Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joy Behar is a HERO!

Please go to The View's message board and comment on the thread I started there to keep it on TOP ... (their message board puts the last commented thread back at the top of the list, so your input really matters. Be NICE to the Palinbots though!)

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Fact is: I think Joy was very brave to give Andrew that lead-in .... she has a NEW show, and this was a big gamble, she took it!

Andrew did extremely well, focusing on the facts as we were told by Sarah herself, and then reaching the obvious conclusion that any woman who has ever had a baby knows: What Sarah did, is against ANY medical advice, or prudent course that a woman at that stage of pregnancy would take. NOBODY behaves that way; that has been my take on it from the beginning. (I even wrote to Sullivan before the election about that)

I am not saying that the photos gathered by Regina/Andrew/Kathleen and Palin Deception don't matter, of course they do, but that just isn't 'concrete' enough to prove anything; people who want to interpret them a certain way, will always be able to do that.

Can't say the same for the words out of Sarah's own mouth, or her Dad, though! Sarah has never had to 'back up' her lies, for some reason she glides right through them, but ... with the persistance of so many people, this time will be different!

Yea! to Joy and Andrew! And kudos to palingate et al ... for sharing their information, their time and their process with everyone!

Let's support JOY on the VIEW page, and join her FB page too and support her there! Let other people with a platform see that it's OK to challenge Sarah!

Palinbot sofarright to Joy on The View site:
Joy your so offensive it's a shame your parents weren't vacationing in Poland in 1939.


  1. I left my comments and thanks to Joy on her Joy Behar Show site. The palinbots were out in force there and had some insane comments about THE pregnancy story. Fanatical idiotology! Many thanks to you for your blog and many insightful comments on other blogs. I heart you!

  2. PS - In the mindless posts comments, Pete Whally (says) "We need Sarah to take on the Taliban and al-queda"

    What he doesn't realize is that $carah IS the Taliban & Al-Qaeda - the American wing.

  3. Well done Arch!(LOL)

    Sorry, I couldn't resist after I saw it on PG...

    The story is getting out there and gaining momentum.

    Fingers crossed!