Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new ......

............... misinformation that is ...

according to a Palinbot:

Palinbot 1: they want to kill special needs kids to? i thought it was just old people. Please help us Sarah i know you care about us

Palinbot 2: HB3200 specifically states that people with "special needs" CANNOT be covered, unless they were covered at Y1.

SPECIFICALLY? Ok .. whatEVAH! No point in arguing that one, if it's specifically stated... somewhere... like on Palin's site.. DUH!

-----In fact, there is no point in arguing with any Palinbot, as Jim E*** found out.

Cut&Paste-Palinbot was on a rant today about how Obama is trying to be President for life ... over and over again, Cut&Paste-Palinbot posted about Rep. Serrano's attempt to push a bill, specifically H.J.5 that would repeal the 22nd amendment. Well this part is true .... and you can forgive a Palinbot for posting that without reading about it, after all, we all know they don't read.

We all know that, except for Jim E***, that is. He must have been a new guy on the block.

Jim E*** posted to Cut&Paste-Palinbot over and over again explaining about Serrano. He posted links.
He valiently, patiently tried to educate Cut&Paste-Palinbot about it.

See, Serrano has put this bill through SEVEN times, since 1997 ... and FOUR of those attempts were under Dubya! Look! Do you believe this link? How about this one?

Never let the facts get in the way of losing your Palinbot status. If Palinbots learned one thing from Sarah, it's that facts don't matter!

I imagine Jim E*** tore out his hair at some point but I don't know that for sure.
I do know that finally he gave up.

-----Palinbots are full of cool ideas! Ok, maybe not ideas but ... something! This morning, Sarah urged her rabid fans to watch Glen Beck. He is doing an expose on 'walking America behind the scenes of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and outlining who is actually running the White House.'

Starved for any tidbit from Sarah, the fans were a-buzz all day about this! So a-buzz in fact, that by noon, the Palin/Beck 2012 cyber bumper-stickers were being brandished all over the site! The Palin/Bachmann 2012 cyber lawn-signs that were on the Palinbots' cyber-lawns just two days ago were deleted! A new hero has been named!



Can this get any nuttier?

So the countdown started: 3 hrs to Beck's show!

30 minutes to Beck's show!


That was great, baby! Luv ya! (I'm thinking some of them reached for a smoke after the show!)

Some expressed disappointment that Sarah had not appeared, but Wise-Palinbot explained it: Sarah is very busy, doing whatever she does. Besides, she isn't a pundit. (Hmmm she's not a writer either, but that doesn't seem to stop her from getting a book deal.)

Sarah isn't going to go on Beck's show.. she is too savy a Politician for that. She knows he's a freak-O and it would come back to haunt her... But .. she can use him. Beck doesn't HAVE to be truthful, or factual, or even honest. He is on FOX. Sarah understands this very well ... send her Palinbots there to hear Beck's nonsense, let them soak up more misinformation. I think it's called (or should be called) lying-at-arms-length. All the benefit, none of the risk!

A final thought. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away early today. Some of the comments by Sarah's supporters, were truly disgusting. To Sarah's credit (she is a Politician, after all) they were for the most part, promptly removed.

It says a lot about what type of people support her, though.

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  1. Some good stuff.

    I also like to browse SP's FB page just to read the comments that her idiot fans leave her. It's truly astonishing and scary how downright stupid most of the people are. I've never seen anything like it. However, it gets too painful to read after a certain point.

    Glad that you are able to withstand the torture and pick out the best of the worst. They are definitely entertaining.

    BTW, got here via Huffington Post.