Saturday, December 5, 2009

Palin's Faulty logic: Equivalency is for Elites!


.. I am NOT a birther .. I believe that President Obama IS a Natural Born Citizen and that the documents from Hawaii are valid.

That said, I want to ask a Devil's advocate type of question.

If his mother DID pull a fast one, and got him a Birth certificate ... but hid that fact from him all his life, can it really be held against him??? A baby has no say in these things, and he was a baby. So it would be none of his doing.

ON THE OTHER HAND.. if Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy, then participated in a hoax, complete with fake documents to support the hoax, then SHE is responsible for the fraud.

THEREFORE ... the two situations are not equivalent, and her attempt to lump them together, as she did in her Facebook notes ... is a diversion from HER actions, as an adult, and do not compare to what the birthers claim about President Obama.

The other day, she brought up the subject of President Obama's birth in the same breath as the 'rumours' about Trick/Tripp, implying that both are 'stupid conspiracies'. But, President Obama's birth records have been released and authenticated, while Tricky's have not been fully examined, and in this case, there ARE valid questions.

Don't let her muddy these waters....­....... there is no equivalence here in INTENT.


  1. I have often thought the same thing. In the end, questioning Obama's birth is really challenging his mom (cloaked in an attack on him). So if she's going to say we can challenge his mom, family isn't off limits and we should be allowed to question Trig's mom. The question about Obama's birth is Constitutional and he has been proven to be an American. The question about Sarah Palin being Trig's mom is about her integrity, honesty, motivation, her self-created image of a mom-in-chief as qualification, etc.

  2. Rational ConservativeDecember 5, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    It appears Sarah has given up on trying to win back the moderates. All this birther and climate hoax chatter alienates all except her most rabid followers. She is becoming a walking asininity. If she continues in this direction, I fully expect to see her publicly demonizing "organic" vegetables and "Organic" Chemistry next.

  3. Oh, Lordily, Sarah lumping the Trig hoax with the Obama birther myth is desperation to the nth degree.

    The Trig drama is gaining traction beyond the "anonymous blogger" realm and Sarah knows it. Hence, the FB note.

    And there ain't diddly-squat Sarah can do about it.

    Note to babygaters: FWIW, I don't care about babygate. I believe Sarah exercised extremely poor judgment by jumping on that plane while leaking amniotic fluid and that ALONE is more than enough to dismiss her as a viable candidate. Whether or not she made this decision is not controversial. She admits it, even wrote about it, for the record. However, babygate has demonstrated to me just how clueless Sarah really is, and that, itself, is hysterically entertaining.

  4. You expect too much from the Palin-bots. They only hear Sarah's Entrancing Lies. Never have I seen a less aware group of people