Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Getting Crowded Under Sarah's Bus!!

It had to happen. Yet another target in Sarah's book, this time, it's Alaska attorney Donald Craig Mitchell who's gone on record with his version of 'Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met'

I'm thinking that will be the title of the next 'bestseller': Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met


I tend to believe Mr Mitchell’s account of his ‘role’ in Sarah’s Amazing Adventure. We’ve been hearing it for a week now: different names/different details/same bottom line. Sarah lied. Again. (It’s getting crowded under Sarah’s bus.)

Sarah’s version? Not so much.

Most people do not lie about things they know can easily be verified, or about people who will have access to the lies and/or the forum to dispute those lies.

The amazing — to me, anyway– thing about Sarah’s lies, is the total lack of self-consciousness about doing it. Since the book’s release, it’s been one high-profile person after another coming out and calling her a liar. These people aren’t disputing ‘details’ either; they are disputing whole stories! From the campaign staffers, to the people she worked with in Alaska to just plain assorted bystanders who’ve crossed paths with her. Her book has become a parallel universe, where Sarah lives one one side of some weird continuum and the players in her story inhabit another. In fact, she rolls along, oblivious to them all, going on interviews where she knows she won’t be asked to clarify the record. And … she’s right. No challenges, no confrontations.

It really IS amazing; not only that she lies, but that she is confident that somehow, none of this can touch her. Why is that? Seriously … how did she get to this ‘place’ where reality doesn’t seem to enter into her view of herself?

There are no boundaries in her world, are there? When no amount of confrontation with the ‘facts’ deters her from sticking to her story, the possibilities must seem endless in the rarified sphere she lives in.

I don’t want to get into the story about Trig, other than to say that when I first heard it, I thought it couldn’t possibly be true; nobody in their right mind would even think of trying to get away with such a hoax; but now, I can almost see that Sarah Palin WOULD have the simple yet outrageous gall to think “it would all work out, what’s the big deal? I do it all the time! Nobody will challenge me, and if they do, so what?”

I have this image of Sarah in my mind: she is like Pig Pen (from Charlie Brown) walking around in a cloud of dust… oblivious to those around him or to the dust. It’s just who he is. He’s that dirty, dusty kid. So much so that the few times that Pig Pen did ‘clean himself up’ … nobody recognized him because his dust cloud defines and identifies him.

But, Sarah is a real person not a cartoon character and it’s not so funny or harmless. Apparently, she walks around in a cloud of lies. Sarah’s book has defined her as a liar, and worse, a liar who is oblivious of her own lies. It’s just ‘who she is’.

To those brave or angry or honest or wronged who are banding together “under the bus”, I wish you all good luck ‘cleaning her up’ … but something tell me that she won’t notice.

See here for more on who/what is Sarah Palin.

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