Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Do We Call Someone Who Tries to Achieve Their Goals Through FEAR?? : Another Sarah Story Bites the Dust

In Going Rogue Sarah says:

"In that first year, I was alerted to threats against Willow by students at her Juneau school, one particularly disturbing. Someone posted a note on an Internet site threatening to gang-rape her at school. I never felt safe for her after that. Later, the same thing happened to Bristol."

The Juneau Empire reports that neither the School Superintendant, nor the Chief of Police not the State Troopers who provided security for the Palins had any record of such a threat.

Never heard of it, until Sarah wrote about it in her 'book' !!! How can this be?

IF these 'threats' to Willow are in fact true, and no report was made about them, what does that say about Sarah? She did nothing official about it? She just 'handled' it somehow? Despicable threat, dubious response on Sarah's part!


IF they aren't true ... and Sarah made it up or exagerated something into a 'gang rape threat' then ... what does that say about Sarah??

IF Sarah made it up (as Politifact's winner of the Lie of the Year, that is definitely a possibility) then it's even MORE despicable. Not only did she use her daughter to elicit 'sympathy' in a false story, but she ALSO planted a seed of fear into the hearts of parents and teenaged girls by implying that there are people there who would contemplate such a thing!

You know what we call people who try to achieve their goals by striking fear/terror into people's lives, don't you?? Sarah??? Do you know what those people are called??

Sarah never expected the fact checking did she? She just expected the check!

Fact checking, is a concept that seems alien to Sarah; in her world, if she 'says it' it's fact! Consequences of lies, be damned, Sarah never thinks of the consequences of her words.

So, we have yet another Sarah 'story' doesn't hold up under fact-checking! Sarah claims there were 'threats' made about Willow .... but she didn't report them?

What does this say, once again about Sarah??

1- she didn't report threats against her own daughter; why? to protect her privacy?
2- she didn't mind including it in her book; why? if it happened long ago, why bring it up again?
3- she truly believes that whatever she says will be taken as FACT; obviously, she knows her fan-base is too stupid to fact check!
4- nothing is more horrific than gang-rape threats against a young girl, to be sure. What a great story then, for Sarah to use, to illustrate to her Palinbots how horrible people are to her and her children!
5- as we know, Sarah never misses a chance to use her children to elicit sympathy, or cry 'Attack!' or shield her from questions.


If this had really happened, it would have caused an uproar at the time. There would be records somewhere of Sarah's concern, or Willow's fear ... If Sarah felt there was a threat to her daughter(s) seems to me she would have kept her childrens' Media/Public appearances exposure to a minimum during the 2008 campaign AND during the book tour!

If this had really happened, the woman who went after her brother-in-law would surely have been even MORE aggressive against someone making such threats about her daughters!

If it's true, the authorities should be aware, not only to protect Willow, but to protect ALL THE YOUNG GIRLS AT THAT SCHOOL.


  1. If there were threats, it's very irresponsible not to report them. It reflects poorly on her as a citizen and a mother. If there weren't threats, well, we have another pair of pants on fire.

    How does the timeframe of these "threats" align with the timeframe of reducing her personal security staff? Did I read somewhere that she had done that?

  2. I should amend my previous comment. If there weren't threats, we have a very serious case of pants on fire, because she must have lied to promote some sense of victimhood.

  3. There were no threats! she just wanted to justify her reasons for living in her own house and receiving per diem for the family. She had no intentions of living in Juneau. She milked the state for all she could get away with. That being said, it is probably cheaper having Parnell as gov.

  4. Anon: I think she put that in to illicit 'sympathy' for the persecution that she and her family must suffer as good Americans who are persecuted!

    But ... this one (again) backfired now .. Sarah, the pathological liar, doesn't consider the fall-out from her lies!

  5. No need to post this, but the word you are after is "elicit", not illicit (twice).

  6. Rational ConservativeDecember 20, 2009 at 3:00 PM

    Yet another lie that proves Sarah will say anything, do anything, to get her way. There are so many of them on the record now. I once thought Sarah was nothing more than a bellyaching drama queen. Not anymore. Her gang rape lie is tantamount to yelling "fire" in a crowded theater.

  7. Sarah is so full of chit. Only people like Robert Walters believe her now:

    "Robert Walters
    dear Sarah you dont know me. I will be your ben franklin, the great spirit will help you. I will show you the way our country can be save, thank you Robert Britt Walters"

  8. I found this, about the reduction in Palin's security detail:

    Shortly after Palin was elected in November 2006, she and her husband met with Gary Wheeler, a state trooper assigned to protect the governor. Wheeler asked the Palins if they were afraid of anyone. "I got a negative response, meaning that there -- they basically said no," Wheeler told the investigator.

    But after Palin was sworn in on Dec. 5, 2006, the Palins told Wheeler about Wooten, Branchflower said.

    Yet the governor cut the size of her protection detail, "an act that is inconsistent with a desire to avoid harm from Trooper Wooten," Branchflower wrote.

    Security detail cut while Palin's felt threatened by Wooten

    That precedes the "threats," I presume. So, the next question is: did she increase the size of the security detail once she knew of the "threats."

  9. Anon, thanks! I knew that, but I guess whenever I think of Palin and her book, somehow my subconscious must be screaming at me 'illicit' 'ILLICIT' ...

    Thanks for the heads up though; corrected in the text, but can't edit 'comments' .

  10. OK, so the "note on an internet site" was "by students at Willow's Juneau school"? Did Palin know the person who posted the note was at Willow's middle school? How did she know that?

  11. Anon: maybe the same way she wouldn't give birth on the Wild Ride?

  12. OOOPS the 'same way she knew' ...

  13. Here's a question I'd like to ask the Queen of the Iquitarod Parade: If, God forbid, one of your daughters had been gang-raped, should the state of Alaska bill you for the rape kit?