Thursday, December 31, 2009

MSNBC: Wasilla Banning gets a minute in the MSM.



MSNBC is covering the 'banning' story!

They are quoting .... .TMP no names given, but ... it's a START!

Unfortunately, they didn't mention the fact that while the event was strictly monitored by Team Sarah, pictures of the President photoshopped to look like Hitler were approved!

This really isn't a joking matter; I wrote about this extensively in a previous post on this blog. It speaks to the very heart of why Freedom of Speech is the cornerstone of freedom. Sarah's actions are an indication that not only does she NOT UNDERSTAND this, but that she feels empowered to ignore it!

This is worth taking a stand!

Why? Because I feel that Sarah ONLY has the power allowed to her by people who don't challenge her. Think of it as a parent who gives in to a toddler's temper tantrums, because it's easier than taking a stand against inappropriate behaviour; it's tacit approval/encouragement.

Sarah once said (about redecorating her office, I think?):

I can do what I like, until the court tells me I can't.

As long as people don't object, Sarah 'does what she wants to until the courts tell her differently' .....

If the few people who COULD take a stand don't ... then they are giving Sarah that power.

This past week, I have sent many emails, posted on as many blogs/comments boards as I could, hoping to make as many people aware of Sarah's commitment to the Constitution and its spirit as possible.

I urge people to take the time to do this. It's important to reach those people who might think Sarah is 'harmless' and highlight this serious aspect of why Sarah is so 'popular'.

Let's not let the 'appearance' of being un-opposed be un-challenged.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Twitter Identity: Yes, it has come to this! If it's Twittered, it is Truth!


It's bad enough when Sarah twits away on the internet, putting forth her wisdom in 140 characters or less to her mindless bots who can't read a 'policy statement' to save their lives! Judging by the endless praise her book gets on her OFFICIAL Facebook site, she is reaching out to people who don't read much to begin with. Twitter fits their reading comprehension levels. Got that.

But ... somehow, for some reason ... I expect more from a lawyer. Call me naive. I know many attorneys, and for the most part, they avoid outright lies. Yes, you have to parse (very carefully) how they put forth their argument. Yes, you have to watch closely for what they didn't say, as much as what they DO say.

Thomas Van Flein ACTUALLY quoted a Twitter post, by 'someone' calling himself Levi Johston05 in a court pleading?

Twitter posts? Really?

This is both hilarious and thought provoking.

The obvious conclusion is, as always: if he used a fake Twitter account to support his argument, what OTHER fake/false information is in the pleadings?

What does this say about him, as an attorney?

-That he isn't very concerned with facts.

-That he was confident his request for non-public proceedings would be granted, so nobody would expose his use of a Twitter post as unreliable evidence?

-That he has the same viewpoint as Sarah does: If you say it often enough, it becomes a fact! (and faster if it's on Twitter!)

- That Van Flein (and his associates) don't understand that the Internet, as good as it is at disseminating lies, is ALSO a great tool for truth.

Tommy. Honey.... you have embarassed yourself with this one!

I have written to LeviJohnston05 and asked him to come clean on the joke; he should get a LOT of exposure as the guy who fooled Sarah's big time attorney!

Oh .. wait, that account is INACTIVE NOW ... That must have happened MONTHS ago, when it was Exposed and Debunked by Conan O'Brian who made a public apology blah blah blah ... I guess Tommy and his team of Legal Eagles aren't much better at 'fact checking' than Sarah is!

Lucky for the rest of us, in the sane world, there are bloggers!

SO, Tommy .... join the 21st Century! Here is a reality: Just because Sarah 'says' something, does't make it true! And ... just because a Twitter account has a 'name to it' doesn't make it authentic.

Oh ... and to prove my point, Tommy, I opened a Twitter account myself, I did it under someone ELSE's name!

Guess whose?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3rd UPDATE--Sarah Palin: Afraid of the Press?? Allows her fans to distribute pictures of President Obama as Hitler!

( Added:DEC 31, 2009:: MSNBC finally covers this story! Unfortunately, they didn't mention the photoshopped pics of President Obama that were 'allowed' while other signs were destroyed by Sarah's SS. )

I just read Celtic Diva's(nice work & excellent blog!) If you haven't seen it, go have a look. She is an Alaskan, with first hand knowledge of Sarah Palin.

She recounts the boots-on-the ground report from a friend, Kim, who was at Sarah's exclusive book signing yesterday, in Wasilla.

Two things struck me:

1- We know that Harper Collins paid for the event .... that is what they say. So ... who else was there with Sarah? According to Kim,
""Conservative Patriots" handing out their manifesto on "What is a Conservative?" They are the local Teabagging group"

Harper Collins PAID for this?? Do they know?

2- MORE IMPORTANTLY ------ at this 'private event' where Sarah had TIGHT CONTROL over the people allowed there and what they did there .... Celtic Diva says:

The most disturbing aspect of this event for Kim was how much worse the mood and energy was in comparison to the Elmendorf book-signing. While they definitely took flack for her daughter's Obama shirt at Elmendorf, this guy (pictured above) was handing out magazines with President Obama pictured as Hitler. Kim said she'd never heard so many "Nazi" references involving President Obama in her life and as a veteran she was outraged. It seemed to her that between the "Conservative Patriots" and this whack job, the TRUE Palin followers had full control of this event.
Thanks to Bill Hess and for this picture.

So... NO signs against Palin! They are ripped out of the hands of a lady with a walker, journalists are banned BUT Sarah ALLOWED people to be "handing out magazines with President Obama pictured as Hitler" ????

The police confiscated SIGNS critical of Palin, but ALLOWED pictures of President Obama as Hitler to be handed out???

NO WONDER SARAH BANS THE PRESS at her book-signings!


I guess we now have a CLUE about why Sarah doesn't allow the press at her events! Middle America, (the part that isn't STUPID) wouldn't take kindly to Sarah's tolerance for defaming the President by her fans.

Go have a complete read of both Celtic Diva's blogs, and Gryphen'sGryphen's (one of the bloggers on the banned list).

Sarah, be afraid, be very afraid .... you really did go too far this time!



The manager of the sports complex, when asked why some people were 'banned' said:

>....the signing was a private event paid for by Palin's publisher, Harper Collins, and Zaki and the others were not invited.

Funny, HC did pay for the event, but denied having anything to do with denying access to this 'public event'.

>"At the end of the day, if something had gone wrong, it would have been my responsibility," Hastings said. "If I take three minutes on Google I can see that, given the nature of the people who were here, it wasn't in his (Zaki's) best interest to be here. He and others could have found themselves in a negative situation."

Really?? Sarah's fans are just as thin-skinned and vindictive as she is ????

Well, Sarah's exercise in 'How to Appear Adored by Suppressing Dissent' has backfired. The story has gone viral, now.

Because this story does indeed have LEGS ! Way to go Gryph, you're in the big time now, don't forget the little people! ? Check out the immoral minority for a great story/great post! Great report! (

Other reports: the Anchorage paper had closed comments for a while, but now has resorted to simply DELETING those that might offend Sarah or her fans. (Note: funny, all of a sudden, 4 of my posts have 'appeared' .. hours after having been posted!)

Over at The Frontiersman (Wasilla paper) they did have a comment thread, but they 'moderate' before publishing, so rather than DELETE or MODERATE they are just ignoring all posts. Nothing since yesterday afternoon has shown up on their Comments board. Are we really going to believe only 19 people commented??

Shannyn Moore has an awesome story from a local woman who attended the 'love in' yesterday.

Get this: she was wearing a LIAR T-shirt and had signs. She uses a WALKER! The Wasilla SS (Sarah's private police, it seems) took her signs and destroyed them! Read the full story here


Sarah banned some members of the press in Wasilla today: So ... we know that Shannyn Moore was BANNED from Sarah's book signing ... and others, escorted OUT by her private "Wasilla SS"! Yep! the local police for no other reason than Sarah didn't want certain people there, did her bidding. Sarah's good ol' boys!

When Sarah thanks the troops for fighting for freedom ... does she even know how hypocrital she is? Do her fans?? DO THE TROOPS KNOW that she hasn't even read the Constitution they supposedly fight to protect?

DO her 'fans' support Sarah more than they believe in the Constitution??

So easily bought off! The chance to see the Stupidest Woman in the USA, a hometown girl famous for winning the Biggest Lie of the Year Award, trumps the 'freedom' they claim to love more than anything!

Have they ever READ the Constitution?? The part about a FREE Press being essential to an informed public? Seems not; if they did, they didn't understand it, I guess.

There is a reason that FREE PRESS is in the FIRST Amendment. If people aren't 'informed' they cannot make a reasoned choice... which I guess, is why, SARAH avoids the PRESS .. she doesn't want the 'real ' Sarah revealed.... the FOX version is better, almost as good as her 'biography' .... To know Sarah (the real Sarah) is to find out that she is .... just .... a fool.

Sarah NEEDS her supporters to remain ignorant; they willingly oblige her! Why do people choose to remain ignorant? I don't get it!

We all learned SO MUCH about Sarah, from her biography, didn't we?? I sure did! Of course, I can read, this isn't the 'first book' in my house!

What is Sarah so afraid of?

Why do the people of Wasilla support someone who doesn't BELIEVE in the Constitution?

Can someone REALLY support the troops, if they disrespect the very freedoms they fight for ??

Has nobody in Wasilla any pride in their country?? Do they 'claim' to love and cherish the Constitution?

Wasilla must be even more of a backwoods enclave of uneducated people than I thought! Banning a press member??

Is nobody there smart enough to ask themselves:WHAT IS SARAH SO AFRAID OF??

Don't these people have any self-respect? Pride? Patriotism? Brains

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sarah, Wild Stories Have Consequences: Toto, you're not in Wasilla anymore!

RE: The unreported threats to Willow, and Sarah's Wild Story!

This 'story' of Sarah's is typical in many ways but the real clue to her lack of moral core, is that she tells these lies without ANY thought to the natural follow through!

Her WILD RIDE story which she meant to show her to be a tough, mavericky woman ended up making her look reckless for herself and her baby AS well as dismissive of the rights of her fellow passengers.

The Threats to Willow story, which was meant to show her and her family as constangly attacked by 'others' who wish her harm, instead makes her look like a negligent parent, AS WELL as unconcerned for the safety of any OTHER students there.

Lies have consequences, Sarah .... you may have been untouchable in Wasilla, where everyone either accepted your personality quirks, or was too in awe to question you much ..... BUT in the wider world, your fading charm isn't going to trump your lack of character.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Palinbot Poetry: it's almost cruel to laugh at this, but ... laugh I must!

Warning: once again, I suggest you get a barf bag before reading this! Sorry, but I just had to share this: I get SUCH a kick out of this stuff!

Mrs. President 2012

Sarah our beloved beautiful girl
Like our flag that will unfurl
You inspire so many at this time
Opened eyes and exposed crime
Hatred is regurgitated with utter vile
You blast them back with gracious style
They have minions willing to defend
What we see they can't comprehend
I, like the masses will stand by your side
We will conquer without breaking stride
Taking back what has given us grief
Come 2012 you will remove that Communist in Thief....

Written by: Rodney Bush
Independent Minded Republican...

I picture him as someone who never 'got' poetry at school so he assumes it isn't supposed to make sense; all that matters is that the words rhyme!

What Do We Call Someone Who Tries to Achieve Their Goals Through FEAR?? : Another Sarah Story Bites the Dust

In Going Rogue Sarah says:

"In that first year, I was alerted to threats against Willow by students at her Juneau school, one particularly disturbing. Someone posted a note on an Internet site threatening to gang-rape her at school. I never felt safe for her after that. Later, the same thing happened to Bristol."

The Juneau Empire reports that neither the School Superintendant, nor the Chief of Police not the State Troopers who provided security for the Palins had any record of such a threat.

Never heard of it, until Sarah wrote about it in her 'book' !!! How can this be?

IF these 'threats' to Willow are in fact true, and no report was made about them, what does that say about Sarah? She did nothing official about it? She just 'handled' it somehow? Despicable threat, dubious response on Sarah's part!


IF they aren't true ... and Sarah made it up or exagerated something into a 'gang rape threat' then ... what does that say about Sarah??

IF Sarah made it up (as Politifact's winner of the Lie of the Year, that is definitely a possibility) then it's even MORE despicable. Not only did she use her daughter to elicit 'sympathy' in a false story, but she ALSO planted a seed of fear into the hearts of parents and teenaged girls by implying that there are people there who would contemplate such a thing!

You know what we call people who try to achieve their goals by striking fear/terror into people's lives, don't you?? Sarah??? Do you know what those people are called??

Sarah never expected the fact checking did she? She just expected the check!

Fact checking, is a concept that seems alien to Sarah; in her world, if she 'says it' it's fact! Consequences of lies, be damned, Sarah never thinks of the consequences of her words.

So, we have yet another Sarah 'story' doesn't hold up under fact-checking! Sarah claims there were 'threats' made about Willow .... but she didn't report them?

What does this say, once again about Sarah??

1- she didn't report threats against her own daughter; why? to protect her privacy?
2- she didn't mind including it in her book; why? if it happened long ago, why bring it up again?
3- she truly believes that whatever she says will be taken as FACT; obviously, she knows her fan-base is too stupid to fact check!
4- nothing is more horrific than gang-rape threats against a young girl, to be sure. What a great story then, for Sarah to use, to illustrate to her Palinbots how horrible people are to her and her children!
5- as we know, Sarah never misses a chance to use her children to elicit sympathy, or cry 'Attack!' or shield her from questions.


If this had really happened, it would have caused an uproar at the time. There would be records somewhere of Sarah's concern, or Willow's fear ... If Sarah felt there was a threat to her daughter(s) seems to me she would have kept her childrens' Media/Public appearances exposure to a minimum during the 2008 campaign AND during the book tour!

If this had really happened, the woman who went after her brother-in-law would surely have been even MORE aggressive against someone making such threats about her daughters!

If it's true, the authorities should be aware, not only to protect Willow, but to protect ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS AT THAT SCHOOL.

Sarah's Tatooed Fan Discovers an Obama Conspiracy:

Remember the 'fan' who had Sarah sign his back, then ran off to get it tatooed on? Well, JimBO is back, with a very 'scary' story he found somewhere on the Internet!

As conspiracy theories go, this one is no more or less 'nutty' than the many others we can find on Sarah's OFFICIAL site.

Based on a 'story' entitled Prepare for Rebellion it involves Russians (gotta have Russians!) and a scheduled desert exercise by Canadian troops --- as pointed out in the comments by someone who isn't stupid -- and a rebellion in California which is apparently going to happen early in the New Year.

This is so Palinesque!

First, it involves a tie-in with President Obama and Communism; picture of President Obama with a 'communist-looking' flag in the background. Pictures, to Palinbots, means you don't actually have to read the story! The 'story' doesn't say HOW this was discovered, so ... of course .... the implication is that the Russians are working covertly with President Obama to destroy America!

In keeping with the Palin mindset that anyone who DARES to oppose Sarah, in ANY way, is the enemy, the target state for this rebellion is ....... yep, California! You know, Arnold's State; the Governor who just this past week disagreed with Sarah on the Climate Change issue.

JimBo is following the successful Palin tactics. Puts out a 'nonsense' what-if? story, then lets it grow ..... nobody but Palinbots will believe it, of course but hey, it's a good diversion from them actually having to check-out what Sarah says.

Jim Varner Has anyone seen this article?? Very alarming if true.

Much better to ponder in horror at an obviously ridiculous story than read a sourced review of some of the 'stories' in Sarah's book.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPDATE: Is this WILD RIDE: the sequel? In Palinspeak, 'incognito' means 'look at me!' : two sets of pictures, two different messages!

SO, Sarah, the tough pitbull, the baracuda, the Maverick, is being chased out of town and forced to cut her vacation short because she couldn't remain 'incognito' ???

Are we supposed to believe THAT?? What is the REAL REASON Sarah is packing up??


While some of Sarah's fans eagerly await their signed book --- some fools sent $100.00 to SarahPAC in order to get one 'free' but.. it's still not in the mail --- Sarah is relaxing in Hawaii, the Home State of President Obama and Native State of .... well ... natives. That's ok though, those Palinbots are a forgiving bunch, when it comes to Sarah; some might even call them 'apologists' for Sarah, since no matter what she does (or doesn't do) it's explained, forgiven or ignored!

Sarah has just come off her book tour, where she was fawned over by the likes of Billy Graham, thousands of Military personnel, and MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS of adoring fans. It's no surprise that she would want a nice quiet break in sunny Hawaii!

Quiet? Did I say quiet? As in, 'private'? As in, no adulation? As in, nobody will KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING????

"OMG.. somebody PLEASE call TMZ! I am in 'attention withdrawal' agony! "

"TODD! HURRY! Find a public beach ... this damned high class hotel is chasing away the press!"

"How am I going to be invited to something POLITICAL in Hawaii if nobody knows I'm here? We won't be able to get SarahPAC to pay for this!"

In no time, the TMZ people are there, shooting
'candid shots of

1) Sarah playing with Piper!

2) Sarah smiling lovingly at Todd!

3) Sarah and Trig-Prop doing a loving smooch!

That little DS Prop sure does come in handy when it comes to a positive ID on a crowded beach; without sunglasses or a protective hat, little Trig-Prop is like a 'Palin Family is Here' beacon on the beach! No mistaking the Palin 1/2 family is there?

A pro-American T-shirt on the front, a 'get out if you don't agree with me' on the back .. and to top it all off, an 'obliterated McCain' visor. Like a walking billboard, Sarah heads for the crowded beach, ready to be photographed with the message. Message?

Message you ask? What message?? Oh NO! HOW COULD ANYONE SEE A MESSAGE THERE?

Palin said in the statement to POLITICO: “I am so sorry if people took this silly incident the wrong way. I adore John McCain, support him 100 percent and will do everything I can to support his reelection".

So her story is: She wanted to be 'incognito'. Right.

Because wearing a cap with McCain printed on it, is just so ..... so UNIQUE isn't it? I mean, NOBODY but Sarah would have one of those! She did the only thing she could do! Blacked it out, so that it would be 'discreet'.

Sarah really thinks everyone is stupid! From her point of view, I suppose that's a fair assumption; since she has just met MILLIONS and MILLIONS of her fans, she could be forgiven for thinking the whole world is living in the same la la land. A quick wander into Palinbot land will confirm that:

1) those pictures of NOT of Sarah!
2) if they ARE of Sarah, then she was trying to be 'incognito'.

Hey! That's what Sarah said too! What a coincidence!!

I suspect that if Sarah told them "Those pictures are not taken in Hawaii, we just got a hot spell in Alaska today" ..... they would believe that!

BUT THEN .. the OTHER shoe dropped! ANOTHER set of pictures set of pictures comes out.

THESE are not so flattering to Sarah's image of 'Family Vacation on Beach' though.

Sarah, showing off all that 'runner's cellutite.

Gone are the frollicking in surf w/ Piper moments!
No kissy-face w/ Trig-Prop-melt-your-heart image!
And, have you seen Todd???
Yea, he's right behind ya Sarah, while you're on the phone.

Again. And again.


I'm thinking she's trying to arrange a meeting with someone in Hawaii so that she can charge her trip off to SarahPAC; there is so much $$$$ in there, from her 'fans' who donated $100.00 ....... and are still waiting for their book.

Hey .. The book's in the mail!

Sarah Palin and Dominionism: YUK!

I have been intested in Sarah's brand of Christianity for a while now, mostly since her comment about Israel during her interview with Barbara Walter. What did she mean when she said that Israel should 'expand' by continuing to build settlements, because more and more Jews would be going to Isreael in the next days, weeks, months, years?? It was such a strange thing to say --- notwithstanding the fact that even Israelis don't think that ...

In my wanderings through blogland, I ran across this well written examination of Dominionism at this site. (Though this is confusing as to the source, because I find the same article at DailyKos)

The part that really caught my attention, was this one: (bolding mine)

It also appears that Sarah Palin is a member of a misnamed group called Feminists for Life. FFL in fact engages in "cultural appropriation" of women's suffrage icons to promote a very woman-unfriendly agenda that--despite attempts to sound "not like those crazies in Operation Rescue"--would not only criminalise abortion but the IUD and hormonal birth control methods, and potentially everything outside the rhythm method (the term "abortifacient birth control" is a codephrase in the dominionist "pro-life" community for hormonal birth control--partly due to a unique urban legend claiming "the pill" and other hormonal birth control causes abortion and partly because of a unique definition of pregnancy beginning at conception rather than at implantation (the latter is what most mainstream OB/GYNs use) and thus making *anything* preventing implantation potentially "abortifacient").

FFL promotes such fun bogosities as "post-abortion syndrome" (the idea that having an abortion will inevitably lead to PTSD and insanity), and promotes mandatory waiting periods and misinformation guidelines that can be insurmountable for poor or rural women--even those forced to make the most heartbreaking choice because of a nonviable pregnancy. In fact, one of their biggest causes isn't feminist at all--they actively promote the idea that the best choice for women is to stay home as fulltime mothers, and it can be well argued that the only traditionally feminist viewpoint they really support is women's suffrage!

One of the big things FFL promotes is deceptive "pregnancy counseling centers"--where pregnant teens are forced to essentially listen to an altar call on how "abortionists want to murder their children" whilst a pee-stick test clears--and if she tests "yes", she gets a hard-sell to keep the child or to check herself into a dominionist-run "halfway house for teenage moms" where she will ultimately be forced to sign her kid over. *
(Yes, there is an entire private adoption industry in the dominionist community--mostly focusing on adopting out the infants of poor teenage mothers who have been forced to give their kids up and who have been either scared into it or checked into such facilities by their parents.)

Ironically, FFL itself is rather a "stealth" organisation in and of itself--yes, even the dominionists admit this. Interestingly, despite their claims of being more "moderate" than most anti-abortion groups, very few real solutions are offered on how they intend to fund such things (which can be boiled down to "CHOOSE TO BREED").

There are many scary things about Sarah Palin; her brand of Christianity is just one of them!

* Note: Is there a dominionist half-way house in AK that ALSO treats Mononucleosis? Just wondering ..............

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Baby .... All I Want for Xmas is Wish # 2; A debate between Citizen Hitchens and Citizen Palin! Please, Santa, Please!

Wish # 1 ... I wish Vanity Fair had a more serious sounding name. Why? Because the name seems to imply that it's a fluffy fashion magazine, when it's not; it's an excellent publication, chock full of well-researched articles written by great writers. One of these, is Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is a true Conservative, not one of these moronic Neo-Cons who came to power under their puppet Dubya; installed with formidable financial resources, backed by powerful-yet-largely unknown figures.

Hitchens is always ready to present AND DEFEND his strong views; whether I agree with him or not, I am always left with something to think about after reading what Hitchens has written.

Which brings me to.....

Wish # 2 .... I wish he would challenge Palin to a real debate. You know, one citizen VS another citizen

I know he would have to 'dumb himself down' a bit ... but OH I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT!

Sarah, full of half-baked 'ideas' and nonsense 'fridge-magnet wisdom' would look like a bubbly puddle of mousse (pun intended) in no time; we'd get to watch the airhead deflate half-way through his first rebuttal!

Hitchens on Palin; Morning Joe, MSBC Dec 15, 2009, talking about Sarah's WaPo OpEd.

Don't be too hard on her. She didn't write that piece and she probably hasn't read it. I doubt she could either read or write it. Everything she does is for effect, she's, and is always deniable. She could switch back in a minute. At the moment she thinks her tea party crowd wants to hear this kind of thing so she'll say that. She's been out to say, 'well, I don't know but I think the President ought to produce his birth certificate. I'm not saying it isn't a good question. Then later, cause she's got to go to the Gridiron dinner in Washington, and learn how to use a knife and fork and be taught by Fred Malek. She takes it back. She's a disgraceful opportunist and a real moral coward.

In fact, I just wrote my letter to Santa about it!

Dear Santa
C/O Christopher Hitchens,

All I want for Xmas this year, is a debate between Citizen Hitchens and Citizen Palin! Please, please, pretty please! I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Thank you,

Palinbots in Hamilton: Canada Needs a Vaccine Against Them !!!!

Sarah does have a couple of fans on the message board in Hamilton, Canada, but most people there are vehemently opposed or disgusted to Sarah's speaking engagement there. One of her fans, Bobby, who has obviously read Sarah's own opinions of herself!

Responding to a post regarding Capital Punishement in Canada, Bobby says:

Further evidence that you're living in your own little bubble and projecting your views onto the entire nation.

Capital punishment: arguments for life and death
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science | January 1, 1996| Honeyman, Jennifer C; Ogloff, James

"Despite capital punishment having been abolished in Canada 20 years ago, the majority of Canadians continue to favour the death penalty as a sentencing option."

Bobbby, Bobbby, Bobby .... what nonsense!

This is SO typical of what I call 'Palinbots' .... trying to 'prove' an argument by providing a link to something that
1) you haven't READ
2) you don't understand
3) is irrelevant to your argument

(((I've addressed this here previously.))

The 'study' you quoted is NOT about whether or not Canadians favor a return to the Death Penalty. Your quick google search found an article from 1996 in a Journal of Medecine which was about

"The present study was designed to investigate arguments which may be effective in persuading people to recommend a sentence of life imprisonment or one of death."

The study goes on to explore the different ways an argument can be used to influence people to support the Death penalty; it has nothing to DO with whether or not CANADIANS support it!

This is SO typical of Palinbots, I see it all the time... when it comes to Sarah Palin, the ONLY people who support her, are those who have no idea about policy, economics, current events or even HER! During her book tour, there have been NUMEROUS examples of the ignorance of the fans waiting in line.

Q: Why do you support Sarah Palin?
A: I just LOVE HER!!!

Q: What is it about Sarah Palin that you admire?
A: She is one of us! She loves God! She loves the Constitution! She will 'take back our country!" "She is a breath of Fresh Air!"

That's pretty much it!
Here is one of those interviews, it's typical, you won't find anything that is 'informed' or 'thoughtful' or even 'logical' when it comes to Palinbots!

((We all remember THIS hilarious example of Palinbot brilliance!))

So Bobby, stop embarassing yourself; quoting a 13 yr old study that you haven't even read past the first paragraph doesn't support your 'argument' ... all it does is illustrates, once again, that you are part of a group of people who

1-seem to take pride in their lack of knowledge (proud of their ignorance)

2-have a shocking inability to interpret data (undereducated)

3-are determined to avoid anything that would involve critical thinking or reading past a soudbite or an opening paragraph.

NOBODY who is the least bit informed, the least bit well-read or the least bit able to think, supports Palin!

Your 'arguments' might work when you are preaching to a choir of equally dumbed-down Palin supporters but Bobby, don't try this nonsense on those of us who are part of that 'elite' segment of the population; you know, the people Palin sneers at BUT also desperately wants to impress. (that's not gonna happen, Sarah!)

That type of 'argument'might work with her fans who feel 'smart' when she talks to them at Jr High level, but .. it won't work with anyone else!

It might work on Palin's site too -- where I suspect you would fit right in -- since Palin's site is heavily censored and tolerates no rebuttal to her or her fans' 'words of nonsense' but those arguments quickly fall apart when challenged.

This explains WHY Palin doesn't participate in discussions, or accepts questions, or isolates herself from reporters at ALL her events.

RATHER, she HITS and RUNS in phoned-in OpEDs, writes NOTES on FB where she controls responses, doesn't grant interviews to anyone but FOX news. If it wasn't for Rupert Murdoch's heavy financial sponsorship, Sarah would have faded into 'has been' status a long time ago!

She may be able to attract a crowd, but that would describe Britney Spears or the 'two-headed bearded lady' at the circus too!

Anyone with half a brain is repulsed by Sarah Palin's brand of popularity and the people who support her.


Margaret DS says: No, I wouldn't pay $200 to hear her speak. I would never have voted for her. However, the comments in here about her are disgusting. I just might send her a $200 donation in solidarity with another woman who has guts. As for this being an insult to Canadians that's just drama queening.

Margaret, you can certainly send your $200 in, it's your money; but please, don't send it in under the impression that you support Sarah as a 'woman who has guts' because that isn't Sarah, not by a long shot.

It takes no guts at all, to say outrageous things when one knows these things are said from the safety of a Facebook page ... a page that heavily censors any and all comments that might challenge what Sarah says.

It takes no 'guts' to phone in an OpEd into the Washington Post (owned by her mentor, Rupert Murdoch) where she opines her superficial knowledge on Energy or Climate issues, yet refuses to acknowledge any invitation to discuss her 'ideas' with anyone who has true expertise on the topics.

It takes no 'guts' to go on FOX (again, owned by Rupert Murdoch) to be handed softball questions under the guise of an interview.

It takes no 'guts' to publish a book (again, published by Rupert Murdoch) where she fabricates flattering stories about herself and engages in a High School girl vendetta against anyone who has dared challenge her in the past.

It takes no 'guts' to accuse her opponent of outrageous activities, when she knows she won't be subjected to any serious demands for explanations by a mainstream press.

So please, admire her if you like for her true strength, which is the ability to suck the air of out any serious discussion by bogging it down to endless soundbite nonsense. Or, her amazing ability to allow the least informed and dumbed down segment of the population to see 'themselves' in her, while she jets aroud in private jets, get a multi million dollar book contract to 'not write' a book or builds herself a Kennedy style compound in Alaska!

That is amazing ... but her courage to 'say it like it is' .. well that isn't courage in her case, it's Hit and Run cowardice.


Kerry Donnelly said "It is a blast watching commie pinko Canadian heads explode over the notion that the SarahCuda will be in Hamiliton speaking.

It just goes to show judging by these comments that Canadians, contrary to their own self-image, are a backward, intolerant, badly educated, and non-productive ward of the Queen's own State."

I am so glad Mr Donnelly took the time to post on here ; had he not, many people wouldn't understand the 'depth' of ignorance that a typical Palin supporter proudly displays.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And so it goes ...... Sarah 'Streetwalks her Stuff' in Canada, for a price!!


I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this famous George Bernard Shaw anecdote, regarding Sarah's speaking gig next April in Canada, but, it belongs here:

GBS: Madam, would you sleep with me for a million pounds?
Actress: My goodness, Well, I’d certainly think about it.
GBS: Would you sleep with me for a pound?
Actress: Certainly not! What kind of woman do you think I am?!
GBS: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.

......... because that is what Sarah is, an 'actress' who will take on whatever role will bring in the most money or attention!

She does't have to 'understand' her lines, or where the plot is going; she just has to repeat her lines, with conviction .... Sarah is the Meryl Streep of Politics, isn't she?

Honestly, what else can one say about Sarah, in light of the announcement that she has accepted an engagement speaking at a FUNDRAISER in Canada?? A FUNDRAISER for a 'socialist hospital' that performs abortions, gives end of life counseling to its terminal patients (known as 'death panels in Sarah's world).

Whoring oneself, whether it's your body or your support, is still whoring!

For the right price, Sarah is available!

So, I've been doing my thing on the message board of the local paper for Hamilton, Ontario Canada, where Sarah is reported to have accepted $200,000 to help in a FUNDRAISING event for the very type of health care facility she so BRAVELY rails against, from the safety of Facebook and unchallenged OpEd pages.

The newspaper conducted a poll about this engagement, and the results were 9 to 1 AGAINST IT .. and early comments supported this poll. Then, the story appeared on The Huffington Post and the poll numbers changed ..of course, the Palinbots have shown up there too! (To be fair, this is no different than the Joy Behar supporters on The View's site last week .. (blush!)

But .. whatever! (wink!)

One such Palinbot is Bobby, who obviously has spent some time reading Sarah's book and Sarah's website and Sarah's bio for the McCain campaign!

I (of course) had to respond to 'Bobby'

Archivist says:
You said
Being civil, polite and tolerant to the President in Waiting when she visits Canada will do more for our reputation than the antics of intolerance that we see displayed on this page.

What are you smoking? The President in Waiting? She is no such thing. That is just ridiculous.

As for being 'civil' ... her statements regarding Canada and its HC system are hardly civil, and certainly they are innacurate. She has called for the system to be 'privatized', said the Canadian system is 'socialism' and that the Goverment has 'absorbed' the system which is so ridiculous, it's hard to know where to start, other than to say that the Canadian Govt has not 'absorbed' anything.. In her ignorance, Sarah seems to think that those 'poor Canadians need to stop the Governement from taking over the HC system bit by bit' ... another example of Sarah's total lack of understanding of the Canadian HC model.

BUT even if this were true, Sarah Palin's 'version' of what Canadians should or should not do, is based on her well known ignorance of issues as well as her habit of spouting off her nonsense in forums where she can't be 'challenged' or 'questionned' ... Hit and Run/Hide is her MO ...

I laugh at people who describe her as 'tough' and 'not afraid to tell it like it is' .. ANYONE can do that, if they do it from behind a security blanket where there is no danger of being held to support her statements. Fact is, she is a coward and a liar, which is well documented now in the many many MANY rebuttals to the fantasies and 'complete fabrications' in her book.

I do agree with the previous poster who said that inviting and paying Sarah Palin to speak in Canada is an insult to the many hard working Canadians who give of their hard earned money and time in volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society --- to pay this woman an outrageous sum of money to spout off her uninformed nonsense IS an insult to the thousands who work tirelessly for something they care about and believe in ... as opposed to Sarah who is 'available if the price is right, to support just about anything she is paid to support'. Integrity and 'values' indeed.

Bobby: I suggest that you inform yourself before stick up for this woman; you obviously don't know very much about her other than what you have read in places where only her 'supporters' are allowed to talk .. those sites, including her OFFICIAL site on FB are heavily censored, so that only adulation is permitted or ... misinformed lies/conspiracies and outright calls to violence against President Obama are tolerated.

Many documented instances of this are in my blog, BTW, which is all about the Palinbots.

I hope the organizers of this event have a Morality Clause in this contract; Sarah's facade may very well be shattered by the time April comes along.

george wannan says:
The rabid slurring of Sarah Palin is quite encouraging, it means they still fear the light of day and common sense and decency!

george, you must be an American Palinbot, this is precisely the type of statement they seem to think proves their position about Sarah.. yet they don't seem to think that their 'rabid slurring' and constant lies about President Obama gives the same message! I know Sarah supporters are not known for their 'thinking skills' but .... this would seem like 'common sense' to me!

BTW: nobody needs to LIE about Sarah Palin to 'slur' her, she gives people more than enough material whenever she opens her mouth to release yet another shockingly uninformed statement.

Remember the most famous skit on SNL by Tina Fey? Word for word Palinspeak nonsense.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sit down, and Get a Barf Bag before you read this: it's so bad, on so many levels.



As I meandered through my day
A nascent whirlwind came to play
In an oak-grove along the way.

It picked up the dry leaves it found
And whirled them around and around
Until the wind's shape wore a leafen gown.

The shape it revealed was a human,
And then refined, it became a woman
Tailored of air-thin and lea...ves-oaken.

At once her essence came a-sailin'
With her leaf-clothed arms a-hailin',
Her mind spoke to mine a-sayin,'

"I am the spirit called Sarah Palin."

A Palinbot says: "I absolutely love it, did you write that?"

The Author (ahem!) replies:

I wrote it last summer just after she resigned and I was on the cusp of dismissing her. My mind had focused elsewhere, when the whirlwind of leaves appeared in my mind, just as described in the poem. I recently sent her a book with a copy of the poem included. My avatar is in a similar vein, though it is the trunk of a tree rather than leaves....Mother Nature.

AWWWWW when he began to question his loyalty to Sarah ...... his 'answer was blowin'
in the wind'!!!!!!!

Not sure if I should barf, or cry.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Guess WTF this Palinbot is talking about!

Ok .. I am STUMPED!!! Does anyone have ANY idea what this guy is saying, or trying to say, or ... well WTF is he smoking???

Billy Joe Thigpin say's, "If Bill "Slick Willey" Clinton and Al "The Ho" Gore had listened to a man (Lt.Col. Oliver North) with much more Wisdom, Vision and Foresight, than themselves. We would not be in this Situation, we are in now. It would have never happened. So all you Left-handed Monkey Wrenches out there get off George W. Bush's... Ass, all he ever did was try to end a war that Bill Clinton and Al Gore started in 1987 and could have ended it then with an Executive Decision, which they were not capable of making, then and there. Then they would have been the Hero’s, but they still be the Goat with the Blue Dress on, Huh, OK? Click www.wager-with-skill to see, thanks, Billy Joe, OK?

Oh Geez ... now she's talking about Science!

Apparently, Sarah has an OpEd in The Washington Post
today. I say apparently, because I just don't have the heart to read it. I read her last one, about energy, where she spouted off like a hung over High School Junior and that was enough for me.

Really. What could 'who needs fruit flies?'* Sarah possibly have to contribute to the discussion about Climate Change?? It's not as if she wrote the thing anyway. She doesn't have time to 'write' right now, with the book tour.

Lucky for Sarah though, her Palinbots don't know Science Research from a Lotto Ticket, so they are thirsty for her wisdom, eager little sponges soaking up her half-baked 'thoughts'.

I am so sick of this woman.

*Sarah once made fun of fruit fly research, ignorant of the fact that fruit flies area an important tool in genetic research. You'd think that the mother of a DS child would be interested, informed and supportive of genetic research, but ... I guess Sarah doesn't remember much about High School Science class.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joy Behar is a HERO!

Please go to The View's message board and comment on the thread I started there to keep it on TOP ... (their message board puts the last commented thread back at the top of the list, so your input really matters. Be NICE to the Palinbots though!)

You will have to register, but it only takes a minute!

Fact is: I think Joy was very brave to give Andrew that lead-in .... she has a NEW show, and this was a big gamble, she took it!

Andrew did extremely well, focusing on the facts as we were told by Sarah herself, and then reaching the obvious conclusion that any woman who has ever had a baby knows: What Sarah did, is against ANY medical advice, or prudent course that a woman at that stage of pregnancy would take. NOBODY behaves that way; that has been my take on it from the beginning. (I even wrote to Sullivan before the election about that)

I am not saying that the photos gathered by Regina/Andrew/Kathleen and Palin Deception don't matter, of course they do, but that just isn't 'concrete' enough to prove anything; people who want to interpret them a certain way, will always be able to do that.

Can't say the same for the words out of Sarah's own mouth, or her Dad, though! Sarah has never had to 'back up' her lies, for some reason she glides right through them, but ... with the persistance of so many people, this time will be different!

Yea! to Joy and Andrew! And kudos to palingate et al ... for sharing their information, their time and their process with everyone!

Let's support JOY on the VIEW page, and join her FB page too and support her there! Let other people with a platform see that it's OK to challenge Sarah!

Palinbot sofarright to Joy on The View site:
Joy your so offensive it's a shame your parents weren't vacationing in Poland in 1939.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Comments Just Beg for ... Silence!


Some jokes, just ........write themselves.

Diane Eagy (says) A father wanted to read a magazine but was beingbothered by his little girl. She wanted to know what the UnitedStates looked like. Finally, he tore a sheet out of his new magazineon which was printed the map of the country. Tearing it into smallpieces, he gave it to her and said, 'Go into the ot...her room and see ifyou can put this together. This will show you our whole countrytoday..' After a few minutes, she returned and handed him themap, correctly fitted and taped together. The father was surprised and askedhow she had finished so quickly. 'Oh,' she said, 'on the otherside of the paper is a picture of Jesus. When I got all of Jesus back whereHe belonged, then our country just came together.'

Yep, folks, you guessed it: that's from a Sarah supporter!
Congratulations and Jubilations to OvertheMoon for what must have been a real challenge because ultimately, what the contest did was help those who are concerned about writing in our that is needed to help people communicate, by writing tho— it's got to be all about Education too, shoring up our writing skills, and putting Education back on the right track, clearly telling it like it is has got to accompany these contests and math skill are important too. And Science, we've got to see Science as real, not as—a godless— scary thing. Also Twitter ideas just roll out in less than 140 characters now so creativity is more important than ever. That is where the ideas will be in short spurts of random-ness all tied up and being able to communicate the value of fruit fly research, I kid you not -- Again, it's about God giving us the signs to find a way to open the doors to express our thoughts which is where communication of all these issues under the umbrella of Education and -- well, writing is a part of that. So thank God in this country that loves Freedom above all that saw the opportunity to progress that creative spirit of ordinary hard working writers so they could shine brightly also.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Palinbots Matchmaking Bristol! --UPDATED with new Pic of Levi!


My FB friend, Patt Truman alerted me to this post by a Palinbot:

Palin Pal (says) Sarah, I am matchmaking. You must invite Tim Tebow, QB University of Florida to dinner. He is a perfect match for your lovely daughter Bristol. He is very religious and wears bible versus under his eyes for every football game. Awesome, Awesome person.

I have to admit, I had to read it 3 times...... that 'versus under his eyes' thing really had me trying to figure out if dear Tim's eyes are crossed and fighting each other, of if bible thumpers have a different way of playing football than the normal folks do!

Ok ... he meant Bible verses .... if he was such a good Xtian, you'd think he'd know how to spell that, wouldn't you?? Is it a requirement that Palin supporters be illiterate? Must be.

As my FB friend friend pointed out, a guy like this is probably holding out for virgin .. so Bristol wouldn't make the cut insofar as bible-verses-under-the-eyes Tim is concerned; such a dedicated Xtian must have standards, after all .. I doubt Bristol Palin's history as a party-girl and teenaged single-mom is going to impress him past the 'soup course'!

On the other hand, I doubt Bristol herself is looking for this type of 'awesome, awesome person!'

I mean ........ (to quote Sarah, sorta)

........Have you seen Levi??? (wink!)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Palin's Faulty logic: Equivalency is for Elites!


.. I am NOT a birther .. I believe that President Obama IS a Natural Born Citizen and that the documents from Hawaii are valid.

That said, I want to ask a Devil's advocate type of question.

If his mother DID pull a fast one, and got him a Birth certificate ... but hid that fact from him all his life, can it really be held against him??? A baby has no say in these things, and he was a baby. So it would be none of his doing.

ON THE OTHER HAND.. if Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy, then participated in a hoax, complete with fake documents to support the hoax, then SHE is responsible for the fraud.

THEREFORE ... the two situations are not equivalent, and her attempt to lump them together, as she did in her Facebook notes ... is a diversion from HER actions, as an adult, and do not compare to what the birthers claim about President Obama.

The other day, she brought up the subject of President Obama's birth in the same breath as the 'rumours' about Trick/Tripp, implying that both are 'stupid conspiracies'. But, President Obama's birth records have been released and authenticated, while Tricky's have not been fully examined, and in this case, there ARE valid questions.

Don't let her muddy these waters....­....... there is no equivalence here in INTENT.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Steven M Booth, FaceBook Palinbot & Coward

Well, I made a mistake again .... once in a while, a Palinbot 'appears' half way intelligent, and he asks me a question in PM ... and I make the mistake of treating him/her with respect by taking the time to respond to his question.

PUNKED!!!! He got scared, I guess, and while I was responding, he blocked me... why are Palinbots SO AFRAID of hearing what someone has to say??

So ... if anyone knows Steven M Booth, tell him I did him the courtesy of an reply, too bad he didn't have the integrity to accept it!

He asked:

Alright, Karen, since you seem to have a reasonable command of the english language, I will respond, but before I do, I have one question to ask. Are you truly interested in actually discussing and discovering truth, or are you intent on merely parroting what others have to say about topics, Sarah or otherwise?

I ask this because I'm personally interested in knowing what's true, not what I hear on TV or the internet.

I took the time to respond to Mr Booth, but, like Sarah Palin does on her site, he took the cowardly way out of 'hearing' what I had to say, he sent this:

Since you choose not to respond, I am forced to the conclusion that you are not a seeker of truth, but rather a minion of innuendo, disinformation and hatred. You are hereby blocked.

The following is the PM I was graciously writing to him, which he didn't receive because he was busy 'concluding' that I was 'not a seeker of truth'. Cowardly and incredibly rude, but what should I have expected, he is a Sarah Fan after all ....

I always read all sides of an issue. I know when someone is trying to 'fool' me with a fake/edited video, and when that happens, I ask myself: Now, why would he/she try to do that? Does that person think I am so stupid that I will believe what he is trying to make me believe without checking it out?

From there, is the first step in finding out the truth.

Sarah likes to quote Reagan a lot ... but one of his BEST quotes, is one she has never used, which is: TRUST BUT VERIFY ... that is a great irony, if you think about it, since most of the stories in her book have been debunked by those who know.

Most of the people on her site are barely literate. It is beyond their reading skills to read critically.

This is why they don't ask themselves:

Why does Sarah make personal demeaning attacks on those who she has issues with, rather than present her viewpoint to counter theirs? Why call people childish names, or demean them (such as Congressman Halcro of Alaska for example? Can't she support her position??? If so, why make fun of his 'driving job' and call him a derogatory name? ) Can't she defend her position, so she resorts to insults, in a forum (her book) where he can't defend himself or respond?

Who, past High School, demeans people from the safety of a book or a podium, by calling them names, or making fun of their jobs (such as a lady who sells food from a cart in Alaska) but avoids an adult discussion of ideas with others who are knowledgeable about the issues she says she knows about? (such as a citizen of her town who objected to the millions of debt Sarah saddled the town with??)

Don't you find it curious that everyone, from the campaign staff, to the people she worked with in Alaska, to the lawyers who worked ON HER SIDE in the Exxon case to the people who knew her as Governor or Mayor ALL say her book is a 'pack of lies' or 'complete fabrication' or utter fantasy???

Do you seriously believe that EVERYONE Sarah has come in contact with is somehow just 'against her' ???? And if so, do you then believe she is a leader if she doesn't earn the respect and admiration of those who work with her?

Why does Sarah never miss a chance to make fun of people who are educated, or thoughtfull about issues? She appears very insecure around 'ideas' ... more comfortable with easy sound bites or out of context quotes.

Why does she allow so many 'conspiracies' on her site, yet the censors are quick to delete anyone who points them out?

Why is it permissible, on her site, to advocate that people 'pray for the death of Obama' ... and those posts are not deleted ??

These are all questions that a reasonable person who seeks 'facts' would ask themselves. Facts are easy to verify, you know. Opinions should be based on facts and experience ...

Everyone has a right to forn an opinion but nobody has the right to form a fact ... those who do, are liars.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOoo if anyone knows the cowardly Mr Booth, or can send him a PM, tell him his response is here, it was being written as he was blocking me.

I suppose he isn't used to being talked to in 'paragraphs' ....... most Palinbots are more comfortable with Fridge Magnet type of 'discussion' .

Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for Sarah to get "FREYed" on Oprah?

Since Sarah's book has come out, so have the endless debunking of even the most minute details. It's become a joke: if anyone took the time to write a book about Sarah's book, it would twice as long, with many cross-references, footnotes and of course, an INDEX!

Whether it's the lawyer FOR the people on the EXXON case who says Sarah's version is 'complete fabrication' to Donald Craig Mitchell
an Alaska attorney who disputes her 'facts' or the myriad of minute details, the ONLY common thread in Sarah's book is that it's a pack of lies, miquotes, half-truths, misrepresentations or just plain ridiculous. Trooper Wooten spoke out last week because he's 'had enough' of her lies. The AP newservices fired off 11 'unfactual facts' from the book before it even hit the bookstores. Politicians who worked with her in Alaska dispute her claims of "accomplishments". Not just ONE or TWO either, but pretty much anyone who's had anything to do with Sarah, is now coming out and claiming her book is fiction.

I think it's time that Oprah had Sarah BACK on her show, and FREYed her, in the same way she outted James Frey a few years ago about HIS fabricated autobiography!

Let's write to Oprah and beg her to set this record straight!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Palinbot reviews Sarah's 'fantastic' book!!

Sheri Nemes (writes) Just finished reading "Going Rogue". Fantastic book. Easy to read. Who of us can not relate to the injustices that take place in our own lives as they did in Sarah's, maybe not on the same scale as hers but still injustices we have to deal with. Thank you Sarah for standing firm on your values and sticking your neck o...ut to expose people and situations that want to mask sincere and heart felt living. May God put a hedge of protection around you and may He be a lamp unto your feet.

This is mindless on so many levels!

First, the book is 'fantasic' because it's 'easy to read' ??? All those books that make you think, or explain complex issues .. well PFFFTTT to those! Give Sheri a nice little tome that effortlessly goes from page 1 to 400 about Sarah's soap opera version of 'life'

Secondly .. WHOAAAAAAAaaa here! What 'injustices' has Sarah dealt with that compare with reporters being held in foreign countries, or people who are imprisonned for trying to bring freedom to the countries? Or the thousands of women who risk their lives everyday by going to school?? INJUSTICES suffered by Sarah???

........ Who amongst us can not relate to the injustices that take place in our own lives as they did in Sarah's,........ Indeed. Who amongst us, in our 'just like Sarah lives', has NOT had the experience of running for VP on an idiot platform, shown the world how cluless we are, quit as Governor of Alaska or received a multi million dollar book deal for writing an 'easy to read' book? We can ALL relate to those injustices! Well, many REAL WRITERS probably can!

Sarah 'exposed' people ??? Really??? Gee from from I am reading, Sarah is the one being 'exposed' as a liar and a fabricator!

.......... and of course, all serious 'book reviews' should end with a prayer to god.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's Getting Crowded Under Sarah's Bus!!

It had to happen. Yet another target in Sarah's book, this time, it's Alaska attorney Donald Craig Mitchell who's gone on record with his version of 'Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met'

I'm thinking that will be the title of the next 'bestseller': Sarah vs Everybody Else She's Ever Met


I tend to believe Mr Mitchell’s account of his ‘role’ in Sarah’s Amazing Adventure. We’ve been hearing it for a week now: different names/different details/same bottom line. Sarah lied. Again. (It’s getting crowded under Sarah’s bus.)

Sarah’s version? Not so much.

Most people do not lie about things they know can easily be verified, or about people who will have access to the lies and/or the forum to dispute those lies.

The amazing — to me, anyway– thing about Sarah’s lies, is the total lack of self-consciousness about doing it. Since the book’s release, it’s been one high-profile person after another coming out and calling her a liar. These people aren’t disputing ‘details’ either; they are disputing whole stories! From the campaign staffers, to the people she worked with in Alaska to just plain assorted bystanders who’ve crossed paths with her. Her book has become a parallel universe, where Sarah lives one one side of some weird continuum and the players in her story inhabit another. In fact, she rolls along, oblivious to them all, going on interviews where she knows she won’t be asked to clarify the record. And … she’s right. No challenges, no confrontations.

It really IS amazing; not only that she lies, but that she is confident that somehow, none of this can touch her. Why is that? Seriously … how did she get to this ‘place’ where reality doesn’t seem to enter into her view of herself?

There are no boundaries in her world, are there? When no amount of confrontation with the ‘facts’ deters her from sticking to her story, the possibilities must seem endless in the rarified sphere she lives in.

I don’t want to get into the story about Trig, other than to say that when I first heard it, I thought it couldn’t possibly be true; nobody in their right mind would even think of trying to get away with such a hoax; but now, I can almost see that Sarah Palin WOULD have the simple yet outrageous gall to think “it would all work out, what’s the big deal? I do it all the time! Nobody will challenge me, and if they do, so what?”

I have this image of Sarah in my mind: she is like Pig Pen (from Charlie Brown) walking around in a cloud of dust… oblivious to those around him or to the dust. It’s just who he is. He’s that dirty, dusty kid. So much so that the few times that Pig Pen did ‘clean himself up’ … nobody recognized him because his dust cloud defines and identifies him.

But, Sarah is a real person not a cartoon character and it’s not so funny or harmless. Apparently, she walks around in a cloud of lies. Sarah’s book has defined her as a liar, and worse, a liar who is oblivious of her own lies. It’s just ‘who she is’.

To those brave or angry or honest or wronged who are banding together “under the bus”, I wish you all good luck ‘cleaning her up’ … but something tell me that she won’t notice.

See here for more on who/what is Sarah Palin.

Monday, November 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Mysterious Lump is NOT Cancer

Blogs have been buzzing about a weird 'lump' on Sarah's face.

A source close to the Beauty Queen has confirmed that cancer has been ruled out.

"We now know that there is no possibility of brain cancer" the spokesman said. "Doctors have closely examined Gov. Palin's head, and found nothing there."

That's Not A Breath of Fresh Air: That is your vacant skull

Comments to follow; just watch .. it speaks for itself!

Sarah's Latest Scam: Sarah's OFFICIAL site starts an exclusive 'club' for God and Constitution and a New Way of Life

One of the facts of life that Palinbots do NOT understand, is that if Sarah's OFFICIAL site is going to be heavily censored, and comment she doesn't like are DELETED .. then logically, we can surmise that the posts that DO REMAIN are 'approved by Sarah'. (Irony thy name is SarahPAC)

With that in mind, I feel justified in reporting that Sarah's OFFICIAL site is now being used to scam people .. it was just a matter of time, as we all knew. Sarah's site recently reached ONE MILLION 'fans' ( like we believe THAT!! ) So, who can resist a spot on the net where ONE MILLION of the dumbest, most gullible people gather????

Not Sarah, apparently! ( and before some of you claim Sarah has nothing to do with this, I remind you that her OFFICIAL site is the most censored page possible. Comments are deleted whenever they are against Sarah or her 'policies' ... Accounts are blocked or banned ... ) This post has been appearing for days now .. and this particular thread has been on there for more than 15 hous .. So we know it has Sarah's approval.

Also, again, look at how amateurish it is!!! All about 'money' and nothing about 'ideas' other than GOD AND CONSTITUTION! It's for REAL AMERICANS!

The following is taken directly from Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Keep it classy Sarah!

America Again Project post in bold
responses in italics
my comments in normal! (because I am the only normal one on here!)

TheAmerica AgainProject A call to action from AmericaAgain!

Fellow Americans,

The AmericaAgain! website went live on Friday (11-20-09) and is currently in its testing phase. You are encouraged to visit the site in order to get a glimpse of what is to come. Beginning Tuesday (11-24-09), we will be accepting member applications online.

(MEMBERS .. lol)

Mark Robbins Checked out the site. Didn't see any mention of Hannity at all in a quick review. Just another site trying to scam $29? I say give it to SarahPAC and keep the momentum going here!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheAmerica AgainProject Mark,

We are not scamming $29.00. What we propose to do cannot happen for free. We can keep protesting and voting in different corruptible politicians until the cows come home but it will not make a long term difference. If you actually read what we are going to do, you'll find that it has the clear potential to correct the problems we are facing. So if it only cost $29.00 for people to band together, organize, defeat our enemies and restore the Constitution for generations to come then that is quite the bargain. What is the price we are currently paying for tyranny?

Additionally, I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website....

We are not asking people to sign up, sit back and see the world changed; this will take numbers and participation.

Together we can legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. This is the only three pronged tactical offensive plan that I have seen. It's time to stop playing defense only, and let the offense take the field.

I urge you to read our Declaration, and FAQ's. I think you'll want to know how we are going to do it after you read this. I think you'll see that this is the answer.

Defeat the ENNEMY! End TYRANNY!

TheAmerica AgainProject Furthermore, if this works, you would have risked $29.00 whereas the few of us who founded this movement will most likely be marked men. We risk our lives so that posterity may enjoy the blessings of liberty provided by our ancestry. As you might assume by now, the insinuation that AmericaAgain! is no more than an opportunistic organization is quite offensive. I hope that you will read more with less cynical eyes so that you may understand that our intentions are sincere and our plan is sound.
54 minutes ago · Report

OFFENSIVE? Ya think????

AND .. the few who 'founded this movement' will 'most likely be marked men' ????

OMG THE DRAMA OF IT ALL! .......Not since Washington crossed the Delaware have so few put SO MUCH at risk!


TheAmerica AgainProject and yes we do have a lot to say. Much of it could be said here, some cannot. But nothing can be done here. The time for just words has passed; it is time for action. Granted we always mean that peacefull and legally.

The time for words has PASSED!!!! It's time for a CLUB! Only MEMBERS can be allowed to hear what you have to say??? What is it that can't be said 'here' ????

Rachel Adamson I have to agree with Mark that posting your information here to attempt to draw traffic onto your own site and get your own donations is a bit tacky, and it's gotten other groups temporarily blocked from posting on Sarah's wall (for "spamming/advertising").

TheAmerica AgainProject We are just regular Americans with a vision who started this. We've dropped everything else we do and put everything we have into this. This just seems the best place to get the word out about what we're doing. I didn't ask anyone for money here. I am asking that people visit the website to read about what we're doing. It is far to much information to post here. I don't mind answering questions in facebook, but I can't possibly post the content and intricacies of this plan on facebook.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Also, we don't take donations....

Yes, it DOES seem like the place .... where ELSE will you find the most gullible people online??? It's worth a shot!

TheAmerica AgainProject I was also hoping to get Sara's attention. I think this would be something she'd support.

Teresa Fultoni like the america again project....will check them out....we do need to band together, that is how obama won in the first place, they were able to mobilize and the conservatives were left arguing about who was more conservative....

TheAmerica AgainProject This will be a new way of life for us, for citizens. We will have a permanent tool for effective participation in our government and enforcement of the constitution.

....... a 'new way of life for us, for citizens' .. well actually, it's for MEMBERS, right? Is this a kinda RAPTURE WEBSITE THING?

Rachel Adamson TheAmerica AgainProject said, "Also, we don't take donations."

Yet on your website, plain and clear I see: "...or if you prefer to just make a donation, send your PayPal to".

So which is it?

TheAmerica AgainProject Rachel, we do not take donations. We originally intended to but changed our minds so that no one would try to influence us other than our members. Which page on the website did you see that and I'll remove it. Thanks
We are membership based only.
5 minutes ago · Report

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it??

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it?? Well, technically, it's not a 'donation' because you will be 'members' so it's more like a 'club'; an exclusive club for citizens who are gullible enough to send $29.00 apparently.

Ohhhhh ....... they are going to "legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. "

........ and when they are done doing THAT ... "...I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website.... """ You THINK??? You "WILL BE POSTING" ???

What???????? IS Sarah adding a covered swimming pool to her new compound in Alaska????


............ we thought we knew you!


Roy Propsner Dear Sarah fans, on the main Facebook page, Sarah Palin, on the lower left side is a Report Page link. I suggest all Sarah Palin fans use that link to voice their concern and opinion.
12 minutes ago · Report

TheAmerica AgainProject Is this not an idea new to everyone on this page? I too am a Palin fan. I don't seek to hijack her page in any way shape or form. But she's asking for ideas, and I think we have the best ideas that have been offered.
5 minutes ago · Report

WRONG .. this page is about promoting Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! ... nothing to do with IDEAS!

AmericaAgainProject And if I must be reported to facebook for spreading ideas and promulgating liberty then so be it.
4 minutes ago · Report

Ah yes .. SO BE IT! How Palinesque of you, to embrace VICTIMHOOD for the cause! LMAO

Roy Propsner Hijacking of Just Fans forum and preventing Sarah Palin fans from expressing their thoughts and opinions is no way to build a following or to solicit trust in what you are doing.

Will keep checking and .... see how long this lasts! I suspect it will be taken down soon, now that it's been blogged and 'noted' about (on my FB which is watched by Palinbots!

UPDATE 2 (still up??? )

Roy Propsner I do not believe Sarah is aware / responsible for this hijacking, Just Fans link. Just as when any email or web site is hacked or infected, I do not blame the owner of the site or necessarily the sender of the email that contains infection.
2 minutes ago · Report

THAT'S RIGHT .. Roy ... keep defending Sarah's integrity!!! Nice little Palinbot!

Rachel Adamson Posting the same thing on every comment on the wall isn't a great idea either, Roy. People were getting reported/blocked last week for that. Posting the same thing multiple times is considered "spamming" by facebook and most other sites/forums. Two different people I know on here are on a two week "time-out" for repeatedly posting the exact same... Read More thing both on her wall and in the comments of other wall posts - one about Sarah's twitter account and the other was a series of comments with contact info for key Senators. Just a heads-up... might slow down on the repeat postings! ;)
2 minutes ago · Report

I kinda LIKE Rachel, actually. She was the ONLY ONE who protested the other day when a Palinbot posted about PSALM 109:8 ... I only include her here for balance. Kudos to her for that!

Geralyn Lorrig SteppeRoy, I don't believe TheAmerica AgainProject has the power to take over Sarah's page. Every night, they take down the share box (though it's usually back up by now). He has a right to post his site - I've seen a lot of people post things for us to look at and get involved in. I think it's a good idea!

That's RIGHT Geralyn! Every other cockamamie conspiracy site is promoted on Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Why not the MEMBERS ONLY CLUB?


TheAmerica AgainProject Thanks Geralyn. I by no means would even want to take over Sarah's page. And there's no way on earth I could steal her thunder even if I wanted. She's a great Patriot and I respect her immensely.
about a minute ago · Report

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;

Geralyn Lorrig Steppe It's been down for longer before - you know it's been attacked many times. But I don't believe that TheAmerica AgainProject is responsible for this. It doesn't seem that this is what they are all about. Why can't you give them the benefit of the doubt? If anything, I feel that it might be Providence that their posting was the last one before it was taken down.
3 minutes ago · Report

Vonnie Watson Sarah! Stay the way you are!! They wouldn't be so hard on you if you were'nt some of a threat to them!! We love you.

Hey Vonnie: PAY ATTENTION .. most of us are laughing YOU PALINBOTS .. we aren't scared of Sarah.. she is hilariously inept .. Read any foreign papers lately,

UPDATE 3............ Again Roy? Gee thanks for the plug!

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;
11 minutes ago · Report

Rachel Adamson Roy, stop posting the same thing on every post on the wall. Stop posting the same thing multiple times in this thread. What you're doing is called "spamming" according to facebook, and if people report you, you could be blocked from posting here.

OH C'MON Rachel .. I need the plug and what better place to plug my blog than on Sarah's OFFICIAL site? I might get ONE MILLION hits!!!


TheAmerica AgainProject Who's blog is that anyway Roy? I don't think I'd worry about what they think of my opinion, you're opinion, or anyone's opinion for that matter. The fact of the matter is that we are free to have our opinions and they are free to disagree if they like.
7 minutes ago · Report

That's right, Project Marked MAN !!! (ROFLMAO) ... we are.

((Only difference is: While everyone is free to form an opinion, nobody is free to form FACTS!! ))


TheAmerica AgainProject Ok, I have only one post in here. I may have posted a day or two ago, but how is that taking over Sarah's page?

Also, the logo with the name "AmericaAgain!" coupled with a website link and information about when we will begin accepting memberships is also a clear indication that we are not affiliated with Sarah Palin. If we were affiliated with Sarah, wouldn't she have posted our information on the Sarah Palin wall rather than AmericaAgain! posting on the Just Fan's wall?

I apologize for any confusion, it was not intended. AmericaAgain is not affiliated with Sarah Palin. We are certainly a fan of hers and have posted our infomtion/ideas here for exchange.

There ya have it, folks! Project Marked Man (lmao) confirms it. He is NOT affiliated with Sarah, he is just in it for the $29.00 !

Here I thought he was done .. but no, Project Marked Man (LMAO) has one more comment to make!

Roy Propsner Robert Oliver, there is a skunk in the cabbage patch. That is my ojective opinion. Interesting that the page went down, silent just as America Again made the post. Interesting also that Sarah's and out enemies are using this to dis Sarah
reference: enemies of Sarah and enemies of America; Read More; How they, the blog, quickly capitalized on the occassion says the enemy is monitoring us very closely. May be the skunk is the Sarah Facebook page moderator or webmaster. Maybe the skunk is a hacker. Maybe the skunk is others. But, there is a skunk.

OH WELL ............. and so it goes !!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Palinbots to the Slaughter! 'Survivors' talk about the book signing experience yesterday!

Any doubt as to how truly infatuated, to the point of losing ALL perspective with reality Palinbots are ??? Below is a thread from Sarah's site, (edited only for formatting) between Palinbot Lydia Balorda and a few people who defend Sarah against the 'brutal' experience Lydia and her family went through at Sarah's book signing.

A few comments:
1- She stood in line OUTSIDE with 3 children, for 12.5 HOURS then inside for 1 1/2 hrs and didn't get her book signed.
2- She thinks they were held there so that there would be a big crowd when the bus arrive.
3- Drama queen much, Lydia? The organizers gave them 'false hope' and 'forced' them 'stand outside on the cold, wind and sometimes rain.' Lydia claims they were 'strategically' put in front of the podium!

4- Notice how EVERYONE jumps to the organizers' defense, and places all the blame on Barnes and Noble???? No wonder they love Sarah, they agree that nothing is her fault!

5- If I was a reporter, I would have gone around them to ask them: "Did you get your flu shot and if not, why?" ... I bet you most of them would reply 'Because the lines were too long' ... What do you think?

Lydia Balorda I am sorry to say, but we are greatly disappointed with our experience yesterday in Grand Rapids. We were waiting outside the Mall for 12.5 h. and inside 1.5 h. to be told at the end: "she will not sign your books"... The organizers new all along that that's what's going to happen, but gave us false hope, and forced us... to stand outside on the cold, wind and sometimes rain. (there were pregnant women with us, and parents with small children) They strategically put us in front of the podium where she was going to address (we thought us, but she was addressing the media with the prepared speech). Very disappointing!

Read Moreabout an hour ago · View Feedback (10)Hide Feedback (10) · ReportSharon Butler Sullivan likes this.

Bill Gibbs Did you complain to Borders--what was their reason---were you part of the 1000??
about an hour ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, I was in line for a total of 11 hours and was fairly close up front to get our books signed. we were about number 200 in line.
about an hour ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, if there was an issue, it was with Barns & Noble, not with Sarah. B& N set it up and organized it.
about an hour ago · Report

Lydia Balorda We didn't camp outside all night long because we have 3 small boys, so we were not among the first 1000 to get the wristbands, but we were there from 7 a.m. (some in our group from 6 am). They told us we do have a chance.. so we waited the whole time... The official reason to be outside in the line was that in the case of fire, mall officials don't want us inside... but in the end we figured out that the reason was to have more people outside when she comes out of the bus. It was so brutal!
58 minutes ago · Report

Doris Henderson I am sorry Lydia. I am sure that is Borders fault and not Sarah's. They probably wanted you to hang around and buy something else. Goodness knows, I don't know how she can keep up this pace signing thousands of books anyway. Her hand must be hurting. I know it is disappointing.
56 minutes ago · Report

Lydia Balorda Well we couldn't go inside and buy anything, or we would "lose our spot". Of course, they new that it didn't matter, because we didn't have a chance. They didn't show any sign of human kindness and acted like machines. They needed more people outside, who cares at what price!
46 minutes ago · Report

Izzy Felix Sorry Lydia that happened. But it was the store mismanagement of the event NOT Sarah. I fill for you. I will be in Fairfax, Va...dec 5. Just to have a glimpse of her. I ordered the autographed copy thru SarahPac. She can only sign around 1000 copies in 3 hrs allocated. I know many people will be disappointed. That is why she having these pep talks outside before she signs the least so many can see her and hear her live.
37 minutes ago · Report

Lydia Balorda Thank you for kind words!
31 minutes ago · Report

Vern Robinson Lydia, I am so sorry, I did see the people outside, but I only thought they were waiting for Sarah to either come in our come out. Lydia, trust me, Barnes and Noble was in charge of setting things up, it was their people who was in control of the wrist bands and the lines, they knew all along Sarah would only get through about 1,000

I don't know who is in charge of organizing the crowd, but I doubt it was Barnes and Noble that set up a podium for Sarah to speak her 'truth' from ... I am guessing that the people who were there were bussed in and paid to mix in line with Lydia though!

These would be good questions for someone to ask, if anyone goes to a book signing for a look-see! Chat with the people in line, ask where they parked, day off work, ask the 'machines' who they work for etc .... just saying!

UPDATE: Another disenchanted Palinbot reports:

Lu Paletta Part I: No Sarah Palin wristband yesterday. Got a bookplate w/fake signature; was told it was as good as a band. Part of overflows that was next in line; group had real camaraderie in cold/rain for >15 hours. Folks from all over with 1 goal, see someone who speaks for us. The bus arrived, a crowd of 500 outside, 100...0s inside. A roaring welcome, Gov Palin & Trig, a few remarks, few pictures and on to Barnes&Nobles.
about a minute ago · Report

Lu Paletta Part II: 30 mins after being let in, told leave or be escorted out. Showed bookplates; told they had no value. B&N blamed cutoff on Palins who had to go to Ft Wayne. It is 3 hours away, a next day signing; she couldn’t stay for fans who waited in rain/cold all day? B&N ticked me off; returned all books. Governor: You have the people’s ear; you are scaring Washington. But, please acknowledge people that wait for hours to see you. We are reaching out to you and need you to reach back.

...... of course, Palinbot Palin Pal rushes to Sarah's defense!

Palin Pal Awe Lu. Thats terrible. I hope the moderators of this page see your post, so Sarah can fix this. If you want Sarahs book still you can buy it much cheaper at I think with shipping it is like under 10 dollars. Lu, Sarah seems like such a nice person, I dont think it would be her calling the cutoff. Im not buying from B&N either now. Thanks for letting us know.

AND another one:

Julie Beightler Doll Went to the book signing in Noblesville, IN. Waited three hours in the cold to get a wristband to reserve my spot at the book signing tonight. We were told she would sign book for the first 1000 people. Not so. The event ended promptly at 9:00pm, though there were still at least 150 people left. Wasted my day, wasted money on a babysitter, and wasted my money on this book.

Anybody having fun yet?

Then there is poor Jordan ..

Jordan Harris I just spent 9 hours of my day, $40 of my hard earned money on two of your books, and took the whole day off work to watch you jump on a bus and throw a half-heated wave to the crowd you were avoiding.
I have never felt so disrespected. How can you claim that you are different? You aren't. You are just as selfish as ev...eryone else in Washington. It breaks my heart. I thought you might be the answer to the turmoil this country is under but you aren't. You just slapped hundreds of Hoosiers in the face. The hard working type of people that you claim to represent.
You say in your book that you chose to sleep well over eating well. At the end of the day I know that you don't care that you wasted the whole day of some 20 year old college student who lives on their own. I understand that all that matters is that I spent my money on two of your books. I'm sure your eating well. You certainly have no reason to be sleeping well.

-Jordan Harris

You know I am getting the feeling that buying a book is a NEW EXPERIENCE for many of Sarah's fans!

And ........ ANOTHER pissed off Palinbot! Poor, poor Nancy! She is disillusioned! She is hurt and disappointed: she thought you were different than all the rest and that you were genuine !!

Nancy Sharpe-AllenSarah I gave up my whole day to get a book signed and meet you just to get disappointed along with about 300 other people to be turned away . i waited in line for over 4 hours wed morning at Borders in noblesville , it was cold , rainy and i shirked my responsibilities of work, my family, my housework, and many other duties I had that day to meet... I got my wristband which I thought got me in , I bought my books. I was so excited. Then came back that evening for another 4 hours of standing in the cold rain, to get right up to the door next to go in and got handded a sticker and told you were not going to to be signing my book or meet me? Wow and then they told us you were going to come out and maybe shake our hands and get on platform right in front of us and address the crowd but you came out the other side and signed a few books on the other side, that were people further back in the line than me and wisked on the bus . I barely even got a glimpse of you. I just feel like my time or the time of the 300 people left didn't matter to you. You could have stayed another hour, or at least addressed us with an apology. Now today every aspect of my life is behind because I gave up my day yesterday for a chance to meet you, I am achy and sore and now sick from standing out in the cold all day. I am very hurt and disappointed in you I thought you were different than all the rest and that you were genuine. You should make sure that in your future signings they do not hand out more wristbands than you have time to sign and if you hand them out you should stay and sign them. ---

Angry Palinbots shouting QUITTER at Sarah!