Sunday, November 1, 2009

So much ado about nothing!

For the past week or so, Sarah's OFFICIAL FB site has been having problems. It seems that Facebook has been taken over by the "LIBERALS" and the 'ANTI-SARAH' enemies of truth, wisdom and Mavericky-ness!

What better way to kill Democracy, Freedom!, and the VOICE OF THE CITIZENS! than to ... to .... wait for it, now ... attack Sarah's Facebook Page! THAT is after all the hotbed of this resistance against Tyranny, Marxism, Socialism, Facism, Oppression and .. and ... and .. well you get the picture.

It's so obvious to Palinbots! If only people would HERE them! (sic) as they say! It's a conspiracy against Sarah! "They are afraid of Sarah!" is their battle cry.

Apparently, Obama with 2 wars, economy gasping in recovery, Iran taunting the USA, Health Care reform, is spending his time/energy/resources on the biggest problem of all: HOW TO SILENCE THE PALINBOTS! Who knew?

But Palinbots won't be silenced. They are fighting! Yes they are! They started another FB site, so they can be HERE'd! (sic)

Thank GOD! Thank Sarah! Thank Facebook! They fooled Obama and the Evil Forces of Facebook ... they fought back! hmmmm ...with another page, and are now safe to shout 'Can you here us now!'(sic) at the top of their Caps key.

Frankly, I don't know what the hell is happening to Facebook; my own page hasn't been working very well lately either, but somehow, I don't think it's got anything much to do with Silencing Sarah's Army. She is still able to post her NOTES there, and people are still able to read them. Late Friday night, she alerted her fans to be ready for a 'game changing plan' about HC.

Mark my words - tomorrow is the game changer! Tune in to hear common sense solutions that bury the false accusations that conscientious members of Congress have no solutions to meet America's health care challenges.

If you're like me, shaking your head wondering why all the miscommunication between Washington and the American people who have been saying, "Please hear what we're saying about our desire for health care reform," then tomorrow will be a refreshing time of clarity for all.

After reading that, like MILLIONS of others, I was up early Saturday morning! Pot of coffee, stash of granola bars and a fresh pack of smokes -- with the BBQ lighter at the ready, can't take a chance on my lighter dying!--- waiting for the game changing plan! I was ready to 'here' what the Republicans had to say! Who wouldn't be? Yawn.

They have a better plan huh? Boehner says the GOP has '8 or 9 ' ideas on their website !! Is this the game-changer Palin was talking about on her OFFICIAL site?? 8 or 9 IDEAS??

Oh Be Still, My Brain!

Anyone remember their 'better budget' a few months back?? You know, a few BLANK PAGES in a Photo Op???

(OH >> and John McCAIN KNOWS HOW TO GET BIN LADEN! Am I the ONLY one who is still waiting for McCain to pick up the phone and tell Obama how to get Bin Laden??? )

Yes, I DO shake my head Sarah ... at your Palinbots, mostly.


  1. Great blog! I just discovered you and have bookmarked for the future. I totally here what you're sayin"!!!

  2. *whispers* I lost the schedule for when I'm supposed to use my ebil librul thoughts to disrupt Sarah's page. Is it Thursdays from 2pm-4pm or Mondays from 8am-10am? ;)

  3. Lynn, glad to have you 'hear' .. it's always fun to 'here' what people have to say! (wink)