Monday, November 23, 2009

Sarah's Latest Scam: Sarah's OFFICIAL site starts an exclusive 'club' for God and Constitution and a New Way of Life

One of the facts of life that Palinbots do NOT understand, is that if Sarah's OFFICIAL site is going to be heavily censored, and comment she doesn't like are DELETED .. then logically, we can surmise that the posts that DO REMAIN are 'approved by Sarah'. (Irony thy name is SarahPAC)

With that in mind, I feel justified in reporting that Sarah's OFFICIAL site is now being used to scam people .. it was just a matter of time, as we all knew. Sarah's site recently reached ONE MILLION 'fans' ( like we believe THAT!! ) So, who can resist a spot on the net where ONE MILLION of the dumbest, most gullible people gather????

Not Sarah, apparently! ( and before some of you claim Sarah has nothing to do with this, I remind you that her OFFICIAL site is the most censored page possible. Comments are deleted whenever they are against Sarah or her 'policies' ... Accounts are blocked or banned ... ) This post has been appearing for days now .. and this particular thread has been on there for more than 15 hous .. So we know it has Sarah's approval.

Also, again, look at how amateurish it is!!! All about 'money' and nothing about 'ideas' other than GOD AND CONSTITUTION! It's for REAL AMERICANS!

The following is taken directly from Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Keep it classy Sarah!

America Again Project post in bold
responses in italics
my comments in normal! (because I am the only normal one on here!)

TheAmerica AgainProject A call to action from AmericaAgain!

Fellow Americans,

The AmericaAgain! website went live on Friday (11-20-09) and is currently in its testing phase. You are encouraged to visit the site in order to get a glimpse of what is to come. Beginning Tuesday (11-24-09), we will be accepting member applications online.

(MEMBERS .. lol)

Mark Robbins Checked out the site. Didn't see any mention of Hannity at all in a quick review. Just another site trying to scam $29? I say give it to SarahPAC and keep the momentum going here!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheAmerica AgainProject Mark,

We are not scamming $29.00. What we propose to do cannot happen for free. We can keep protesting and voting in different corruptible politicians until the cows come home but it will not make a long term difference. If you actually read what we are going to do, you'll find that it has the clear potential to correct the problems we are facing. So if it only cost $29.00 for people to band together, organize, defeat our enemies and restore the Constitution for generations to come then that is quite the bargain. What is the price we are currently paying for tyranny?

Additionally, I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website....

We are not asking people to sign up, sit back and see the world changed; this will take numbers and participation.

Together we can legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. This is the only three pronged tactical offensive plan that I have seen. It's time to stop playing defense only, and let the offense take the field.

I urge you to read our Declaration, and FAQ's. I think you'll want to know how we are going to do it after you read this. I think you'll see that this is the answer.

Defeat the ENNEMY! End TYRANNY!

TheAmerica AgainProject Furthermore, if this works, you would have risked $29.00 whereas the few of us who founded this movement will most likely be marked men. We risk our lives so that posterity may enjoy the blessings of liberty provided by our ancestry. As you might assume by now, the insinuation that AmericaAgain! is no more than an opportunistic organization is quite offensive. I hope that you will read more with less cynical eyes so that you may understand that our intentions are sincere and our plan is sound.
54 minutes ago · Report

OFFENSIVE? Ya think????

AND .. the few who 'founded this movement' will 'most likely be marked men' ????

OMG THE DRAMA OF IT ALL! .......Not since Washington crossed the Delaware have so few put SO MUCH at risk!


TheAmerica AgainProject and yes we do have a lot to say. Much of it could be said here, some cannot. But nothing can be done here. The time for just words has passed; it is time for action. Granted we always mean that peacefull and legally.

The time for words has PASSED!!!! It's time for a CLUB! Only MEMBERS can be allowed to hear what you have to say??? What is it that can't be said 'here' ????

Rachel Adamson I have to agree with Mark that posting your information here to attempt to draw traffic onto your own site and get your own donations is a bit tacky, and it's gotten other groups temporarily blocked from posting on Sarah's wall (for "spamming/advertising").

TheAmerica AgainProject We are just regular Americans with a vision who started this. We've dropped everything else we do and put everything we have into this. This just seems the best place to get the word out about what we're doing. I didn't ask anyone for money here. I am asking that people visit the website to read about what we're doing. It is far to much information to post here. I don't mind answering questions in facebook, but I can't possibly post the content and intricacies of this plan on facebook.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Also, we don't take donations....

Yes, it DOES seem like the place .... where ELSE will you find the most gullible people online??? It's worth a shot!

TheAmerica AgainProject I was also hoping to get Sara's attention. I think this would be something she'd support.

Teresa Fultoni like the america again project....will check them out....we do need to band together, that is how obama won in the first place, they were able to mobilize and the conservatives were left arguing about who was more conservative....

TheAmerica AgainProject This will be a new way of life for us, for citizens. We will have a permanent tool for effective participation in our government and enforcement of the constitution.

....... a 'new way of life for us, for citizens' .. well actually, it's for MEMBERS, right? Is this a kinda RAPTURE WEBSITE THING?

Rachel Adamson TheAmerica AgainProject said, "Also, we don't take donations."

Yet on your website, plain and clear I see: "...or if you prefer to just make a donation, send your PayPal to".

So which is it?

TheAmerica AgainProject Rachel, we do not take donations. We originally intended to but changed our minds so that no one would try to influence us other than our members. Which page on the website did you see that and I'll remove it. Thanks
We are membership based only.
5 minutes ago · Report

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it??

Yesssssssssss Sarah! Which is it?? Well, technically, it's not a 'donation' because you will be 'members' so it's more like a 'club'; an exclusive club for citizens who are gullible enough to send $29.00 apparently.

Ohhhhh ....... they are going to "legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country. "

........ and when they are done doing THAT ... "...I think you'll find that any excess funds will go to a group of charities that we will be posting on the website.... """ You THINK??? You "WILL BE POSTING" ???

What???????? IS Sarah adding a covered swimming pool to her new compound in Alaska????


............ we thought we knew you!


Roy Propsner Dear Sarah fans, on the main Facebook page, Sarah Palin, on the lower left side is a Report Page link. I suggest all Sarah Palin fans use that link to voice their concern and opinion.
12 minutes ago · Report

TheAmerica AgainProject Is this not an idea new to everyone on this page? I too am a Palin fan. I don't seek to hijack her page in any way shape or form. But she's asking for ideas, and I think we have the best ideas that have been offered.
5 minutes ago · Report

WRONG .. this page is about promoting Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! ... nothing to do with IDEAS!

AmericaAgainProject And if I must be reported to facebook for spreading ideas and promulgating liberty then so be it.
4 minutes ago · Report

Ah yes .. SO BE IT! How Palinesque of you, to embrace VICTIMHOOD for the cause! LMAO

Roy Propsner Hijacking of Just Fans forum and preventing Sarah Palin fans from expressing their thoughts and opinions is no way to build a following or to solicit trust in what you are doing.

Will keep checking and .... see how long this lasts! I suspect it will be taken down soon, now that it's been blogged and 'noted' about (on my FB which is watched by Palinbots!

UPDATE 2 (still up??? )

Roy Propsner I do not believe Sarah is aware / responsible for this hijacking, Just Fans link. Just as when any email or web site is hacked or infected, I do not blame the owner of the site or necessarily the sender of the email that contains infection.
2 minutes ago · Report

THAT'S RIGHT .. Roy ... keep defending Sarah's integrity!!! Nice little Palinbot!

Rachel Adamson Posting the same thing on every comment on the wall isn't a great idea either, Roy. People were getting reported/blocked last week for that. Posting the same thing multiple times is considered "spamming" by facebook and most other sites/forums. Two different people I know on here are on a two week "time-out" for repeatedly posting the exact same... Read More thing both on her wall and in the comments of other wall posts - one about Sarah's twitter account and the other was a series of comments with contact info for key Senators. Just a heads-up... might slow down on the repeat postings! ;)
2 minutes ago · Report

I kinda LIKE Rachel, actually. She was the ONLY ONE who protested the other day when a Palinbot posted about PSALM 109:8 ... I only include her here for balance. Kudos to her for that!

Geralyn Lorrig SteppeRoy, I don't believe TheAmerica AgainProject has the power to take over Sarah's page. Every night, they take down the share box (though it's usually back up by now). He has a right to post his site - I've seen a lot of people post things for us to look at and get involved in. I think it's a good idea!

That's RIGHT Geralyn! Every other cockamamie conspiracy site is promoted on Sarah's OFFICIAL site. Why not the MEMBERS ONLY CLUB?


TheAmerica AgainProject Thanks Geralyn. I by no means would even want to take over Sarah's page. And there's no way on earth I could steal her thunder even if I wanted. She's a great Patriot and I respect her immensely.
about a minute ago · Report

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;

Geralyn Lorrig Steppe It's been down for longer before - you know it's been attacked many times. But I don't believe that TheAmerica AgainProject is responsible for this. It doesn't seem that this is what they are all about. Why can't you give them the benefit of the doubt? If anything, I feel that it might be Providence that their posting was the last one before it was taken down.
3 minutes ago · Report

Vonnie Watson Sarah! Stay the way you are!! They wouldn't be so hard on you if you were'nt some of a threat to them!! We love you.

Hey Vonnie: PAY ATTENTION .. most of us are laughing YOU PALINBOTS .. we aren't scared of Sarah.. she is hilariously inept .. Read any foreign papers lately,

UPDATE 3............ Again Roy? Gee thanks for the plug!

Roy Propsner Regardless of your statement,
The hijacking, the AmericaAgain posting is already being used by detractors, enemies of Sarah and enemies of America;
11 minutes ago · Report

Rachel Adamson Roy, stop posting the same thing on every post on the wall. Stop posting the same thing multiple times in this thread. What you're doing is called "spamming" according to facebook, and if people report you, you could be blocked from posting here.

OH C'MON Rachel .. I need the plug and what better place to plug my blog than on Sarah's OFFICIAL site? I might get ONE MILLION hits!!!


TheAmerica AgainProject Who's blog is that anyway Roy? I don't think I'd worry about what they think of my opinion, you're opinion, or anyone's opinion for that matter. The fact of the matter is that we are free to have our opinions and they are free to disagree if they like.
7 minutes ago · Report

That's right, Project Marked MAN !!! (ROFLMAO) ... we are.

((Only difference is: While everyone is free to form an opinion, nobody is free to form FACTS!! ))


TheAmerica AgainProject Ok, I have only one post in here. I may have posted a day or two ago, but how is that taking over Sarah's page?

Also, the logo with the name "AmericaAgain!" coupled with a website link and information about when we will begin accepting memberships is also a clear indication that we are not affiliated with Sarah Palin. If we were affiliated with Sarah, wouldn't she have posted our information on the Sarah Palin wall rather than AmericaAgain! posting on the Just Fan's wall?

I apologize for any confusion, it was not intended. AmericaAgain is not affiliated with Sarah Palin. We are certainly a fan of hers and have posted our infomtion/ideas here for exchange.

There ya have it, folks! Project Marked Man (lmao) confirms it. He is NOT affiliated with Sarah, he is just in it for the $29.00 !

Here I thought he was done .. but no, Project Marked Man (LMAO) has one more comment to make!

Roy Propsner Robert Oliver, there is a skunk in the cabbage patch. That is my ojective opinion. Interesting that the page went down, silent just as America Again made the post. Interesting also that Sarah's and out enemies are using this to dis Sarah
reference: enemies of Sarah and enemies of America; Read More; How they, the blog, quickly capitalized on the occassion says the enemy is monitoring us very closely. May be the skunk is the Sarah Facebook page moderator or webmaster. Maybe the skunk is a hacker. Maybe the skunk is others. But, there is a skunk.

OH WELL ............. and so it goes !!!!


  1. "Together we can legally and peacefully return Christ and Constitution back to this country."

    I just don't know what to say...

  2. Hahaha!

    "If anything, I feel that it might be Providence that their posting was the last one before it was taken down."

    Somebody's been reading Going Rogue!

    We should send out some kind of public service announcement - if any of your friends or family start mentioning Providence they probably have been reading Sarah Palin's book.

  3. The lure of $$$ 29.00 can corrupt any Palinbot .... isn't that the suggested retail price of Sarah's book? Coincidence??


  4. You are a jokeand if I didn't know any better I would think since this blog and Roy's constant mentioning of it that you 2 are in it together especially since he didn't show up until after the last post by this AmericaAgain project and all he is posting is about hijacking Sarahs page. Don't you idiotic Obama the moron supporters have anything better to do. If Sarah is so insignificant they why the hell keep bringing her up and writing about her, such idiots in the Democratic party and its spreading into the Democratic citizens in this country.

  5. Because she is so funny ... and her supporters are as dumb as rocks ...

    Thanks for stopping by, next time, we can discuss Sarah's policies, and why you support her, ok? WINK !

  6. Christ and Constitution? What about Jews, Buddhists and Hindus in the US. Can we join? What if we are agnostic or Wiccan or Unitarian or Muslim. I kinda thought America was for all religions. Do these dinkos know that not all people believe in Christ. Oh of course they do, the rest of us are doomed at the rapture.

    Now you are an enemy of the state so please be careful.

    God they are dumb. Dumb dumb dumb!

  7. Bwah!!

    There's an evil part of me that wants to start some crazy rumor like drinking bleach everyday helps you lose weight, just to watch the Palinbots go crazy spamming each other about the 'bleach diet'.

  8. I think Todd did it.

  9. AmericaAgain! is open to anyone who will comply with our bylaws, but we are up front about being a Christian based movement. To make this clear, we do not seek theocracy.

  10. Your by-laws? lol ...

    Thanks, but no thanks! (wink)

  11. I'm sure AmericaAgain! will appreciate your lack of interest.

    Yes, bylaws:
    1 : a rule adopted by an organization chiefly for the government of its members and the regulation of its affairs
    2 : a local ordinance

  12. 3: an attempt to appear organized while selling fake beanie-babies to morons

  13. wow, how much are the fake beanie-babies anyway? I see why you found that comment funny though. I didn't realize there was an alternate definition to the word bylaw.

    Your Friend,

  14. I had nothing to do with American Again. My name is not attached to it in any way. It is not me.