Saturday, January 23, 2010

When is a ROGUE NOT A ROGUE??? When it's Politics As Usual of course! "Loyalty Trumps Ideals" in SarahLand.

Sarah's fans are NOT happy about her support of McCain!

As we know, through her SarahPac, Sarah has been milking her fans for a year; under the assumption that she is a ‘rogue’ and will not support the ‘Politics As Usual’ …. her fans have been sending her their hard earned money, swelling the coffers of the Palin family. A fool and his money are soon parted and there is no shortage of fools in PalinbotLand! When Sarah then sets up her barely literate daughter as a Political Consultant not a peep about that! (nice way to spend the PAC funds AND keep it all in the family.) This is old news to many of us, but to a Palinbot, the whole thing went under their low-radar; if Glen Beck doesn't tell them, they don't know about it!

YES!! Send SarahPAC your $$$$ and 'Save the Country' .. 'Take it Back' .. 'Sarah Will Lead Us' They bought their own fantasy of who Sarah is, and Sarah played them like a cheap fiddle. (or, is that a flute?)

Imagine their confusion, their outrage, their dissappointment, when they hear that now, out of ‘loyalty’ (AKA Politics As Usual) she is supporting McCain AGAINST the Teabagger candidate??

What happened to our girl?? What happened to Sarah?

I hope Conan will forgive me, but ...... I can't help but be cynical about this! Sure, it's possible that Sarah really, truly, honestly believes in McCain! (yuk! yuk!) but .... it's a whole lot MORE likely that McCain knows a few of Sarah's little 'secrets' and is holding that over her head.

When the McCain camp descended on Wasilla last year, does anyone really think they 'destroyed' everything that might embarass Sarah?

Hmmm I don't.

It's interesting that McCain even WANTS her endorsement though. Her track record at 'endorsing' isn't that good, if you remember, Hoffman LOST and so did that Governor What's His Name ... It's more likely that McCain wants her in his camp, so that she isn't mouthing off in someone else, isn't it? He gets her behind him, officially, then ... back to the curb she goes.

McCain is smart enough to know he can control Sarah is she is officially on 'his side' even though he doesn't have to give her a microphone. He just needs to get through the Primary and THEN he can ignore her!

So, Sarah's fans are all a flutter! WHAT??? Sarah is supporting McCain and NOT a Tea bagger???

What the HELL ??? They sent $$$$ to her SarahPAC for her to endorse PoliticsAsUsual McCain??? They stood in line and bought the book and read the stupid thing for THIS??

For a laugh, go watch heads exploding in Palinbot Land!



  1. We know they both are for sale, if enough money is offered $P would start loving our President and agree with his policies. McCain/Palin don't speak ill of each other because McCain would look bad because of his ill choice for VP, he also has the goods on $P about her faked pregnancy and other cover ups and lies. He helped cover up for her, so what can she say bad about him.

  2. Yes... Politics has created some "strange bedfellows " and how appropriate of a term when you say the name ' Palin '. Which is more ironic though... the word ' strange ' or the word ' bedfellows '... Hmm...?
    Bree linked to a few RW blogs that were discussing this. Someone on " HotAir" made this comment.
    " Palin I would go to se in a heartbeat, even if it was over 50 miles away!
    Even if his daughter,Meghan Thunderthighs , showed up wearing nothing but a Thong, I wouldn't walk across the street to see.

    pilamaye on January 20,2010 at 8:58 pm.
    Not really funny enough for your side-bar quotes but I hope that message can get back to Megan McCain so she might write a comment about it on her blog. After all... these are the Fans who support Granny ... who will be coming to AZ soon to see Her Dad.

  3. Either I am math-challenged, or Andrew Chalfont is. Isn't 1,000,000 x $1,000 = $1,000,000,000 or $1 billion, not $1 trillion?

  4. you give them too much credit I think.

    Hints about what Mccain has on Sarah Palin are worthless. If you all had any facts you would be fallin over yourselfs to spill them. All those websites that say they know for a fact that this and that about Sarah Palin and Trigg or Tripp or Tracc are wishful thinking.

    Fun to read your site tho!

  5. I am really hating John Edwards this week. Just imagine if he had won the nomination then this story broke about the baby. We would surely be looking at Pops and The Tower of Babel, along with Benedict Arnold Lieberman for SoS, as leaders today.

    And listening to "my friends" and "god's will" as they bombed everything in sight for "national security". OMG!

  6. Hoffman in the NY 23rd welcomed Sarah's endorsement and lost. Shortly afterwards, Sarah was rebuffed by the Republican Governor campaigns in NJ and VA and was on a downward spiral. That's when the talk about McCain permitting Sarah to be a part of his campaign began to be emphasized. Most recently the Republican Senate campaign in MA rebuffed Sarah, and all this talk about Sarah being welcomed by McCain resurfaces.

    Sarah was slapped down three times in a row, publicly humiliated on the national stage, and needed a lifeline from McCain. McCain, like all Republicans, especially moderate Republicans, wants absolutely nothing to do with Sarah but feels obligated to help HER.

    Now McCain has a problem named Sarah Palin.

    How does he get rid of her?

  7. "How does he get rid of her?"

    According to Adrienne Ross:

    "...when a lying dog refuses to put her rabid mouth to sleep, sometimes you just have to put that dog down."