Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Palinbot DELETES her posts, when facts collide.

Palinbots latch onto whatever nonsense they run across, as long as it's 'bad' toward Obama. Never let facts get in the way, and NEVER check it out, in case it turns out to be false. That is their MO.

I dropped by a FB site, "PalinPatriots" earlier, and ran across this post by Christine Pierson ... so I just had to 'try' to set her straight. I know, hopeless! (I post under the name Karen Ono (italics) and responses are blockquoted. )

Christine Pierson: I just heard through the grapevine that BO will be calling the annual Christmas tree a holiday tree. He is really anti-Christian.

Dianne Simons: ofcourse he is a muslim

Karen Ono:Another email conspiracy --- like the one about the coin Sarah talked about --- debunked.
Non-Religious themes at the White House started with Laura Bush.

Harlan Mary:I am surprised he didn't call it the Allah Tree...He's a piece of dog squeeze

Karen Ono: Christine .. I am curious ... why would you want to believe what you 'heard' instead of informing yourself to see if it's true?

I never understand people who resist 'facts' in favour of believing what confirms their bias.

That is a serious question.

Karen Celinski:I don't really trust Snopes. They are very soft on Obama.
And Sarah trusting that thing about the coins does bother me. But many ppl bought it, so it just goes to show she's not perfect.....

Karen Ono: Karen ... anyone who 'reads' knew that coin story was old. Sarah should have known this, she is supposed to be informed... I understand that 'some people' would believe whatever they 'hear' but I expect someone who calls herself a leader to check her facts..

And if you don't trust Snopes then that information is widely available .. point is that ... Christine's post is false, Laura Bush actually is the one who removed 'religion' from the WH tree, it was widely reported every year.

As for being 'soft' on Obama ... that makes no sense ... they document their answers very well. You just don't 'like' that much of what you want to believe is debunked.

Karen Celinski:uuhhh. I read Snopes all the time. And they are soft on Obama. I stand by what I said. Take your Lib glasses off and look.

Karen Ono:Ok then show me a story where that happened, just one story that they debunked that was in fact true??

Since Snopes sources/documents their answers, then you must be able to give some evidence to support your comment.

Karen Ono: Karen ... so it's my 'lib glasses' that cause me to know that Christine's story is false?

If 'lib glasses' help me sort out facts from fiction, then I wonder, what is wrong with that?

So my question stands: why would you want to believe what you 'heard' instead of informing yourself to see if it's true

IRONY here: Karen Celinsky 'stands by' what she says SO MUCH that within a minute ... Karen Celinsky had deleted all of her posts!

How is that for the courage of her convictions??

I wonder how long my 'one-sided' conversation with Karen Celinsky will stay up there?


  1. Good for you. Your patience in working with these posters is admirable, and makes a difference. I basically got the 4th of July Obama/King Kong propaganda video pulled off of You Tube by the Team Sarah woman who created it by calling her on her implied racist content. I was very proud that video didn't get streamed all holiday weekend by children.

    Working this way you help to eliminate one more falsehood and perhaps even change one more mind eventually - one person at a time.

  2. ... one person at a time...
    That is IT! I try to do the same within the place I am planted at this time.
    Just think: if we change just one person...
    we shall double!
    Thank you, Woman, for your efforts!

  3. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 11, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    I hope everyone who "checks" her FB or offshoots reports anyone who is threatening PO!
    Someone turned in a person on the grifters FB and also told the SS "it is a hotbed for anti-Obama sentiment" heh!!! Shortly thereafter someone say that "this was Sarah's Official FB and don't post, this and that and this"... heh!
    Even one little voice!!!!
    Good work Karen, Don't know how you do it!

  4. Isn't PalinPatriots one of the FB pages you have to apply to join? I'm glad you are there keeping an eye on things, but I'm very surprised they haven't kicked you out for not genuflecting to Saint Sarah. ;)

  5. Ratty Old Sofa .. I am now banned.

    Funny thing is Sarah's OFFICIAL FB site has been having many problems lately, so several members have opened their own page on FB to support her (whatever that means)

    The official site is the only one collecting $$$$ for the SarahPAC though, for the moment.