Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT! Guess WTF this Palinbot is talking about!

Ok .. I am STUMPED!!! Does anyone have ANY idea what this guy is saying, or trying to say, or ... well WTF is he smoking???

Billy Joe Thigpin say's, "If Bill "Slick Willey" Clinton and Al "The Ho" Gore had listened to a man (Lt.Col. Oliver North) with much more Wisdom, Vision and Foresight, than themselves. We would not be in this Situation, we are in now. It would have never happened. So all you Left-handed Monkey Wrenches out there get off George W. Bush's... Ass, all he ever did was try to end a war that Bill Clinton and Al Gore started in 1987 and could have ended it then with an Executive Decision, which they were not capable of making, then and there. Then they would have been the Hero’s, but they still be the Goat with the Blue Dress on, Huh, OK? Click www.wager-with-skill to see, thanks, Billy Joe, OK?


  1. It's the subtext. They're having a contest to find out who's best at makin' stuff up. (Maybe they're trying to impress their Queen).

  2. Left Handed Monkey Wrenches smacks of Greatest Story Ever Told. Have never heard the phrase outside of that song....

    As for the rest of it...sounds like author is upset about Iran/Contra. Which of course fell to Pappy to clean up, so not entirely sure if author is sane. Clinton was Gov. of Ar-kansas in 1987, no?

    So....I'mma say he's referring to BCCI.

    'Memba that one? Wonder Woman's husband got in some big trouble.

    IIRC, one of the clandestine airports involved in the Contra thing was in Ar-kansas.

    What do I win? lol.

  3. Is that idiot saying the Clinton was President in 1987?

    Sorry I am lost in that Word Salad with Lunatic dressing.

  4. David Dodd has it...I have to assume said wing nut is a fan of Richard McKenna rather than the good ole GD...

    Annotation as follows:

    Left-hand monkey wrench
    Richard McKenna's book, The Left-Handed Monkey Wrench (Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1984), explains that the left-handed monkey wrench is an item every novice sailor is sent to fetch, as an initiation.

    This is what's known in the folklore trade as a "fool's errand." Here's a list of similar tools which a new apprentice or recruit may be sent to find: (from Eric Partridge's A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, p. 1381.)

    * Carpenters': crooked straight-edge, round square, rubber hammer for glass nails or flannel hammer.
    * Storemen could often do with a wall-stretcher.
    * Painters': red, white, and blue paint.
    * Printers': cubic type
    * Nautical: galley down-haul, key of the starboard watch.
    * Miscellaneous: left-handed spanner, horse-ladder, yard-wide pack-thread.

  5. I give credit to those of you who even try to figure out people like this. The man is an angry moron. It is incredible he can actually blame Clinton and Gore for "the war." WTF? I am so tired of how absolutely stupid these people are, especially their leader. I can't stand her and I am sick of her. My new comments on blogs like on CNN or other places are "why are you giving this ignorant woman attention" when there are hundreds of other intelligent thoughtful people out there to quote. Maybe we all give her too much attention - she thrives on it - negative or positive. What would she do if ignored?
    Luckily most of America can't stand her and laughs at her.

  6. That's Sarah's base! "I'm PROlife, PROwar,PROabstinance,PROfoundly stupid, and I vote, also, too, Sarah is "One of Us"!

  7. kap jack,
    you missed one of my favorites useful for any carpentry/contractor work
    ---replacement bubbles for a level

    Word verification: ignosant (as in innocent of knowledge?)

  8. Sorry about my typo. It was Rap Jack

  9. I think there was a typo on the year, and he meant 1997. That was the year when it's been reported that Clinton had a chance to apprehend Bin Laden but decided against it due to faulty logistics and potential illegality of actions.

    It sounds to me like Billy Joe is saying Clinton is the cause of the war because if he has proceeded with the plans to capture Bin Laden and succeeded, then 9/11 would never have happened. Of course, that is totally ignoring the fact that the Bush administration received advisories from the Clinton administration regarding Bin Laden and chose to do nothing about them.

  10. Typo on 1987 for 1997 FTW! Then the rest of the context is much clearer. Great call Anon 7:16

    Replacement bubbles for a level, excellent!

  11. Oh I get it! So it's ALSO a typo when they write Sarah is so smart ... they really mean Sarah is so stupart?

  12. It makes absolutely o sense.
    BUT, it is further proof that $arah's followers are very delusional.
    I hate to remind this whacko, Ollie North is a convicted criminal. And if they really, truly investigated Iran/Contra, then Reagan, Rummy, Cheney and their ilk would have ALL been convicted criminals. So many crimes, no one doing time.