Friday, October 9, 2009

Palinbots react to Obama winning the Nobel prize!

The Palinbots on Sarah's OFFICIAL site are going crazy today! They are foaming at the mouth! Visit her site to see how totally insane they are!

NOTE: the ONLY post congratulating President Obama was DELETED within minutes ... This is from PALIN'S OFFICIAL SITE...

I will just C&P a few comments here, they speak for themselves.

C** B**** :This surely is an indicator of the end of the world. How do you get an award for having potential. Where is the guy that has the potential to take over in 2012 and fix this. Lets find him/her and give them an award.

E*** W*** :I agree with NRO, the award should be given to the american defense dept since the american military is the greatest guarantor of peace in the world.

L** J***: you have to hate america in order to win the nonsense peat prize

J* T***: This is the same organization that awarded Gorbachov the NP for having destroyed the former USSR. Is this their way of promoting the destruction of the US by BO? We must remember this is a leftest group promoting the new world order by dismantling this great country.

ROFLMAO at this next one!!!

S*** H**** : My email to the Nobel office in Norway: You have made a grave mistake. Obama is battling for his political life in the USA because the world views his positions as being weak while allowing rogue nations the time to escalate and p...roliferate. By awarding this to Obama, you have minimized and debased the award and its value to all its prior recipients. It has become a worthless award with less value than an MTV award, and has lost the respect of the world. I attempted to telephone you at the Nobel office (011-47-2212-9300) and fax your office (011-47-2212-9310), but was unable to get through. Shame on you. Let them know what you think.

R*** W***: Peace everywhere but HERE in the good ole USA where he and his party have caused division like none seen in many, many years as they apply their efforts to FORCEABLY move us to socialism; anything peaceful in this manipulative move. HARDLY

J*** P***:i Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize is like giving the prize to Hirohito, emperor of japan that killed millions of chinese, even more than the german holocaust.

Then there is THIS one ... such a short sentence, so MUCH stupidity in this one!

B*** B***l How was Norway able to award the Peace Prize this year anyway? I thought Oprah ate Norway on their failed Olympic bid trip!


  1. You're right . Oprah went to Denmark, not Norway this guy is a moron

  2. Just like the Palinbots on that C4pee site- all they do is piss and moan!