by what I said. Take your Lib glasses off and look.

Karen Ono:Ok then show me a story where that happened, just one story that they debunked that was in fact true??

Since Snopes sources/documents their answers, then you must be able to give some evidence to support your comment.

Karen Ono: Karen ... so it's my 'lib glasses' that cause me to know that Christine's story is false?

If 'lib glasses' help me sort out facts from fiction, then I wonder, what is wrong with that?

So my question stands: why would you want to believe what you 'heard' instead of informing yourself to see if it's true

IRONY here: Karen Celinsky 'stands by' what she says SO MUCH that within a minute ... Karen Celinsky had deleted all of her posts!

How is that for the courage of her convictions??

I wonder how long my 'one-sided' conversation with Karen Celinsky will stay up there?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You know things are bad when FOX starts correcting Sarah's 'facts'!

Over the last few weeks, amongst the many conspiracies that reside and propagate on Sarah's OFFICIAL site, was the old one about the dollar coins, and the removal of 'In God We Trust' ... a trend, an ominous signal (according to the Palinbots) that Obama is relentlessly removing God from all that is good, pure and American.

As we know, Sarah is no intellectual giant; her 'research' skills are on par with her intellectual curiousity, which is to say, NIL.

So last week, speaking to a crowd of mindless drones, she repeated this conspiracy, confident that nobody there would be able to challenge her.

Not so fast, Sarah.

Politico told us all about it, and we all rolled our eyes and laughed again ... what ELSE can a rational person do, other than laugh at Sarah's informational speeches?

But, it seems that enough is enough! The powers that be, at FOX (Republican Party leaders) have apparently had enough of Miss Diva. They are none too happy, I would think, at the result of her meddling in NY23. Time to cut Sarah back down to size.

FOX ran a story about Sarah's non-existant 'trend'. OOPS Sarah, watch yer back!

It's not easy being a beauty queen!

A few days ago, I posed the question: If Sarah supports Carrie, and Carrie has a porn tape in her past, does that mean Sarah is palling around with porn stars?

I've been thinking about Carrie Prejean this afternoon; I mean, who hasn't? Seeing quite a few parallels to Sarah. How predictable it is that she should become a 'celebrity' for nothing more than being a 'celebrity'.

The obvious similarity, is that both got their boost into 'famous-hood' by entering a beauty pageant. Granted, coming in second in the Miss Wasilla pageant is a far cry from winning Miss California, but the important link here is: both women saw their physical beauty as a ticket to bigger things. Kinda like ... Levi is doing now, in a guy-way or as Sarah put it 'selling his body' .. bit harsh, there, dontcha think Sarah-pot-kettle Palin?

I don't really care what Carrie thinks about same-sex marriage, she is free to think what she likes. What irked me about her answer though, was that she answered it by saying 'in my country, in my family ... ' She wasn't really talking about her belief for herself, she made a 'real America' type of comment; her view is what her country is about, other views therefore, must be that 'other' America??? That kind of stuff, bugs me.

The always rational, poster-boy for "Integrity and Comb-Overs" Donald Trump, who actually OWNS these pageants came to her defense when some racy pics of sweet Carrie came to light, as these things will .... Yes, Carrie had posed for racy pics, but hey, she is a model, and models DO pose in lingerie and it's no big deal and anyway ... it was the wind that blew her blouse away, she didn't really pose like that! Doesn't every beautiful model pose for racy pics at some time or other?

End of Carrie story. Finally, we can move on. Right?

Wrongo, bimbo!

Carrie, starts 'not showing up' for some of her scheduled appearances. (Anyone else seeing a pattern here?) Carrie gets fired. Carrie sues. Pageant counter-sues for the return of her boobie-props, or at least the money they paid for them. What, fake boobs? (At least Sarah's boobs are real, right? No comment on the baby bump)

Oh this is getting ugly. Can it get uglier?
Of course.

This past week, it got uglier. Or funnier, depending on your viewpoint. Seems that while poor Carrie is in her lawyer's office, with her Mom no less, the lawyer played a recently surfaced tape.

As these always seem to do
Anyway, it's not really a sex tape, because, well Carrie is alone ... (eye roll)

END of lawsuit.

Never mind, Carrie has a back-up plan. She wrote a book! Oh that's original, isn't it? Everybody with nothing to say seems to be writing a book these days. About how they are persecuted for their 'beliefs' or Mavericky-ness.

Here's the part that really tickled my funny-bone tough. Sean Hannity wrote the Intro to Carrie's book, presumably BEFORE the non-sex-sex-tape came out. So, gentleman that he is, he has Carrie on his show to give her an opportunity to explain it all. Carrie acknowledges: It was the biggest mistake of her life. BIGGEST.
It wasn't really a 'sex tape' anyway, because she was alone and a just a teenager and it was for her boyfriend and anyway .. doesn't every nice teen-aged girl DO THAT for her boyfriend?

Hannity commiserates that it's not 'so embarassing' for her, it would be embarassing if it was him though, he admits .. but ... well since it's you .............

Oh dear! The way Hannity lets that sentence just kinda ..... trail off ... you just know HE never had a GF like THAT when he was teenager.

He gets that far-off look on his face, and Carrie is still babbling on about the BIGGEST mistake of her life, the humiliation ... the boyfriend who betrayed her and the fact that she just doesn't know who has that tape .....

WHOAH!!!! This part causes Hannity to perk up!

"So this tape, could surface at any time?" he asks casually.

"Oh yes .. " Carrie replies, all forlorn-like.

"Oh......" Hannity replies, all hopeful-like.

Now I don't know if there is a non-sex-sex-tape about Sarah in the wings anywhere... but I betcha Bristol has a lot of reassuring to do these days!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sarah Prepares for her Oprah Interview!!

Sarah Prepares for her Oprah interview!

I had this old Debate Preparation Flow Chart the McCain campaign drew up for Sarah before the big VP Debate (source unknown) ... you know, the one where she warned "I might not answer the questions the way you would like me to"

There was a lot of controversy at the time; some thought Gwen Iffil should have been more forceful, insisting that Sarah answer the questions. I thought letting Sarah ramble on was a very effective way to let the viewer see Sarah on a Power Trip.

I wonder if Sarah will be reviewing the flow chart, before she goes on Oprah? So, let's have a look at it now, and see if we can spot her game plan.

She won't need it for the cupcake interviews with Hannity and Greta and Glen.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Rabid Palinbot Gets ANGRY!

The following Private Messages are forward by S*** N**** who commented on a FB post; she isn't sure if it was on Sarah's OFFICIAL page, or on Newts' FB page but it was not on Gary's. When a comment is posted to a thread on FB, the OP gets it on his/her wall ... The title of the Private Mesage was:

DO NOT post on my FB: (his in blockquote, S*** N***'s reply in italics)

Gary Koester November 5 at 11:10am Report
I despise Liberals, and will make your life a living hell if you bother me with your political views. You saw what happened to two Govs, it's on. Change is coming, not the change you want. Your Obama sux, and is a man child like they say.

S*** N**** November 5 at 11:46am
Gary, obviously you don't know how Facebook works, so quit ranting at me. I didn't write on your FB page, I probably responded to one of your comments on Newt's page and it gets sent to YOUR page.

If you don't like replies to your comments then don't comment on a public page, it's that simple.

Oh, and grow up too, you sound like a child.

S**** N*** November 5 at 11:49am
Oh and gary ... do NOT threaten me .. got it?

I am keeping this PM and if you bother me again, I will forward it to FB.

Gary Koester November 5 at 11:58am Report
I am so scared; typical nasty, vindictive, liberal. I just ask FB to block you it's that simple. So write all you want, I won't ever know. Jack ass.

S**** N*** November 5 at 12:10pm
Hey you are the one who wrote to me, and threatened to make my life a living hell ... all because you don't know how FB works .... and now you call me nasty and vindictive? Wow ... that's rich.

And yes, I will comment WHEREVER I like and if you don't like it, well tough, baby, go play in the sandbox with the drones.

Gary Koester November 5 at 4:39pm Report
If you scroll up and unless you have old timers you sent me the first message, if you want to take this to another level just send me another message. I asked you to stop sending me messages evidentally you have a learning disability. I know how FB works and when I send them all of your messages they will either warn you first and then will block you from ever using FB again. You should be careful who you choose to mess with on the internet your IP address is a wonderful way to learn everything about anyone who can't keep their mouths closed. Busy body is a good description of you, jealous of Palin probably because she had children and kept her stomach while your's drags on the ground.

Sarah says: This PM came to me unsolicited!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what he is talking about or what comment I made to piss him off.

Notice several things about this:

1- he is too dumb to know how FB works

2- he immediately tells her that he 'despises' Liberals and threatens to make her life a living hell.

3- Even though he tells her to stop PMing, he continues to do so.

4- The last PM is disgusting vitriol! This guy is just enraged isn't he? You should be careful who you choose to mess with on the internet your IP address is a wonderful way to learn everything about anyone who can't keep their mouths closed It's too bad we don't know what set him off, but clearly, he is trying to silence S*** N***.

........... Busy body is a good description of you, jealous of Palin probably because she had children and kept her stomach while your's drags on the ground So it's sexist too?

What IS it with these Palinbots anyway?

Yes, the whole exchange has been forwarded to FB. This is the type of hate/ignorance/rage I see on Palin's OFFICIAL site all the time. I wanted to have it on record.

The Ignorance and Ironies of Sarah Palin: Speaking to her base, people just like her!

Trig is a prop. She has no interest in his condition or his needs.

One of Sarah's most glaringly ignorant comments somehow slipped under the radar during the campaign, and this was her comment about Scientific research involving fruit-flies. I was shocked, when in a speech, Sarah made fun of Scientific research grants that included Fruit flies. That was one of the most mindless/uninformed comments she made during the campaign.

Any High School student knows that the use of fruit flies in genetic research is an invaluable research tool! But Sarah is oblivious to Science (as are her fans) and is too disinterested to learn about Trig's condition. That comment, to me highlighted the fact that she has made ZERO effort to learn anything about it. Sarah is ignorant, and she reaches out to the ignorant in her base. Those who are too 'dumb' to know they are 'dumb'.

Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? [...] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.

Well, Sarah, fortunately, you were not kidding! Research with fruit flies has in fact resulted in great steps forward in understanding ALL KINDS of genetic defects in humans, and contributing to a better life for people with various disabilities. But, that is Science, and Sarah doesn't believe in Science; as often happens, people who don't understand something, often belittle it.

Scientific reseach is not the only target of Sarah's scorn though. What about bloggers? Remember that 'bloggers in pyjamas in their Mom's basement' comment? Isn't it ironic that Sarah went on to make Facebook her OFFICIAL means of communication with her supporters? Shielding herself from questions, she makes her pronouncements vis 'notes'. Any discussion or challege to her views are promptly deleted.

She accepts no discussion; after a shallow, High School level Op-Ed a few months ago, Sen Kerry and Sen Boxer responded to her, inviting her to join the larger debate on Energy issues. Sarah never responded, never rose to the challenge. She simply ignored them, because she knows that she has nothing to contribute. If ever Sarah was forced to discuss Energy, or the Oil industry with knowledable people, it would be obvious that she knows as much or less than the average person who has spent some time reading on the subject. And we know Sarah doesn't read.

Lucky for Sarah neither do her supporters, so they are easy to fool.

I liken it to an everyday person trying to find out about open heart surgery. Sure, if the Operation Room nurse explains the procedure to the patient, she will sound like an expert, since the average person knows nothing about it. However, would anyone REALLY want a Nurse to perform the surgery? Of course not, we would all want a Surgeon to be the one with the scalpel.

Sarah has this conviction that people somehow become 'experts' in any given topic by some kind of Educational Osmosis. In Sarah's world, Physical proximity brings valuable knowledge!

Like Trig, Alaska, is a prop. To the folks down in the Lower 48, it is a land of beauty, mystery and hard-living. Those who live there are tough, fight daily to 'survive' and Sarah loved to project the image of the tough Alaskan who can live off the land!

The Education Osmosis she received from hearing the rig crews discuss their job at the local bar has Sarah convinced that she 'knows' all about it. She knows too little to know how little she knows.

Todd has a low-level part-time job on the Slope, so Sarah 'knows' stuff! Her tenure on the Oil and Gas commission was short lived; she quit that job too, when she couldn't handle the intricacies of the industry. All those numbers! All that technology! All that scientific mumbo-jumbo! It wasn't anything like Dallas (the TV show) at all! Not glamorous with parties/condos/designer clothes etc ... She thought she could be Sue Ellen?

This Educational Osmosis explains why she sees herself as 'informed' on Foreign Policy too. Alaska, being close to 2 foreign countries (Canada and Russia) is all she needs to convince herself that she can ably speak on Foreign Policy. In fact, all she has a few soundbites that sound, eerily, as if they come straight from the 'America is the best' 'America is the strongest' ... 'America is the leader' school of thought. Does anyone seriously consider for one moment that this woman, who couldn't name ONE magazine or National Newspaper that she reads regularly has even the faintest idea about the situation in the Middle East? Or American's role in any historical event unless it's been the subject of a Hollywood movie? Really?

More later. I am tired. Very tired.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Censorship bites Sarah in the .... facts!

OH OH! Sarah is pissed now! In a post titled: NJ’s Governor’s Race: Candidate Plays Loose With Facts?(that in itself is hilarious, considering her own 'respect for the facts') ... Sarah says:

Despite what candidate Chris Daggett is claiming, I have never contacted him or his campaign. I have never asked him to drop out of the NJ Governor’s race. Now, if a politician is going to play loose with facts like this, the electorate needs to know it.

So, to the good people of New Jersey, please know that Daggett’s claims are false. I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…

- Sarah Palin

Now that is funny! Sarah is concerned with 'facts' now? Loose or solid? Puhhleeze!

What Sarah fails to realize, is that her Facebook page is her OFFICIAL venue to communicate with her supporters.

She publishes her NOTES on it.
She confirms her APPEARANCES on it.
She gives her VIEWS on it.

She needs to understand that whatever appears on her OFFICIAL Facebook page, which is strictly moderated, does reflect on her.

Whether it's about the latest conspiracy theory, or questionning President Obama's citizenship, or presenting as fact that there is a Treaty about to be signed in Copenhagen,(false) or that Obama has signed a Bill to give money/refuge to Palestininans, or that there are Death Panels that will kill old/sick/disabled people (need I go on) .. it ALL reflects on her!

Sarah can't have it both ways! She allows LIES and MISINFORMATION on her website, ad nauseam, and lets whatever diminishes the Administration stand on her OFFICIAL site; yet, any posts that challenge, question, dispute her are quickly deleted.

People have every right to assume that Sarah's OFFICIAL site reflects her thoughts. It is the way it is!

When Sarah decided to use the safe haven of Facebook for her 'policy statements' and various nonsense pronouncements on issues she doesn't come close to understanding, she opened up a Pandora's box of hate and misinformation which she CONDONED every time she allowed them to remain on her page.

I have spoken of this many times: Her site is highly censored, so we know someone reads the posts. Any post 'against' Sarah is promptly DELETED. What is left, therefore, is what she agrees with. It's that simple.

There have been links to racist sites. Links calling the Obama girls 'hoes' (see previous post on this, ... these remained.

Sarah endorsed Glen Beck on her OFFICIAL site; that implies that she stands by what he says.. His lunacy, is HER lunacy when she recommends it to her fans!

Sarah, if it's on your OFFICIAL site, it's YOUR responsibility.

Whether or not Sarah urged Chris Daggett to drop out of the race is beside the point, at this point. Fact is, Sarah has been quite happy to let her fans spew their hate and ignorance on her OFFICIAL site for months now.

She gave tacit approval for her fans to solicit funds for Hoffman (NY23) .... so if she or her fans called for Daggett to drop out, it's hardly a stretch to assume she gave tacit approval to this as well.

She has allowed her rabid fans to do her dirty work for her in the past, she shouldn't be surprised if she is held accountable now.

Suck it up Sarah .... your fans speak for you, and some of us have been watching it all very carefully!

So much ado about nothing!

For the past week or so, Sarah's OFFICIAL FB site has been having problems. It seems that Facebook has been taken over by the "LIBERALS" and the 'ANTI-SARAH' enemies of truth, wisdom and Mavericky-ness!

What better way to kill Democracy, Freedom!, and the VOICE OF THE CITIZENS! than to ... to .... wait for it, now ... attack Sarah's Facebook Page! THAT is after all the hotbed of this resistance against Tyranny, Marxism, Socialism, Facism, Oppression and .. and ... and .. well you get the picture.

It's so obvious to Palinbots! If only people would HERE them! (sic) as they say! It's a conspiracy against Sarah! "They are afraid of Sarah!" is their battle cry.

Apparently, Obama with 2 wars, economy gasping in recovery, Iran taunting the USA, Health Care reform, is spending his time/energy/resources on the biggest problem of all: HOW TO SILENCE THE PALINBOTS! Who knew?

But Palinbots won't be silenced. They are fighting! Yes they are! They started another FB site, so they can be HERE'd! (sic)

Thank GOD! Thank Sarah! Thank Facebook! They fooled Obama and the Evil Forces of Facebook ... they fought back! hmmmm ...with another page, and are now safe to shout 'Can you here us now!'(sic) at the top of their Caps key.

Frankly, I don't know what the hell is happening to Facebook; my own page hasn't been working very well lately either, but somehow, I don't think it's got anything much to do with Silencing Sarah's Army. She is still able to post her NOTES there, and people are still able to read them. Late Friday night, she alerted her fans to be ready for a 'game changing plan' about HC.

Mark my words - tomorrow is the game changer! Tune in to hear common sense solutions that bury the false accusations that conscientious members of Congress have no solutions to meet America's health care challenges.

If you're like me, shaking your head wondering why all the miscommunication between Washington and the American people who have been saying, "Please hear what we're saying about our desire for health care reform," then tomorrow will be a refreshing time of clarity for all.

After reading that, like MILLIONS of others, I was up early Saturday morning! Pot of coffee, stash of granola bars and a fresh pack of smokes -- with the BBQ lighter at the ready, can't take a chance on my lighter dying!--- waiting for the game changing plan! I was ready to 'here' what the Republicans had to say! Who wouldn't be? Yawn.

They have a better plan huh? Boehner says the GOP has '8 or 9 ' ideas on their website !! Is this the game-changer Palin was talking about on her OFFICIAL site?? 8 or 9 IDEAS??

Oh Be Still, My Brain!

Anyone remember their 'better budget' a few months back?? You know, a few BLANK PAGES in a Photo Op???

(OH >> and John McCAIN KNOWS HOW TO GET BIN LADEN! Am I the ONLY one who is still waiting for McCain to pick up the phone and tell Obama how to get Bin Laden??? )

Yes, I DO shake my head Sarah ... at your Palinbots, mostly.