Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPDATE: Is this WILD RIDE: the sequel? In Palinspeak, 'incognito' means 'look at me!' : two sets of pictures, two different messages!

SO, Sarah, the tough pitbull, the baracuda, the Maverick, is being chased out of town and forced to cut her vacation short because she couldn't remain 'incognito' ???

Are we supposed to believe THAT?? What is the REAL REASON Sarah is packing up??


While some of Sarah's fans eagerly await their signed book --- some fools sent $100.00 to SarahPAC in order to get one 'free' but.. it's still not in the mail --- Sarah is relaxing in Hawaii, the Home State of President Obama and Native State of .... well ... natives. That's ok though, those Palinbots are a forgiving bunch, when it comes to Sarah; some might even call them 'apologists' for Sarah, since no matter what she does (or doesn't do) it's explained, forgiven or ignored!

Sarah has just come off her book tour, where she was fawned over by the likes of Billy Graham, thousands of Military personnel, and MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS of adoring fans. It's no surprise that she would want a nice quiet break in sunny Hawaii!

Quiet? Did I say quiet? As in, 'private'? As in, no adulation? As in, nobody will KNOW WHAT SHE IS DOING????

"OMG.. somebody PLEASE call TMZ! I am in 'attention withdrawal' agony! "

"TODD! HURRY! Find a public beach ... this damned high class hotel is chasing away the press!"

"How am I going to be invited to something POLITICAL in Hawaii if nobody knows I'm here? We won't be able to get SarahPAC to pay for this!"

In no time, the TMZ people are there, shooting
'candid shots of

1) Sarah playing with Piper!

2) Sarah smiling lovingly at Todd!

3) Sarah and Trig-Prop doing a loving smooch!

That little DS Prop sure does come in handy when it comes to a positive ID on a crowded beach; without sunglasses or a protective hat, little Trig-Prop is like a 'Palin Family is Here' beacon on the beach! No mistaking the Palin 1/2 family is there?

A pro-American T-shirt on the front, a 'get out if you don't agree with me' on the back .. and to top it all off, an 'obliterated McCain' visor. Like a walking billboard, Sarah heads for the crowded beach, ready to be photographed with the message. Message?

Message you ask? What message?? Oh NO! HOW COULD ANYONE SEE A MESSAGE THERE?

Palin said in the statement to POLITICO: “I am so sorry if people took this silly incident the wrong way. I adore John McCain, support him 100 percent and will do everything I can to support his reelection".

So her story is: She wanted to be 'incognito'. Right.

Because wearing a cap with McCain printed on it, is just so ..... so UNIQUE isn't it? I mean, NOBODY but Sarah would have one of those! She did the only thing she could do! Blacked it out, so that it would be 'discreet'.

Sarah really thinks everyone is stupid! From her point of view, I suppose that's a fair assumption; since she has just met MILLIONS and MILLIONS of her fans, she could be forgiven for thinking the whole world is living in the same la la land. A quick wander into Palinbot land will confirm that:

1) those pictures of NOT of Sarah!
2) if they ARE of Sarah, then she was trying to be 'incognito'.

Hey! That's what Sarah said too! What a coincidence!!

I suspect that if Sarah told them "Those pictures are not taken in Hawaii, we just got a hot spell in Alaska today" ..... they would believe that!

BUT THEN .. the OTHER shoe dropped! ANOTHER set of pictures set of pictures comes out.

THESE are not so flattering to Sarah's image of 'Family Vacation on Beach' though.

Sarah, showing off all that 'runner's cellutite.

Gone are the frollicking in surf w/ Piper moments!
No kissy-face w/ Trig-Prop-melt-your-heart image!
And, have you seen Todd???
Yea, he's right behind ya Sarah, while you're on the phone.

Again. And again.


I'm thinking she's trying to arrange a meeting with someone in Hawaii so that she can charge her trip off to SarahPAC; there is so much $$$$ in there, from her 'fans' who donated $100.00 ....... and are still waiting for their book.

Hey .. The book's in the mail!


  1. Sarah, You are so reactionary. Now we know why you are on your Blackberry 24/ are reading Palingates, Bree Palin and Immoral MInority. Any observation about your physical being, you TRY to correct. So today, you went out for a run? How did that go in the humidity? Around the block?

    Seriously, It will be so much easier for you and your family if you admit the truth about Trig now instead of later. The lies are eating you up. You are so ultra sensitive to anything said about your body, you are losing it. It shows all over your face, in case you are not aware.

    Cutting your vacation short just cuz people think your legs look awful? My, my, you are really more shallow than I thought. You are a tortured soul. Just will reap what you sow. It's already happening.

  2. Where is the photo of Sarah at the Anchorage Airport?

  3. She's also miffed because there's been NO press or TV coverage in HI even acknowledging her august presence. And the paparazzi was cruel to her in taking those gawd awful pics which they doctored to make her look bad. Hey $carah, the clock is ticking and you ain't no Dorian Gray - or are you?

    She could have called her good buddy Gov. Lingle, rethuglican Gov of HI. She campaigned for $P & thinks she's just the cat's meowwwww. Surely Lingle would have been happy to secure private accommodations for the Palin clan but that would have meant she really would have been incognito, an idea $P finds totally repulsive. Oh wait - Lingle is a member of "the gay" can't associate with that can ya $carah?

    HI has many real celebrities living here, a grifter's clan doesn't even raise an eyebrow. The majority of Hawaiians think she is a total idiot. No white, howling, adoring fans here. And boy didn't she want crowds following her to show President Obama how beloved she is in his home state? NOT! Love it!!

    Her "cutting her vacation short because I just can't be private there" whine is a lie. They were undoubtedly planning to leave soon anyway so she could get to her "Public" book signing in AK on the 22nd.

    Me thinks Piper & Trig probably got horribly sunburned while there because of her lack of care for anything but her blackberries.

  4. OH it would be so cool if an Alaska blogger met that plane... (if she really IS going back to AK that is.)

  5. Rational ConservativeDecember 18, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    That is some collection of subcutaneous fat Sarah has got going there. Nasty, nasty looking flesh that should never be exhibited in public. That photo, alone, offends the Internet.

    You learn something new every day. I thought I knew why Sarah was giving all those shout-outs to Joe Six Pack in 2008. After the men she dated drank a six pack, I thought, Sarah began making sense to them, and they would pay more attention to her. She remembered their many kindnesses and was letting them know she hadn't forgotten them.

    Now I realize Sarah was medicating them, blurring their vision for her disrobing.

  6. The Palinbots fascination with Sarah owes everything to her physical appearance. Sarah's cultish aura is centered around her looks. The Palinbots weren't the only ones fooled. I, too, thought she was very attractive until I saw her without her makeup mask.

    Hey, Sarah:

    U! G! L! Y!

    You ain't got no alibi!

    You ugly!

  7. Sarah's cutting her vacation short because she can't stand being "just" another haole.

    TMZ bent her over, literally and figuratively.


  8. The Piper and Trig props are not enough for Sarah. The paparazzi showed us that Sarah needs her costume, but she couldn't wear her costume in HI. That is why she ran away.

    Even Sarah knows how ridiculous high-heels, panty hose, lipstick, and thick makeup would look on the beach.

  9. Julie (former Palintologist)December 19, 2009 at 8:59 AM

    Sarah is unemployed. There are no legitimate reasons for her to be on the phone all the time, especially when she is on "vacation." The phone calls are her excuse to palm Trig off on someone else.

    In every one of those photos of her on the phone she is off in her own little world, too busy to be bothered with any of her family members. She is an important person, you see? Todd, Piper and Trig are nobodies compared to the enormous responsibilities inherent in being Sarah. All those phone conversations are far more urgent and important than caring for her special needs child.

    Trig is but a prop to Sarah.

    You know, Archivist, John McCain can't lift his arms above his shoulders. War injuries.

    And Sarah threw a cheap shot at him with the visor.

    And you know what the Palinbots say about him.

    I can't stand the lot of them anymore.

  10. The first part of one of Sarah's latest tweets: "Earth saw clmate chnge4 ions"

    Sarah, you breathtaking dumbarse, an "ion" is a charged particle.

  11. Oh, I know cellulite is subcutaneous adipose tissue. Eighty percent of us women have it. Most men don't even notice it on us (ask them if you don't believe me).

    But they notice it on Sarah. Sarah-cellulite is like no other. It is "recoil in horror" unsightly, worse than ginormous man boobs. And she should have been charged with indecent exposure. It is also contagious.

    Wanna bet the other vacationers in HI complained to the Hotel staff about Sarah sitting in the beach chairs, contaminating them with contagious Sarah-cellulite?

  12. SP went to Hawaii thinking that since she was "the most important person in the world" (don't know which member of her family said that, but they are really whacko)and found out she didn't even rate a mention on the news. She still hasn't figured out that her only title is Mrs. Todd Palin, wonder when she's going to quit that one?

    Palin really thought the people of Hawaii were going to fawn all over her and follow her around. She was going to prove to everyone that she was more popular than Obama in his home state but it didn't work....gotta love it!

    Can any of you in Wasilla tell me how people react to her when she is out and about there? Does she expect to be treated like a queen?
    Does anyone know which idiot in the family actually thinks she is the most important person in the world? My God, does her ego know no bounds? They could only have gotten that opinion from Sarah as there is nothing written that would lead anyone with a brain to that conclusion.