Sunday, August 30, 2009

Talkin' N readin' Palin

Anyone who reads Sarah's Facebook page (I sure do!) knows that Palinbots have a different definition of words than the rest of us do. For example, they keep describing Sarah as 'fearless' .. what do they mean? She 'fearlessly' posts on Facebook without having to defend her comments? She 'fearlessly' ENDORSES Beck, but doesn't come out of her bunker to join him in his cause? She is bold in her views. Really? It's BOLD to say whatever cockamamie thing that rattles through your empty-head? It's BOLD to incite crowds into frenzy of anger over made-up issues, or even worse, giving a voice to their hatred and bigotry?

Sarah! Sarah! We need to take back our country!!!
Sarah! Sarah! Please lead us!

Do any of these Palinbots remember there was an election last fall? I think they mean they want to take back their country from those people who won, especially the ones that don't look American enough; but I don't know, it's a crapshoot trying to figure out what they think they are saying most of the time.

Sarah doesn't quit!!! Ok, she quits, but when she does, it's because she is selfless she does it for the good of Alaska! (There is some truth to this, actually, if comments on her home newspaper, the Alaska Daily News are to be taken into account)

I want to th ank Gov.Palin for resigning and going after the jugular of this HORROR in the WH.
Its the best thing she could have done.

Alaska's gain is the country's pain is the bottom line to Sarah's bold and fearless and pitbully quitting her job!

She had to quit because the Media is out to get her! She won't quit when she is our President, since apparently, to Palinbots, the Media doesn't go after the President, right? Sarah! Sarah!

Palinbots hate the Media, by the way. The Media is a conspiracy against Sarah! Sarah! Their proof of this is solid: Couric asked gotcha! questions. How can anyone running for VP be expected to just know stuff like what they read, or which Supreme Court cases were 'bad' according to ... well the person who actually thinks they were bad! Who would expect a VP candidate to just know what a VP's job is? Why should Sarah know about the bush doctrine that she agrees with? In what respect, Charlie??? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT CHARLIE????

Commenting on his own Huffington Post* story last night, the author Geoffrey Dunn said:
" I've wondered about the biologic correlation between the spelling gene and Sarah lovers.""""

I responded (or course)

Well, I can explain a good part of it. Reading is the best way to acquire proper grammar and spelling skills. Palinbots don't read, and what they DO read, they often don't comprehend. They think World Net Daily is a newspaper equal to The Washington Post, and Sarahs' notes on Facebook.c­om/sarahpa­lin are 'columns' ....

Most of her supporters never read anything past High School level writing.

Did any of you read Sarah's Op Ed in the WaPo a couple of weeks ago? That was HS level, and at College Senior level, a C-. Whoever wrote it had the obligatory 'quote' in there ... barely on topic too. Why? Cursory research; she/he probably did a google search: Oil exploration (or something close to her thesis) and scanned through a few links until she/he found something that could fit in. Typical High School stuff. I bring this up because ... her Palinbots thought it was well written.

Which explains why they don't spell well, Mr Dunn. It's because they don't read enough to know any better.

Having brought up the Washington Post OpEd, I want to expand a bit on that.

When your JrHigh English teacher taught you how to write an essay, you were taught a few basic things.

1- Thesis Statement
2- Development of your idea ... by the time you reached High School, you were supposed to 'support your thesis with sources and quotes'. In this case, Sarah threw in a partial quote by Warren Buffet. (I'm betting it's out of context, and doesn't really support what she is saying, but I am not going to bother checking it out.)
3- Restate your thesis in the conclusion.

Now, re-read Sarah's OpEd, and see how well it fits in this basic structure.

One idea.
Several statements, none supported or developped.
One short quote, barely explained and only marginally on point. Which is why it's HS school level writing. If a College student presented this as a paper, it would get a C- at best.

There is more to this though. It's painfully obvious that Sarah and her fans are intellectually stunted. They have no intellectual curiosity. No interest in ideas. No interest in historical events on a deep level. It's true that they think World Net Daily is a newspaper equal to The Washington Post. They cite as 'sources' whatever half-baked blog they can find to support their argument.

I won't even go into the hundreds of people who came out and said, basically, that Sarah was clueless about the topic. That's a priori. (and not funny, on any level)

Palinbots don't listen to serious news, or informative programs. No interviews with leaders of other parts of the world since they have no in interest or respect for other parts of the world; this also results in less reading. There is no other part of the world, outside Palinbot Land.

Look at the books Palinbots say they read next time you go to a bookstore. Books by Coulter and Malkin .. larger type, fewer pages, less selection. One idea at a time. Simple words, because Palinbots have a limited vocabulary.

A HuffPost poster who goes by 'nailinpalinow' replied to my post:

There's a Palinbot named J*** that illustrates what you are saying perfectly. She was INCENSED at a media report that this year's Alaska Governor's Picnic dwarfed last years picnic turnout in terms of numbers of people attending.

She complained loud and long in writing about how the media ALWAYS puts a negative spin on anything Palin related....Someone had to explain to her that it was actually a positive statement, and that if something is said to dwarf something else, it means that it is actually bigger.

And she wrote back that that didn't make sense and was he sure? Because if you were dwarfed you had to be smaller, right? And oh well, the media still doesn't make it very clear blah blah blah...

They don't have up to speed comprehension skills. That's why Republican antics break through the haze and manage to communicate to them - anything with any nuance is just lost in translation. Even when they do manage to read, they get it wrong. sigh.


*How cool is that? The guy is writing a book, writes a story on HuffPost, then reads and responds to the comments about his story!!! Geez even Sarah! Sarah! doesn't respond to her fans, and here is Dunn, interacting with readers! Doncha just luv the internet?

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  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlAugust 31, 2009 at 10:15 AM

    Well I've been analyzing her speeches and FB writing with this handy/dandy website

    and she did not write that one, the Cap & Tax.
    Its 27 on the readability
    10 grade

    Her stuff runs
    Readability 53-58
    grade 6-7 :)