Sunday, November 1, 2009

Censorship bites Sarah in the .... facts!

OH OH! Sarah is pissed now! In a post titled: NJ’s Governor’s Race: Candidate Plays Loose With Facts?(that in itself is hilarious, considering her own 'respect for the facts') ... Sarah says:

Despite what candidate Chris Daggett is claiming, I have never contacted him or his campaign. I have never asked him to drop out of the NJ Governor’s race. Now, if a politician is going to play loose with facts like this, the electorate needs to know it.

So, to the good people of New Jersey, please know that Daggett’s claims are false. I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…

- Sarah Palin

Now that is funny! Sarah is concerned with 'facts' now? Loose or solid? Puhhleeze!

What Sarah fails to realize, is that her Facebook page is her OFFICIAL venue to communicate with her supporters.

She publishes her NOTES on it.
She confirms her APPEARANCES on it.
She gives her VIEWS on it.

She needs to understand that whatever appears on her OFFICIAL Facebook page, which is strictly moderated, does reflect on her.

Whether it's about the latest conspiracy theory, or questionning President Obama's citizenship, or presenting as fact that there is a Treaty about to be signed in Copenhagen,(false) or that Obama has signed a Bill to give money/refuge to Palestininans, or that there are Death Panels that will kill old/sick/disabled people (need I go on) .. it ALL reflects on her!

Sarah can't have it both ways! She allows LIES and MISINFORMATION on her website, ad nauseam, and lets whatever diminishes the Administration stand on her OFFICIAL site; yet, any posts that challenge, question, dispute her are quickly deleted.

People have every right to assume that Sarah's OFFICIAL site reflects her thoughts. It is the way it is!

When Sarah decided to use the safe haven of Facebook for her 'policy statements' and various nonsense pronouncements on issues she doesn't come close to understanding, she opened up a Pandora's box of hate and misinformation which she CONDONED every time she allowed them to remain on her page.

I have spoken of this many times: Her site is highly censored, so we know someone reads the posts. Any post 'against' Sarah is promptly DELETED. What is left, therefore, is what she agrees with. It's that simple.

There have been links to racist sites. Links calling the Obama girls 'hoes' (see previous post on this, ... these remained.

Sarah endorsed Glen Beck on her OFFICIAL site; that implies that she stands by what he says.. His lunacy, is HER lunacy when she recommends it to her fans!

Sarah, if it's on your OFFICIAL site, it's YOUR responsibility.

Whether or not Sarah urged Chris Daggett to drop out of the race is beside the point, at this point. Fact is, Sarah has been quite happy to let her fans spew their hate and ignorance on her OFFICIAL site for months now.

She gave tacit approval for her fans to solicit funds for Hoffman (NY23) .... so if she or her fans called for Daggett to drop out, it's hardly a stretch to assume she gave tacit approval to this as well.

She has allowed her rabid fans to do her dirty work for her in the past, she shouldn't be surprised if she is held accountable now.

Suck it up Sarah .... your fans speak for you, and some of us have been watching it all very carefully!


  1. Hey I just had a thought!

    Maybe Daggett got punked, and somebody pretending to be Palin made the call ... Kinda like when Sarah fell for the Sarkowzy call last year!

    Oh the EGO these people have! haha

  2. I doubt anyone could be as vapid as the thriller from wasilla. The Couric interview, along with her "In What respect, Charlie?" comment, the turkey butchering backdrop she ok'ed, and her wonderful explanation of the duties of being Vice President, her quitting speach... too many to mention... but this woman actually "punked" herself on NATIONAL Television.

    Thanks for your insightful post!

  3. Anon 8:01 ..

    re: Couric Interview. I guarantee you, if Couric ever asked me 'What do you read?' that would be the last question of the interview, because I would go on for the full hour.

    That response by Sarah, or rather, NON response, shocked me to the core! It was my definitive 'OMG' moment when getting to know Sarah.

  4. Wow, you people seriously have nothing better to do than spend hours insulting someone you've never met? You're burying yourself deeper and deeper into a moral low ground embankment, with all your vapid hate speech here. Total Hypocrites.

  5. You are famous!

    From Sarah's Facebook page:

    "I occasionally have conversations with a lady named Karen Ono and some others on Newt's page. Karen is very critical of Sarah Palin supporters, but I was curuious as to whether these people are libs or just Establishment Republicans the resent the recent successes of conservatives. So I asked who do they support. Instead of telling me, one turned the question to me. SO I told them who I support. See next post:

    "I absolutely support Sarah Palin at the top of my current list (that's why I love to converse with Karen because she's SUCH a Sarah Palin fan...hehehe). Don't underestimate her. Love her or hate her, she will significantly influence American politics in the next couple years.
    Michele Bachmann is high up on my list. Her Invite to people to go to the Capitol today shows she wants to involve the American People in their government. Again, agree or disagree with Bachmann's politics, she's not dumb or crazy and she knows what she is doing. I also am a big supporter of Newt Gingrich, although he disappointed me with his
    endorsement of Scozzafava. That was a mistake, but he is loaded with creative ideas and seeks to solve todays challenges while preserving inherent freedoms.

    I ask who you support because I'm genuinely curious. Are you and Karen liberals who support Obama? Or "moderate" Republicans who don't want the conservatives to re-take the party?"

  6. (blushing)

    Let me say this: I have been reading Sarah's OFFICIAL page for a long time ... never joined though, as I don't comment there. One of the funny things there, is how excited they get as the fans counter gets up there, closer to 1 million .. it's as if they see that as real VOTES for Sarah... anyway, last week, I mysteriously ended up being 'accepted as a fan' .. I felt like I'd been kidnapped! But, that's ok, I like watching them go apoplectic over the numbers!