Tuesday, November 10, 2009


You know things are bad when FOX starts correcting Sarah's 'facts'!

Over the last few weeks, amongst the many conspiracies that reside and propagate on Sarah's OFFICIAL site, was the old one about the dollar coins, and the removal of 'In God We Trust' ... a trend, an ominous signal (according to the Palinbots) that Obama is relentlessly removing God from all that is good, pure and American.

As we know, Sarah is no intellectual giant; her 'research' skills are on par with her intellectual curiousity, which is to say, NIL.

So last week, speaking to a crowd of mindless drones, she repeated this conspiracy, confident that nobody there would be able to challenge her.

Not so fast, Sarah.

Politico told us all about it, and we all rolled our eyes and laughed again ... what ELSE can a rational person do, other than laugh at Sarah's informational speeches?

But, it seems that enough is enough! The powers that be, at FOX (Republican Party leaders) have apparently had enough of Miss Diva. They are none too happy, I would think, at the result of her meddling in NY23. Time to cut Sarah back down to size.

FOX ran a story about Sarah's non-existant 'trend'. OOPS Sarah, watch yer back!


  1. I wonder if Greta was in any way involved in the debunking as form of payback? I never would have thought about it that way until I read your earlier post about Greta.

  2. Anon 10:56 ... that is an interesting observation! Maybe Greta took the WH's critism seriously .. -- and maybe others at FOX too -- and they want to be a 'real news channel' huh?

    Good point.

  3. OMG they are actually reporting a fact......I don't watch MSM/don't have cable...watch PBS or c-span or use the internet as my news source