Saturday, January 30, 2010

Palins and Tebows for CHOICE; who knew?

It's Tebow Time Again!

The Tebow family is in the news! First, Tim and his Mom, Saint Pam are the spokespeople for the so called "Pro-Life" movement, and are partipating in a high profile ad during the Super Bowl. Then, the controversy about whether or not this is appropriate; CBS decide that it was, so the ad will run. Case closed, right???

NOT SO FAST ........ says Gloria Alred! Dear Gloria claims that the ad just might be based on a 'falsehood'!

What???? A missionary and a falsehood? Say it aint so!

It seems, according to Ms Alred, that Saint Pam's story has a hole in it; at the time that she claims to have 'chosen' to carry Baby Tim to term, abortion in the Phillipines was ILLEGAL. Is it likely that a Doctor would have given Saint Pam advice to abort this baby??

Is it?

Well .. what we DO know is that Saint Pam chose to have her baby, he was fine and Lo! and Behold! today we have the Miracle Heisman Trophy Boy (no, I don't mean OJ !!!)

Isn't choice WONDERFUL ???

So, back to Saint Pam's choice. If abortion was illegal then and there, and a Doctor is subject to jail time for even suggesting it .. is it likely that he WOULD have? Ms Alred doesn't think so!

Here is what I think happened.

Saint Pam, trying to make herself appear 'brave' and 'wonderful' probably told a little white lie once, at a Bible Study group with only a few others present.

A little exageration ... an attempt to show that 'See? A Doctor was wrong, and my faith in God prevailed!'

Missionaries DO tell stories to entice people ... all the time! Stories about miracles. Stories about salvation! Stories about floods and arks and dinosaurs being too big to fit in the ark, so they all drowed and became extinct. Stories about Sky Fairies that love people so much that no amount of pain and suffering and misery is enough to show this love!

So, a story to the faithful, about how Saint Pam chose to have this baby, and some of those present for this testimony to god's amazing powers, amazed at the amazing story repeated it to others in amazement .... and Saint Pam Tebow was stuck with the amazement-making story.

So it becomes part of 'who she is' ... maybe she even believes it now.

These god freaks are used to believing 'myths and legends' anyway, aren't they? 'My god is wonderful, see what he did for me?' kinda thing.

Remember the one about (insert bible myth here) ???

So the story is repeated, over and over again, until it becomes a PART of the Tebow legend! Carried away in fervor, years later, the story has now hit the MSN, she can't walk away from it. Saint Pam has become a symbol! Ironically, she is a symbol for CHOICE though, but that's another story!

Now, here's the funny part.

In December, My FB friend, Patt Truman alerted me to this post by a Palinbot:

Palin Pal (says) Sarah, I am matchmaking. You must invite Tim Tebow, QB University of Florida to dinner. He is a perfect match for your lovely daughter Bristol. He is very religious and wears bible versus under his eyes for every football game. Awesome, Awesome person.

I have to admit, I had to read it 3 times...... that 'versus under his eyes' thing really had me trying to figure out if dear Tim's eyes are crossed and fighting each other, of if bible thumpers have a different way of playing football than the normal folks do!

Ok ... he meant Bible verses .... if he was such a good Xtian, you'd think he'd know how to spell that, wouldn't you?? Is it a requirement that Palin supporters be illiterate? Must be.

So this is the funny part! A Palinbot thinks Tim and Bristol would make such a lovely couple! So much in common!

Bristol and Saint Pam both CHOSE to have their baby, at least that is the story!

How did a story about a woman CHOOSING to do what is right for her (true or not) become a spokesperson for an organization that would love to deny CHOICE to others?

How did a teen aged girl, who becomes a single mother, become the spokesperson for ABSTINENCE?

Why does every nutty story seem to have a Palin angle to it, anyway?
How did Tim end up being the 'link' to these two women??


  1. At the very least as a Xtian woman and a missionary she would be certain to follow the moral and legal laws of the land and do the right thing and report this unxtian-like doctor to the appropriate authorities. ..

    wait a minute this sounds familiar, didn't seeror say that her daughters were threatened with rape and not report it to apprpriate officials so others may be spared similar threats or

    I also have an xtian friend whose daughter has been threatened with rape and a creepy person comes and stares at her at her work and none is told about this cuz he just comes and stares....wouldn't you report this maybe the guy has done this to other store personnel and maybe the store knows his past behavior, maybe he is a rapist and this is how he works....but don't let the suthorities know...oh no

    All these people xtians cry foul but none tries to alert officials. . . .they seem to pull this
    s t out of you know where when it benefits their cause