Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Palinbot Poetry: it's almost cruel to laugh at this, but ... laugh I must!

Warning: once again, I suggest you get a barf bag before reading this! Sorry, but I just had to share this: I get SUCH a kick out of this stuff!

Mrs. President 2012

Sarah our beloved beautiful girl
Like our flag that will unfurl
You inspire so many at this time
Opened eyes and exposed crime
Hatred is regurgitated with utter vile
You blast them back with gracious style
They have minions willing to defend
What we see they can't comprehend
I, like the masses will stand by your side
We will conquer without breaking stride
Taking back what has given us grief
Come 2012 you will remove that Communist in Thief....

Written by: Rodney Bush
Independent Minded Republican...

I picture him as someone who never 'got' poetry at school so he assumes it isn't supposed to make sense; all that matters is that the words rhyme!


  1. He! He!

    It's almost as bad as Sarah's prose.

  2. Julie (former Palintologist)December 20, 2009 at 9:28 PM

    "Like our flag that will UNFURL"

    Rodney Bush, you naughty boy.

  3. "What we see they can't comprehend"

    Truer words were never spoken.

  4. Just found this commentto the poem:

    Tayhlor Daniele (says) I just vomited in my mouth.

  5. "Hatred is regurgitated with utter vile"

    That wasn't vomit, Tayhlor, that was hatred. Poor Whitney. She is going to be very upset when she reads this masterpiece. Rodney Bush forgot to pay homage to THE hat.

  6. Rational ConservativeDecember 21, 2009 at 9:50 AM

    I really enjoyed Reece Thornley's comment on the sidebar.

    I've read Reece's opinion at least twelve times. At first I thought it so dense with caps and leaps and turns that it can seem algebraic: something demanding your full attention, best undertaken episodically, and not for long.

    Subsequent readings, however, revealed there's some sophisticated nuance to his profanity. I know, for instance, "back chat" is an elite private school term for sass. Reece characterizes Sarah's FB notes as "chat shit." I agree. Also, his construction of the name "slag whore" is very interesting. My curiosity was peaked, so I looked up "slag" (nonmetallic waste matter obtained when ore is smelted). "Slag whore" is a very apt description of Sarah.

    Reece is not interested in making things easy for his readers, but he's not a tease.

    I much prefer Reece Thornley over Rodney Bush.

  7. I think Reece is northern Brit. Maybe Mancunian.

  8. I can't really picture the Queen of the Iquitarod Parade "unfurling"... unspooling sure, but not unfurling.

  9. Anon: Rodney is projecting onto Sarah what he wants to see in her.

    In this case, 'unfurling' is sexual, toward him.

    Even bad writing says something about the writer! (trust me, I know this well!)