Sunday, August 23, 2009

I heard it on FOX!

A Palinbot says: ...watching Fox News...discussing the "Death Book"...this is totally unbelievable...the Bush Admin had it removed..but a month ago was put in place again by BO...this man must is very scary to see what is happening to the US...a Canadian Sarah Palin Supporter!

Really? You heard this on FOX and you find it totally unbelievable?? Really? well, dear, that brings to mind a few questions, doesn't it?

1- If you find it 'unbelievable' then why do you believe it?
2- If you find it 'unbelievable' then why don't you look into it, and see if it's true?
3- If you heard it on FOX, the odds are that it isn't true, so you shouldn't believe it ... so why do you WANT to believe it?

There are several other mindless rants on Palin's site today, all of them bases on other blogs, or half read/half understood stories or just plain stupidity!

One of these, based on a propaganda piece, is that Obama wants to 'give Jerusalem' away to the Palestinians ... OY VEY! What will Sarah do about that?

I suspect that first, Sarah would have to know where Jerusalem is, and then educate herself on the history of the whole Israel/Palestine story... barring that, she will just make something up!

Making something up, however, is not a problem with her followers, since they are not going to know the difference anyway.

She talks about 'death panels' and they take it as gospel; as they should, since the bible is ALSO made up, but I digress.

She opinines on Brazil drilling ....... no amount of debunking her un-factual facts can deter them from their firm convictions that Obama has given 2 billion to Brazil to drill, baby, drill while those vast vast VAST oilfields in the USA are beind denied to the poor, patriotic Oil companies!

Running through the mindless posts, is the hour by hour count of how the site is growing! Who knew there were that many simply stupid people in the USA?

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