Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Steven M Booth, FaceBook Palinbot & Coward

Well, I made a mistake again .... once in a while, a Palinbot 'appears' half way intelligent, and he asks me a question in PM ... and I make the mistake of treating him/her with respect by taking the time to respond to his question.

PUNKED!!!! He got scared, I guess, and while I was responding, he blocked me... why are Palinbots SO AFRAID of hearing what someone has to say??

So ... if anyone knows Steven M Booth, tell him I did him the courtesy of an reply, too bad he didn't have the integrity to accept it!

He asked:

Alright, Karen, since you seem to have a reasonable command of the english language, I will respond, but before I do, I have one question to ask. Are you truly interested in actually discussing and discovering truth, or are you intent on merely parroting what others have to say about topics, Sarah or otherwise?

I ask this because I'm personally interested in knowing what's true, not what I hear on TV or the internet.

I took the time to respond to Mr Booth, but, like Sarah Palin does on her site, he took the cowardly way out of 'hearing' what I had to say, he sent this:

Since you choose not to respond, I am forced to the conclusion that you are not a seeker of truth, but rather a minion of innuendo, disinformation and hatred. You are hereby blocked.

The following is the PM I was graciously writing to him, which he didn't receive because he was busy 'concluding' that I was 'not a seeker of truth'. Cowardly and incredibly rude, but what should I have expected, he is a Sarah Fan after all ....

I always read all sides of an issue. I know when someone is trying to 'fool' me with a fake/edited video, and when that happens, I ask myself: Now, why would he/she try to do that? Does that person think I am so stupid that I will believe what he is trying to make me believe without checking it out?

From there, is the first step in finding out the truth.

Sarah likes to quote Reagan a lot ... but one of his BEST quotes, is one she has never used, which is: TRUST BUT VERIFY ... that is a great irony, if you think about it, since most of the stories in her book have been debunked by those who know.

Most of the people on her site are barely literate. It is beyond their reading skills to read critically.

This is why they don't ask themselves:

Why does Sarah make personal demeaning attacks on those who she has issues with, rather than present her viewpoint to counter theirs? Why call people childish names, or demean them (such as Congressman Halcro of Alaska for example? Can't she support her position??? If so, why make fun of his 'driving job' and call him a derogatory name? ) Can't she defend her position, so she resorts to insults, in a forum (her book) where he can't defend himself or respond?

Who, past High School, demeans people from the safety of a book or a podium, by calling them names, or making fun of their jobs (such as a lady who sells food from a cart in Alaska) but avoids an adult discussion of ideas with others who are knowledgeable about the issues she says she knows about? (such as a citizen of her town who objected to the millions of debt Sarah saddled the town with??)

Don't you find it curious that everyone, from the campaign staff, to the people she worked with in Alaska, to the lawyers who worked ON HER SIDE in the Exxon case to the people who knew her as Governor or Mayor ALL say her book is a 'pack of lies' or 'complete fabrication' or utter fantasy???

Do you seriously believe that EVERYONE Sarah has come in contact with is somehow just 'against her' ???? And if so, do you then believe she is a leader if she doesn't earn the respect and admiration of those who work with her?

Why does Sarah never miss a chance to make fun of people who are educated, or thoughtfull about issues? She appears very insecure around 'ideas' ... more comfortable with easy sound bites or out of context quotes.

Why does she allow so many 'conspiracies' on her site, yet the censors are quick to delete anyone who points them out?

Why is it permissible, on her site, to advocate that people 'pray for the death of Obama' ... and those posts are not deleted ??

These are all questions that a reasonable person who seeks 'facts' would ask themselves. Facts are easy to verify, you know. Opinions should be based on facts and experience ...

Everyone has a right to forn an opinion but nobody has the right to form a fact ... those who do, are liars.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOoo if anyone knows the cowardly Mr Booth, or can send him a PM, tell him his response is here, it was being written as he was blocking me.

I suppose he isn't used to being talked to in 'paragraphs' ....... most Palinbots are more comfortable with Fridge Magnet type of 'discussion' .


  1. Also, too, hasn't Mr. Booth ever been unexpectedly called away from his computer in the middle of writing something? Sometimes kids vomit on the floor, the cat swallows a paperclip, spouse cuts his/her hand and needs help bandaging it, etc...

  2. They love to throw rocks and run. They do it on Huffpo all the time.

    And boy do they lurk.

    Hi, Steven!

  3. Yeah, I know Steven M Booth. Expecting him to knock on my door any minute now wearing his strawberry cowboy getup. He's my man so hands off or there's going to be a catfight. And I never mince words. Take, for example, this drink I'm drinking right now. Where the hell did I put it? O.K.- I found it, thank the good Lord, Jesus. I must have set it here on the stairs when I went to throw away the mail. Anyway, as I was saying, making this particular drink, which happens to be a vodka gimlet, is simplicity itself, once you know how.

    Now back to Steven M Booth. Usually at about this time of the evening I must begin making dinner. Larry and the kids will be home soon, so Steven and I have to get in a quickie. So for Larry and the kids tonight is Make Your Own Goddam Dinner Night, a recently instituted family ritual that started after Steven and I met at Sarah's book signing, a blessing from the good Lord, our Savior, Jesus. Now back to you, Archivist, but first I'm going to close my eyes, wait until I regain a sense of calm, and when I open them my missing gimlet glass is going to be right in front of me.

    Oh, fucking hell. Could I possibly have left it down in the basement? Of course not - that's ridiculous. I haven't even been down in the basement, not since I prayed on it and the good Lord said I didn't have to touch another piece of laundry even if it meant the clothes already in the washer mildewed and rotted away.

    Now back to Steven Booth. I know if I don't look authentic for him he begins cursing a lot, throwing things, and giving people the finger. Somehow, however, I don't think it's quite appropriate to go to those extremes over a problem as minor as makeup instead of a real face lump. That's Steven M Booth banging on my door now. See, Arichivist, I told you he was mine.

  4. I'm sorry--you need to make arrangements to have a meet-up with the above poster, Denise Smith. I will use my frequent flyer miles to join you. Too, too, funny. Personally, I've taken a Palin break and feel like three tokes in (that's from many years ago.) Now, back to making the post-Thanksgiving potato salad with brats and sauerkraut--my son is home from college. Does Sarah cook? Anything?

  5. Denise Smith, I bet your armpits smell like vodka at seven o'clock in the morning, you fat ass heffer.

    You can have Steven M Booth.

    Even in his younger days the lazy SOB couldn't maintain an erection when lying on his back.

    Keep him for all I care.

  6. Steven M Booth is curled up in the fetal position, hiding under his bed, because he knows your looking for him, Archivist.

  7. LOL Anon 10:24

    Oh I am not looking for him, he can relax now! The Palinbot Sea is full of little fish just like him!

  8. Would those little fish be Amazon candiru?
    Maybe that's what happened to Steven M Booth?

  9. Boy did you nail it, you described her to a tee. It's hard to get in what all is wrong with the women in one post, but you came real close. Just don't forget she believes in witch craft there too, also. Her and her followers are members of Seven Mountains Mandate and want to take over the world. They want to displace and plunder the wealth of everyone outside of their sect. It sounds unreal, but it's true and there are a lot of very wealthy powerful people behind this too. We can't let her and her kind take over, it would be as bad as being under the Taliban. Funny how they are exempt from acting like Christians themselves though.