Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palinbots and the Lunatic Fringe

Sarah promotes hate, fear and misinformation ... she lets it fester; her leadership qualities don't include having the integrity to object to the chaotic mess her site has become. In fact, by allowing it to grow and feed on itself, the site has become a refuge for every conspiracy nut on the Internet. It speaks for her.

Here is a post by one of her supporters, on her OFFICIAL facebook page, where she solicits donations for her SarahPAC .. (I have ****d the name of the poster, but have a full C&P of the post)

P*** S**** Watch this video
on Obama and his administration:

It's been there for over an hour; usually anything 'against' Sarah, doesn't last 5 minutes.

Watch it, and tell me this woman isn't inciting or encouraging others to incite.

That is why she is dangerous.... not because she threatens policy, or re-election. Sarah is dangerous because she appeals to the fear in her Palinbots.

This past week, Sarah encouraged her 'fans' to watch Glen Beck as he spent hours convincing the uninformed --and not too bright--- that Obama was a Communist, a Fascist, a one-man America destroying-machine. Well, not one man really. Obama is starting his own army! Obama is surrounded by Czars who are conspiring to control the Internet THEN take over the USA and eat or kill everyone!

What did Sarah do? She is AWOL from her site, allowing it to become a free-for-all of hate and fear. Sarah is not 'responsible' for what people post on her site, some might say, and that is fair enough, EXCEPT that her site is strictly moderated and highly censored. Someone is reading this stuff, someone is deleting anything that isn't flattering to Sarah... yet somehow, the more incendiary posts remain.

Somewhere in her fan base, is another Tim McVeigh.. One of these days, somebody's going to get killed, thanks to Sarah's lunatic fringe, and the buck will stop at her site.

Palinbots show off how little they know about so much!

I just realized what a challenge the title of this blog post is .... where to start, where to start!!!

This is one hypocrital comment I see a lot on Sarah's site

Pot-You're-Black Palinbot says:
Your supporters are with you 110% You must scare the "right" out of their wits the way they have demonized you! Keep on with the good work - we are with you!

Yea, examining what Sarah says and does is demonizing her, but constantly making up stories about Obama is rational and doesn't reflect the fear Palinbots fear ... Obama is out to kill old people! Obama wants to kill your sick children! Obama wants to take away the Internet to control us all! Obama is a Kenyan, infiltrated through an American womb! Obama caused the huge debt! Obama is responsible for Afghanistan and is trying to blame bush! Obama is a Communist! Obama is a Socialist! Obama is the anti-christ! Obama is ..... (insert whatever here)

I think Speller-Challenged-Palinbot is trying to say that people who can't spell have low IQs .. not sure though. I bolded the words that challenged my IQ.

P*** E**** says: I see that the forces against Sarah Palin, here on face book can't even spell her name correctly, make's me wonder if their room tempture IQ have
the brain's to do anything right. They are so addle minded and obtuse that if you added ...up all 200,000 members there total brain capcity wouldn't equal 120 IQ level, isn't Obama have an IQ of 120.Obama, the first Kenyan born, illegitimate and to date worst President we have ever had.

I gave Speller-Challenged a pass on 'addle minded' because I have no idea what he is talking about .... and the Obama comment gets a pass too, because I can't bold every stupid comment a Palinbot makes, obviously.

Sarah, we need you now more then ever. We need to ship these Communists off to

Russia, China, N. Korea, or Iran. lol

Here's a truly kooky one. Not sure what to name him .. oh, I have it!

Too-dumb-to-post-on-correct-website-Palinbot says:

Obama is a Usurper.
And just because you delete my statement, it doesn't make him legitimate.
You can’t come up with an argument, so you just delete the opposition.
That is change all right. Where is my freedom of speech?

Hmmm .. Listen, Too-Dumb, nobody is going to delete you for saying that on Palin's website ... you must be a newbie Palinbot, with old cut&paste files. Still .. welcome to Palinbot La-La-Land, yer gonna fit in real good!

And, here's another easy one.

---Palinbot says:

This administration doesn't care obviously about common sense.

OMG you'e right, Palinbot. This sneaky administration cares about common sense covertly! It's just so obvious that they are are trying to be sneaky about using common sense. THAT must be why Palinbots don't SEE it ... Obama doesn't care obviously!

Then, there's Searchin'-Palinbot:

I have nothing but respect & admiration for Sarah Palin. She is honest, tough, down to earth & I would vote for her in 2012. Our present government is the worst in American history. I don't even recognize our country anymore & I m...ean that in a negative way. What ever happened to "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiniess ?"

PSSST, Searchin ... google it, and spell it .."HAPPINESS" it's still there! While you're at it, look up 'worst government in American History' and see what comes up!

Meanwhile, back at the Eyes&Brain-Tighly-Closed Ranch, we have this Palinbot who just can't WAIT to prove to the whole world that she knows nothing ... even Palinbots know some of this:

Palinbot says:

Amen to Philip and Randall....we can't even prove Obama ( I can barely say his name without gagging) was BORN, ever went to school, wrote anything worthwhile, etc. After all those absent years he finally shows up in the Illinois Senate and the...n is President of the US(bolding mine) ....Rush calls it his 5 minute career!!! I'll take Sarah's record of achievement over the Liar's anyday!!!

Somebody is seriously stupid here. Can't prove he was BORN???

Can't prove he ever went to school?

Wrote anything worthwhile??? You mean except 2 bestsellers? Is that what you mean? Is there no limit to the ignorance of Palinbots AND their pride at showing just how ignorant they are?

After all those absent years??? I think she means: WHILE I WAS IN A DEEP COMA ALL THIS STUFF HAPPENED.

Rush calls it his 5 minute career!!! Oh, well then ... YEA! WOT SHE SAID!

---Historically-challenged-Palinbot says:
There's something about a "czar" that seems a bit alien to the American vision of government.

HMMMMM and was it 'alien' in the other administrations, or just this one? I'm thinking this Palinbot hasn't been paying attention to Government much for the last ........ oh, I don't know ... 60yrs?

............ and what DOES a Palinbot mean when he says alien, anyway?

Unfortunately for the people or Russia, the era of the autocratic czars was followed by something even worse -- horrendous state terror, indig...nity, and oppression.

What's more likely -- that Americans allow our country to follow the path of old Russia, eventually submitting to hard, hard tyranny? Or that we show Obama the door? And replace him (and Republicans, if need be) with a return to Declarational and Constitutional government, rooted in a real Creator instead of a divinized secular State?

OH LOOK! Historical-Palinbot knows a Russian word!

---Then there is Elder-Palinbot, who reprimands a young poster with vile questions and ideas (AKA education):

Your parents need to ground you from the internet. If your so young and stupid that you can say the things your saying, then you need to be respectful, listen, and admire Mrs. Palin, and the other elder Americans and parents commenting on this site. You just aren't informed well enough to criticize people in a political forum yet. Just listen. Listen with your heart.

Yep, Elder-Palinbot .. that's the way to get informed! Listen with your heart! Don't use that brain, use your heart!

Of course, there's a comedian in every crowd!

J*** S**** says:
You're right. I dare Obama to make a speech that comes close to the eloquent and highly thoughtful resignation speech that Sarah gave. How many other politicians can give a "stream of consciousness" feel to their speeches?

Science-is-so-hard Palinbot says:

The EPA will declare carbon dioxide as a pollutant. So basiucally, humans are polluters because they breathe. So what now? Save the planet by reducing the human population??? The global warming hoax is now going to end up killing people.

This is what is known as a 'giant leap into stupidity', I think?

Sigh .. check back later for more examples of Palinbot quotes ... it's just a never-ending buffet of half-baked thoughts.

Miscellaneous Mindless Palinbot Posts


John Brewer? (says) Have you ever noticed that the people in favor of abortion are already born?

NOTE: That's deep, John. Really deep. Have you ever noticed that the people who are fans of Sarah Palin are pretty stupid? Or, have you ever noticed that people in favor of choice are ALSO already born??


CudaCountry (says) I have not received my book, I sent an e-mail but have not gotten a reply. I have just decided since I got my others autographed in person I would just forget about it. Yes I love her that much :) I only bought nine so far, that should last awhile.

Note: This 'cuda' is such a bookworm, he doesn't know that you can read the SAME book more than once, you don't HAVE to have a different book each time!


Carol Kender (says) Sarah, I just bought your book and am really enjoying reading it. I mentioned to a friend that I thought you were a really good writer. She dismissed my comment by saying "she had a ghost writer." I find that hard to believe, especially since you were a journalist. Please tell me she was wrong.

Note: Who says Palinbots are not 'informed' ... Carol, honey, it's COMMON KNOWLEDGE .. if you don't know that, then what DO you know? Certainly not enough to VOTE!

Judy Kay Allen (says)Another day ~ another appeal to our girl from Wasilla: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not follow through with your plan to campaign for John McCain. In the insightful words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: "Big mistake. Big. Huge." To do so will destroy your credibility, have your enemies carping: "I told you so," and leave your fans devastated.

Note: FREUDIAN, isn't it, that Judy quotes a fictional prostitute when trying to convince Sarah NOT to do something??? Subconsciously, does Judy know what Sarah really is??

Chelle Finch (says)I have been a supporter of yours from day one, but if you campaign for McAmnesty and Rick (pretty hair) Perry, you are no longer going to be supported by alot of Tea Party people and that includes me!

Note: Chelle, Chelle ... just send your $$$ and STFU

Thomas Nutt (said) CPAC must not be allowed to pick our 2012 candidate for president. They want Mitt and we should do everything we can to make sure that does not happen.

NOTE: Thomas, use your considerable influence on Sarah and convince her to go to CPAC! Of course, by influence, I mean, WRITE A CHECK


Billy Falling (says) Really talking up Sarah to my pastor hosts in New Jersey while here for four days. They are politically active and serve as president of the local ministerial association. I want to recruit pastors to Sarah's list of supporters. Try it with your pastor.

Note: While you're at it Billy, ask your pastor how he feels about the Witch Exorcism done on Sarah in her church??? Wonder how he'll like that!


Andrew Chalfant (says) One Million people contribute $1,000 over the next 18 months lets Sarah CHOOSE the best route with or without the GOP. I suspect with this much capital ($1Trillion) the GOP would be forced to listen. The Tea party and the GOP would merge with Sarah. The elitists and foriegn interest would have much less control than th...ey currently have. Americans can retake the Representative American Government peacefully. God Bless us all in this!

Note: so is Andrew filthy rich or seriously nuts? I can't decide.

Sal Mauceli (says) I am so discusted with FOX. 1/4/2010 Sunday night on HannityThe one guy I though I could count on, let Sarah down. Tonight he has one of those focus groups. AANNNNNDDDDDDDD....He asked who in this room would vote for her? 6 people raised their hands out of a room of about 60 people. That's 10% WOW! Then Luntz asked why...? "airhead" "stupid" "quiter" "bad mother" "uses her children to campain" "sexualy provocative" "she quit for the money". on and on and on!Fox keeps putting Sarah on the chopping block! I AM SICK OF IT! THIS IS NOT A LIVE BROADCAST THEY COULD HAVE EDITED THE INSULTS. NAME ANOTHER POLITICAL FIGURE WHO IS HELD UP TO THIS TYPE OF RELENTLESS SCRUTANNY?I AM ASKING EVERYONE PLEASE BOMBARD THE HANNITY SHOW WITH EMAILS - TWEETS - CALLS

Note: Oh poor Sal! Now you can't even count on FOX to lie and mislead and edit ??


Alicia Marks (says) Calling all Christian Patriots! We are having a special day of fasting and prayer over the abortion language in the forthcoming Health Care Bill on January 9th. Please join us!

NOTE: Great, judging from the pics I saw of Sarah's Christian Patriots, you guys could lose a few pounds! Pray SILENTLY, please!


Richard Barnes(says) I'd buy a lock of your hair for $500, Sarah. The next time you get your hair cut, save the clippings, and put them up for sale at e-bay.

Note: Ok .. if that didn't make you nauseous you are tougher than I am!


Christy Stonier (says) I received your book as a Christmas present from my husband. I am not an avid reader but have been completely in gulfed! Amazing! Your are the light to us at the end of a very dark tunnel! THANK YOU!

Note: Sounds painful, Christy, try putting ice on that! Nothing worse than a non-reader being 'in gulfed' by a rogue book!


Jean White (says) It is a sad day for America that the minority is ursurping the Majority. I can hardly wait until 2010 & 2012 when the house cleaning will begin. Thank You for being there

Note: Hmm Jean?? Ever hear of 'elections' ?? That is when the one with the MAJORITY of votes wins. THEN the winners get to make the rules for everyone. Do you know what 'majority' or 'minority' mean?.


This next Palinbot has it all figured out! It's so obvious!

Lew Cabos (says) Despite the vast majority of the American people in opposition there can only be one explaination for the behavior of the Obama Administration and the Democrat Majority in Congress: they have entered in to a suicide pact.

Note: There you have it, folks!!; a suicide pact.

The Obama Admistration has devised an elaborate 'suicide pact'!!!!!


Lisa Vaughn (says) Sarah why can't we call a special election and remove the president at present? It seems as though we the people have one voice and that's you, standing up for americans

Note:Humm Lisa, because of the Constitution maybe??? Ever read it??


Greg Pressley (says) hopefully the next president of the great United States of America. history repeats itself, we went from carter to reagan lets go from obama to palin

Note: OR ...... Greg, history could repeat itself, and just like LAST TIME, Palin would run and lose, and President Obama would win!




OH DEAR!!!!!! Somebody is about to be deleted!


Russell Fowler (says)If CO2 are good for the plants and trees. then they will grow and they need water. So the extra water will be in the trees and plants. I can live with that.

Note: Michelle Bachmann? Is that you?


Ron Belcher (says) Sarah, I donated $100.00 to the PAC and was to receive a autographed copy of Going Rogue. I'm sure you have many of thousands to send out, But hoping to get it for Christmas. Any help would be great.

Note: You know, you have to feel sorry (a bit) for these poor suckers who sent Sarah $100.00 months ago for an autographed book and now have to go beg on the FB site for information; there have been several this past week. Meanwhile, the people who got a FREE one from Newsmax are done reading it, and have wrapped it up to put under somebody else's tree!

Meanwhile, Sarah is in Hawai!.


Lori Weisman(says) It is great to know that a person actually knows what the meaning of Hannukah means. I have always thought that every good Christian would be a good Jew. You proved it to be true. Thank you and have a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Note: OK, Lori. Here's the thing. Christians, are Christians BECAUSE they believe in Jesus as the Messiah. SO, see, they CAN'T be 'good Christians if they don't believe in Jesus AND they can't be 'good Jews' if they DO believe in Christ as the Messiah... got it?


Don Tieck (says) SARAH'S NEXT ALASKA HUNTING TRIP: INVITED GUESTSMartha Stewart, Chris Matthews, Andrew Sullivan, Keith Olbermann, David Schuster,David Frum, David Brooks. Ah what the heck, how 'bout the whole dang MSM.One suggestion, wear bright colors, since Sarah will be Going Rogue!

Note: Well .. that one speaks for itself, I think. If you've ever said something against Sarah, you're in the crosshairs!


Glenda Kitchel(says) Why are the Democrats ignoring what the People really want? Why are they doing what they want? I know I will do my best to vote these idiotts out of office!

Note: PSSST GLENDA??? That is what the ELECTION was about, they ARE listening to the people ... YOU are in the minority! Get used to it, you're backing a loser, Glenda!.


Roxanne Clement (says) Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. It was a pleasure to see you in Arkansas. My husband and I love your book and have bought several copies to give as Christmas presents this year. You are like a breath of fresh air to America right now.

Note: I only add this one here because it covers the main Palinbot talking points about the book

1-pleasure to meet Sarah
2-bought several books for Xmas presents for misc other fools they know
3-the old standby breath of fresh air description


Pat Riccio(says) For those wondering about their books from Sarahpac there is a note posted on sarahpac...books will be shipped thru th 18th!

Note: Some Palinbots sent SarahPac a $100 donation to her grifter fund and received a 'free' book. However, a month after the book has been released, they haven't received them ... c'mon Palinbots!

Once Sarah has your $$$$ ......nuff said!


Dixie Bruggeman (says)Hey Sarah! saw this on a blog - "Palin is part Hepburn, part Loren, part Moore and Thatcher, Condy Rice and a little Annie Oakley" to which I add, Joan of Arc, too.

Note: Poor Dixie-Bot ... so EAGER to prove she's never read a book, much less a BIOGRAPHY ... all this 'sound bite wisdom' must hurt her little brain!


Bryan Mulgrew (says) "Beam me up Scotty!" - so funny they way you take care of William...I could not stop laughing...I thought he would start crying he wanted out of there when the tables were turned on him. Good Job!

Note: Poor Bryan .. he really thinks that Shatner was put in his place?? I guess he missed the picture of Shatner graciously signing HIS book for the Heaths BEFORE the show, while they just stood there. Sarah missed the joke, she was supposed to imitate a 'reading' (authors do that) but she didn't even OPEN the book, just read off a TELEPROMPTER! Then walked off, avoiding questions as usual!

Alicia Fix Luke (says) Show Gov Sarah Palin some love & donate! I did This account/money is directly under Sarah's control. Not party money, that vanishes

Note:That's right, Alicia! It's for Sarah ... she needs to build herself a CEE-MENT POND up there in Wasilla if she and Jeb and Jethro and EllyMae can live it up like the real Hillbillies! She needs to go Hawaii for a break where she can 'think' about her 'policy Notes' on FB! She needs to meet up with at least ONE politician there, too, so SarahPac can PAY for it all!
Give her your hard-earned money! Please!


Marsha Holmgren Widell (says) You are just what we need right now in America. The thought occurred to me the other day that God is preparing you like he did Queen Esther, not for the King, but to take on the liberal left that is trying to destroy everything our forefathers fought so hard for. Even trying to change the Constitution. (Health Care ...being mandatory and all)! I pray for your strength every day as you forge onward to live out your destiny and be used by God to fullfill his plan for your life. May God Bless you and your beautiful family!

Note: Oh Yea! Queen Esther was a great protector of the US Constitution. She is famous for fighting 'liberals' and of course, we all remember her sitting at the table with the 'forefathers' in Early America!These Palinbots are dangerously backward looking! They want everyone back to Biblical Times! At least the Taliban only wants to go back 2000yrs in time!


Kerry Donnelly said "It is a blast watching commie pinko Canadian heads explode over the notion that the SarahCuda will be in Hamiliton speaking.

It just goes to show judging by these comments that Canadians, contrary to their own self-image, are a backward, intolerant, badly educated, and non-productive ward of the Queen's own State."

NOTE: I am so glad Mr Donnelly took the time to post on this in a">Canadian newspaper addressing Sarah's Streetwalking in Canadahad he not, many people wouldn't understand the 'depth' of ignorance that a typical Palin supporter proudly displays.

This is the level of 'intellect' to be found amongst those who support Palin ..Seriously! ... Dedicated to Palinbots!!!


Daren Cimillo says: Stop buying USA Today the newspaper, because their reporter Brian Winter called Sen.R. Okla. James Inhofe a self-described"skunk" at the picnic. So if Sarah Palin thinks the same way as the Sen. R. Then Brian Winter thinks Sarah Palin is a skunk. This article is on page 13a in today's edition dec.14,2009. Brian winter ...should be ashamed of himself. Climate-gate is a scandel and Brian should stop calling other people names.

Note: Daren ... just another illiterate Palinbot ... he's calling for a boycott of USA Today, because he doesn't know what 'self-described' means .... Seriously, can they BE any dumber?
Apparently Daren doesn't read very much, he doesn't understand what quotation marks mean either!!

Ruth Ray (says) That saying “unintended consequences “ has bothered me from the start --- finally took the time to think about it…..hummmmm maybe if we take the time to think before we act maybe we will have less “unintended consequences “ By George I think I just might have something there. Wonder if those in Washington DC will ever... learn it ?

NOTE: HMMM Ruth, not to be picky, but when President Obama was 'thinking' about what to do in Afghanistan, considering the 'unintended consequences' of actions, weren't you ranting something about 'dithering' ??


Billy Falling (says) Sarah should be crowned as AMERICA'S VOICE FOR WE THE PEOPLE since she speaks such common sense and traditional values for us. What do you think?

Note: Well, Billy, since you asked, I think you are an idiot.

Why would you want to 'crown' Sarah? She couldn't even win a Beauty Queen Crown. I learned about Sarah's common sense reading about her Wild Ride.


Marion Thorpe (says)"Plain English" and "Palin English" one in the same

Note: and in which of those 'English' do IN and AND mean the same thing?


Ginger Westbrook (says) to a 'troll' who said Sarah was uneducated:

I feel sorry for idiots that waste their time in places where they are not wanted, bashing people because they are pathetic losers.

Note: I dunno, Ginger, bashing people because they are pathetic losers seem like a pretty good way to waste time to me! You do realize, Ginger that you just referred to the Palinbots as pathetic losers, don't you??? It's a grammar thing, sweetie!


Lisa Vaughn (says)Sarah has more class in her little finger than her opponents have in their entire bodies.

Note: Really? I guess Lisa missed that picture of Sarah in the high purple hooker booots


Adam Sawyer (says) yeah Sarah your hecka smart and stuff..I cant wait for you to come to Reno..its snowing here..but well be waiting regardless

Note: I'm curious. Judging by Adam's grammar and spelling, how would he know if someone isn't "smart and stuff"


Sandy Noden Hurst (says) Only 2200 Nobama fans, but 1,090,000 Palin fans! What does that tell you? Even though BO is screwing up so bad, we need to still focus on the positive, Palin, so the war he starts using the escape prisoners and new Palestinian citizens to uproar the Black Panthers and start a civil, racial war!!!

Note: I am just gonna file this under the 'HUH?' category, because ....... well, just because.


Mike Arnold (says) After some very deep and soul searching I have made my decision...Sarah it is in 2012! Why not...when you compare her to the chigago thug we have now it's a no brainer! Run Sarah run!

Note: So, Mike, which is it then??? Some very deep soul searching, or a no brainer??? It's one or the other, Mike! Choose ONE!


Angela Belleau-Stuart (says)Headed to Minneapolis tonight. Hope we get to meet Sarah. I loved Going Rouge!! Who also wants to move to Alaska now after reading it? :-)

Note: I felt sorry for this dum-dum and pm'd her, so she changed her post ... clueless to the whole thing! Though it WOULD have been funny for her to ask Sarah to sign 'Going Rouge' !


Stephanie Wilson (says) ifsarah doesnt run for president, then i think she would make a very very good speaker of the house. Either way you have my vote sarah.

Note: In other words, Stephanie, you have no clue about how Government works, do you? AhHA .. the perfect Palinbot!


Jo Ann Compton (says) Sarah, a person who I know is using the word "rogue" to discredit you. Please publish what you believe to be the meaning of the word so I can set him straight. Thank you.

Note: Yeah!, words don't have 'meanings' in Sarahspeak, only what she 'believes' they mean!

Talkin' N readin' Palin

Anyone who reads Sarah's Facebook page (I sure do!) knows that Palinbots have a different definition of words than the rest of us do. For example, they keep describing Sarah as 'fearless' .. what do they mean? She 'fearlessly' posts on Facebook without having to defend her comments? She 'fearlessly' ENDORSES Beck, but doesn't come out of her bunker to join him in his cause? She is bold in her views. Really? It's BOLD to say whatever cockamamie thing that rattles through your empty-head? It's BOLD to incite crowds into frenzy of anger over made-up issues, or even worse, giving a voice to their hatred and bigotry?

Sarah! Sarah! We need to take back our country!!!
Sarah! Sarah! Please lead us!

Do any of these Palinbots remember there was an election last fall? I think they mean they want to take back their country from those people who won, especially the ones that don't look American enough; but I don't know, it's a crapshoot trying to figure out what they think they are saying most of the time.

Sarah doesn't quit!!! Ok, she quits, but when she does, it's because she is selfless she does it for the good of Alaska! (There is some truth to this, actually, if comments on her home newspaper, the Alaska Daily News are to be taken into account)

I want to th ank Gov.Palin for resigning and going after the jugular of this HORROR in the WH.
Its the best thing she could have done.

Alaska's gain is the country's pain is the bottom line to Sarah's bold and fearless and pitbully quitting her job!

She had to quit because the Media is out to get her! She won't quit when she is our President, since apparently, to Palinbots, the Media doesn't go after the President, right? Sarah! Sarah!

Palinbots hate the Media, by the way. The Media is a conspiracy against Sarah! Sarah! Their proof of this is solid: Couric asked gotcha! questions. How can anyone running for VP be expected to just know stuff like what they read, or which Supreme Court cases were 'bad' according to ... well the person who actually thinks they were bad! Who would expect a VP candidate to just know what a VP's job is? Why should Sarah know about the bush doctrine that she agrees with? In what respect, Charlie??? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CHARLIE????

Commenting on his own Huffington Post* story last night, the author Geoffrey Dunn said:
" I've wondered about the biologic correlation between the spelling gene and Sarah lovers.""""

I responded (or course)

Well, I can explain a good part of it. Reading is the best way to acquire proper grammar and spelling skills. Palinbots don't read, and what they DO read, they often don't comprehend. They think World Net Daily is a newspaper equal to The Washington Post, and Sarahs' notes on Facebook.c­om/sarahpa­lin are 'columns' ....

Most of her supporters never read anything past High School level writing.

Did any of you read Sarah's Op Ed in the WaPo a couple of weeks ago? That was HS level, and at College Senior level, a C-. Whoever wrote it had the obligatory 'quote' in there ... barely on topic too. Why? Cursory research; she/he probably did a google search: Oil exploration (or something close to her thesis) and scanned through a few links until she/he found something that could fit in. Typical High School stuff. I bring this up because ... her Palinbots thought it was well written.

Which explains why they don't spell well, Mr Dunn. It's because they don't read enough to know any better.

Having brought up the Washington Post OpEd, I want to expand a bit on that.

When your JrHigh English teacher taught you how to write an essay, you were taught a few basic things.

1- Thesis Statement
2- Development of your idea ... by the time you reached High School, you were supposed to 'support your thesis with sources and quotes'. In this case, Sarah threw in a partial quote by Warren Buffet. (I'm betting it's out of context, and doesn't really support what she is saying, but I am not going to bother checking it out.)
3- Restate your thesis in the conclusion.

Now, re-read Sarah's OpEd, and see how well it fits in this basic structure.

One idea.
Several statements, none supported or developped.
One short quote, barely explained and only marginally on point. Which is why it's HS school level writing. If a College student presented this as a paper, it would get a C- at best.

There is more to this though. It's painfully obvious that Sarah and her fans are intellectually stunted. They have no intellectual curiosity. No interest in ideas. No interest in historical events on a deep level. It's true that they think World Net Daily is a newspaper equal to The Washington Post. They cite as 'sources' whatever half-baked blog they can find to support their argument.

I won't even go into the hundreds of people who came out and said, basically, that Sarah was clueless about the topic. That's a priori. (and not funny, on any level)

Palinbots don't listen to serious news, or informative programs. No interviews with leaders of other parts of the world since they have no in interest or respect for other parts of the world; this also results in less reading. There is no other part of the world, outside Palinbot Land.

Look at the books Palinbots say they read next time you go to a bookstore. Books by Coulter and Malkin .. larger type, fewer pages, less selection. One idea at a time. Simple words, because Palinbots have a limited vocabulary.

A HuffPost poster who goes by 'nailinpalinow' replied to my post:

There's a Palinbot named J*** that illustrates what you are saying perfectly. She was INCENSED at a media report that this year's Alaska Governor's Picnic dwarfed last years picnic turnout in terms of numbers of people attending.

She complained loud and long in writing about how the media ALWAYS puts a negative spin on anything Palin related....Someone had to explain to her that it was actually a positive statement, and that if something is said to dwarf something else, it means that it is actually bigger.

And she wrote back that that didn't make sense and was he sure? Because if you were dwarfed you had to be smaller, right? And oh well, the media still doesn't make it very clear blah blah blah...

They don't have up to speed comprehension skills. That's why Republican antics break through the haze and manage to communicate to them - anything with any nuance is just lost in translation. Even when they do manage to read, they get it wrong. sigh.


*How cool is that? The guy is writing a book, writes a story on HuffPost, then reads and responds to the comments about his story!!! Geez even Sarah! Sarah! doesn't respond to her fans, and here is Dunn, interacting with readers! Doncha just luv the internet?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Palin debate flow-chart

An oldie but a goodie!

Friday, August 28, 2009

What Obama needs to do.

There is no doubt that Obama has not done as good a job at reaching people about the need for Health Insurance reform as those who don't want it. The Media spends too much time exploiting exciting soundbites, and not enough time reporting on the issue.

Debasing this important debate, as Palin has done, has taken up too much airtime; she sucks the air out of the room, suffocating the serious discussion. Charles Krauthammer (Conservative par excellence) said in his Washington Post Op-Ed last week:

Let's see if we can have a reasoned discussion about end-of-life counseling.
We might start by asking Sarah Palin to leave the room. I've got nothing against her. She's a remarkable political talent. But there are no "death panels" in the Democratic health-care bills, and to say that there are is to debase the debate.

So yes, it's time for Sarah to leave the room so the grown-ups can talk.

Where are the stories, like Shannyn Moore's, about people who have become 'victims' of a system through no fault of their own?

-----Who among us is confident that we won't be injured in an accident at some time? Or maybe one of our children?

If it's the main breadwinner who is injured, what happens if he/she is forced to stop working because of an injury? The whole family will lose coverage if he is out of work. That's what.

If the main breadwinner loses his/her job .... sure they can have COBRA .... but what unemployed person can afford it? Have you checked the rates?

AND ... if you get ill on COBRA, say with cancer or a hundred OTHER conditions that will bar you from ever getting Health Insurance ... then what? Do you know what illnesses are on the list of 'conditions' that will cause you to be denied insurance at ANY cost? No? Check it out... you will be appalled.

----Say you are injured, have to stop working for a while. You go back to work, get insurance and guess what ... the complications from your 'previous injury' will be excluded. Trust me, Insurance Companies can establish a link between a broken femur and cancer of the prostate.

--- What about the young couple who have a child with a medical problem? That is a career stopper in many cases. Can't change jobs/insurance companies now, because that child's health issues are pre-existing. I had a friend with a daughter, aged 10 or 12, who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not only was this an emotional burden for them, but it effectively put an end to her husband EVER being able to change jobs; no way could they afford the care their daughter needed without insurance, and this condition would be tied to ANY illness that little girl would get for the rest of her life. They were constantly afraid of what would happen to her when she became an adult, and would lose her coverage as his dependent.

---- I knew a man in his 50s who had a heart attack. He had good insurance and was well cared for, but had to quit his job because he worked for an an offshore Oil Company: no longer passed the physical. By the time he found another job (almost 4 yrs) he was broke. Forced to sell his house and live off the equity he'd built up all those years; kids' college funds were gone. In his late 50s, he was starting all over again, getting by until he reached age 65 and could get his SS ... his retirement, for which he'd saved all his working life, was gone.

There are millions of stories like this..... Obama needs to be telling them.

Sarah Palin needs to leave the room so the Media can start telling them.

Shannyn Moore told one today.

We need more.

Paul-Revere-Palinbot: Circumcision is Coming! Circumcision is Coming!

How do you know someone is stupid? Well, one clue is when they post a LIE then support that lie with a site that says totally the OPPOSITE of what they are lying about ...

When someone does this, I know a lot about them other than the obvious fact that they clueless.

I know they want to push their agenda no matter how they have to lie to do it. Sound familiar?

I also know that their agenda is based on a total lack of facts; that means they are stupid. Very stupid. There is no other way to say it, and I will not apologize for saying it.

It's not hard to find these stupid, deliberately ignorant people on any chat board on the Internet; take this Palinbot, for example, from Sarah fan club.

Rushes in to Sound the Alarm!

Warn the People!

He is .... he is ... he is Paul Revere!

Paul-Revere-Palinbot: Holy smokes will circumcision be forced on our babies?

OK ..we are all used to the nonsense, misinformation and outright lies that make up the bulk of the comments on Sarah's site. Nothing new there. In fact, a lot of it is funny.

But this one is particularly funny because Paul-Revere-Palinbot's link actually DISPROVES what he just said! Not only does this half-witted Palinbot (is there any other you ask ? Fair question, I'll give you that one) inadvertently reveals that he is part of the uneducated/uninformed brigade of Rush Limbaugh's "Most Idiotic-Things-That-Idiots-Will-Believe-Because-I-Said-So" Army!

Sarah does this all the time; she learned it from Rush. They both know their 'fans' don't read. Or can't read. Or if the DO read, they can't understand what they read! Palinbots will believe anything they are told, as long as it's scary, outrageous, innacurate.

They are Palinbots! "Proud to be Ignorant and gosh-darnit! I don't care who knows it"

But, back to Paul-Rever-Palinbot. Remember his warning!

Holy smokes will circumcision be forced on our babies?

Now, check his source for this ...

We wondered whether Obama had been involved in the issue and specifically in the CDC's decision to write the guidance, as Limbaugh's claim indicates.

We scoured his voting record on Congressional Quarterly, his position papers and speeches on Project Vote Smart, and even typed "circumcision" into the White House Web site, and came up with nothing. From what we found, Obama has not used the word "circumcision" in any public statement as a candidate or as president. We also found no evidence that he has recommended circumcusion to the CDC.

The only link -- and it's an indirect one -- that we could find between Obama and the CDC's efforts was a press release on the White House Web site announcing a series of HIV/AIDS community discussions, the first one being held in conjunction with the National HIV Prevention Conference we mentioned earlier. But the release did not mention circumcision.

It turns out that circumcision recommendations have been under discussion since 2007, when George W. Bush was president. Given the fact the CDC was pondering the idea back then, it is no more accurate to say Obama wants to mandate circumcision than to say Bush did.

So, back to Limbaugh's claim. He says Obama "wants to mandate circumcision." But the CDC's eventual recommendations -- if they even include circumcision -- will be voluntary, not mandatory. In addition, we could we find no connection between Obama and the new guidance, and no evidence that Obama had even used the word in a public forum. In fact, the recommendations were under discussion long before Obama took office. This one is ridiculous enough to set the meter ablaze -- Pants on Fire!

Palinbots let me give you some advice. People like Palin, and Rush, and Beck tell you this nonsense because they KNOW you are not going to check it out. They KNOW you are mindless sheep. These people keep invoking the memory of Ronald Reagan ... so here's my advice:


That way, you might not believe every scare-mongering story people like Palin and Rush and Beck feed you daily.

And you won't come across as so Gosh-Darn STUPID to the rest of us!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new ......

............... misinformation that is ...

according to a Palinbot:

Palinbot 1: they want to kill special needs kids to? i thought it was just old people. Please help us Sarah i know you care about us

Palinbot 2: HB3200 specifically states that people with "special needs" CANNOT be covered, unless they were covered at Y1.

SPECIFICALLY? Ok .. whatEVAH! No point in arguing that one, if it's specifically stated... somewhere... like on Palin's site.. DUH!

-----In fact, there is no point in arguing with any Palinbot, as Jim E*** found out.

Cut&Paste-Palinbot was on a rant today about how Obama is trying to be President for life ... over and over again, Cut&Paste-Palinbot posted about Rep. Serrano's attempt to push a bill, specifically H.J.5 that would repeal the 22nd amendment. Well this part is true .... and you can forgive a Palinbot for posting that without reading about it, after all, we all know they don't read.

We all know that, except for Jim E***, that is. He must have been a new guy on the block.

Jim E*** posted to Cut&Paste-Palinbot over and over again explaining about Serrano. He posted links.
He valiently, patiently tried to educate Cut&Paste-Palinbot about it.

See, Serrano has put this bill through SEVEN times, since 1997 ... and FOUR of those attempts were under Dubya! Look! Do you believe this link? How about this one?

Never let the facts get in the way of losing your Palinbot status. If Palinbots learned one thing from Sarah, it's that facts don't matter!

I imagine Jim E*** tore out his hair at some point but I don't know that for sure.
I do know that finally he gave up.

-----Palinbots are full of cool ideas! Ok, maybe not ideas but ... something! This morning, Sarah urged her rabid fans to watch Glen Beck. He is doing an expose on 'walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.'

Starved for any tidbit from Sarah, the fans were a-buzz all day about this! So a-buzz in fact, that by noon, the Palin/Beck 2012 cyber bumper-stickers were being brandished all over the site! The Palin/Bachmann 2012 cyber lawn-signs that were on the Palinbots' cyber-lawns just two days ago were deleted! A new hero has been named!



Can this get any nuttier?

So the countdown started: 3 hrs to Beck's show!

30 minutes to Beck's show!


That was great, baby! Luv ya! (I'm thinking some of them reached for a smoke after the show!)

Some expressed disappointment that Sarah had not appeared, but Wise-Palinbot explained it: Sarah is very busy, doing whatever she does. Besides, she isn't a pundit. (Hmmm she's not a writer either, but that doesn't seem to stop her from getting a book deal.)

Sarah isn't going to go on Beck's show.. she is too savy a Politician for that. She knows he's a freak-O and it would come back to haunt her... But .. she can use him. Beck doesn't HAVE to be truthful, or factual, or even honest. He is on FOX. Sarah understands this very well ... send her Palinbots there to hear Beck's nonsense, let them soak up more misinformation. I think it's called (or should be called) lying-at-arms-length. All the benefit, none of the risk!

A final thought. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away early today. Some of the comments by Sarah's supporters, were truly disgusting. To Sarah's credit (she is a Politician, after all) they were for the most part, promptly removed.

It says a lot about what type of people support her, though.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Patriotism: Palinbot Style

We all know (because Sarah told us so!) that Republicans, somehow, are more patriotic than the rest of us! In the Real America, where she comes from, it''s GOD and COUNTRY and FAMILY that matters. (Up to last fall, when community minded people were relegated to mere semi-terrorist status, I suppose the COMMUNITY was on that list somewhere too...)

Not being a Palinbot myself, I didn't know what Patriotism was about, of course. So it was with great anticipation that I paid a visit to the Palinbot La-La-Land.

I was shocked, SHOCKED! I say! to find out what Patriotism is all about, out there in the 'Real America'.

Here I was, with this elitist view that being a Patriot is about loving your country. About wanting your country to succeed. About wanting the best for your country! What do I find there, Palinbot La-La Land?

It's about loving your candidate! Blindly, without question*, loyal no matter what! It's about wanting your candidate to be in power!

If your candidate is a fool, it appears that is even better since your fellow Patriots will also be fools and you can fit right in! No need to discuss issues or ideas or agendas or platforms or anything like that!

Man, when I think of the time I have wasted in my life, reading up on issues, researching ideas, getting informed so I could discuss politics with other elitist types! I am almost jealous now, to see how easy it can be if your candidate is stupid ...... no effort required at all!

Who needs all those facts and figures and numbers and facts -- pesky pesky facts that someone my call you on!-- no need to learn all that stuff. WHO KNEW?

IF your country fails then that is a good thing! Your candidate can't compete unless the country fails? Then failure is your goal!

It's so simple, so easy, so ... mindless.

Palinbot 1: I hate his agenda, I hope he fails!

(paraphrased to protect this Palinbot's identity)

Naive little person: Well, i certainly hope he doesn't fail.....i wouldn't care who was president. Because in the end, we all fail.

---This reply, from Palinbot- Logic -Genius is an example of Palinbot debating skills, among other things
Palinbot- Logic- Genius: So, ****, if Osama bin Laden was president, you would want him to succeed??? Senseless.

(not paraphrased, in the hope that Natural Selection takes its course)

---Yes, Palinbot Genius, OBL is likely to get elected, it's possible, it must be mentionned in a reasonned argument... if Osama Bin Laden was elected ....... yeah, he's a contender for sure!

Palinbot 2: I, too, hope the USA fails.

So .. there you have it. On the 'fastest growing page' (according to Palinbot- Number- Counter) only one person had the courage to buck the trend, and wish her country well!

The Palinbots call people like that trolls.

Sarah calls them supporters

I call her Patriotic.

*Note: Palinbots don't ask questions, which works out fine for everybody, since Palin doesn't answer questions anyway.

Another day, another 'fact' .......

What a way to start the day, a jolt of coffee and a dose of lunacy on the SP site.

What are the Palinbots talking about today? They seem to have a new Hero of Truth! A Champion of Facts! Glen Beck is Back, and 'exposed' the Czars!

That's funny to me. Pretty much says it all about Palinbots' knowledge of Government, when they are shocked to find out there are Czars out there! Who KNEW? Hmmm pretty much anyone who has followed Current Events ???

Ran across a convoluted logic discussion .... apparently, SP respects the Constitution and especially the 1st Amendment so that is why posts are deleted there if people say anything not supportive of SP.. No problem holding those two opposing concepts in a Palinbot's mind!

A few brave souls are dipping their toes in the idea that maybe SP meant something else about the death panels. That isn't going over very well though, so most of them are ignoring these posters and their 'vile facts'. Palinbots seem to like the word, vile, I notice.

They are moving on, to the deficit, which is all Obama's doing, since the bush deficit doesn't enter into their equation ...... I get the feeling that Palinbots don't quite understand the idea that the National Debt isn't part of the personal property bush took with him when he moved back to Texas last January! It actually got left for the next guy to deal with!

One asked a very relevant question though;

C***K** P*** Why are we supporting communism by paying $800,000,000 to China every week?!?!? This alone is stupid! Stop the insanity! Vote for those who will get
this spending spree to end!

There is only response to C K P's question: THIS IS NEWS TO YOU?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Palin's Personal Portfolio & Petrobras

During the campaign, McCain touted his running-mate as being an expert in the Oil industry. Must be the same 'osmosis' knowledge that one gets about Foreign Policy by living next to Russia, somehow.

So, last week, this 'expert' on all things Oil-related, had a problem with the Export Bank lending taxpayer's money to Petrobras, the Brazillian Oil company.

Shouldn't an oil expert KNOW how oil exploration is financed?

Shouldn't an oil expert understand that large project require large joint-ventures and cash?

Shouldn't someone who wants to be President understand how International Investment banking works?

But, more importantly, shouldn't Palin know where she herself invests? According to her 2008 financial disclosure, the Palins had some money invested in T.RowePrice Latin American Fund. Among the 10 largest holdings is... Petrobras.

Oh dear, good thing for Palin that her Palinbots don't understand these things either, or they might think she prefers to invest her money to provide jobs offshore! The very thing she is accusing Obama's administion of doing! OOPS!

But, Sarah, the Political answer to 'folks like me' understands that her Palinbots ALSO don't know anything about drilling ventures, foreign investments, International Banking .... or even her own Disclosure Statement!

Folks like her, don't read either.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So much for evolution .....

Speechless, I offer this from Palin's FB.

Really. Somebody did say this.

P___C ____
I believe that he's pushing to get all this done and bankrupt the country before it's proven that he's an illegal alien; then he'll run like the wind, and we'll never see him again, except on Islamic tv

I heard it on FOX!

A Palinbot says: ...watching Fox News...discussing the "Death Book"...this is totally unbelievable...the Bush Admin had it removed..but a month ago was put in place again by BO...this man must is very scary to see what is happening to the US...a Canadian Sarah Palin Supporter!

Really? You heard this on FOX and you find it totally unbelievable?? Really? well, dear, that brings to mind a few questions, doesn't it?

1- If you find it 'unbelievable' then why do you believe it?
2- If you find it 'unbelievable' then why don't you look into it, and see if it's true?
3- If you heard it on FOX, the odds are that it isn't true, so you shouldn't believe it ... so why do you WANT to believe it?

There are several other mindless rants on Palin's site today, all of them bases on other blogs, or half read/half understood stories or just plain stupidity!

One of these, based on a propaganda piece, is that Obama wants to 'give Jerusalem' away to the Palestinians ... OY VEY! What will Sarah do about that?

I suspect that first, Sarah would have to know where Jerusalem is, and then educate herself on the history of the whole Israel/Palestine story... barring that, she will just make something up!

Making something up, however, is not a problem with her followers, since they are not going to know the difference anyway.

She talks about 'death panels' and they take it as gospel; as they should, since the bible is ALSO made up, but I digress.

She opinines on Brazil drilling ....... no amount of debunking her un-factual facts can deter them from their firm convictions that Obama has given 2 billion to Brazil to drill, baby, drill while those vast vast VAST oilfields in the USA are beind denied to the poor, patriotic Oil companies!

Running through the mindless posts, is the hour by hour count of how the site is growing! Who knew there were that many simply stupid people in the USA?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boggling the Mind on Blogger: Palinbots

I have been reading the Sarah Palin facebook pages .... yes, Virginia, there really ARE that many truly ignorant people!

Since we can't respond on that page without being a friend, and all comments that aren't adulatory in nature are deleted, I decided to start a Blog of my own, where I will 'respond' to some of the nuttier nuts.

Here is the latest one:

Palinbot posts:

"Brenda you're correct again. The same health care plan for all, including all government workers."

I message Palinbot: "So then, you support the Public Option of Universal Healthcare?"

Palinbot responds: "Oops, thx for finding that...I don't support Universal HC at all.Thank you for finding that error.BTW, are you a Palin supporter?"

I respond: "Maybe you just 'think' you don't support it, but your comment indicates that what you want is equal health care for all. Just curious: what is wrong, in your view, with everyone having the same health care as Congress does?"

Now.. let's see if Palinbot takes a moment to THINK about THAT ....