Friday, November 6, 2009

Sarah Prepares for her Oprah Interview!!

Sarah Prepares for her Oprah interview!

I had this old Debate Preparation Flow Chart the McCain campaign drew up for Sarah before the big VP Debate (source unknown) ... you know, the one where she warned "I might not answer the questions the way you would like me to"

There was a lot of controversy at the time; some thought Gwen Iffil should have been more forceful, insisting that Sarah answer the questions. I thought letting Sarah ramble on was a very effective way to let the viewer see Sarah on a Power Trip.

I wonder if Sarah will be reviewing the flow chart, before she goes on Oprah? So, let's have a look at it now, and see if we can spot her game plan.

She won't need it for the cupcake interviews with Hannity and Greta and Glen.




  1. I really like your blog and am glad to see you posting more often. I have a burning question though--what is the location of the incredible photograph on your heading?

  2. Thanks for droppin in again. I have had lots of personal 'events' in my life lately, and haven't had a lot of time to write.

    The bridge is the Milau Viaduct, in France. Some info on the side bar >>>>>>>>

    and more here:

  3. Beautiful picture.
    Is that another example of the failed socialist system in France?
    No way that flow diagram is's too complicated for her and there is no box that says JUST LIE.

  4. Glad to see you back.
    I'm actually considering taking time from work to watch Oprah. However, I'm not sure I can manage to listen to SP for an hour. I guess that's why God invented gin.

  5. I know that Oprah sometimes has guests appear on her show via Skype. I can imagine Sarah at home in her Wal-Mart jammies, gnawing on a Crunchwrap Supreme, and screeching away at Oprah! *shudders*

  6. I don't know when the interview is, or where it's being taped.

    It will 'air' on Nov 16th, implying that it will be taped earlier.

    That should give Palin and the Palinbots a chance to whine about editing if Sarah embarasses herself.