Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FOX and Greta .. Greta and Sarah ... Greta's bad day!

This whole FOX vs WH, Greta, Palin, Oprah thing has got my little mind all a'flutter! It's too delicious to ignore!

It's a bad day for Greta! First, the White House decides to put FOX in its place and now Sarah has turned her back on FOX and mostly on Greta!

To begin with:>>> Sour Grapes at gretawire.com today! Poor Greta, she really thought she would win "the bookings race for Governor Sarah Palin's first book interview" ........... ?????

Greta, after all .. DESERVED it, didn't she??... And now look what's happened ! Sarah has stabbed her in the back and gone to OPRAH!

Psst Greta: you should have KNOWN Sarah would discard you like a used tissue, it's her MO! Weren't you listening to OTHERS who've worked with her?

Still ....... Greta asks on her blog:

So who won the bookings race for Governor Sarah Palin's first book interview? Oprah! And what makes this particularly interesting is that Oprah is a huge (and early) supporter of President Obama. During the election (when Palin was on the ticket and running) Oprah left the talk show set and stumped for candidate Obama against McCain and Palin.

Will Oprah ask the Governor about Bill Ayers? (remember the Governor talking about that on the campaign trail?) Will the interview be fascinating? or mean spirited? tough? touchy-feely? factual? inquisitive? straight forward? cold? warm? probing? (1)

Gee Greta, I was ALSO wondering about Oprah's questions!

Mine were:

1- How much OIL does Alaska produce NOW and how much would Drill Baby Drill 'really' produce? (I know, but Sarah won't know)

2- It's been said that you are not a 'thoughful' person. What do you think that means?

3- When you went into premature labour with an at-risk child, what were you thinking when you decided to fly from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage then drive to Wasilla? Wasn't that reckless?

4- Your SarahPac solicits donations from Americans for whom $10.00 is a lot of money. You call yourself a soccer Mom, and one of the little people ... how do you connect that with the Kennedy-esque compound you are building in Alaska today?

5- When you said President Obama was 'palling around with terrorists' .... did you know who Bill Ayers was? Had you ever read about him?

6- Do you know that many of the most famous quotes by Reagan, are also famous quotes by Mao Tse Tung? Have you ever read any philosophers?

7- Katie Couric did NOT imply that people in Alaska had no access to news/book/magazines .. why did you feel the need to rephrase her question so that it appeared condescending, when it wasn't at all?

8- Do you think you are as well informed and capable as Hillary Clinton to be President? Do you know what a President does?
Will you ask about 'palling around' with the likes of Glen Beck, endorsing him on her site?

Will you challenge her on her 'death panel' scaremongering?

Will you ask her probing questions are the 'oil industry' that will reveal that she knows nothing about it?

How about asking her a few foreign policy questions?

Depreciating Value of the $$$ ??? I'd like to know how much she knows about International Finance 'stuff' .. does she know the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Hawaiian dollar???

and finally, Oprah, will you be changing your name to 'Greta' after the interview?

Time will tell, but for the moment, back to Greta!

Greta is obviously very dissappointed, after all the support she gives Sarah, I am sure she expected to be rewarded. After all, Greta made a fool of herself in AK with her 'interview' (hero worship) in Wasilla. And Greta plugs Sarah's site for her, increasing the numbers dramatically!

But ... Palin's reputation precedes her, Greta should have seen this coming.

Sarah is a USER, anyone who has worked with her has said so.

The McCain campaign staff said so, the legislators of Alaska said so, even Levi said so! (Where is Meg these days?)

Greta and Glen and ALL of FOX have served their purpose, and Sarah has moved on to 'brighter lights' ....... She has some inside the beltway heavy hitters now!

Greta is crushed! She thought she worked for a REAL TEE-VEE News Network! She though Sarah really liked her!

Note to Greta: You were the brainy girl in High School, weren't you?

And all the 'cute' guys and girls ignored you until they needed someone to 'borrow notes from' or be 'their LAB partner' right??

Well, Greta, Sarah was the popular cheerleader who borrowed your notes and never gave them back! So sorry. Thanks anyway, see ya. (wink)

I have been watching Greta for a long time, though not so much in recent years since she went to FOX.

Back in the 90's though, during the OJ trial, Greta was a nightly guest on Larry King, along with Roger Cossak (sp) ... she was fair, unbiased and usually RIGHT when she and Roger Cossak voiced their opinions on the trial. Greta would analyse that day's events, zero in on the relevant issues and explain what everything meant. She knew her stuff, and when Judge Ito convened the court the next morning, he pretty much did what Greta had predicted. So did the Jury.

Greta was the 'go to' person on all things Legal.

After the trial, Greta and Roger shared a show on CNN .. (can't remember the name): they discussed and examined current legal issues/stories. It was always informative, interesting and factual. Again, Greta was impressive; a skilled interviewer (cross-examiner) always on point cutting through the fluff to get at the issue.

THEN ... Greta joined FOX ! She did try (in the beginning) to keep it classy; but, somewhere around the time of the Aruba Girl story, she went tabloid. Nancy Grace the Bimbo (also a Larry King graduate, btw) had a nightly show competing with Greta. Where Nancy was self-righteous and judgemental, Greta was still in 'legal expert' mode. Soon, Greta joined the tabloid format.

I always respected Greta, because I admire educated, intelligent women; and make no mistake, Greta is very smart. The real story about Greta, in my view, is that she traded in her 'brain' for 'ratings'.

When Palin came along, Greta hitched her wagon to Sarah's rising star. Her 'interviews' with Palin were embarassing to watch, she was literally drooling over Sarah and Todd.

Greta might be offended to be lumped in with the likes of Beck, and so she should be! It seems that she she is still under the impression that she has a reputation for integrity and truthworthiness. It is a shock to her to be lumped in with the rest of the FOX bunch.
She may just now be realizing that her 'current fan base' are the same undereducated people that Beck draws in.... in her mind, she gave her viewers the credit they didn't deserve.

But... Greta .... you work for FOX ... is it really a surprise to you that FOX edits video clips, misrepresents what people actually say, starts lynch mobs etc ...

When did your 'legal mind' begin accepting this as 'normal'? When did you develop the ability to turn off your integrity?

Greta, when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas. Do you really expect people to see you differently (even if you are) ???

Keep your outrage, and examine where you steered your career, Greta ... I used to admire you so much, when you cared more about your integrity than your ratings.

Greta, are you just now realizing that you sold out?

FOX will dump you if you regain your integrity, just as Sarah has dumped you when someone bigger, like Oprah came along.

"Popular girls" ALWAYS dump the brainy girl when they see an 'open door'.

Sarah told you that herself, Greta. Remember?

I'm like, OK, God, if there is an open door for me somewhere, this is what I always pray, I'm like, don't let me miss the open door. Show me where the open door is. Even if it's cracked up a little bit, maybe I'll plow right on through that and maybe prematurely plow through it, but don't let me miss an open door. (2)

(1) www.gretawire.com
(2) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/10/sarah-palin-fox-news-inte_n_142856.html

FOLLOW UP ON THE INTERVIEW:Greta's blog on November 17, 2009

AFTER the interview, Greta is still stinging from Sarah's decision to choose Oprah for the 1st big interview. This is how Greta handles it on her blog:

So today was the big day -- Oprah interviewed Governor Palin. I was very interested in watching the interview. As you know, there are many issues I don't agree with the Governor on (or anyone for that matter) and I was anxious to see how Governor Palin answered the policy questions. Yes, I confess I like also to hear the personal stuff...but candidates, so that we can measure them, need to be asked policy questions. We never know a person's view of an issue unless we ask. There is nothing like getting the answers right from the person. With politicians, I like a mixture of BOTH personal and policy / views on important matters.

We hear rumors (only from the media as the Governor has never said it) that she may run in 2012...so this book tour is/was the perfect opportunity to ask a few policy questions...find out what she thinks. Plus, it seems only fair to give her a chance to tell us her views on important issues (yes, like the ones the men get asked....war...economy....etc.) since she gets criticized for being light on policy. So... we should find out what she thinks about the heavy lifting issues, too, right?

So did Oprah ask any policy questions ? or was it all personal or gossip?

Now that is funny, Greta implies that SHE would have asked 'policy' questions and that Oprah was pretty much just 'gossip' .. RIGHT Greta, because YOUR interview was all about policy huh?

Greta, Sarah's book has no policy statements .. it's ALL about Gossip. And Sarah's ME ME ME take on what happened to HER HER HER.

You're right though, it seems that Oprah's interview was softballed, as we all expected it to be.

Pot, meet Kettle, Greta!

Monday, October 19, 2009

If ONLY Palinbots could read! They wouldn't sound so ... stupid!

There is something inherently funny about people who post LINKS to prove their points, but the LINK either DISPROVES their argument or has NOTHING TO DO with their argument!

Lisa F*** over at Palinbot Central is not only doing that, but she hasn't even READ her own link! Is it any wonder that we laugh at Palin's supporter? Is it any wonder that we consider them uninformed?

You would think that people who choose to participate in Political sites would have at least a passing understanding of how Government works, wouldn't you? Didn't we all learn this in High School? Well .... no. If you spend a few minutes ...on Sarah's site, you will see how clueless her supporters are, which explains, I suppose, WHY they support Sarah.

So, the latest conspiracy over there, which I wrote about on my blog a few days ago, is till ''rearing its head" (wink) .. OBAMA IS GOING TO SIGN A TREATY TO CEDE SOVEREIGNTY IN COPPENHAGEN IN DECEMBER!! OH HORROR! This is all based on the famous Monckton video.

It must be scary to be so easily brainwashed, I think.

Take this Palinbot, for example:
Lisa F*** Glaobal Warming may be a hoax but our administration will sign the UN proposal this Dec. anyway. Lord Christopher Monckton says it signs away our soveriengty. It's 181 pages. I am looking for some people who will read sections (10 pgs at a time)... and take notes. I want to send this around to all. Can I get soem help here?
UNFCCC Copenhagen 2009 http://www.globalclimatescam.com/documents/un-fccc-copenhagen-2009.pdf

So much stupidity, in such a small post!

First, Lisa ... your link has nothing to do with Copenhagen, it's about a conference that is OVER ... December comes AFTER September. SEPTEMBER IN BANGKOK and BARCELONA ... Can't you READ??

Secondly, this is about a CONFERENCE, as your link says: to DISCUSS an issue. Nobody is signing any treaties in December.

Third, even IF there was a Treaty to be signed, President Obama wouldn't be signing one, because he can't sign a Treaty that has not be ratified by CONGRESS ... get some Education, please.

Fourth, President Obama is not even scheduled to GO to this conference, though he might go to Copenhagen to accept his NOBEL PRIZE! ... Is that what all you Palinbots are confused about??? DUH!

Fifth, "Lord Monckton" is not a Lord at all ... he calls himself that, but he isn't one. He just wants to impress the easily impressed .... like YOU, Lisa.


I went back to read any responses. You'd think all of this is bad enough wouldn't you? But, you'd be wrong! Lisa tries to backtrack her OP when her 'information' is challenged by someone.

The reason I posted this was to get some people to read through it and see if the claims were true. I like Sarah Palin and I think of all people she would enjoy a healthy exchange of ideas.

Now THAT is hilarious! If there is something Sarah does NOT like, it's 'a healthy exchange of ideas' ...

OH, and Lisa?? I can read. Your post said : "...our administration will sign the UN proposal this Dec." That doesn't sound to ME as if you wanted to 'see if the claims were true' ... (wink)

Everything you posted could have been said without the condescending edge to it. Also I don't believe this sight in moderated. There are dozens of new posts a hour so there would be no way for me to know this had been discussed before.

I'm looking for more information so I came to what I believe are fairly like minded people to find it. ...

Like-minded? You mean, other people who don't read? Other people who buy into any conspiracy theory they can find on youtube? Yep, you are in the right place, Sarah's site is full of those people! Oh ... and the 'no moderating'???? That is why there are no informed people here, Lisa ... their comments are deleted! The problem is, Lisa, that the Moderators here delete whatever isn't good for Sarah OR bad for Obama. BUT .. lies and misrepresentations are OK.

Furthermore, you aren't 'looking for more information' ... you said: "I am looking for some people who will read sections (10 pgs at a time)... and take notes. I want to send this around to all"

Do you REALLY think everyone is fooled by Sarah? NEWSFLASH: Sarah is a whack-job, Lisa, and the 'like-minded' people on her site, are also whack-jobs. Illiterate, undereducated and gullible.

To All,
I mis-spoke. It is the UNFCCC The UN Framework Convention On Climate Change. This is what is happening on Dec 9. It's framing a treaty not a treaty signing. What I have read in it so far is a format for assigning pollution debt around the world. Still reading....

Still haven't read your own link huh? See, your link isn't about a Convention in Copenhagen .. says so right there, pretty much in the title! Your link is about a document relating to SEPTEMBER, Lisa ...

Face it, Lisa, you are a typical Palin supporter ... you have no reliable information, because you don't want it; you are content being fed lies, as long as you like what you hear. You didn't 'mispeak' ... you went on a rant about something you wanted to believe, because it was 'bad' about Obama!

Everyone agrees pollution is bad and standards need to be put in place but there is a growing consensus that co2 is not at the heart of climate change. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the earths climate cycles are to blame, in fact the science czar (Holdren) was screaming about global cooling not all that long ago. No matter what you believe, with this much at stake shouldn't we know this before putting a policy in place that would in effect siphon off huge amounts of our economy?

Yea, yea, whatever ... I'm sure you have reliable sources for THAT comment too, huh?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

The latest Palinbot conspiracy on Sarah's OFFICIAl site ... is there no end to their gullibility?

Palinbot J**** C*** says: I have something of urgent importance Sarah Palin needs to be aware of. I need someone that moderates this page to say its ok to post the link to the video here please.

13 minutes later, Jennifer decides to post her URGENT NEWS .... lol

J**** C*** says: Sarah, please take a look at this. It explains it ALL! We must all come together to stop this travesty from happening before its too late!


So, of course (hehe wink!) I just HAD to see what was so URGENT ........ so FRIGHTENING!

The youtube video (always SUCH a good source for reliable information, dontcha know!) begins by introdrucing Lord Christopher Monkton, a climate expert ...

First, Christopher Monkton is NOT a Lord. He doesn't have a seat in the House of Lords, he is a Viscount. He 'calls himself' that, but it's misleading.

Second, Christopher Monkton is NOT a climate expert. He is a politician, a writer and a bit of an eccentric. He studied the classics and journalism. He may be 'self-taught' of course, and that is not a bad thing in itself, but .....

Of course, this doesn't stop batty ol' Christopher from being a favorite doomsayer of the Palinbots. Nothing is too ridiculous for this crowd!

Never let a good conspiracy go unreported! Now we have Palinbot S**** H**** pushing the video, via a blog.

Palinbot S*** H*** posts: Governor Palin, We need your voice on this most disturbing development. via Pamela Geller http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2009/10/action-alert-obama-to-cede-us-sovereignty-in-december.html

Same nonsense, same nutcase, different source

NOTE: Since I put this post, Sarahs' OFFICIAL site has gone viral with this youtube video. It is being 'discussed' by her clueless supporters with fear/anger .. but of course, NOBODY has the brains to check it out.

It SAYS SO MUCH about Palin, that her OFFICIAL site is so full of illiterate hillbilly types ... doesn't it?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Palinbot Rule # 1 ... ONLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!! (otherwise, you might have to think!)

Oh dear! The Palinbots are all upset about Anita Dunn (never heard of her, myself, until recently) ... apparently Beck just 'revealed' to them that Dunn has said that Mao Tze Tung was an 'important' philosopher ... so this bunch of uneducated hillbillies are on a mindless rant about how she 'admires' Mao etc ...

Sorry Palinbots, but educated people OFTEN read what you all consider to be 'bad' books. There is much to learn from people who accomplished great feats EVEN if those accomplishments were 'bad' ...

I guess that is why Palinbots are so easily manipulated, they don't know how to think ... never had to do it, never exposed themselves to thought!

Video in question:


Just saw the video; I don't know who Anita Dunn was addressing but, it's so sad ... Ms Dunn had a good message, using Mao and Mother Theresa as examples ... fight your own war your way (ie: Live your own life, your way) and find your own path to get to your goal ... She does describe them as her 'favorite' philosophers, insofar as having learned important life skills from them.

Palinbots, being careful never to expose themselves to 'ideas' have no concept of this "learnin' thang" of course; they were the ones who never read a book they didn't have to, never had a stimulating conversation with someone who held different life experiences and never had the intellectual curiosity to expand their minds.

Beck understands this about his audience, and has no respect for their intellec;, he knows they will be unable to do any critical thinking, or even 'hear' what is being told to them, unless it's delivered in his Jerry Springer sideshow manner. Which he does so well, fake onion-induced tears and all!

Anyone else wonder what Ms Dunn was about to say about the Obamas, before Beck cut it off ??? I am sure his Beckbots won't 'wonder' of course ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's the Maverick NOW???

The airwaves and tubes (internet tubes, that is!) are all a-buzz and a-twittering today about Sen Olympia Snowe. She voted yes in the Finance Commitee yesterday, moving the debate on health care onto the floor! The only Republican to do so!

Eloquently, she said:

"Is this bill all that I want? Far from it. Is it all that it could be? No,” Snowe said. “But when history calls, history calls. And I happen to think the consequences of inaction dictate the urgency of Congress to take every opportunity to demonstrate its capacity to solve the monumental issues of our time.

Then, she got all Maverick-y, went all rogue and cast an AYE! vote.

Now, as we all know, our Sarah thinks SHE is the maverick! She is the one who goes rogue! I don't know exactly what she has done to be maverick-y and rogu-y, but she keeps saying it so .. it must be true, right??

But, as I said, today, it's all about Sen Olympia Snowe. Palin is overshadowed by someone who has actually done something! Someone whose vote mattered! Someone who knows what the hell she is talking about!

So I can't shake this image I have of Sarah today: She is in her beautiful house, on the shores of Lake Lucille, AK ... the beautiful house that Todd and his 'buddies' built a few years ago, coincidently, around the same time a new rec center was being built by these 'buddies' in Wasilla.

I imagine Sarah,pacing around in a rage, all maverick-y like, raging at the unfairness of it all!

I see her as the cheerleader who just lost the 'attention' of the cutest boy in High School, because he asked the smart girl to be his date to the prom....... after Sarah the Cheerleader spent a year doing 'it' with him to get his attention!!

She is the displaced Queen of the Mavericks! Someone has out-rogued her!

The talking heads on Tee-Vee are talking about Snowe, and narry a word about Sarah!

Yesterday, Sarah published a NOTE on her official FB page, with birthday wishes to Margaret Thatcher .. inviting comparisons that surely exist only in the vacuum of Sarah's mind. She sees herself as another Iron Lady? Margaret Thatcher ??? Really?

Sarah: I lived in England during the Thatcher years. I knew Margaret Thatcher; and you, Sarah, are no Margaret Thatcher.

But, that NOTE didn't get noticed, not even as joke material, because Sen Snowe was grabbing all the headlines. Rightfully so.

So, I'm wondering ... what nonsense Note will Sarah publish tomorrow, or soon ... to get back in the limelight!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Palinbots react to Obama winning the Nobel prize!

The Palinbots on Sarah's OFFICIAL site are going crazy today! They are foaming at the mouth! Visit her site www.facebook.com/sarahpalin to see how totally insane they are!

NOTE: the ONLY post congratulating President Obama was DELETED within minutes ... This is from PALIN'S OFFICIAL SITE...

I will just C&P a few comments here, they speak for themselves.

C** B**** :This surely is an indicator of the end of the world. How do you get an award for having potential. Where is the guy that has the potential to take over in 2012 and fix this. Lets find him/her and give them an award.

E*** W*** :I agree with NRO, the award should be given to the american defense dept since the american military is the greatest guarantor of peace in the world.

L** J***: you have to hate america in order to win the nonsense peat prize

J* T***: This is the same organization that awarded Gorbachov the NP for having destroyed the former USSR. Is this their way of promoting the destruction of the US by BO? We must remember this is a leftest group promoting the new world order by dismantling this great country.

ROFLMAO at this next one!!!

S*** H**** : My email to the Nobel office in Norway: postmaster@nobel.no You have made a grave mistake. Obama is battling for his political life in the USA because the world views his positions as being weak while allowing rogue nations the time to escalate and p...roliferate. By awarding this to Obama, you have minimized and debased the award and its value to all its prior recipients. It has become a worthless award with less value than an MTV award, and has lost the respect of the world. I attempted to telephone you at the Nobel office (011-47-2212-9300) and fax your office (011-47-2212-9310), but was unable to get through. Shame on you. Let them know what you think.

R*** W***: Peace everywhere but HERE in the good ole USA where he and his party have caused division like none seen in many, many years as they apply their efforts to FORCEABLY move us to socialism; anything peaceful in this manipulative move. HARDLY

J*** P***:i Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize is like giving the prize to Hirohito, emperor of japan that killed millions of chinese, even more than the german holocaust.

Then there is THIS one ... such a short sentence, so MUCH stupidity in this one!

B*** B***l How was Norway able to award the Peace Prize this year anyway? I thought Oprah ate Norway on their failed Olympic bid trip!