Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another day, another 'fact' .......

What a way to start the day, a jolt of coffee and a dose of lunacy on the SP site.

What are the Palinbots talking about today? They seem to have a new Hero of Truth! A Champion of Facts! Glen Beck is Back, and 'exposed' the Czars!

That's funny to me. Pretty much says it all about Palinbots' knowledge of Government, when they are shocked to find out there are Czars out there! Who KNEW? Hmmm pretty much anyone who has followed Current Events ???

Ran across a convoluted logic discussion .... apparently, SP respects the Constitution and especially the 1st Amendment so that is why posts are deleted there if people say anything not supportive of SP.. No problem holding those two opposing concepts in a Palinbot's mind!

A few brave souls are dipping their toes in the idea that maybe SP meant something else about the death panels. That isn't going over very well though, so most of them are ignoring these posters and their 'vile facts'. Palinbots seem to like the word, vile, I notice.

They are moving on, to the deficit, which is all Obama's doing, since the bush deficit doesn't enter into their equation ...... I get the feeling that Palinbots don't quite understand the idea that the National Debt isn't part of the personal property bush took with him when he moved back to Texas last January! It actually got left for the next guy to deal with!

One asked a very relevant question though;

C***K** P*** Why are we supporting communism by paying $800,000,000 to China every week?!?!? This alone is stupid! Stop the insanity! Vote for those who will get
this spending spree to end!

There is only response to C K P's question: THIS IS NEWS TO YOU?

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