Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Palinbots in Hamilton: Canada Needs a Vaccine Against Them !!!!

Sarah does have a couple of fans on the message board in Hamilton, Canada, but most people there are vehemently opposed or disgusted to Sarah's speaking engagement there. One of her fans, Bobby, who has obviously read Sarah's own opinions of herself!

Responding to a post regarding Capital Punishement in Canada, Bobby says:

Further evidence that you're living in your own little bubble and projecting your views onto the entire nation.

Capital punishment: arguments for life and death
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science | January 1, 1996| Honeyman, Jennifer C; Ogloff, James

"Despite capital punishment having been abolished in Canada 20 years ago, the majority of Canadians continue to favour the death penalty as a sentencing option."

Bobbby, Bobbby, Bobby .... what nonsense!

This is SO typical of what I call 'Palinbots' .... trying to 'prove' an argument by providing a link to something that
1) you haven't READ
2) you don't understand
3) is irrelevant to your argument

(((I've addressed this here previously.))

The 'study' you quoted is NOT about whether or not Canadians favor a return to the Death Penalty. Your quick google search found an article from 1996 in a Journal of Medecine which was about

"The present study was designed to investigate arguments which may be effective in persuading people to recommend a sentence of life imprisonment or one of death."

The study goes on to explore the different ways an argument can be used to influence people to support the Death penalty; it has nothing to DO with whether or not CANADIANS support it!

This is SO typical of Palinbots, I see it all the time... when it comes to Sarah Palin, the ONLY people who support her, are those who have no idea about policy, economics, current events or even HER! During her book tour, there have been NUMEROUS examples of the ignorance of the fans waiting in line.

Q: Why do you support Sarah Palin?
A: I just LOVE HER!!!

Q: What is it about Sarah Palin that you admire?
A: She is one of us! She loves God! She loves the Constitution! She will 'take back our country!" "She is a breath of Fresh Air!"

That's pretty much it!
Here is one of those interviews, it's typical, you won't find anything that is 'informed' or 'thoughtful' or even 'logical' when it comes to Palinbots!

((We all remember THIS hilarious example of Palinbot brilliance!))

So Bobby, stop embarassing yourself; quoting a 13 yr old study that you haven't even read past the first paragraph doesn't support your 'argument' ... all it does is illustrates, once again, that you are part of a group of people who

1-seem to take pride in their lack of knowledge (proud of their ignorance)

2-have a shocking inability to interpret data (undereducated)

3-are determined to avoid anything that would involve critical thinking or reading past a soudbite or an opening paragraph.

NOBODY who is the least bit informed, the least bit well-read or the least bit able to think, supports Palin!

Your 'arguments' might work when you are preaching to a choir of equally dumbed-down Palin supporters but Bobby, don't try this nonsense on those of us who are part of that 'elite' segment of the population; you know, the people Palin sneers at BUT also desperately wants to impress. (that's not gonna happen, Sarah!)

That type of 'argument'might work with her fans who feel 'smart' when she talks to them at Jr High level, but .. it won't work with anyone else!

It might work on Palin's site too -- where I suspect you would fit right in -- since Palin's site is heavily censored and tolerates no rebuttal to her or her fans' 'words of nonsense' but those arguments quickly fall apart when challenged.

This explains WHY Palin doesn't participate in discussions, or accepts questions, or isolates herself from reporters at ALL her events.

RATHER, she HITS and RUNS in phoned-in OpEDs, writes NOTES on FB where she controls responses, doesn't grant interviews to anyone but FOX news. If it wasn't for Rupert Murdoch's heavy financial sponsorship, Sarah would have faded into 'has been' status a long time ago!

She may be able to attract a crowd, but that would describe Britney Spears or the 'two-headed bearded lady' at the circus too!

Anyone with half a brain is repulsed by Sarah Palin's brand of popularity and the people who support her.


Margaret DS says: No, I wouldn't pay $200 to hear her speak. I would never have voted for her. However, the comments in here about her are disgusting. I just might send her a $200 donation in solidarity with another woman who has guts. As for this being an insult to Canadians that's just drama queening.

Margaret, you can certainly send your $200 in, it's your money; but please, don't send it in under the impression that you support Sarah as a 'woman who has guts' because that isn't Sarah, not by a long shot.

It takes no guts at all, to say outrageous things when one knows these things are said from the safety of a Facebook page ... a page that heavily censors any and all comments that might challenge what Sarah says.

It takes no 'guts' to phone in an OpEd into the Washington Post (owned by her mentor, Rupert Murdoch) where she opines her superficial knowledge on Energy or Climate issues, yet refuses to acknowledge any invitation to discuss her 'ideas' with anyone who has true expertise on the topics.

It takes no 'guts' to go on FOX (again, owned by Rupert Murdoch) to be handed softball questions under the guise of an interview.

It takes no 'guts' to publish a book (again, published by Rupert Murdoch) where she fabricates flattering stories about herself and engages in a High School girl vendetta against anyone who has dared challenge her in the past.

It takes no 'guts' to accuse her opponent of outrageous activities, when she knows she won't be subjected to any serious demands for explanations by a mainstream press.

So please, admire her if you like for her true strength, which is the ability to suck the air of out any serious discussion by bogging it down to endless soundbite nonsense. Or, her amazing ability to allow the least informed and dumbed down segment of the population to see 'themselves' in her, while she jets aroud in private jets, get a multi million dollar book contract to 'not write' a book or builds herself a Kennedy style compound in Alaska!

That is amazing ... but her courage to 'say it like it is' .. well that isn't courage in her case, it's Hit and Run cowardice.


Kerry Donnelly said "It is a blast watching commie pinko Canadian heads explode over the notion that the SarahCuda will be in Hamiliton speaking.

It just goes to show judging by these comments that Canadians, contrary to their own self-image, are a backward, intolerant, badly educated, and non-productive ward of the Queen's own State."

I am so glad Mr Donnelly took the time to post on here ; had he not, many people wouldn't understand the 'depth' of ignorance that a typical Palin supporter proudly displays.


  1. I love Sarah because of her strong and bold faith in God, and I believe this because "I've seen more pictures of her in THE hat," Whitney.

  2. Whitney! You have convinced me! It all makes sense now!

  3. "Bart Palamaro
    Governor Palin, soon to be President Palin, is a lady, a good woman, a wonderful mother and a brilliant political tactitian. She knows just what to do to win the election. And she will. Go Team Sarah.org and go Sarah Palin, President, 2012.
    December 6 at 3:50pm"

    Bart Palamaro admires Sarah because of her gender.

    "Wonderful mother?" Many Palinbots believe "If she can run a home, she can run the government." Sarah actually agrees this qualifies her for politics: "There's no better training ground for politics than motherhood." Sarah can't even provide the most basic care to a special needs child.

    "Brilliant political tactitian?" Sarah herself claims the natural-gas pipeline is her signal political achievement. To date, the pipeline is not a done deal and may turn out to be her most embarrassing failure.

    "She knows just what to do to win the election." Sarah and her supporters believe that simply being Sarah, in whatever unfinished condition, will always be good enough. No need for press conferences. She will never have to prove herself worthy of being POTUS to the Palinbots.

    Thank goodness our political process, flawed as it is, will eviscerate her.

  4. Cactus FLower! WOW well done! Thanks for taking the time to post that!

    All so true, too!

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