Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Enabler: A Xtian Taliban and her Followers.

Why is Sarah Palin dangerous? Really dangerous? Her Palinbots would have you think it's because she can WIN AN ELECTION ... which only confirms how idiotic they are.

No, she isn't going to win an election. She isn't even going RUN for office, it's too much work. Why run when she gets more attention by hiring a ghostwriter and publishing a mindlessly stupid book. A book so full of inacuracies that a whole cottage industry is now arising just to keep track of the lies! Most of us who actually watched the campaign, and have paid attention to current events for more than 6 months, don't need to do a whole lot of research to spot the lies. They are glaringly obvious.

The reason Sarah is dangerous, is because she willfully incites hate and anger; in her speeches, in her fear-mongering (death panels) in her racist/divisive comments (real America vs other America) and in her misleading rhetoric. Unfortunately, it's becoming increasingly obvious that no matter what lies/nonsense Sarah spouts, her followers will lap it up and swallow it whole. They don't have the intellectual curiosity to verify anything she says: Sarah counts on that.

Tonight, in a segment called "The Right's Reckless Rhetoric" Rachel Maddow and her guest, Frank Schaeffer, explained the rise and danger of the very type of people who rally behind Sarah, and her surrogate (also endorsed on her OFFICIAL SITE) Glen Beck and other people on FOX.

Links to the website selling this stuff, AND comments regarding Psalm 109:8 appear often on Sarah's site. And remain there.

This blog is my small attempt to document the idiocy of her Palinbots. I spend way too much time reading her support sites, but I focus on her OFFICIAL site, because I feel that I want a record of what goes on in Sarah's sanctionned space. These last few weeks, I have noticed that the rabid frenzy has been rising to a higher pitch.

I suspect that the reason her FB site has closed down at night for the past few weeks is because too many of these crazies are posting this stuff. Palin is ok with inciting, of course, we saw her do it on the campaign trail last summer; it's just that if this stuff is on her OFFICIAL site, she is responsible and she knows it. Sarah's site has always been highly censored insofar as no opposition to Sarah's statements, or those of her followers were tolerated. This means her OFFICIAL site has alert Moderators, but a lot of violent talk was allowed to remain posted. Racist sites (one about the Obama girls and sexual references) were rarely deleted, and few members objected. I often objected (under another name) by pointing out that this type of talk reflected on Sarah, and I was often berated for that, called a Muslim lover or a troll, then bounced or banned from the page.

I know this is a rather dull post, but I wanted to go on record with this, as well as urge anyone who did not see the Maddow segment to watch it now. (Click the link above) and pass it around to anyone who might not have seen it.

At the end of the segment, Schaeffer say it's gone beyond funny now; it's serious, and it's high time that Obama supporters speak out agains this.

In my small way, on my little blog that nobody reads, I just did that.

Thanks for reading, thanks for taking 5 minutes to watch the segment.


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 18, 2009 at 5:52 AM

    This was one of the best Rachel has done! People don't realize sarah has gone beyond crackpot! I blame her for the rising rhetoric I hear now from the American Taliban!!!She is the one who lit the fire!!! My BF got one of these "Pray for Obama" emails and it made me sick! What Frank said is true, we need to stand behind our President NOW and the people bitching that change is not happening fast enough need to put a cork in it!
    And we need to Pray for his safety against this idiots, the American Taliban!

  2. I read! You're becoming one of my go-to sites, even if that bridge photo makes my knees weak...:)

    Pat in Texas

  3. Sarah is on an ego trip to beat all ego's. I doubt she will ever run for office, as she already found out how an elected position can call you away from public adoration and hampers income opportunities. She will say and do anything to remain between Center Stage and Big Buck Alley. (not talking wild life here) If she incites hatred and worse, so be it. It is such a small price to have a starring role.

  4. I'm appalled that Oprah gave Sarah Palin a stage to continue voicing her pettiness. Did Oprah forget Sarah inciting the hateful crowd at her rallies with chants of "he's not one of us", "kill him" etc. The woman is divisive and the Americans that are looking up to her as a potential or future leader need to have their heads examined. This is not a good person for this country and we need to make our voices heard now. Phil Schaffer must be given a voice to explain to Oprah's audience what people like Sarah who claim to be evangelical Christians are like. I am an evangelical christian but I don't hold any of these evil, nasty people's opinions about the world around me. These nasty people are in the minority in this country (hopefully) and I hope that President Obama will be safe with the 400% hike in death threats against him. We must overcome this hate. We shall, Yes, we can.

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  6. I dropped into Sarah's site last night-- it was down again, but not before someone had a chance to post an approving comment about Psalm 109:8

    Just for the record, here it is ( edited as to format only)

    Chris Loker A couple was putzing thru slow traffic & a car in front had an Obama bumper sticker on it. It read: "Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8". They had a Bible & opened it up to the scripture & read it. The husband started laughing & laughing. Then he read it outloud: Psalm 109:8 "Let his days be few; and let another take office."

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    Martha Fairbanks Perfect!!
    about an hour ago · Report

    Gemma Bustard Thats hilarious!
    48 minutes ago · Report

    Rachel Adamson It's not really as funny or perfect or hilarious when you look at the line immediately following it - "May his children be fatherless, his wife, a widow."

    Not the message or attitude I personally want to be sending, I don't care how I feel about whoever my President may be. If people had said this during Bush's time in office, with the context of the line that followed, none of us would be happy with that.

    As I said, I got this from Sarah's OFFICIAL site, where Moderators are very quick to delete/ban comments that oppose Sarah in any way, so it's not unreasonable to assume that since this post was not deleted, and in fact got 3 LIKE votes, and 2 comments in support, that Sarah's OFFICIAL site allows this.

    One poster, Rachel Adamson had the 'mavericky-ness' to object. That apparently stopped the thread, but maybe that is when the site went down too.

    Just wanted to post this FYI.
    Sarah's OFFICIAL site is at www.facebook.com/sarahpalin

  7. Well, I'm a Canadian, an outsider and it seems that things are getting scary. We don't know any better than you guys but- so far, our 'Christian' fringe is without a big voice. It is a relief to hear someone saying'Stop this!' Sarah Palin's book is not that big a seller here, but it is getting kind of tiresome hearing about her and her delusions. I'm looking forward to the next Tina Fey act.

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