Sunday, December 13, 2009

And so it goes ...... Sarah 'Streetwalks her Stuff' in Canada, for a price!!


I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this famous George Bernard Shaw anecdote, regarding Sarah's speaking gig next April in Canada, but, it belongs here:

GBS: Madam, would you sleep with me for a million pounds?
Actress: My goodness, Well, I’d certainly think about it.
GBS: Would you sleep with me for a pound?
Actress: Certainly not! What kind of woman do you think I am?!
GBS: Madam, we’ve already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.

......... because that is what Sarah is, an 'actress' who will take on whatever role will bring in the most money or attention!

She does't have to 'understand' her lines, or where the plot is going; she just has to repeat her lines, with conviction .... Sarah is the Meryl Streep of Politics, isn't she?

Honestly, what else can one say about Sarah, in light of the announcement that she has accepted an engagement speaking at a FUNDRAISER in Canada?? A FUNDRAISER for a 'socialist hospital' that performs abortions, gives end of life counseling to its terminal patients (known as 'death panels in Sarah's world).

Whoring oneself, whether it's your body or your support, is still whoring!

For the right price, Sarah is available!

So, I've been doing my thing on the message board of the local paper for Hamilton, Ontario Canada, where Sarah is reported to have accepted $200,000 to help in a FUNDRAISING event for the very type of health care facility she so BRAVELY rails against, from the safety of Facebook and unchallenged OpEd pages.

The newspaper conducted a poll about this engagement, and the results were 9 to 1 AGAINST IT .. and early comments supported this poll. Then, the story appeared on The Huffington Post and the poll numbers changed ..of course, the Palinbots have shown up there too! (To be fair, this is no different than the Joy Behar supporters on The View's site last week .. (blush!)

But .. whatever! (wink!)

One such Palinbot is Bobby, who obviously has spent some time reading Sarah's book and Sarah's website and Sarah's bio for the McCain campaign!

I (of course) had to respond to 'Bobby'

Archivist says:
You said
Being civil, polite and tolerant to the President in Waiting when she visits Canada will do more for our reputation than the antics of intolerance that we see displayed on this page.

What are you smoking? The President in Waiting? She is no such thing. That is just ridiculous.

As for being 'civil' ... her statements regarding Canada and its HC system are hardly civil, and certainly they are innacurate. She has called for the system to be 'privatized', said the Canadian system is 'socialism' and that the Goverment has 'absorbed' the system which is so ridiculous, it's hard to know where to start, other than to say that the Canadian Govt has not 'absorbed' anything.. In her ignorance, Sarah seems to think that those 'poor Canadians need to stop the Governement from taking over the HC system bit by bit' ... another example of Sarah's total lack of understanding of the Canadian HC model.

BUT even if this were true, Sarah Palin's 'version' of what Canadians should or should not do, is based on her well known ignorance of issues as well as her habit of spouting off her nonsense in forums where she can't be 'challenged' or 'questionned' ... Hit and Run/Hide is her MO ...

I laugh at people who describe her as 'tough' and 'not afraid to tell it like it is' .. ANYONE can do that, if they do it from behind a security blanket where there is no danger of being held to support her statements. Fact is, she is a coward and a liar, which is well documented now in the many many MANY rebuttals to the fantasies and 'complete fabrications' in her book.

I do agree with the previous poster who said that inviting and paying Sarah Palin to speak in Canada is an insult to the many hard working Canadians who give of their hard earned money and time in volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society --- to pay this woman an outrageous sum of money to spout off her uninformed nonsense IS an insult to the thousands who work tirelessly for something they care about and believe in ... as opposed to Sarah who is 'available if the price is right, to support just about anything she is paid to support'. Integrity and 'values' indeed.

Bobby: I suggest that you inform yourself before stick up for this woman; you obviously don't know very much about her other than what you have read in places where only her 'supporters' are allowed to talk .. those sites, including her OFFICIAL site on FB are heavily censored, so that only adulation is permitted or ... misinformed lies/conspiracies and outright calls to violence against President Obama are tolerated.

Many documented instances of this are in my blog, BTW, which is all about the Palinbots.

I hope the organizers of this event have a Morality Clause in this contract; Sarah's facade may very well be shattered by the time April comes along.

george wannan says:
The rabid slurring of Sarah Palin is quite encouraging, it means they still fear the light of day and common sense and decency!

george, you must be an American Palinbot, this is precisely the type of statement they seem to think proves their position about Sarah.. yet they don't seem to think that their 'rabid slurring' and constant lies about President Obama gives the same message! I know Sarah supporters are not known for their 'thinking skills' but .... this would seem like 'common sense' to me!

BTW: nobody needs to LIE about Sarah Palin to 'slur' her, she gives people more than enough material whenever she opens her mouth to release yet another shockingly uninformed statement.

Remember the most famous skit on SNL by Tina Fey? Word for word Palinspeak nonsense.


  1. Please don't demean Meryl Streep by comparing her with a compulsive liar, the former part-time governor of Alaska who can't tell the truth if her life depended upon it.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work with your blog!

  2. I'd say she's more the Bo Derek of politics. Or the Pia Zadora. (Pia played Ann Frank on stage and when the Nazis arrived, someone in the audience cried, "She's in the attic!"

    Now THAT's a metaphor for Sarah's portrayal of a politician.

    I like this blog! I like what you do with the Palinbot comments. You know that blog "Cake Wrecks?" You should start one called "Comment Wrecks." Or just keep it up in the sidebar. It cheers me.

  3. Thanks for repeatedly risking your sanity for a good cause. The sidebar palinbot comments are golden.

  4. You are brilliant. On behalf of thinking real-Americans everywhere, we apologize in advance for whatever crazy stuff she will say and do in your country. She's not right in the head and I'm not sure its fair to hold her accountable for her actions. Narcissism is a mental illness and maybe your country's wonderful system can treat the poor woman while she's there. Do they still give lobotomies there? Shock treatments?

    Buck Sarah and the Dinosaur she saddles to ride in on. :)

  5. Loved this post! Your responses were spot on. My hope and more likely prediction, is that she'll end up cancelling that speaking engagement in your country. Five months is a long way off and a LOT can happen between now and then.

  6. "Dear Lord, I just want you to know that Sarah is my Hero. She stands for what most of our nation stands for. Thank you Sarah Palin for standing up for America and us. But, God, Sarah has strayed. Sarah has turned into a backsliding whore. Please, God, Bless Sarah, lead her in the direction You want's. Satan has a hold of her now. Satan put meth in Sarah's mouth and turned her into a crack whore. Lord, put her back on the narrow path. I hope You will llead Sarah to be our next President.

    I am,
    Forever Yours,
    Prayer Warrior."