Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palinbots show off how little they know about so much!

I just realized what a challenge the title of this blog post is .... where to start, where to start!!!

This is one hypocrital comment I see a lot on Sarah's site

Pot-You're-Black Palinbot says:
Your supporters are with you 110% You must scare the "right" out of their wits the way they have demonized you! Keep on with the good work - we are with you!

Yea, examining what Sarah says and does is demonizing her, but constantly making up stories about Obama is rational and doesn't reflect the fear Palinbots fear ... Obama is out to kill old people! Obama wants to kill your sick children! Obama wants to take away the Internet to control us all! Obama is a Kenyan, infiltrated through an American womb! Obama caused the huge debt! Obama is responsible for Afghanistan and is trying to blame bush! Obama is a Communist! Obama is a Socialist! Obama is the anti-christ! Obama is ..... (insert whatever here)

I think Speller-Challenged-Palinbot is trying to say that people who can't spell have low IQs .. not sure though. I bolded the words that challenged my IQ.

P*** E**** says: I see that the forces against Sarah Palin, here on face book can't even spell her name correctly, make's me wonder if their room tempture IQ have
the brain's to do anything right. They are so addle minded and obtuse that if you added ...up all 200,000 members there total brain capcity wouldn't equal 120 IQ level, isn't Obama have an IQ of 120.Obama, the first Kenyan born, illegitimate and to date worst President we have ever had.

I gave Speller-Challenged a pass on 'addle minded' because I have no idea what he is talking about .... and the Obama comment gets a pass too, because I can't bold every stupid comment a Palinbot makes, obviously.

Sarah, we need you now more then ever. We need to ship these Communists off to

Russia, China, N. Korea, or Iran. lol

Here's a truly kooky one. Not sure what to name him .. oh, I have it!

Too-dumb-to-post-on-correct-website-Palinbot says:

Obama is a Usurper.
And just because you delete my statement, it doesn't make him legitimate.
You can’t come up with an argument, so you just delete the opposition.
That is change all right. Where is my freedom of speech?

Hmmm .. Listen, Too-Dumb, nobody is going to delete you for saying that on Palin's website ... you must be a newbie Palinbot, with old cut&paste files. Still .. welcome to Palinbot La-La-Land, yer gonna fit in real good!

And, here's another easy one.

---Palinbot says:

This administration doesn't care obviously about common sense.

OMG you'e right, Palinbot. This sneaky administration cares about common sense covertly! It's just so obvious that they are are trying to be sneaky about using common sense. THAT must be why Palinbots don't SEE it ... Obama doesn't care obviously!

Then, there's Searchin'-Palinbot:

I have nothing but respect & admiration for Sarah Palin. She is honest, tough, down to earth & I would vote for her in 2012. Our present government is the worst in American history. I don't even recognize our country anymore & I m...ean that in a negative way. What ever happened to "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiniess ?"

PSSST, Searchin ... google it, and spell it .."HAPPINESS" it's still there! While you're at it, look up 'worst government in American History' and see what comes up!

Meanwhile, back at the Eyes&Brain-Tighly-Closed Ranch, we have this Palinbot who just can't WAIT to prove to the whole world that she knows nothing ... even Palinbots know some of this:

Palinbot says:

Amen to Philip and Randall....we can't even prove Obama ( I can barely say his name without gagging) was BORN, ever went to school, wrote anything worthwhile, etc. After all those absent years he finally shows up in the Illinois Senate and the...n is President of the US(bolding mine) ....Rush calls it his 5 minute career!!! I'll take Sarah's record of achievement over the Liar's anyday!!!

Somebody is seriously stupid here. Can't prove he was BORN???

Can't prove he ever went to school?

Wrote anything worthwhile??? You mean except 2 bestsellers? Is that what you mean? Is there no limit to the ignorance of Palinbots AND their pride at showing just how ignorant they are?

After all those absent years??? I think she means: WHILE I WAS IN A DEEP COMA ALL THIS STUFF HAPPENED.

Rush calls it his 5 minute career!!! Oh, well then ... YEA! WOT SHE SAID!

---Historically-challenged-Palinbot says:
There's something about a "czar" that seems a bit alien to the American vision of government.

HMMMMM and was it 'alien' in the other administrations, or just this one? I'm thinking this Palinbot hasn't been paying attention to Government much for the last ........ oh, I don't know ... 60yrs?

............ and what DOES a Palinbot mean when he says alien, anyway?

Unfortunately for the people or Russia, the era of the autocratic czars was followed by something even worse -- horrendous state terror, indig...nity, and oppression.

What's more likely -- that Americans allow our country to follow the path of old Russia, eventually submitting to hard, hard tyranny? Or that we show Obama the door? And replace him (and Republicans, if need be) with a return to Declarational and Constitutional government, rooted in a real Creator instead of a divinized secular State?

OH LOOK! Historical-Palinbot knows a Russian word!

---Then there is Elder-Palinbot, who reprimands a young poster with vile questions and ideas (AKA education):

Your parents need to ground you from the internet. If your so young and stupid that you can say the things your saying, then you need to be respectful, listen, and admire Mrs. Palin, and the other elder Americans and parents commenting on this site. You just aren't informed well enough to criticize people in a political forum yet. Just listen. Listen with your heart.

Yep, Elder-Palinbot .. that's the way to get informed! Listen with your heart! Don't use that brain, use your heart!

Of course, there's a comedian in every crowd!

J*** S**** says:
You're right. I dare Obama to make a speech that comes close to the eloquent and highly thoughtful resignation speech that Sarah gave. How many other politicians can give a "stream of consciousness" feel to their speeches?

Science-is-so-hard Palinbot says:

The EPA will declare carbon dioxide as a pollutant. So basiucally, humans are polluters because they breathe. So what now? Save the planet by reducing the human population??? The global warming hoax is now going to end up killing people.

This is what is known as a 'giant leap into stupidity', I think?

Sigh .. check back later for more examples of Palinbot quotes ... it's just a never-ending buffet of half-baked thoughts.


  1. Hahaha... you have put together a funny collection of these not so bright specimen! I commend you :)

  2. Keep checking, I'm adding them all the time ...