Monday, December 21, 2009

Sarah, Wild Stories Have Consequences: Toto, you're not in Wasilla anymore!

RE: The unreported threats to Willow, and Sarah's Wild Story!

This 'story' of Sarah's is typical in many ways but the real clue to her lack of moral core, is that she tells these lies without ANY thought to the natural follow through!

Her WILD RIDE story which she meant to show her to be a tough, mavericky woman ended up making her look reckless for herself and her baby AS well as dismissive of the rights of her fellow passengers.

The Threats to Willow story, which was meant to show her and her family as constangly attacked by 'others' who wish her harm, instead makes her look like a negligent parent, AS WELL as unconcerned for the safety of any OTHER students there.

Lies have consequences, Sarah .... you may have been untouchable in Wasilla, where everyone either accepted your personality quirks, or was too in awe to question you much ..... BUT in the wider world, your fading charm isn't going to trump your lack of character.


  1. There is another story that illustrates her recklessness and selfishness: She played basketball with a fractured ankle, in the state championship game, the one in which she did NOT score the winning basket as popular legend has it. She was selfish, because she was in pain (hadn't yet seen a doctor), but risked the team's victory by playing injured. She was reckless of her own health. Is there a pattern here?

  2. Your post about what should have been done and would have been done by any parent with a conscience and concern for others just shows how disconnected from reality SP is. I've read repeatedly from those who actually have had dealings with SP that her "truth" can vary from day to day but it's always the "truth" as she sees it. It doesn't matter if it's not accurate or even totally false, if she says it's a certain way, then it is. This woman's ego knows no boundaries. Any caring Mother would have thought not only of the threat to their own children but the possibility of a threat to other children. I can't imagine any parent not reporting threats of felony abuse to the authorities.

    SP said something about it being on the internet, has anyone seen anything remotely like a threat of gang rape to any of her daughters? If so, wouldn't it have been brought to the attention of the authorities, if not by Palin, then by any other concerned parent?!

    She repeatedly twists the truth, lies whenever she wants to and yet she is never held responsible!

    It's because of this that I would actually like to see her run for national office. She would not be able to hide from her past, no matter how much she complained about the media. From Babygate to Troopergate, it would all be fair game and I think even some of the most dedicated Palinista would drop like flies. We can always hope, right?

  3. Anne: I agree with you up to a point: it WOULD be nice to have Sarah compelled to answer questions, on the record.

    However, the sheer number of questions challenging her past lies, would suck out all the air of a campaign; there are SO MANY lies, both big and small, that even the fairest of Media outlets would end up looking like a bully! Every question not answered truthfully, appears to be 'badgering' when repeated .... so the interviewer is forced to move on to ANOTHER LIE, and another 'non-answer' ... and so on and so on and so on ...

    Personally, I don't think she has any plans to run; she is dangling that carrot in front of her supporters to get $$$$ into her PAC, which she controls.

    Sarah isn't going to run for the Presidency, I am sure of it! She just loves the attention, no matter how she gets it!

  4. Sarah thinks she can behave in any way she wishes and say anything she wishes. She demands to be in the clear and never held accountable. No one believes her except her most ardent followers, who reinforce her behavior by fawning over every breath she takes. They are not doing her any favors.

    I agree Sarah will never run for POTUS. She is too lazy to do the required homework, and she has taken her reckless "maverick" image beyond the point of no return.

  5. Archivist, IMO, you need a few more categories in your rating system - Right On, Outrageous, OMG, and Crucify. :-)

    I think she will TRY to run, her ego is so great she already puts herself on par with the President. She's gone so far into fantasy land she can already taste the win. Of course I'm also betting that she'll have a complete breakdown before that. Fingers crossed - with evil laugh ringing out....

    Another great blog - Thanks!

  6. I don't think she'll run either. Sarah has turned around and burned every bridge she has crossed.

    I think before her book tour she tried to reach out to center-right voters like me. I recall a FB note where she said she was willing to campaign for conservative Democrats blah, blah.... Then she started talking nonsense about forming a third party, backed the fanatical right wing in the NY23rd (even taunted the moderates with "Hoffman, baby, Hoffman!"), and then her book came out. "Going Rogue" killed any chances, however slim, she may have once had about winning another elected office.

    I think she personally realized POTUS was out of reach when the crowds for her book tour didn't match the 2008 campaign crowds or the Tea Party crowds. Sarah was so out of touch, she probably expected larger crowds without the McCain albatross hanging around her neck. That woman was that clueless.

    And she still is clueless, also. There are times when she dresses like a prostitute there. And children are present there, also!

  7. Julie (former Palintologist)December 22, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    I live in a Southern Republican stronghold, attend a Southern Baptist Church, and passed out campaign buttons for Sarah. (The pink and white buttons with the GOP elephant and the slogan "It's a Girl!")

    Let her run. Never again will I support this woman. Neither will my friends. "Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us."

    The reasons are endless. Some of them are brand spanking new. Like this tweet that "flew from her fingertips" today:

    "Congratulations Alabama!And all Americans concerned about Capitol Hill's current agenda;Rep Parker Griffith just did the right thing.Welcome"

    Sarah, how can you welcome anyone to the Republican Party? You left it, then attacked it ("Hoffman, baby, Hoffman!"). We're not good enough for you, remember? You threatened to start your own party. You even had a silly name for it: "Stand up for America." You can't have it both ways, sweetheart.

    And this tweet from today:

    "...merged bill may b unrecognizable from what assumed was a done deal:R death panels back in?what's punishment 4not purchasing mandated HC?"

    Don't you read, Sarah? Your "death panel" claim was debunked! You should be embarrassed, yet you draw everyone's attention to it!

    And that is just from today.

    Need I say more?

  8. Sarah reminds me of a relative of mine.

    One day my relative and I were driving across a bridge and heard a noise coming from the top of the car. Suddenly, we saw something fall off the back of the car and roll off the bridge into the water below.

    We quickly figured out that my relative had accidentally left something of hers on the roof of the car while we were getting in the car to leave. My relative then proceeded to tell this story several times during the course of the day as we met up with other people.

    By the end of the day, the story had changed to where someone had run out onto the bridge and had stolen the object in question before we could retrieve it! I would have believed her if I hadn't been there when it happened.

  9. Julie (former Palintologist) thank you so much for posting and sharing this. It actually gives me some hope that not everyone who was on the Palin train wreck would remain there. She cares nothing about this country, her family, or anything else, except having people believe every word that comes out of her lying mouth, and adoring her to the point of worship (which is of course against what the Bible teaches) - and of course MONEY. She is an insult to women everywhere, in any capacity or career. I will never forgive John McCain for unleashing this imbecile on the world.