Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sarah Palin and Dominionism: YUK!

I have been intested in Sarah's brand of Christianity for a while now, mostly since her comment about Israel during her interview with Barbara Walter. What did she mean when she said that Israel should 'expand' by continuing to build settlements, because more and more Jews would be going to Isreael in the next days, weeks, months, years?? It was such a strange thing to say --- notwithstanding the fact that even Israelis don't think that ...

In my wanderings through blogland, I ran across this well written examination of Dominionism at this site. (Though this is confusing as to the source, because I find the same article at DailyKos)

The part that really caught my attention, was this one: (bolding mine)

It also appears that Sarah Palin is a member of a misnamed group called Feminists for Life. FFL in fact engages in "cultural appropriation" of women's suffrage icons to promote a very woman-unfriendly agenda that--despite attempts to sound "not like those crazies in Operation Rescue"--would not only criminalise abortion but the IUD and hormonal birth control methods, and potentially everything outside the rhythm method (the term "abortifacient birth control" is a codephrase in the dominionist "pro-life" community for hormonal birth control--partly due to a unique urban legend claiming "the pill" and other hormonal birth control causes abortion and partly because of a unique definition of pregnancy beginning at conception rather than at implantation (the latter is what most mainstream OB/GYNs use) and thus making *anything* preventing implantation potentially "abortifacient").

FFL promotes such fun bogosities as "post-abortion syndrome" (the idea that having an abortion will inevitably lead to PTSD and insanity), and promotes mandatory waiting periods and misinformation guidelines that can be insurmountable for poor or rural women--even those forced to make the most heartbreaking choice because of a nonviable pregnancy. In fact, one of their biggest causes isn't feminist at all--they actively promote the idea that the best choice for women is to stay home as fulltime mothers, and it can be well argued that the only traditionally feminist viewpoint they really support is women's suffrage!

One of the big things FFL promotes is deceptive "pregnancy counseling centers"--where pregnant teens are forced to essentially listen to an altar call on how "abortionists want to murder their children" whilst a pee-stick test clears--and if she tests "yes", she gets a hard-sell to keep the child or to check herself into a dominionist-run "halfway house for teenage moms" where she will ultimately be forced to sign her kid over. *
(Yes, there is an entire private adoption industry in the dominionist community--mostly focusing on adopting out the infants of poor teenage mothers who have been forced to give their kids up and who have been either scared into it or checked into such facilities by their parents.)

Ironically, FFL itself is rather a "stealth" organisation in and of itself--yes, even the dominionists admit this. Interestingly, despite their claims of being more "moderate" than most anti-abortion groups, very few real solutions are offered on how they intend to fund such things (which can be boiled down to "CHOOSE TO BREED").

There are many scary things about Sarah Palin; her brand of Christianity is just one of them!

* Note: Is there a dominionist half-way house in AK that ALSO treats Mononucleosis? Just wondering ..............


  1. Thanks. I, too, am learning about Sarah Palin's religious beliefs, which have to be understood in order to evaluate her for any public office. At palingates, they have the religiongate topic. There is also Leah Burton's blog. At my blog, I posted about separation of church and state.

  2. Another big member of FFL is Jane Roberts, wife of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. She and her hubby adopted two extremely white, healthy newborns when gosh darn it, they put off reproducin'. I wonder where they bought them.