Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updated & Expanded: A Few 'Common Sense' questions: SarahPAC and where does the money go?


Looking at the Disclosure Statement for SarahPAC a couple of simple questions popped into my mind.

More than $132,000.00 from SarahPAC money was used for the book tour. Is that what her fans think they are donating their hard-earned money for? So that Sarah can promote her book? Private jets ($27,000), expensive hotels ($1700.00 for 2 nights) the shrink-wrapped bus ($13,000) and almost $28,000 for a photographer -- (fans paid for their pictures too??) Why didn't Harper Collins pay for this? Or is there some double dipping going on??

So here are my common sense questions:

If Sarah used the PAC money for expenses on her book tour, then it was a Political Event?

And if it was a Political Event, why was she allowed to 'campaign' on Military Bases??

The thing about PACs is that they are a great way for many people to contribute to the candidate of their choice. That candidate can spend the PAC money on pretty much any political expense. Getting your hair done before an event? Breakfast for the crew/family? Printing flyers? Making a phone call from a Hawaiian vacation to a TV station? Diapers for the Trig-Prop? Free books? Private planes?

A BOOK TOUR? Well, I guess so! Sarah has several 'items' on her disclosure statement that seem to be related to the book tour ... here I thought Harper Collins would be paying for that, but ... nope, looks like the PAC picked up some of those 'expenses'. Did the PAC pay for all the security at the Military Bases? (I don't see that itemized, so I guess the taxpayers paid for that?)

A while back, I posted about Bristol's company BSMP LLC; I wondered, what does a young girl, barely graduated from High School, know about running a company that does Political Consulting? Have you seen her on Oprah, talking about abstinence? Did YOU see a savvy Public Relations expert there? She seemed like your average teenager to me. I thought at the time, and still do, that this company was just a front to absord the SarahPAC funds with easy tasks that someone with Bristol's expertise could handle while being paid (from SarahPAC) a handsome fee!

Looking at the SarahPAC Disclosure Statement it's easy to see how spending money on just about anything is legitimate. Itemize an 'expense' to 'Political Consulting' and that's it! Keeping a lot of this hard-earned money, donated by the millions of gullible fans, in the family! Granted, there are no 'payments' listed to BSMP for 2009 .... but it was founded in September 2009, so they are probably still shopping for furniture and office equipment. Are the offices of the new PR/Political Consulting firm conveniently (tax deduction?) in the new house on the Palin compound? Right next to Sarah's FOX-at-Home studio?? Or are they next to Tripp's nursery?

I predict that 2010 will be a very productive year for BSMP! Bristol, being a young single Mom, has a LOT on her plate right now .... it takes TIME to learn all that political and PR stuff! And Sarah has to progress Meg into another position before Bristol takes over that lucrative contract! Will she take over writing the Facebook Notes that keep the fans coming back to read what Sarah doesn't know she 'wrote' ??

Speaking of the gullible donors .... SarahPAC received 2.1 million in 2009. Spent $64,000 on supporting candidates .... there is $900,000 left in the bank. So, where is the rest of it? According to Meg Stapleton (owner of IzzyLene Consulting) spokesperson for SarahPAC and all things Palin, they are very pleased with the amount of money taken in, considering they did very little fundraising.

But, Meg that isn't quite true, is it? The PAC paid out thousands of dollars to > What did they do? Do they have a person on staff, full-time, making up Facebook identities and joining as a fan to boost the numbers? Because, quite frankly, the same few people seem to post there all the time!

However, some excellent research at Palingates answers where several of those $1000.00's have gone toward paying 'other' newly formed 'consulting firms'. Owned by people who are connected to some Pro-Palin blogs, and formed, I might add, about the same time that Bristol's company was formed! So, Meg, the PAC did very little fundraising?

Other than the Book Tour, of course. How much does it cost to have a FB page? How much does it cost to plaster the link to SarahPAC all over the thousands of Pro-Sarah sites?

As an aside, though: only 2.1 million? Wow. I spend a lot of time reading Sarah's OFFICIAL site, and her million+ fans are always talking about how they are sending money to her! I expected a whole lot MORE millions of dollars to show up at SarahPAC! Sounds to me that some of those posts about having donated were ... hmmmm... not quite true? Are they non-donating paid fans? Just askin' .......

Smarter people than me will no doubt go through the fine print of the statement, and good for them. I am just an ordinary, everyday person, who has always had an interest in Current Events, not an accountant OR even a Political Consultant! However, who knew it was so EASY to become a Political Consultant?




1- Earlier this evening, I received an email that a listing on Anchorage Craig list that mentioned my blogpost about SarahPAC was removed, reposted and removed again.

There is also a post about this blog and Gryphens on there (rants and raves) and so far they are still there!

Sarah or someone who works for her is earning an awful lot of PAC money monitoring anything that Sarah doesn't like!

Well .... it seems that the people being PAID to monitor anything Sarah doesn't like are earning their $$$ tonight!

I don't think the DONORS to the SarahPAC meant for their money to be used this way!!! But, that's OK .... I (and others) are ALSO monitoring you now ... and you can't delete my blog!

2_ So ... I reposted:
Flag it if you must, it WILL be reported. In fact, I may post on other news site about this interesting turn of events. I am SURE Sarah will be proud of you, and pleased to see this story in the nationally read blogs!!!

It's not as if CL is the ONLY place to post! As someone said on ... you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!


I received an email about posts on here with my blogpost at being deleted.

Very interesting to me, when someone attempts to silence someone else.

We know that Sarah does that all the time, well, at least I know, since my blog is about Sarah's fans on Facebook. I see it all the time, people being deleted for saying something that Sarah doesn't like.

I noticed that a few other blogs are mentionned on here. is very good, and in fact that one is also checking out the SarahPAC disclosure list! Having posts deleted from here, will make it even MORE INTERESTING to dig into what Sarah's been doing with all that money her fans send her.

Apparently, Sarah didn't think anyone would check it out? She must think everyone is as easy to fool as her fans are! Tsk Tsk Sarah, by now, you should know better!

So ... now that I have found this site, I will be sure to keep you all up to date with what is going on with Sarah outside of Alaska! There is NOTHING more tantalizing than trying to figure out WHY someone wants to silence information!

It positively makes me ..... WANT to dig even more!

Information is what the 1st Amendment is all about, after all. And ... we all know how much Sarah LOVES the Constitution, don't we??

OH .. and please, DO keep those emails coming! I love to hear from you!

As ever,

Archivist1000 :)


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Palins and Tebows for CHOICE; who knew?

It's Tebow Time Again!

The Tebow family is in the news! First, Tim and his Mom, Saint Pam are the spokespeople for the so called "Pro-Life" movement, and are partipating in a high profile ad during the Super Bowl. Then, the controversy about whether or not this is appropriate; CBS decide that it was, so the ad will run. Case closed, right???

NOT SO FAST ........ says Gloria Alred! Dear Gloria claims that the ad just might be based on a 'falsehood'!

What???? A missionary and a falsehood? Say it aint so!

It seems, according to Ms Alred, that Saint Pam's story has a hole in it; at the time that she claims to have 'chosen' to carry Baby Tim to term, abortion in the Phillipines was ILLEGAL. Is it likely that a Doctor would have given Saint Pam advice to abort this baby??

Is it?

Well .. what we DO know is that Saint Pam chose to have her baby, he was fine and Lo! and Behold! today we have the Miracle Heisman Trophy Boy (no, I don't mean OJ !!!)

Isn't choice WONDERFUL ???

So, back to Saint Pam's choice. If abortion was illegal then and there, and a Doctor is subject to jail time for even suggesting it .. is it likely that he WOULD have? Ms Alred doesn't think so!

Here is what I think happened.

Saint Pam, trying to make herself appear 'brave' and 'wonderful' probably told a little white lie once, at a Bible Study group with only a few others present.

A little exageration ... an attempt to show that 'See? A Doctor was wrong, and my faith in God prevailed!'

Missionaries DO tell stories to entice people ... all the time! Stories about miracles. Stories about salvation! Stories about floods and arks and dinosaurs being too big to fit in the ark, so they all drowed and became extinct. Stories about Sky Fairies that love people so much that no amount of pain and suffering and misery is enough to show this love!

So, a story to the faithful, about how Saint Pam chose to have this baby, and some of those present for this testimony to god's amazing powers, amazed at the amazing story repeated it to others in amazement .... and Saint Pam Tebow was stuck with the amazement-making story.

So it becomes part of 'who she is' ... maybe she even believes it now.

These god freaks are used to believing 'myths and legends' anyway, aren't they? 'My god is wonderful, see what he did for me?' kinda thing.

Remember the one about (insert bible myth here) ???

So the story is repeated, over and over again, until it becomes a PART of the Tebow legend! Carried away in fervor, years later, the story has now hit the MSN, she can't walk away from it. Saint Pam has become a symbol! Ironically, she is a symbol for CHOICE though, but that's another story!

Now, here's the funny part.

In December, My FB friend, Patt Truman alerted me to this post by a Palinbot:

Palin Pal (says) Sarah, I am matchmaking. You must invite Tim Tebow, QB University of Florida to dinner. He is a perfect match for your lovely daughter Bristol. He is very religious and wears bible versus under his eyes for every football game. Awesome, Awesome person.

I have to admit, I had to read it 3 times...... that 'versus under his eyes' thing really had me trying to figure out if dear Tim's eyes are crossed and fighting each other, of if bible thumpers have a different way of playing football than the normal folks do!

Ok ... he meant Bible verses .... if he was such a good Xtian, you'd think he'd know how to spell that, wouldn't you?? Is it a requirement that Palin supporters be illiterate? Must be.

So this is the funny part! A Palinbot thinks Tim and Bristol would make such a lovely couple! So much in common!

Bristol and Saint Pam both CHOSE to have their baby, at least that is the story!

How did a story about a woman CHOOSING to do what is right for her (true or not) become a spokesperson for an organization that would love to deny CHOICE to others?

How did a teen aged girl, who becomes a single mother, become the spokesperson for ABSTINENCE?

Why does every nutty story seem to have a Palin angle to it, anyway?
How did Tim end up being the 'link' to these two women??

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah? Sarah? Is this you???


OOPS! This little gem got past the Mods on Sarah's OFFICIAL page!

Jim Sesi (says) Sarah, I was sad and shocked to find the following

Jim's link here

So, of course, I followed that link; how could I resist a glimpse into something that a Palinbot would be 'sad and shocked' to read?

I don't vouch for any of it, BUT I will say that it's very well written AND sourced, and makes for an interesting read!

When is a ROGUE NOT A ROGUE??? When it's Politics As Usual of course! "Loyalty Trumps Ideals" in SarahLand.

Sarah's fans are NOT happy about her support of McCain!

As we know, through her SarahPac, Sarah has been milking her fans for a year; under the assumption that she is a ‘rogue’ and will not support the ‘Politics As Usual’ …. her fans have been sending her their hard earned money, swelling the coffers of the Palin family. A fool and his money are soon parted and there is no shortage of fools in PalinbotLand! When Sarah then sets up her barely literate daughter as a Political Consultant not a peep about that! (nice way to spend the PAC funds AND keep it all in the family.) This is old news to many of us, but to a Palinbot, the whole thing went under their low-radar; if Glen Beck doesn't tell them, they don't know about it!

YES!! Send SarahPAC your $$$$ and 'Save the Country' .. 'Take it Back' .. 'Sarah Will Lead Us' They bought their own fantasy of who Sarah is, and Sarah played them like a cheap fiddle. (or, is that a flute?)

Imagine their confusion, their outrage, their dissappointment, when they hear that now, out of ‘loyalty’ (AKA Politics As Usual) she is supporting McCain AGAINST the Teabagger candidate??

What happened to our girl?? What happened to Sarah?

I hope Conan will forgive me, but ...... I can't help but be cynical about this! Sure, it's possible that Sarah really, truly, honestly believes in McCain! (yuk! yuk!) but .... it's a whole lot MORE likely that McCain knows a few of Sarah's little 'secrets' and is holding that over her head.

When the McCain camp descended on Wasilla last year, does anyone really think they 'destroyed' everything that might embarass Sarah?

Hmmm I don't.

It's interesting that McCain even WANTS her endorsement though. Her track record at 'endorsing' isn't that good, if you remember, Hoffman LOST and so did that Governor What's His Name ... It's more likely that McCain wants her in his camp, so that she isn't mouthing off in someone else, isn't it? He gets her behind him, officially, then ... back to the curb she goes.

McCain is smart enough to know he can control Sarah is she is officially on 'his side' even though he doesn't have to give her a microphone. He just needs to get through the Primary and THEN he can ignore her!

So, Sarah's fans are all a flutter! WHAT??? Sarah is supporting McCain and NOT a Tea bagger???

What the HELL ??? They sent $$$$ to her SarahPAC for her to endorse PoliticsAsUsual McCain??? They stood in line and bought the book and read the stupid thing for THIS??

For a laugh, go watch heads exploding in Palinbot Land!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Steve Schmidt: So, it was COUNTRY FIRST Steve?


Palin watchers, from both sides of the Great Divide That is Sarah, are all a-buzz about the revelations from Steve Schmidt. Unless the upcoming 60 Minutes interview is very different than most of these shows, we've seen the most 'shocking' clips already in the teasers. Anderson Cooper is the interviewer? Oh, well that should be 'hard hitting'. Yawn.

Steve S. was the senior campaign strategist and advisor to the 2008 presidential campaign of Senator John McCain. I guess part of his job was to oversee the 'Selling of Sarah' and judging from some of Sarah's comments in her book, she didn't like him very much!

The McCain campaign slogan, 'Country First' sounded nice, but their actions said something very different.

Well ... excuse me if I don't consider Steve S. a 'hero' .... fact is that even though he KNEW Palin was a disaster, he was willing to work very hard to get her elected, and 'Country Be Damned'.

If McCain had won, Schmidt would still be covering up Palin's incompetence, no?

O'Sarah is not well informed? Hide her from the Press!

O'Sarah will say anything for attention? Let her accuse her opponent of 'palling around with terrorists'.

O'Sarah has skeletons in her closet? Scrub the closets!

O'Sarah can't answer simple questions? Avoid questions!

Too little, too late, Steve. Don't get me wrong: I believe you. It's not as if I didn't know what she was at the time! BUT .... speaking up now doesn't make you more honorable.

Seems to me that when Sarah was lying/misleading about Senator Obama, you were OK with that, it was just 'politics'. Now that YOU are the target of her venom, it's another story?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Update: SarahPAC and Keeping it All in the Family! -- Bristol is a Political Consultant now! Really? asks Rachel Maddow


January 23, 2010: Oh, what do Palinbots do NOW? Sarah is supposed to be campaigning for John McCain in his bid to keep his seat in Arizona, BUT >>>>> JD Hayworth, a TeaBagger, just announced he will challenge McCain!

All that $$$$ the Palinbots sent to SarahPAC, thinking she would support the Tea Party .... I see heads exploding amongst the Palinbots!


Update: I just read on Palingates that Rachel Maddow covered BSMP on her show tonight; she even talked to Van Flein about it. His story is that Bristol has this 'company' because of her association with Candies?


Why wait so long? That spokesperson 'job' has been going on for almost a year now! It's more likely that Sarah is getting ready (in September) to cash in on the publicity that she knows/knew would come in November (and $$$$$ to her PAC) when her book was released; she needs a way to get her hands --- or the hands of someone she can control --- on that that $$$$$$$$$$$.

What better way to keep the $$$$ in the family than to have her daughter in the business of 'political consulting' ??? You just pay the $$$$ for advice, and take or leave the advice, right?

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Rachel Maddow's excellent show tonight, but hope to catch the segment online later!

After reading about Bristol's job on Grypen's blog yesterday, I was curious, and decided to check out what an NAICS 541820 is all about! As soon as I saw: Political Consultant, I imagined this: (well, actually, FIRST I laughed, THEN I imagined this)

One ringy dingy!
Two ringy dingy!

Bristol: Hello. BSMP. Can I help you?
Sarah: Hi. Hello also. This is Governor Mom, I hope you can fit in a quick research project for my SarahPAC this morning? I am in a hurry to progress a story.
Bristol: Sure can! You're our best (only) client! What do you need?
Sarah: I need some in-depth research done, on Senator So-and-So; I need to make him look like he murdered his wife and buried her in an alligator infested bayou. Can you find something like that?
Bristol: Should be a piece of cake, Governor Mom. I'll get right on google and wiki and check out the National Enquirer too!
Sarah: Again. Whatever you can find, also if he's ever even been near a bayou. Any bayou or a creek even.
Bristol: Ok but what's a bayou?
Sarah: Geez Bristol who cares? Oh and also. My pedicure. Schedule that. Pay for it out of BSMP then charge it to SarahPAC as usual.
Bristol: Hey can we all go? Me and Willow and also Piper too?
Sarah: Sure why not? Don't forget to bill for this call. It's a Political Consultation about troops keeping us safe from Senators who might want to drown people in bayous like they could have done to their wife. Kids also, it's a reasonable question to ask.

Sigh ... yep that was what I imagined! That SarahPAC money is just too good to give away!


There isn't that much information on SarahPac. The sycophants on Sarah's OFFICIAL facebook site make donations to her PAC to 'support her in her efforts' ... which is another way of saying 'supporting Sarah' to do what she wants to do!

What does Sarah say she wants to do??

We're going to work as Commonsense Conservatives for everyday, hardworking Americans by tackling issues that you care about and by helping candidates who will stand up for our nation. We'll help candidates (regardless of party) who have the courage to go to Washington or serve statewide and make the tough decisions needed to get our country back on track.

We can't do this alone - this effort needs good, commonsense Americans now more than ever. Please click here if you can assist with SarahPAC today.

SarahPAC supporters make it possible to get out there and fight for what we believe in. Please stand with us today. We won't let anyone tell us to sit down and shut up. We're going to stand up, stand together, and fight for what's right!

Thank you so much for your support and for your love of our country. My book, Going Rogue, is dedicated to you - to Patriots - who fight for freedom!

With an Alaska Heart,

Sarah Palin

Please know how grateful I am for your support.

Yes, Sarah, I am sure you are being truthful there: You ARE grateful for the 'support' of your 'donating' fans!

The PAC's goals are nicely vague. Basically, SarahPAC controls all the money, from donations .... and Sarah DECIDES how it is spent.

She has to spend it on political stuff, of course.

What kind of 'political stuff' ????

Flyers? Robocalls on behalf of candidates who don't want her help? Writing Facebook Notes to endorse a candidate --- who ended up losing a Republican seat to a Democrat--- Travel to speak in support of anyone who wants her (or even doesn't want her!)

A dedicated, responsible public servant like Sarah would obviously, need to research the candidates before she decides who to endorse, right?

Wouldn't be nice if there was a small company formed, where an 'owner' could spend all day googling for info? What would that type of consultation cost, I wonder ...

I am guessing, it's a pretty pricey thing, having a professional political consultant do all that research.

Lucky for Sarah, though, her barely graduated from High School daughter has started just such a company!

And ... thanks to Grypen, and his amazing blog we now know just HOW Sarah is going to spend all that $$$$$ her 'fans' send her out of their food budget!
According to these papers filed in September 2009 ... Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin has herself a nice new little LLC, Classification Code NAICS 541820 Public.

What activities, you might ask (well, I did anyway!) does a NAICS 541820 engage in?

Oh ... you know.........

........The usual stuff than anyone with a High School education is qualified to do. Public Relations. Political Consulting Services. Lobbying.

Bristol who barely graduated High School ... yes, she is perfectly qualified to
"designing and implementing public relations campaigns. These campaigns are designed to promote the interests and image of their clients. Establishments providing lobbying, political consulting, or public relations consulting are included in this industry" NAICS 541820

IF Sarah decides to pay BSMP LLC $500,000 to 'consult' ... she CAN do that.

It's a FRONTto absord the PAC funds... avoiding tax on Bristol's earnings is small potatoes compared to being able to essentially PAY HERSELF out the the PAC to 'consult' and 'endorse' candidates!

Bristol doesn't have to do a thing, all she has to do is accept the 'fees' for the 'Political Consultations'.

And Sarah can 'pay' for 'Political Consultations' out of the PAC ... most of those donations by Sarah's schumcks are going to stay in the Palin family; some of it will pay for travel to speak and she might give $2000.000 here and there to 'candidates of her choice' ... but ... she can blow the whole wad on 'Political consultions' if she wants to!

Political Consultations with BSMP LLC, her daughter's company. A daughter who barely has a High School education and probably can't name all the States.

I wonder if Bristol has ever read the Constitution???

I remember a post once, on Sarah's OFFICIAL FB page, where she solicits donations for he PAC ... some half-wit told Sarah she was going to eat rice for a week, and send Sarah her grocery $$$$.