Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarah? Sarah? Is this you???


OOPS! This little gem got past the Mods on Sarah's OFFICIAL page!

Jim Sesi (says) Sarah, I was sad and shocked to find the following

Jim's link here

So, of course, I followed that link; how could I resist a glimpse into something that a Palinbot would be 'sad and shocked' to read?

I don't vouch for any of it, BUT I will say that it's very well written AND sourced, and makes for an interesting read!


  1. Rational ConservativeJanuary 23, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    "Sad and shocked to find" Sarah guilty of duplicity? He better fasten his seatbelt. Duplicity is the least shocking of her many vices.

  2. Hard to believe since there is a YouTube video out there where she considers abortion even in the face of rape and incest as wrong.

    She is pro life as far as I can see. But then again, she is so duplicitous that it is not difficult to imagine otherwise.

  3. I'm glad this info is finally getting out there. It's about time!

    Palin didn't do anything to reduce abortion in Alaska. She didn't call a special session to address the fact that a 13-year old can, to this day, get a legal abortion in Alaska without parental concent or notification.

    And yes, it's a fact that Sarah Palin did appoint the judge who had served on the board of Planned Parenthood.

    As a pro-choice advocate, I have no problem with any of this! :-)

  4. Apparently, the judge served on PP's board before they were offering abortion services in AK. But they were offering them elsewhere, so I think it speaks very well for the judge in question, no matter what Palinbots might prefer.

  5. I've seen this issue on the pro-Palin sites. They claim BOTH nominees were pro-choice, so Palin was forced to pick a pro-choice judge. Is that right? I thought there were quite a few applicants (at least one anti-choice) - anyone remember?

  6. My head hurts from trying to interpret this!

    Frederick Bykonen
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  7. OMG Anonymous!!! No wonder your head hurts, but imagine what it must be like to BE this guy??

    I hope he is sending $$$$ to SarahPAC too! (wink)