Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Ignorance and Ironies of Sarah Palin: Speaking to her base, people just like her!

Trig is a prop. She has no interest in his condition or his needs.

One of Sarah's most glaringly ignorant comments somehow slipped under the radar during the campaign, and this was her comment about Scientific research involving fruit-flies. I was shocked, when in a speech, Sarah made fun of Scientific research grants that included Fruit flies. That was one of the most mindless/uninformed comments she made during the campaign.

Any High School student knows that the use of fruit flies in genetic research is an invaluable research tool! But Sarah is oblivious to Science (as are her fans) and is too disinterested to learn about Trig's condition. That comment, to me highlighted the fact that she has made ZERO effort to learn anything about it. Sarah is ignorant, and she reaches out to the ignorant in her base. Those who are too 'dumb' to know they are 'dumb'.

Where does a lot of that earmark money end up anyway? [...] You’ve heard about some of these pet projects they really don’t make a whole lot of sense and sometimes these dollars go to projects that have little or nothing to do with the public good. Things like fruit fly research in Paris, France. I kid you not.

Well, Sarah, fortunately, you were not kidding! Research with fruit flies has in fact resulted in great steps forward in understanding ALL KINDS of genetic defects in humans, and contributing to a better life for people with various disabilities. But, that is Science, and Sarah doesn't believe in Science; as often happens, people who don't understand something, often belittle it.

Scientific reseach is not the only target of Sarah's scorn though. What about bloggers? Remember that 'bloggers in pyjamas in their Mom's basement' comment? Isn't it ironic that Sarah went on to make Facebook her OFFICIAL means of communication with her supporters? Shielding herself from questions, she makes her pronouncements vis 'notes'. Any discussion or challege to her views are promptly deleted.

She accepts no discussion; after a shallow, High School level Op-Ed a few months ago, Sen Kerry and Sen Boxer responded to her, inviting her to join the larger debate on Energy issues. Sarah never responded, never rose to the challenge. She simply ignored them, because she knows that she has nothing to contribute. If ever Sarah was forced to discuss Energy, or the Oil industry with knowledable people, it would be obvious that she knows as much or less than the average person who has spent some time reading on the subject. And we know Sarah doesn't read.

Lucky for Sarah neither do her supporters, so they are easy to fool.

I liken it to an everyday person trying to find out about open heart surgery. Sure, if the Operation Room nurse explains the procedure to the patient, she will sound like an expert, since the average person knows nothing about it. However, would anyone REALLY want a Nurse to perform the surgery? Of course not, we would all want a Surgeon to be the one with the scalpel.

Sarah has this conviction that people somehow become 'experts' in any given topic by some kind of Educational Osmosis. In Sarah's world, Physical proximity brings valuable knowledge!

Like Trig, Alaska, is a prop. To the folks down in the Lower 48, it is a land of beauty, mystery and hard-living. Those who live there are tough, fight daily to 'survive' and Sarah loved to project the image of the tough Alaskan who can live off the land!

The Education Osmosis she received from hearing the rig crews discuss their job at the local bar has Sarah convinced that she 'knows' all about it. She knows too little to know how little she knows.

Todd has a low-level part-time job on the Slope, so Sarah 'knows' stuff! Her tenure on the Oil and Gas commission was short lived; she quit that job too, when she couldn't handle the intricacies of the industry. All those numbers! All that technology! All that scientific mumbo-jumbo! It wasn't anything like Dallas (the TV show) at all! Not glamorous with parties/condos/designer clothes etc ... She thought she could be Sue Ellen?

This Educational Osmosis explains why she sees herself as 'informed' on Foreign Policy too. Alaska, being close to 2 foreign countries (Canada and Russia) is all she needs to convince herself that she can ably speak on Foreign Policy. In fact, all she has a few soundbites that sound, eerily, as if they come straight from the 'America is the best' 'America is the strongest' ... 'America is the leader' school of thought. Does anyone seriously consider for one moment that this woman, who couldn't name ONE magazine or National Newspaper that she reads regularly has even the faintest idea about the situation in the Middle East? Or American's role in any historical event unless it's been the subject of a Hollywood movie? Really?

More later. I am tired. Very tired.

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