Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When Rogues Whine: Sarah's Manipulations and PC speech.

Sarah is going to attack 'Political Correctness' now. Good for her, and good for the rest of us. Now we will be able to say real up front stuff like:

Sarah is a mother, and she should be home taking care of her retarded baby.

There, I said it.. I went all roguish, and used the 'r' word in relation to Trapp. Or is that Tripe? Oh I can't keep 'track' of all those 'trippy' names anymore. Never mind. You all know which one I mean; the 'tricky' prop-y one.

So, on Hannity, Sarah is talking about 'profiling' as if she's just discovered that it's done. Or .. as if it's not being done, and should be. It's an easy target, the kind Sarah likes. The Fort Hood killer, a Muslim, should have been identified sooner, BUT the political correctness of it all prevented it, and now Real Americans are dead. How can anyone argue with that? She is aiming at something else, of course, but her intro is the Fort Hood attack.

Who knows what she means .. the woman isn't speaking to rational people, so why should she be rational? I am proud that I don't 'get' what she says most of the time. I am ususally left with a feeling of HUH? when I listen to her.

By introducing her objections to 'PC Speech' Sarah is sending the message that she is saying what everyone else WANTS to say, but doesn't have the 'mavericky-ness' to say. Not true Sarah. Some of us restrain our speech because we have personal boundaries such as respecting truth, facts, self-dignity and the dignity of OTHERS.

By now, those of us who pay attention, recognize her tactics. This is part of Sarah's MO .. she does or says something considered 'inapropriate' then pats herself on the back because it's 'roguish' .. in that way, she gives herself importance when she says something outrageous; this is also how she gives her followers permission to be 'roguish' .. OF COURSE that doesn't apply when she is on the receiving end, such as in the Newsweek photo! THEN she wants the lines of 'sexism' to be observed ...

She is a master manipulator.

Let's think back now to what Levi said: Sarah called her baby 'the retarded one' ... she denies it of course. Why does she bother denying it, when she is ALSO proudly claiming that it's time PC speech stopped? Another Sarah contradiction!

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  1. Please keep writing about Sarah! We need intelligent people like you on our side to help offset the Palinbots.


    Can't wait for your book to be delivered! You are the **ONLY** voice of reason on te national level.

    Please run for president in 2012!!! I **WILL** work on your behalf!!!