Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sarah's Tatooed Fan Discovers an Obama Conspiracy:

Remember the 'fan' who had Sarah sign his back, then ran off to get it tatooed on? Well, JimBO is back, with a very 'scary' story he found somewhere on the Internet!

As conspiracy theories go, this one is no more or less 'nutty' than the many others we can find on Sarah's OFFICIAL site.

Based on a 'story' entitled Prepare for Rebellion it involves Russians (gotta have Russians!) and a scheduled desert exercise by Canadian troops --- as pointed out in the comments by someone who isn't stupid -- and a rebellion in California which is apparently going to happen early in the New Year.

This is so Palinesque!

First, it involves a tie-in with President Obama and Communism; picture of President Obama with a 'communist-looking' flag in the background. Pictures, to Palinbots, means you don't actually have to read the story! The 'story' doesn't say HOW this was discovered, so ... of course .... the implication is that the Russians are working covertly with President Obama to destroy America!

In keeping with the Palin mindset that anyone who DARES to oppose Sarah, in ANY way, is the enemy, the target state for this rebellion is ....... yep, California! You know, Arnold's State; the Governor who just this past week disagreed with Sarah on the Climate Change issue.

JimBo is following the successful Palin tactics. Puts out a 'nonsense' what-if? story, then lets it grow ..... nobody but Palinbots will believe it, of course but hey, it's a good diversion from them actually having to check-out what Sarah says.

Jim Varner Has anyone seen this article?? Very alarming if true.

Much better to ponder in horror at an obviously ridiculous story than read a sourced review of some of the 'stories' in Sarah's book.

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