Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's not easy being a beauty queen!

A few days ago, I posed the question: If Sarah supports Carrie, and Carrie has a porn tape in her past, does that mean Sarah is palling around with porn stars?

I've been thinking about Carrie Prejean this afternoon; I mean, who hasn't? Seeing quite a few parallels to Sarah. How predictable it is that she should become a 'celebrity' for nothing more than being a 'celebrity'.

The obvious similarity, is that both got their boost into 'famous-hood' by entering a beauty pageant. Granted, coming in second in the Miss Wasilla pageant is a far cry from winning Miss California, but the important link here is: both women saw their physical beauty as a ticket to bigger things. Kinda like ... Levi is doing now, in a guy-way or as Sarah put it 'selling his body' .. bit harsh, there, dontcha think Sarah-pot-kettle Palin?

I don't really care what Carrie thinks about same-sex marriage, she is free to think what she likes. What irked me about her answer though, was that she answered it by saying 'in my country, in my family ... ' She wasn't really talking about her belief for herself, she made a 'real America' type of comment; her view is what her country is about, other views therefore, must be that 'other' America??? That kind of stuff, bugs me.

The always rational, poster-boy for "Integrity and Comb-Overs" Donald Trump, who actually OWNS these pageants came to her defense when some racy pics of sweet Carrie came to light, as these things will .... Yes, Carrie had posed for racy pics, but hey, she is a model, and models DO pose in lingerie and it's no big deal and anyway ... it was the wind that blew her blouse away, she didn't really pose like that! Doesn't every beautiful model pose for racy pics at some time or other?

End of Carrie story. Finally, we can move on. Right?

Wrongo, bimbo!

Carrie, starts 'not showing up' for some of her scheduled appearances. (Anyone else seeing a pattern here?) Carrie gets fired. Carrie sues. Pageant counter-sues for the return of her boobie-props, or at least the money they paid for them. What, fake boobs? (At least Sarah's boobs are real, right? No comment on the baby bump)

Oh this is getting ugly. Can it get uglier?
Of course.

This past week, it got uglier. Or funnier, depending on your viewpoint. Seems that while poor Carrie is in her lawyer's office, with her Mom no less, the lawyer played a recently surfaced tape.

As these always seem to do
Anyway, it's not really a sex tape, because, well Carrie is alone ... (eye roll)

END of lawsuit.

Never mind, Carrie has a back-up plan. She wrote a book! Oh that's original, isn't it? Everybody with nothing to say seems to be writing a book these days. About how they are persecuted for their 'beliefs' or Mavericky-ness.

Here's the part that really tickled my funny-bone tough. Sean Hannity wrote the Intro to Carrie's book, presumably BEFORE the non-sex-sex-tape came out. So, gentleman that he is, he has Carrie on his show to give her an opportunity to explain it all. Carrie acknowledges: It was the biggest mistake of her life. BIGGEST.
It wasn't really a 'sex tape' anyway, because she was alone and a just a teenager and it was for her boyfriend and anyway .. doesn't every nice teen-aged girl DO THAT for her boyfriend?

Hannity commiserates that it's not 'so embarassing' for her, it would be embarassing if it was him though, he admits .. but ... well since it's you .............

Oh dear! The way Hannity lets that sentence just kinda ..... trail off ... you just know HE never had a GF like THAT when he was teenager.

He gets that far-off look on his face, and Carrie is still babbling on about the BIGGEST mistake of her life, the humiliation ... the boyfriend who betrayed her and the fact that she just doesn't know who has that tape .....

WHOAH!!!! This part causes Hannity to perk up!

"So this tape, could surface at any time?" he asks casually.

"Oh yes .. " Carrie replies, all forlorn-like.

"Oh......" Hannity replies, all hopeful-like.

Now I don't know if there is a non-sex-sex-tape about Sarah in the wings anywhere... but I betcha Bristol has a lot of reassuring to do these days!

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