Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Baby .... All I Want for Xmas is Wish # 2; A debate between Citizen Hitchens and Citizen Palin! Please, Santa, Please!

Wish # 1 ... I wish Vanity Fair had a more serious sounding name. Why? Because the name seems to imply that it's a fluffy fashion magazine, when it's not; it's an excellent publication, chock full of well-researched articles written by great writers. One of these, is Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is a true Conservative, not one of these moronic Neo-Cons who came to power under their puppet Dubya; installed with formidable financial resources, backed by powerful-yet-largely unknown figures.

Hitchens is always ready to present AND DEFEND his strong views; whether I agree with him or not, I am always left with something to think about after reading what Hitchens has written.

Which brings me to.....

Wish # 2 .... I wish he would challenge Palin to a real debate. You know, one citizen VS another citizen

I know he would have to 'dumb himself down' a bit ... but OH I WOULD PAY TO SEE THAT!

Sarah, full of half-baked 'ideas' and nonsense 'fridge-magnet wisdom' would look like a bubbly puddle of mousse (pun intended) in no time; we'd get to watch the airhead deflate half-way through his first rebuttal!

Hitchens on Palin; Morning Joe, MSBC Dec 15, 2009, talking about Sarah's WaPo OpEd.

Don't be too hard on her. She didn't write that piece and she probably hasn't read it. I doubt she could either read or write it. Everything she does is for effect, she's, and is always deniable. She could switch back in a minute. At the moment she thinks her tea party crowd wants to hear this kind of thing so she'll say that. She's been out to say, 'well, I don't know but I think the President ought to produce his birth certificate. I'm not saying it isn't a good question. Then later, cause she's got to go to the Gridiron dinner in Washington, and learn how to use a knife and fork and be taught by Fred Malek. She takes it back. She's a disgraceful opportunist and a real moral coward.

In fact, I just wrote my letter to Santa about it!

Dear Santa
C/O Christopher Hitchens,

All I want for Xmas this year, is a debate between Citizen Hitchens and Citizen Palin! Please, please, pretty please! I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO good!

Thank you,


  1. All done! Posted my Letter to Santa on
    -Hitchen's page on FB
    -on Huffpost
    -in comments section of Slate magazine
    -on MSNBC
    - in an email to a Palinbot who was attacking Hitchens... (though the Palinbot will think it's because I think Sarah could win, of course!)

    GO add YOUR request! Let's call Sarah out!

    No FB response, where she is unaccountable!
    Let's not let her ignore it! Make a fuss!


  2. It took Sarah less than a day to respond to Arnold's barb via FB. Sarah never lets a slight, real or imagined, go unanswered. And this one was real. Hitchens decapitated Sarah. Very interesting.

    What happened to the pitbill? Where did the Grizzly that "rises" in her go? Why did Sarah run and hide?

    Sarah is afraid of Hitchens.

    Sarah knows Hitchens will fire back at the littlest provocation and may even openly challenge her to a debate.

    Run, Sarah, run....