Monday, November 16, 2009

Karma, Koffee and the 400 Page Whine: A Year after Sarah tells Hillary to work harder and stop whining!

I haven't read Sarah's book but since I don't live on Mars, I can't help but hear a lot about it. The tone, it is said, is whiny. Sarah blames everyone for everything... she especially has it in for Katie Couric and the Media.

However, it is reported that she does speak well of Hillary in her book; she now realizes how horrible the Media can be 'on women' and has a greater understanding of what Hillary went through.

Nothing makes my teeth grind as when Sarah, in ANY way, compares herself to Hillary as if they are equals. For one thing, I don't think Hillary Clinton HAS that many equals, and Sarah is definitely NOT among the few that are. In the same way that Sarah elevated herself to Hillary's level with her 'cracked ceiling' comment last August, this passage in her book claims a new-found sisterhood with Hillary; it appears to me to be nothing more than an attempt to jump onto Hillary's coat tails.. hoping to get intelligent by osmosis, maybe?

Hillary CLinton, as Sec of State, was on Meet the Press yesterday, and that dipstick Gregory asked her about Sarah's interest in meeting up for a coffee sometime ... yea right Sarah, because you are in her league, after all, what with a vagina and all! A unique bond huh?

Last year though, Sarah was giving Hillary (who never EVER got a break from the Media) advice about how to deal with the Media! Stop whining and work harder, she said!

Remember this interview??


  1. Sarah does have one thing in common with Hillary. Hillary has been to Russia and Sarah can see Russia from her house!

  2. If Sarah can see Russia from her house, it gives her more in common with a seal than the SoS !!

  3. How about Sarah Palin take her own advice?