Thursday, October 15, 2009

Palinbot Rule # 1 ... ONLY LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!! (otherwise, you might have to think!)

Oh dear! The Palinbots are all upset about Anita Dunn (never heard of her, myself, until recently) ... apparently Beck just 'revealed' to them that Dunn has said that Mao Tze Tung was an 'important' philosopher ... so this bunch of uneducated hillbillies are on a mindless rant about how she 'admires' Mao etc ...

Sorry Palinbots, but educated people OFTEN read what you all consider to be 'bad' books. There is much to learn from people who accomplished great feats EVEN if those accomplishments were 'bad' ...

I guess that is why Palinbots are so easily manipulated, they don't know how to think ... never had to do it, never exposed themselves to thought!

Video in question:

Just saw the video; I don't know who Anita Dunn was addressing but, it's so sad ... Ms Dunn had a good message, using Mao and Mother Theresa as examples ... fight your own war your way (ie: Live your own life, your way) and find your own path to get to your goal ... She does describe them as her 'favorite' philosophers, insofar as having learned important life skills from them.

Palinbots, being careful never to expose themselves to 'ideas' have no concept of this "learnin' thang" of course; they were the ones who never read a book they didn't have to, never had a stimulating conversation with someone who held different life experiences and never had the intellectual curiosity to expand their minds.

Beck understands this about his audience, and has no respect for their intellec;, he knows they will be unable to do any critical thinking, or even 'hear' what is being told to them, unless it's delivered in his Jerry Springer sideshow manner. Which he does so well, fake onion-induced tears and all!

Anyone else wonder what Ms Dunn was about to say about the Obamas, before Beck cut it off ??? I am sure his Beckbots won't 'wonder' of course ...


  1. Hmmm. I wonder if she means Taoist philosopher LAO Tse Tung...

  2. OMG am I glad to find you. I am out of control when it comes to the stupidity found on the Sarah Palin FB page. They think the Founding Fathers built this country on conspiracy theories and did not partake of truth and facts. Palinbots are want to follow in their perceived footsteps. Miss lipstick is not what this country needs, ever.