Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sit down, and Get a Barf Bag before you read this: it's so bad, on so many levels.



As I meandered through my day
A nascent whirlwind came to play
In an oak-grove along the way.

It picked up the dry leaves it found
And whirled them around and around
Until the wind's shape wore a leafen gown.

The shape it revealed was a human,
And then refined, it became a woman
Tailored of air-thin and lea...ves-oaken.

At once her essence came a-sailin'
With her leaf-clothed arms a-hailin',
Her mind spoke to mine a-sayin,'

"I am the spirit called Sarah Palin."

A Palinbot says: "I absolutely love it, did you write that?"

The Author (ahem!) replies:

I wrote it last summer just after she resigned and I was on the cusp of dismissing her. My mind had focused elsewhere, when the whirlwind of leaves appeared in my mind, just as described in the poem. I recently sent her a book with a copy of the poem included. My avatar is in a similar vein, though it is the trunk of a tree rather than leaves....Mother Nature.

AWWWWW when he began to question his loyalty to Sarah ...... his 'answer was blowin'
in the wind'!!!!!!!

Not sure if I should barf, or cry.


  1. And the distance between Palinbotland and Palinworshipperland gets ever smaller.

  2. What is the difference between a religion and a cult? Numbers of membership!
    Let's see when the cult of sistah sarah becomes large enough to become legally tax exempt... ARRRGH!
    (That's my verbal barf for the morning...)

  3. Has one of her 'bots set this to music yet on YouTube?

  4. Rational ConservativeDecember 11, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    Oh, Kenneth Pearce, you may have just won Sarah's heart. Will she leave Todd for you? Maybe you have a chance. No, not maybe, but possible. Or, dare you hope, probable? If probable, then perhaps certain? Certain, yes, that's it! You, Kenneth Pearce, have won Sarah's heart! It's certain now. But if certain, why not absolute? Surely so!!!!!

    Hop on a plane to Alaska, Kenneth Pearce. Sarah is waiting for you, a man who is not afraid to show the world his heart, a man who has proven worthy of Sarah.

    You, Kenneth Pearce, are the fastest, strongest spermatozoon in the Palinbot ejaculation.

    Be gentle to Sarah's ovum, Kenneth Pearce, for the eyes of the world are upon you.

  5. The poem could only be improved by having Mrs. Palin make a recording.

    The Palinbot quotes are scary.

  6. I believe Kenneth Pearce has a little competition from a very deep thinking Canadian philospher named Johnny Bee:

    "...What I like about you, is that you put on your mukluks, toss a scarf around your neck, make snow angles, and speak what you feel. Good on you! Yaw, you have a lot of prying eyes twisting and wrenching your daily activities as governor, perhaps even provoking a very human instinct of frustration. It's pretty obvious the media is often a double sided mirror. Which leads me to ponder; isn't it's time a lot more people look in the mirror to see how far way they are from the reality of others and ask what others see in them? I would then suggest reaching for their binoculars and taking a look out across the sky. I'm sure they would see some familiar things like the moon, the space station, mountains and sea, and at night they could see a few bright lights, or a closer look at the phenomena of the 'Northern Lights' heck, they might even spot you among the stars. But more strikingly, in their search they would realize just how far away it is to be close.
    You have obviously brought very near this far away distance by walking a long way. I'm sure at times struggling to get over mountains that appeared as hills in your fist view. More recently, touching what must have felt like sun, only to realize it was a spotlight...

    If I could be so bold as to suggest that people took the same pair of binoculars... those in which they saw familiarity and beauty so close, and looked down at their feet, they would find they could not see their own feet, nor could they take the next step confidently...
    Governor Palin, thank you for showing us that distance is not all in vain or an exercise in becoming extinct. For when the lights go on, and the camera rolls, the magical place that only stars can shine is but a false reality of distance, I no longer need my binoculars to see my destination, for it's simply my distinction.

    Your neighbor
    John B from Canada"

  7. ok every so often i do venture into palinland. Read this and weep:

    Thanks for this perspective, Brooks! I've felt that the Governor's introduction of Michael Reagan has always summed things up well when she said, " It is God we trust; it is not in big government that we trust".God guides her personally, but she does not act as the American government must be a Christian theocracy. She recognizes the falleness of mankind. the free will that God has given, and the redemption of Christ. It is her foundation.

    She is unabased of her faith. She realizes that we as Christians are to be the light of the world, but in doing so we are not to "blind" people. I've always greatly appreciate her strong and bold faith in her words and her deeds. She also does so in her clothing. I've seen more pictures of her with THE hat. Not only is the hat and coat she is wearing awesome, she is proudly wearing cross earrings and a cross necklace. :)"

    These people are so creative in their use of language it make my head hurt!

  8. I went over to Sarahland and looked at the comments under her "Home to Alaska" FB note. I thought I might find something that tops Johnny Bee's suggestion to point a pair of binoculars at your feet or Whitney's "THE hat." To my shock and surprise, I found a one word comment that I agreed with:

    Chris Lackerdas

  9. One should not drunk post:

    Jeremy Sawyer
    Sarah Palin it wonderful to meet i have wanted to since i first saw you are amazing women it was wonderful to meet and i can not wait for u to run for office in 2012

  10. "I've always greatly appreciate her strong and bold faith in her words and her deeds. She also does so in her clothing. I've seen more pictures of her with THE hat."

    Okay, if I understand Whitney correctly she believes Sarah's tight skirts and high-heels somehow express Sarah's strong and bold faith. This observation is backed up, strengthened even, with another of Whitney's observations: "I've seen more pictures of THE hat."

  11. But you've missed commenting on my favorite phrase: "She is unabased of her faith" WTF?

  12. Manx Mamma .. that whole post is just mind boggling .. where do they get this stuff? They attribute 'their idea' of perfection to Sarah, don't they? Doesn't matter what she has said or done, they don't hear or see it!

    I laughed at the 'unabased of her faith' too .. funny thing is, I think he meant unabashed but then, THAT doesn't make sense either!

    They talk to each other is a word salad that only they understand, agreeing with each other because they hear back they own muddled thoughts.

    ...................... they are effing scary!

  13. It is amazing she can do no wrong, they agree with everything she says or does. They believe every post or speech someone else wrote for her. Her lies or contradictions can always be explained away. Anyone who dare utters a word they don't like about her are evil and should be punished. When her dad reported why she came home from Hawaii, they say they are playing the racist card again, but don't include the quote from her dad that makes it sound like she is.

    Why in the world anyone pretends she is qualified to be president is unreal. The media only reports everything about her because the want ratings and tabloid stuff gives them ratings. They really should be ashamed when it is so important to the world. If they would ignore her ghost written facebook, speeches, and opt eds she would become less relevant. They at least need to do some research as to who wrote her latest rants and report that. Until she is ready to speak in person they shouldn't claim she wrote anything. She won't do that because she can't. The only thing she can say in person are a few memorized lines and read a prepared by somebody else speech. Common sense conservative solutions, should be non-sense conservative solutions.

    If God forbid she did get elected POTUS in 2012 then it's true the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012. God will say we are just to stupid to live and give up on us.

  14. Careful, libs, or the Palinbots will accuse you of pulling the race card:

    Richard Blanchard
    Hey Bucky you lib's lie all the time first of all KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR STASH. I know that you lib's want to give every thing to the blacks screw you!!! That is our money not there's. If there is a reason you can't work that is different but if you can work then there is no excuse for you. If you are a smart ass trying to get money from the government for your drug habits up yours!!! Also that Tim Gickner should be in jail he is a real bad!

  15. Welcome Richard. It's always funny to read an incoherent and irrelant rant.

  16. Found this little gem under Sarah's "The Tonight Show Last Night" FB note. There are two photos of Shatner with captions, one showing him signing his autobiography for Sarah PRIOR to the skit and another showing him meeting Sarah's parents PRIOR to the skit. But Palinbot David W. Callis believes Sarah's sudden appearance caught Shatner off guard:

    "David W. Callis
    Good job!!! Last time I saw William Shatner that surprized was on Star Trek when some dude jumped from behind a rock and clobbered him!!!"

    Hey, David W. Callis, it's called acting. Next time read the FB note before commenting, you dolt.

  17. Re Richard: I didn't realize I went to bed and woke up in 1809.

    Oh, and the reason people aren't work is because NO ONE IS HIRING, jerkwad.

  18. Isn't there something in the bible about a whirlwind out of the north? I think this "poem" is more Dominionist code-talk.


  19. Yet another Palinbot who doesn't read:

    "Trish Farrell
    the look on william shatner's face was the funniest thing I've seen in this depressed nation in a long time! love ya Sarah!"

    Way to punk yourself, Trish Farrell.

  20. I bet Robert Buckey believes the wounded vets at Walter Reed who declined to see Sarah aren't entitled to free speech either:

    "Robert Buckey
    As a former Marine, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, thank you Mrs. Palin. I know quite a few wounded vets. Oh, and you libs on here attacking her for supporting the troops, go suck start a shot gun. You clowns serve no purpose.
    Fri at 8:57am"

    Robert Bucky is not alone. Greg Wilson is a big fan:

    "Greg Wilson
    I love it Robert! Lol! Thank you for serving!

    ***suck start a shotgun*** Lmao!
    Fri at 9:06am"

    Way to go, Sarah. You must be proud.