Monday, October 19, 2009

If ONLY Palinbots could read! They wouldn't sound so ... stupid!

There is something inherently funny about people who post LINKS to prove their points, but the LINK either DISPROVES their argument or has NOTHING TO DO with their argument!

Lisa F*** over at Palinbot Central is not only doing that, but she hasn't even READ her own link! Is it any wonder that we laugh at Palin's supporter? Is it any wonder that we consider them uninformed?

You would think that people who choose to participate in Political sites would have at least a passing understanding of how Government works, wouldn't you? Didn't we all learn this in High School? Well .... no. If you spend a few minutes ...on Sarah's site, you will see how clueless her supporters are, which explains, I suppose, WHY they support Sarah.

So, the latest conspiracy over there, which I wrote about on my blog a few days ago, is till ''rearing its head" (wink) .. OBAMA IS GOING TO SIGN A TREATY TO CEDE SOVEREIGNTY IN COPPENHAGEN IN DECEMBER!! OH HORROR! This is all based on the famous Monckton video.

It must be scary to be so easily brainwashed, I think.

Take this Palinbot, for example:
Lisa F*** Glaobal Warming may be a hoax but our administration will sign the UN proposal this Dec. anyway. Lord Christopher Monckton says it signs away our soveriengty. It's 181 pages. I am looking for some people who will read sections (10 pgs at a time)... and take notes. I want to send this around to all. Can I get soem help here?
UNFCCC Copenhagen 2009

So much stupidity, in such a small post!

First, Lisa ... your link has nothing to do with Copenhagen, it's about a conference that is OVER ... December comes AFTER September. SEPTEMBER IN BANGKOK and BARCELONA ... Can't you READ??

Secondly, this is about a CONFERENCE, as your link says: to DISCUSS an issue. Nobody is signing any treaties in December.

Third, even IF there was a Treaty to be signed, President Obama wouldn't be signing one, because he can't sign a Treaty that has not be ratified by CONGRESS ... get some Education, please.

Fourth, President Obama is not even scheduled to GO to this conference, though he might go to Copenhagen to accept his NOBEL PRIZE! ... Is that what all you Palinbots are confused about??? DUH!

Fifth, "Lord Monckton" is not a Lord at all ... he calls himself that, but he isn't one. He just wants to impress the easily impressed .... like YOU, Lisa.


I went back to read any responses. You'd think all of this is bad enough wouldn't you? But, you'd be wrong! Lisa tries to backtrack her OP when her 'information' is challenged by someone.

The reason I posted this was to get some people to read through it and see if the claims were true. I like Sarah Palin and I think of all people she would enjoy a healthy exchange of ideas.

Now THAT is hilarious! If there is something Sarah does NOT like, it's 'a healthy exchange of ideas' ...

OH, and Lisa?? I can read. Your post said : "...our administration will sign the UN proposal this Dec." That doesn't sound to ME as if you wanted to 'see if the claims were true' ... (wink)

Everything you posted could have been said without the condescending edge to it. Also I don't believe this sight in moderated. There are dozens of new posts a hour so there would be no way for me to know this had been discussed before.

I'm looking for more information so I came to what I believe are fairly like minded people to find it. ...

Like-minded? You mean, other people who don't read? Other people who buy into any conspiracy theory they can find on youtube? Yep, you are in the right place, Sarah's site is full of those people! Oh ... and the 'no moderating'???? That is why there are no informed people here, Lisa ... their comments are deleted! The problem is, Lisa, that the Moderators here delete whatever isn't good for Sarah OR bad for Obama. BUT .. lies and misrepresentations are OK.

Furthermore, you aren't 'looking for more information' ... you said: "I am looking for some people who will read sections (10 pgs at a time)... and take notes. I want to send this around to all"

Do you REALLY think everyone is fooled by Sarah? NEWSFLASH: Sarah is a whack-job, Lisa, and the 'like-minded' people on her site, are also whack-jobs. Illiterate, undereducated and gullible.

To All,
I mis-spoke. It is the UNFCCC The UN Framework Convention On Climate Change. This is what is happening on Dec 9. It's framing a treaty not a treaty signing. What I have read in it so far is a format for assigning pollution debt around the world. Still reading....

Still haven't read your own link huh? See, your link isn't about a Convention in Copenhagen .. says so right there, pretty much in the title! Your link is about a document relating to SEPTEMBER, Lisa ...

Face it, Lisa, you are a typical Palin supporter ... you have no reliable information, because you don't want it; you are content being fed lies, as long as you like what you hear. You didn't 'mispeak' ... you went on a rant about something you wanted to believe, because it was 'bad' about Obama!

Everyone agrees pollution is bad and standards need to be put in place but there is a growing consensus that co2 is not at the heart of climate change. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the earths climate cycles are to blame, in fact the science czar (Holdren) was screaming about global cooling not all that long ago. No matter what you believe, with this much at stake shouldn't we know this before putting a policy in place that would in effect siphon off huge amounts of our economy?

Yea, yea, whatever ... I'm sure you have reliable sources for THAT comment too, huh?



  1. "Also I don't believe this sight in moderated."

    *bangs head on desk* You must use your eyeSIGHT to see a webSITE!

    They are at still at it:
    " John XXXXXX
    You need to watch this...Lord Monckton, an environmental advisor to former British Prime Minister Thatcher, WARNS that President Obama will SIGN OVER AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY in December at the "UN Climate Change Conference" in Copenhagen! This...... must be stopped. MlTagSZPm7o&feature=player_embedded"

    When one is a member of the birthin' and baggin' brigade, it is very important to not waste time reading or thinking.

  2. "Jim XXXXX
    Obama is an Antichrist & has to be defeated thru the electorial process or we will be brought under the control of a one world government & loose our freedom"

    You can't make this crap up!!

  3. Lord Monckton is in fact a hereditary lord. He's a Viscount, but he doesn't seem to be hung up on that. The UNFCCC document is the framework from which a treaty will emerge and had everything to do with Copenhagen as well as Barcelona (November meeting of UNFCCC).

    "Congress" doesn't ratify treaties. That job rests solely with the Senate, and it's undertaken AFTER a president signs a treaty. Case in point: Kyoto. Clinton signed it, but the Senate never ratified it.

    It seems our education system is failing catastrophically in the areas of civics, history and logic. Study up and try again.

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  5. Dan: the whole point is that the Palinbots are ranting about yet another non-issue .. their take on it (based on a mislabelled document link) is that Obama is doing this secretly in December and that he CAN do it secretly.

    Lisa *** was posting a link to support her 'claim' about Copenhagen ... the link read 'copenhagen' but the actual document linked to it was about a different confence, one that was over, somewhere else. Palinbots do this all the time ... they don't or can't read, so they take any nutcase's word for whatever 'scary conspiracy' they latch onto.

    The video they are passing around is called 'Obama poised to cede Sovereignty' or some other mindless title.

    Monckton may be a 'hereditary' Lord, those are a dime a dozen, but he isn't a member of the House of Lords.