Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for Sarah to get "FREYed" on Oprah?

Since Sarah's book has come out, so have the endless debunking of even the most minute details. It's become a joke: if anyone took the time to write a book about Sarah's book, it would twice as long, with many cross-references, footnotes and of course, an INDEX!

Whether it's the lawyer FOR the people on the EXXON case who says Sarah's version is 'complete fabrication' to Donald Craig Mitchell
an Alaska attorney who disputes her 'facts' or the myriad of minute details, the ONLY common thread in Sarah's book is that it's a pack of lies, miquotes, half-truths, misrepresentations or just plain ridiculous. Trooper Wooten spoke out last week because he's 'had enough' of her lies. The AP newservices fired off 11 'unfactual facts' from the book before it even hit the bookstores. Politicians who worked with her in Alaska dispute her claims of "accomplishments". Not just ONE or TWO either, but pretty much anyone who's had anything to do with Sarah, is now coming out and claiming her book is fiction.

I think it's time that Oprah had Sarah BACK on her show, and FREYed her, in the same way she outted James Frey a few years ago about HIS fabricated autobiography!

Let's write to Oprah and beg her to set this record straight!


  1. Unfortunately, Oprah won't do it. I think she should but don't think she will.

  2. The book should be reclassified: fiction.

    The title could be changed to An American Lie, instead of An American Life.

    There was a NY Times story about an author who had misstated some of her background. The publisher pulled the book. It was a woman claiming some sort of gang connection in L.A.

  3. It might be enough for Oprah to have Levi on her show. She could start by asking him whether he enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Palins.

  4. That was what infuriated me about the interview in the first place.....Winfrey KNEW that Palin's book was a crock of lies in the FIRST place.

    Before Palin taped the show with her, Palin's "book" was being legitimatley debunked left, right and center!

    IF Winfrey had any jam............she would have a Skypes conference call with all the aggrieved parties that have come forward, to let them voice their side of the story and provide proof if they have any.

    That is the only fair thing to do........since she is such a ratings ho, it might work to that advantage as well.

    Remember THIS fiasco about the story she promoted on her show–twice!–about Herman and Rosa Rosenblat, a couple of Holocaust survivors who met in the camps and had this great fifty-years-plus love story.

    Berkley Books, an imprint of large book publisher, Penguin, has canceled the publication of the Oprah-endorsed Holocaust memoir, “Angel at the Fence,” after allegations of its validity were made by Jewish groups, family, and friends.

    This happened just LAST DECEMBER!!

  5. Martha, I rarely, if EVER watch Oprah, so I never knew about this story. Kinda of sad.

    Knowing what I know of the Holocaust though, from the little bit you've said, I would have found this 'story' a bit hard to believe.

    When it comes to Sarah though, I am not surprised that Oprah gave her the 'honored guest' treatment; personally, I find it sickening to see someone who prides herself on integrity and honesty suck up to Palin for the sake of ratings..... but then I'm not Oprah either.