Sunday, August 30, 2009

Palinbots and the Lunatic Fringe

Sarah promotes hate, fear and misinformation ... she lets it fester; her leadership qualities don't include having the integrity to object to the chaotic mess her site has become. In fact, by allowing it to grow and feed on itself, the site has become a refuge for every conspiracy nut on the Internet. It speaks for her.

Here is a post by one of her supporters, on her OFFICIAL facebook page, where she solicits donations for her SarahPAC .. (I have ****d the name of the poster, but have a full C&P of the post)

P*** S**** Watch this video
on Obama and his administration:

It's been there for over an hour; usually anything 'against' Sarah, doesn't last 5 minutes.

Watch it, and tell me this woman isn't inciting or encouraging others to incite.

That is why she is dangerous.... not because she threatens policy, or re-election. Sarah is dangerous because she appeals to the fear in her Palinbots.

This past week, Sarah encouraged her 'fans' to watch Glen Beck as he spent hours convincing the uninformed --and not too bright--- that Obama was a Communist, a Fascist, a one-man America destroying-machine. Well, not one man really. Obama is starting his own army! Obama is surrounded by Czars who are conspiring to control the Internet THEN take over the USA and eat or kill everyone!

What did Sarah do? She is AWOL from her site, allowing it to become a free-for-all of hate and fear. Sarah is not 'responsible' for what people post on her site, some might say, and that is fair enough, EXCEPT that her site is strictly moderated and highly censored. Someone is reading this stuff, someone is deleting anything that isn't flattering to Sarah... yet somehow, the more incendiary posts remain.

Somewhere in her fan base, is another Tim McVeigh.. One of these days, somebody's going to get killed, thanks to Sarah's lunatic fringe, and the buck will stop at her site.


  1. Hi Archivest,

    Got your blog link from huffpo.

    I blogged about Palin during the campaign (see here: }, but began a new blog after the election and have stayed away from the topic.

    Glad to see that others are still keeping track of her. :)

  2. Stay tuned, it's going to get loonier, I think .. Palin is having a melt-down!

  3. Her fans have already been incited to murder. The Holocaust Museum shooter was a huge Palin fan, for example. All of the recent nut jobs who went and shot innocent people have been far right whacko- and they tend to be Palin cult members. I suppose one reason for that is that the secessionist/white supremacists like the AIP have taken over the far right of the Republican party, and hide beneath their "christian" mask of hate and bigotry for anyone who does not believe what they believe, including other Christians.

  4. Methinkth' that one of Palin babysitters saw you're post there about her site inciting. Some body put up some rules to behave since it's her official site!

    Good job girlie! Keep it up

  5. Hi there, Member of HuffPost !

    Thanks for the heads up!

    My MANY posts on HuffPost are hard to miss, when it comes to this issue! Sarah's site is devoid of any information; it's a fund-raising site, where her fans meet to share the latest conspiracies.

    I did notice that the rules don't include 'NO RACIST COMMENTS' ... interesting