Saturday, October 17, 2009

The latest Palinbot conspiracy on Sarah's OFFICIAl site ... is there no end to their gullibility?

Palinbot J**** C*** says: I have something of urgent importance Sarah Palin needs to be aware of. I need someone that moderates this page to say its ok to post the link to the video here please.

13 minutes later, Jennifer decides to post her URGENT NEWS .... lol

J**** C*** says: Sarah, please take a look at this. It explains it ALL! We must all come together to stop this travesty from happening before its too late!

So, of course (hehe wink!) I just HAD to see what was so URGENT ........ so FRIGHTENING!

The youtube video (always SUCH a good source for reliable information, dontcha know!) begins by introdrucing Lord Christopher Monkton, a climate expert ...

First, Christopher Monkton is NOT a Lord. He doesn't have a seat in the House of Lords, he is a Viscount. He 'calls himself' that, but it's misleading.

Second, Christopher Monkton is NOT a climate expert. He is a politician, a writer and a bit of an eccentric. He studied the classics and journalism. He may be 'self-taught' of course, and that is not a bad thing in itself, but .....

Of course, this doesn't stop batty ol' Christopher from being a favorite doomsayer of the Palinbots. Nothing is too ridiculous for this crowd!

Never let a good conspiracy go unreported! Now we have Palinbot S**** H**** pushing the video, via a blog.

Palinbot S*** H*** posts: Governor Palin, We need your voice on this most disturbing development. via Pamela Geller

Same nonsense, same nutcase, different source

NOTE: Since I put this post, Sarahs' OFFICIAL site has gone viral with this youtube video. It is being 'discussed' by her clueless supporters with fear/anger .. but of course, NOBODY has the brains to check it out.

It SAYS SO MUCH about Palin, that her OFFICIAL site is so full of illiterate hillbilly types ... doesn't it?


  1. The guy is such a wanna-be actor...he needs to get a wine commercial gig or something like the late Orson Welles. Thanks for reporting this it is always useful and entertaining to find out what hysterical hysteria the conservatives are prey to at the moment!

  2. Wait! You mean not everything on the internet is true!?! lol

    I see that one of the Facebook Palinbots has figured out a solution for our health care problem:

    "Why dont those without health care simply get some job at a health clinic or hospital. As a benefit, they get practically free health care at the hospital and or clinic and they help with any staff shortages. I know real people who do this or have ...done this. Its called taking responsibility for yourself and your family."

  3. HAHA anonymous ... I missed that one, thanks for posting it!

    So many ridiculous posts, I can't do it all myself! Thanks for the contribution!